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The amount of revenue collected at the Custom-houso on cleared to-day for consumption was LBSB 4a Id. The National Mortgage and Agency Company received the following cablegram from fbeir Melbourne cflico to-day: "Oats: Market closed dull, will less inquiry; strong agitation against any extra duty It vied." Tho Colonial Sugar Refining Company, of Auckland, have madoanother alvance in their sugars, ranging from 301 to 40a. During the month of May the number of arrivals in the colony waa 1,013, and tho number of departures 1,148. Of the arrival?, 272 were from the United Kingdom, 339 from Now South Wak's, and 291 from Victoria. Of the departures, 304 were for the United Kingdom, 357 for New South Wales, and 351 for Victoria. AN EXCITED SUGAR MARKET. It is many years since the sagar market has been so excited as it is at present, and to-day E. C. Reynolds and Co. offered, on account of Messrs A. S. Paterson and Co., the Dunedin portion of the cargo ex D'Artagnnn. There waa a very 1 »rge attendance of tho trade, and the bidding throughout was very brisk. The entiro cargo submitted was sold at tho following priceß (in bond): Finest grey crystals, L 36 to L3G ss; fino to finest whites, up to L 36153. A few lines of brewers' ciystals, ex Lorna Doone, were quitted at from L 33 10s to L 34 103. It is worthy of men-ion that a fortn'ght ago sugars sold hero at auction at from L 22 to L 24 10s. Those who understand the pulsations of tho sugar market siy that prices will yet go higher, owing to the scare l ty of tho article The Natioral and Agency Company received cable advice to day from their Melbourne office:—" Mauritius crystalised sugar : Prices continue the upward course; L 36." STOCK AND STATION RETORT. Mr Donald Stronach (on behalf of the New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company, Limited) reports for the week ended June 19, as follows: Fat Cattle.—l 62 head wero yarded for this day's market at the Burnside Sale Yard". The quality, with the exception of fa few pens, waa only very medium ; but owing to the moderate number to hand a sl'ghtly brisker demand was experienced, and prices obtained wore rather higher than last week's. Best bullocks brought L 7 12a 6d to L 8 15?, one or two citra heavy weights L 9 5a to LlO ss, medium Lslsa to L 7 10a, inferior and light L42sGd to L 5 10a; cows from L 3 10s to L7los.

Fat Sheep ing about 690 merinoes, the balance crossbreds, representing all qualities, For best quality wethers and ewes, owing to Bomo demand for export, last week's rates were fairly well maintained, but ordinary and low quality had less attention, and scarcely realisrd late rates. Best cross-bred wethers brought 13s to 14s Gd. ordinary 9a Gd to 12s Cd: bost cross-bred ewes 10s 9d to 12s 9d, one or two pens extra prime 13s 6d to 15a 3d, ordinary 7b Gd to 9s 9d; merino wethers, 7s 6d to 14s. We sold on account oF Messrs Ross Bros. (Busby Park), cross-bred wethers to 12s 9d; Mr John Henderson (Balyondalo), cross-bred ewes to 9* 9d. Fit Lambs.—Only 179 came forward, medium to prime. Competition was fairly active, and sold at 6s 3d to 10s.

Pigs.—2B3 were penned, representing the usual va'iety. Baconers and porkers had an improved demand, while all otherß had good attention. Suckers brought Gs Gd to 9s Gd; stores, 15s to 225; porkers, 27a to 355; baconers 38s to 57», heavy weights to 635. Store Cattle.—A few of these change hands, but the number is limited. The market is not particularly active, only a very moderate business passing. Holders consider prices effered rather low, while buyers on the other hand are not inclined to operate except at prices on the basis of those ruling for fat stock. There are buyers for suitable cattle ir forward condition for finishing off on turnips, when obtainable, at prices that would leave a margin. Store Sheep.—There are no sales of any importauce being now effected. With the exception of small lots occasionally required for fattening there is very little demand, and with the season now so far advanced very little more business will be done in this line,

Wool.—Wo are without any advices during the past week from any European wool market. Tho opening of the third series of wool sales in London, on the 18th, is looked forward to with considerable interest. Wo expect to bo in possession of cable advice with respect to proceedings this evening. In this market there is a fair demand for any lots offering. These are nowsmall, as all outlvingparcels have apparently reached tho seaboard for sale or shipment.

Sheepskin*. An active demand exists for i these, and the tendency of prices in in favor of j Kellers. On Monday, at our regular weekly auction Bale, wo submitted a very full catalogue, comprising a varietv of classes, when we had a large attendance of buyer*, nearly all in the trade being present, and competed spiritedly for every lot on the catalogue. Prices realised j were quite up to last week's—a few lots of grecxi crops-breda wore keenly rtm up io high figures. Country dry cross breds, low to medium broaght Is 2d to 3s lOd; do do merino, la Sri to 3s 8d; medium to fullwoolled cress-breds, 3a lid to 7b 7d; do do merino, 8s 9d to 5s 7d ; dry poltg, Sid to lid ; butchnrß' green cross-breds—best 5s Bd. 5s sd, 5s 3d, 5s Id, ss, 4s 9d. 4s 6d, 4i 4d, 4s 2d, 4s, good to medium and inforior 3s 9d, 3s 7d, 3s sd, 3s *<*, 3s 2d : gro?>n merinoes, 4«, 3< 9d. 3s 6d, 3i 4d, 3», 2-! lOd, 2s fid : lambskins, 4s 2d, 4s, 3s 9d, 3s 7d. 3s sd, 3s 3d, 3a. Babbitskin?.—These are coming to hand more freely, but the supply is still inadequate to meet requirements. An exceedingly good demand is experienced, and prices realised show an upward tendency, keeping pace with the improved quality of the skins. On Monday we offered at auction all to hand, when every buyer in the trade wa < present. Biddings were spirited, and all the lots disposed of made satisfactory prices'. We give marks and prices :—P. W. and Co., 1 bale summer skins, 7d ; R in diamond, 1 do do, 7Jd; LIS, 1 do do, 7d; K YIiBDBN, 1 do do, 7d; do. 1 do mixed, half-grown, and black, Bid ; do, 1 do autumn, 9d; CD, 8 bags do, 9d } do", 1 do

early winter, la 2d; N, Ido do. Is 2£d; do, 5 do autumD, 8d; do, Ido Ao, 8H; 0 VV, 2 do, half-grown, 4d per lb. Hides.— A moderate demand continues to exist, all coming forward beiog easily placed, but prices obtaining show no improvement, nor are they likely to until a more favorable market is discovered, which at present seem;) a loDg way off, At tho moment the tendency is towards lower rates. Quotations arc: For heavy weight?, 2jd to 3d (the latter price seldom reached); medium, 2,} dto 2-^d: light, 2d to 2|d ; inferior and bulL', ljd to l?d per lb. Tallow.—The market continues fairly steady —thero are no fluctuations of any consequence apparent. last week's quotations continue Aim. Supplies are only on a moderate sca'e, and while the demand continues as at present values are not likely to materially differ. We quote prime mutton 19s Gd to 21s, medium to good 101 to IDs, inferior and mixed 12a 6d to 15'. Hough fit—best mutton caul 13i to 14 j , infeiior and medium to good 9a (5d to 12a 9d per cwt. On Monday we difposed of at auction one cask mutton tallow at i'o3, two do at 19a, two do at 18?, two tins mixed at 15s Gd, twelve do do 101 Gd, two bags fat 13s Gd, one do 12s GJ, one do 12s, one do lis per cwfc,

Grain.—Wheat: The tone of the market is exceedingly disappointing, and going from bid to worse. There is no outlet for shipment at the prices demanded by sellers, and the few small sales effected are simply for local consumption. All desciiptions of milling meet a dragging sale, and, though small quantities of the primest sorts are occasionally disposed of at near late quotations, parcels of any size would be difficult to place even at a considerable reduction in price. Second rate quality has no demand except for feed, and at prices whi.h would not bo at all likely to satisfy the grower. Good whole fowls' wheat is in fair demand, and we fear a considerable portion of that held for milling will have to be disposed of for feed. We quote prime northern rid straw and white velvet. 3i 8d to 3s lOd; Tuscan, 4s; medium to good 33 5d to 33 7d; inferior to medium 2s 9i to 3s 4d (ex store).—Oats: The maiket during the past week bos bhown an easier tendency. Millers have a fair supply on lands, and for the moment decline to purchase except at reduced prices. Shippers are operating, but are not disposed to give rates obtaining a few days since. Holder.', however, continue firm, considering the present lull only temporary, and, though prices may not go much higher, they have confidence in late rates bciug maintained. Stocks are limited, and the arrivals falling off daily. We quote best bright milling 2a 10-Jd to 2s lid, best short feed 2a 9d to 2s lOd, medium to good 2a 8d to 2s 9d, inferior to medium 2s 7d to 2a 8d (ex store) —Barley has very slow sale, only extra fine samples finding purchasers. Wo quote prime malting 3s 7d to 8s 9J, medium to good 3a to 3s 6d (ex store).

Grass Seeds.—Tht re is no alteration in tho position of the market, and no business of any consequerca likely to transpiro until the usual spring demand sets in. Stocks of ryegrass are light and considered inadequate to meet requirements. Potatoes,— l bo market remains steady at about last week's quotations. Stocks are not accumulating to any great extent, and with a fair demand sellers are in a position to secure late ratts; but, considering the tone cf tho Australian markets, it is doubtful whether present prices tan be maintained, Wo quote prime northern 85s to 87s Gd, southern 77a Gd toß2sGd per ton. Dairy Produce.—Wo have no improvement to note in regard to tho position of the market, The dem md for both butter and cheese continues inactive. At the moment it is somewhat hard to predict the future of the market, THE LONDON MARKETS. The New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company, Limited, are advi>ed under date tho 18th inst.:—"Tho wheat markotis slightly better. The general promise of the crops in tho United Kingdom, on Continent, and in America is very good, except that reports are unfavorable concerning the growing crops in Russia. Quotations are unchanged since last telegram. Leather: Market is quiet; best side i are worth [lh 1 per lb, The frozen mutton market firm. Canterbury is worth 6jd per lb, Wellington is worth Gd per lb. Lamb: Cunteibury is worth 7J'l per lb. Beef; Market unchanged." tBY TELEQEArH.] Sydney, Juno 19.-Wheat: Chick, 3a 31 to 3a 8d; New Zealand milling 4a to 4s 4d. Flour: New Zealand stone-made, LlO 10a ; roller do, L'O 15s to Lll sa. Oats nominal at 3a 11 to 3s 2d, but nothing is doing. Maize is declining at 8s to 3* 2d. Barley: C po. 3s; English, 4a Od, nominal. Bran: New Zealand, Is. Pollard is dull at Is Id to la U Peas: Blue Prussians—inferior Si 9J, best 4a 2d. Ohaff: New Zealand, 6.} to 6a lOd. Potatoes : New Zealand, L44sto L 4 ss: Circulars, L 4 10a to 15. Onions: New Zealand, L2O; "Victorian, Ll9. The butter maikec. is glutted ; New Zealand, 7d to la. Cheese is also glutted; New Zealand, Gd to Bd, Bacon, 8d to 9d. Hama: New Zealand, Is. Melbourne, June 19. Wheat: Prime quality, 5a Gd, dull. Oats: Stout, 4s SJd, and easier. Maize, 4s. Barley: Feed, 4s. Bran, la 3d. The sugar market is strong, and oxcited. White?, LSG. Adelaide, June 19.—Wheat is inactive. Farmers' parcel at Port Adelaide 4s !)d, shipping 4310 i, and nominal, Flour: Stone nude, LlO 15a to Lll; roller do, Lll 15a to Ll2. Bran, Is. Pollaid, la Id to Is 2d. Brisbane, June 19.—The sugar market is very exciteJ. Whites, L3O.

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COMMERCIAL., Issue 7937, 19 June 1889

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COMMERCIAL. Issue 7937, 19 June 1889

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