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PUBLIC NOTXCEH. [TIiADK M.VUK.I TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. MESSRS DTTRYEA in the ycar_lß.j(i invented and adopted the word or combination of letters "MAIZKNA" as a Trade Mahk. MAIZ E N A Has received Highest Pi ; zc Medals at International Exhibitions at— Philadelphia, 187G Havre, 1808 Pari', 1807 Netherlands, 180!) Paris, 1878 New South Wales, 1875 London, 1882 Capo Town. 1877 Hamburg, 1863 Brussels, 1876 Cologne, 18(15 London Annual, 1873 Altona, 18G9 Matanzas, 1881, And at American Latitat: 1 , Franklin Institute, 1874 1857 Baltimore Institute Pennsylvania Institute, 185) 18 7 South Carolina Institute, 1870. Also, at Ff.iis of St tea and Counties, and IN EVE'-tV INSTANCE WHERE IT HAS B".KN EXUIBITEn. Notk —Purcliasci's s 1 onM Ivisint on being Supphrd wiih DUIOEVS MAIZENA, as other infeiior kinis are being offered. " 0 RYS T A L '" KEROSENE. loOdcg test; water-white. Extra strong tins, fitted with Patent Faucet Nozzle. SAFE, BRU LIANT, ECONOMICAL. The Beat Oil in the Market. TO THE NERVOUS AND DEBILITATED CONSULT BAR RON G AR DNER (late of Suffolk street, Pall Moll, London, England), Specialist in Diseases of Genito-T'rinary Organs and Nervous System. Consult him on Nervors debility, Physical Exhaustion, the indiscretions of Youih, Seminal Losses, Spermatorrhoea, Skin, Venereal, and aided Mi.xcrders. Bairon Gardner h,*s marie tli -ho di-ea«'S a lifelong study, and he has had the very gr--at pivotic-.l advantage of a very large private practise, extending over a period of thirty year.'! < 'onMdtation, 10 to 9 p.m. Tho Gardi/'-r Eclectic Medical Institute, a few doors from th<? Palace Skating Rink, Moray place, Dunedin. AN INTERESTING LETTER FROM A VETERAN. kS this is Jubilee year it tends to make one look back and think of the flight of time, and in this way I am rv minded that I am one of the veterans in the sale of your valuable and successful modi ine. I have sold it from the very first, and have sent it into every county in England and many parts of Scotland. Well do I remember the first circular >ou sent out some nine or ten years ago, You had come to England from America to introduce Mother Seigel's Curative Syiup, and I was Btruck by a paragraph in which you used these words:—" Being a stranger in a strange laud. I do not wish the people to feel that I want to take the least advantage ever them. I feel that I have a remedy that will cure disease, and I have so much cor.fidence in it that 1 authorise my agents to refund the money if people should say that they have not benefited by its use." I felt at once that you would never .'ay that unless the medicine had merit, an.! I applied for the agency, a step which I now look back upon with pride and satisfaction. Ever since that time I have found it by far the best remedy for Indigestion and Dyspepsia I have met with, and I have sold thousands of bottles. It has never failed in any case where there were any of the following symptoms : Nervous or sick headache, sourness of the stomach, rising of the food after eating, a sense of fuluess and heaviness, dizziness, bad breath, slime and mucus on the gums and teeth, constipation, and yellowness of the eyes and akin, dull and sleepy sensations, ringing in the ears, heartburn, loss of appetite, and, in short, wherever there are signs that tho system is clogged and the hlood is out of order. _ Upon repeated inquiric, covering a great vai iety of ailments, my customers have always answered : "I am better," or 'I am perfectly well." "What I have seldom or never seen before in the cise of any medicine is that people tell each other of its virtues, and those who have, been cured say to tho suffrring: "Go and get Mother Seigel's Curative Syrup, it will make you well." Out of the hundreds of curc3 I will name one or two that happen to come into my mind. Two old geritlemen, whose names they would not like me to give jou, had been martyrs to Indigestion and Dyspepsia for many years. They had tried all kinds of medicine without relief. One of them was so bad he could not bear a glass of ale. Both were advised to use the Syrup and both recovered, and were as hale and hearty as men in the prime of life. A remarkable case is that of a house painter, named Jetfries, who lived at Penshurst, in Kent. His busii ess obliged him to expose himself a great deal to wind and weather, and lie was seized with rheumatism, and his joints soon swelled up with dropsy, and were very stiff and painful. Nothing that the doctorß could do seemed to reach the seat of the trouble. It so crippled him that he could do hardly any work, and for tho whole of tho winter of 1878 and '7'J bo had to give up and take to his bed. Ho had been afflicted in this sorry way for three years, and was getting worn out and d'scouraged. Besides, he had spent over Ll3for what he called "doctor's stuff" without the least benefit. In the spring ho beard what Mother Seigel's Curative Syrup has dene for others and bought a2s (id bottle of me. In a few days he sent me word he was much better—before he bad finished tho bottle. He sent to me for a4s Od bottle, and as I was going that way I carried it down to him myself. On getting to his house what was my astonishment and surprise to find him out in the garden weeding an onion bed. I couid hardly beiieve my own eyes, and said: "|Vou ought not to be out here, may be the death of you, after being laid up Jail winter with rheumatism and dropsy." His reply was: " There is no danger. The weather is fine, and Mother Seigel's Curative Syrup has done for me in a few days what the doctors could not do in three years. I think I shall get well now." Ho kept on with the Syrup, and in three weeks he was at work again, and has had no return of the trouble for now nearly ten years. Any medicine that can do this should be known all over the world. Yours faithfully, (Signed) RurEiiT Gkaiiam, Of Graham and Son. Holloway House, Sunbury, Middlesex, Juno 25th, 1887. The above wonderful euro of Rheumatism was the result of the remarkable power of Mother Seigel's Curative Syrup to cleanse the blood of tho poisonous humors that arise from Indigestion and Dyspepsia. Mother Seigel's Curative Syrup is for sale by all chemists and medicino vendors, and by tho proprietors, A. J. White, Limited, 35 Farringdon road, London, Eng. OPINION OF THE PRESS. " ORNE HIGHLAND WHISKY.—It is of the finest puro malt that the highly prized aud ever enjoyable Lome Highland Whisky is made—its distillation and aftermanipulation aro so thoroughly understood and so conscientiously carried out by the proprietors, Messrs Groenlecs Brothers, of London and Argylcshire, that tho Whisky bearing the brand 'Lome' is everywhere regarded as the Crime dc la Crime of Whiskies, It possesses all the braoing, carminative, and tonic properties of the finest cognac Henoe, medicinally speaking, it is highly valuable."— • Sheffield Post.' |HE Public should avoid all imitations of . Wolfe's Schnapps. Be sure you procure tho genuine Wolfe's.

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