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PROSPECTUS. r o a THE NENTHORN CONSOLIDATED Q.M. COMPANY, LIMITED. NKNTHORN, CENTRAL OTAGO. (Registered under "The Mining Companies Act, 1886.") CAPITAL L 14.600, In 58,400 Shares of 5s each, Of which 38,400 Shares, paid up to 2s eaoh, are retained for the interests which have already been transferred to the Company by the original Shareholders, the remaining 20,000 being offeted for Publio Subscription on the following terms :—6d per Share on application, 6d on allotment, and four calls of 3d eaoh. Provisional Dibeotobs : Richard H. Browne, Esq., 0.E., Engineer Maniototo County Council, Naaeby. "William Gutfie, Esq., Manager lader and GufhVs Hydraulic Sluicing Works, Mount Burster. G. P. Hilton, Esq., C.E., M.E., Manager 1 Mount Highlay Consolidated Q.M, Company, Limited, Hyde. Jambs Mitchell, Esq., Builder, Naseby. Hugh Wilson, Esq., County Clerk, ManiototoWalter Inbkr, Esq., Naseby. I John Laverty, Esq., Maniototo County Council, Hyde. Chaiilks M'Gbegob, Esq., M.E., Nenthorn. N. P. Hjorring, Esq., J.P., Mayor of the Municipality of Naseby. Bobicrt Johnstone, Esq., Manager of the Government Waterworks, Naseby. Robert Hosik, Esq., Saddler, Naseby. Jkssk Mace Maisey, Hotelkeeper, Lower Kyeburn. Bankers: The Bank op New Zealand, Naseby, and Branches. Brokers: J. A. Chapman, Esq., Princes street, Dunedin. Leslie A. Norman, Leven street, Naseby. Legal Managkb and Offices : Leslie A. Norman, Naseby (with branch at Nenthorn). The above Company has already been registered under the provisions of " The Mining Companies Act, 1886," and the proprietors, in order to provide for the energetic development of their highly valuable properties, have decided on issuing 20,000 shares for publio subscription, calling up 2s per share as herein provided. Tho sale of these 20,000 shares will realise L2 000, which amount will, as the calls become Hue, be paid into the Company's account at the Bank of New Zealand, Naseby, and devoted solely to the exploitation of the Company's claims. In other words, not a s ; ngle penny will be paid as promotion money, the original shareholders being content with seeing the amount so realised devoted to purposes solely connected with the working of their several claims. Thirty-eight thousand four hundred shares, paid up to 2s eaoh, are retained by the original proprietors; and on 2s being paid on the 20.000 shares now offered to the publio, these 38,400 shares will be equally liable for calls in similar proportions. The Company has registered in its corpcrate name a machine site and three licensed holdings of 30 acres each (90 acres in all). In addition, it holds a registered water-race, heading from Nenthorn creek, which is undoubtedly the most valuable right in the distrust. Vi'h the L 2.000 realised from the sale of the 20,000 shares now offered for subscription, the Direotors propose to erect a complete crushing plant for the reduction of the vast quantities of ore in their several claims, comprising a 10-head stamper battery, with suitable driving power, two large berdans. and probably* a stonebreaker, with quicksilver tables, blanket Btrakes, and all other necessary gold-isving appliances. The plant will be added to as the claims become further developed, and it is considered probable that it will require a considerable extension within a year or so from the time of commencing operation?. The phenomenally rich character of the quartz already obtained from the majority of the claims —notably the Eureka. Crcesus, and Nenthorn Consolidated Companies'holdings justifies the assumption that the g ildfield will, in the immediate future, prove one of the richest and most permanent yet discovered in tho colony. This circumstance, combined with the improvement in the character of the lodes an greater depths are obtnimd, warrants the Directors in believing that an extension of the plant will be rendered necessary at a very early date, and in anticipating for shareholders very tmKstatitial returns on the capital invested in the undertaking. In the claims owned by the Nenthorn Con- I solidated Company no less than 12 large gold-, bearing reefs have been discovered. On two of j tbpse shafts have been sunk as under:—No. 1, ' 50ft in depth ; and No 2, 30ft—in each instance on stone valued at 2oz per ton. A crush- i ing of unpicked ore from these excavations yielded 3oz lOdwt of retorted gold, or, approximately, noarly 40dwt per ton, I M'Millan and Co.. the original prospectors of j the field, bad a trial crushing of five tons_ of stone from two different shafts in their claim, which yielded 13oz of gold An interest in this claim has been recently sold for a large sum of. money, and the proprietary are abont to erect a 10-ptamper battery, with the necessary gold-1 saving appliances. Two of the present Company's claims adjoin this holding on its western and the other on iti eastern boundary. The reef in the Prospectors' (known as the Golden Crystal) Claim has, in addition to several others, been traced through the leases of the Consolidated Company. Tho Directors have no hesitation in stating that the Pronerties now offered comprehend some of the richest, largest, and most permanent lodes on the goldfield, and the prospects of the Company are not excelled by those of any other property yet opened at Nenthorn. Large bodies of auriferous ore, practically unlimited in quantity, abound in the Company's leases, and the facilities for bringing stone to grass are unrivalled on the field. The direotors desire to draw special attention to the faot that the lodes in the three claims can in every instance he tapped by l<vw-level tunnels giving close on 200 ft of backs. By this means the great expense involved in hoisting and pumping will bo dispensed with : and as the quarts can be trucked direct into the battery, instead of being carted long distances for reduction, a considerable saving will be effected thereby. Compared with the outlay necessitated in raising and m>l'ing stone in other claims, the Consolidated Company will, by reason of the natural facilities avai'abl", obtain an additional profit on every ton of ore reduoed. which may safely be computed at lOdwt at the least. The Croesus Company, whioh offered 20,000 shares for publio subscription, was floated within 13 days, and since then surplus applications to the extent of 5,000 shares have been received; and the scrip, whioh was selling at 8d and Is, has gone uprapidlv to 2s fid and 3s, and many sellers holding for a higher price. Contributing shares are saleable at a profit of 100 per cent, premium. The Nenthorn Con-, solidated Company's shares have, within a week, risen from 6i (nominal) to Is 6d. and are still rising, with numerous buyers in the market. To briefly summarise the advantages of the j present proposal, the Directors would point ! out: That there are 12 large lodes of auriferous t ore within -the 90 acres he'd by the Company; ! that the capital of the Company is small, the I interest held by the promoters being light, only representing 2s on 38,400 shares; that no promotion money is paid for the transfers of the properties, the transferors being satisfied to see tho amount derived from the sale of the 20.000 shares now offered for subscription expended in the vieorous development of the claims; that magnificent natural facilities, whioh cm be turned to valuable account at little cost, are available, enabling the Company to produce the maximum quantity of pay ore at the minimum of cost; that instead of working the reefs by means of shafts, with all the attendant expensive paraphernalia of pumping and hoisting machinery, short tunnels at low levels can he taken from the creek, by means of whioh the " country " will be adequately drained without any expense to the Company, and the quartz trucked direct into the battery, involving very little outlay in handling after it leaves the Btopes; that the battery will be erected in the immediate vicinity of the works, so that no expenditure will be rendered necessary for carting the ore long distances for reduction; and that the water-right alone, whioh is a very important feature of the scheme, is decidedly the most valuable one on the field, plaoing the Company in a position to crush ore at low rates. Taking all the circumstances into consideration, the Directors have no hesitation in recommending the undertaking as presenting a safe investment for capital, combined with the certainty that remunerative returns will be forthcoming at an early stage of the Company's operations. Applications, accompanied by a deposit of 6d par share, to be forwarded immediately to any of the brokero of the Company. The share list will close bo soon as the list is filled. As a large number of shares have already been subscribed for, immediate application is necessary, as in case of a eurplua of applications those most promptly lodged will receive the most favorable consideration. No application for leas than 100 shares will be received by the brokers of the Company,

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