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The amount of rovenuo collected at the Custom-house on coods cleared to-d<vy for consumption was L9OB 7s od. The Insurance Association of Auckland have decided to make an extra charge of 5< per cent. in respect to houses having colonial ovens. The clarge is strongly protested against. STOCK AND STATION REPORT. Mr Donald Stronach (on behalf of the New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Com;.any, Limited) reports for the week ended Juno 5, as follows: — Fat Cattle.—To-day aj.ain the number to hand at liurnside sales was in ac-oular.c.' with trade r. qmroments, only 120 he id bene." yarded, ranging fiom medium to good and prime quality. A slight improvement was apparent in the demand ; bidding was brisker, and juices realised were more satisfactOiy, quality ami weight considered. Best bullocks bron;:ht L 7 15s to LS 10s, medium to good to T,7 10s. inferior and light L4to L 5 15.; cows from 13 15s to Lfi 10s. Fat Sheep. about 230 mcTinncs, all the rest cro-s-breds, representing all qualities but the greater portion were ewes. The de-nand all fhroiich was less active, only a few of the best cross-bred withers b-dng taken up for export, the balance beit g in excess of the trade requirements, prices were lower. Graziers operat. d to a certain extent, whi-di helped to clear the, markst P.est cro s-bi-'d wethers brought 12s 9d to 15s 31, oidinary lis fid to 12s fid; best cr scared ewes, 10s 01 to P-s, two pens extra heav to 13s Od, ordinary 8s to 10s fld; merino w-tbers, to 0-s Ob We sold on account of Messrs Rusr Bros., Bushy Park, a n'ce line of cross-bred weth'rs. and MiThomas Wilson, a'so a lino at quotations

Fat Lamb-.—113 were penned, somo of whb-h were very piime. others only nvdium A fair dema"d was exneiieuced, prices realised rang eg f.-nm tolls. — 3fi3 were prnned, comprising all descriptions. For guarant'-ed trmin-f d porkers and bacon"-s ther-e was a bris-krr dpm> d, and prices sM?htly higher; while for a'l other dfs-erintions there was less inqu ; Jy. t 'ucl-ep brought 4s fid to 0s; steras 15s to 22s 6d : porkers, 25s to 341: baconr-is, 37s to 55. ; ( xt>a heavy brought up to fifis. Store CotUe.— There is very Vttlo an'mation in the market and no change of am -n>-n- - quence to report, so far as cvfirm demand or values. There are buvers at all times for matured,-well-bre'l bul'oek", in fm-wa-d condition, if olilainrd at prices bkely ta> have a margin ' fter fattenin-:, v hi'eli has not he.-n the case for a considerable peried. Stere Shei p -- Cms? -bred rhecp of almost any dcciiption are sa'calde, but; »nor-> especially two, four, ard six-taotb wetheis: also maiden ewe- for fattening continue in good demand. _ few sales of aged "merino vethei s and "», -n ith s-und months too still effected ; but, as m'"- f of the station-owncs have already disused of their snrnlus stock for the season, sales are nt t now so numerous. Wool - By the Ran Francisco mail last week we received pi iced evlal f:tie= for the second .eri's of London wool sales u-i to Ap-d 17; also our London circular <f date Anvil 10 which eomments a < follows on tie nro re-- 3 „r <ho series up to the Fast, r holidays:- Al' descriptions of merino and the finer g.vVs .f r.ros--brel sold well up to the clonrg rates of the iireceding series, and occasionally ruled in seller's favor. The few parcels of coarse j eros-ebrods d'sposed of showed some irresu- ! larity in price, but were not qu-.tiblv changed in value. As the rales progressed comnetition inereased, and vabies s"adual!y hndened, with the r <n't that: w l lf!rl M,e sittings were suspended on 17'h imt,, for the Ei'-ter holidays, a di'-'b ct'v higher rarg'-of prices had bo"n attained for nearly all de-crip-tions. Crn-.d combing meino in the grease marked an advance of quite ?,d to Id per lh, i and medium and inferbr sorts about Jd lb, whilst seamed mrrinoes general'y were 1d to 1 -i,d pir lb dearer. Fine cross-bred, w'.ethp.r t'reasv o'' sconre/', exhibited a rise of ?/l to Id per lb, but the coarser grades showed no material change. That the latter description*, in the face of liberal supplies and of the that (,be value of domestic wool has been somewhat difficult to maintain, should have supported the full rates ruling in the last auctions, is in itself a satisfactory feature. Up to the inomeit trade advices are, and there is no rea=on Io anticipate any falling off >n the demand on the opening of the third fer'es commencing on the 18th inst. On Monday at auction we sold, under keen competition, hales greasy merino, 10{d : do. 3 do do pieces, the following lots, viz. : -T over HUNTF.H, 7 B}d ; PUKETOI. 1 do do merino. 9|>d per lb. Sheepskins.—We submitted a full cata'ogue nt, onr auction sale on Monday. There was a large attend >neo of the trade, who competed rs u-uivl spiritedly for every lot on the cata logue, green skins especially realising higher prices. Country dry cross - hreds, low to medium, brought 1s 5d to 3s 8d ; dodo rnerinr, Is 3d to 3s 54; medium to ful'-weolled crossbrrds, to 5s 10d ; do do merino, 3' 4d to 5 ( 5d ; dry pelts, 3d to 1s Id ; huMi is' green <. best 4s Od 4s fid, 4s 7d, 4s 4.1, 4s Id, 3s 9\ good ti medium and niw'l 3» fid, 3. 4d 3s 3d, 4s : lambskins, fid. 3'ld

VaV.tvtskini".—''heFe are in good denvnd and keenly o>mneted frr. On Mondav we offered a. small catalogue, elicited competi-

tion. All the buyers heir.? present, very sat i"factory piicrs mrc oV. Autumn skm: mong'.t ?-> i to 13\d, 7M to 9 i ps v _]b. Hid'.-:.—i fiiir'rt'-iTi'iiyl co-.tannrs to r-i-t, but, <i ■ rL-ijariln piices, the market is di':iva> ■■•"; a, much'v.-ak. i Coirid ving tin) dq.r.s--s'o,l i A ; s-iii',' at Heine and on the; in i.|:o. l\ifc!rvw-ade owinj to I'm over- npply of Ird-s, bin'ma decline fo give lite rt.J. We rj.iot" biiivy weight-• ?','d to 31 nrd ; m 211 to 2.V1, light 2d t.o 2-!,', and buPc;'l',d to If I peril. Ta'low.— 'l'll-! market is have, and, l.<'.v- nd tin' phieing of country-reado'ed odd li is, tin re is veiy little passing. A good demand, however, uxvit - -', lio'b tallow and fit being well competed for at auction. Kopoi is of tbo ad woe in pi ice .it iiomc have not a:yet,influencedthis mvket Wo quote prime rendered mutton 19s (id to 21s, medium to good 17s to 10', inferior and mixed 14< to Ifii ; lough f.\t—best mutton caul 12s (id to 13s (id, inferior and medium to good 10s to 12s per cwt. Grain.-Wheat: As in the preceding week, this market has shown but little animation, and as supplies still come forward freely with no inducement to shippers to operate, and millers only purchasing sparingly, we see no immediate piosptct of any inipitmrnunt—even the small business passing is at icduead rates. We quote prime milling v<dvet. and Tuscan. 3-i 10 1 to 4s ; medium to good, 3s (id to 01 ; inferior to mdiim, 2 Gdto3Hd (ex store).— Oats : Tnc market stiil continues firm and no difficulty experienced in disposing of a'l lots coming to hand for sale, and at idiih'ly higher prices; but there is les-i business doing this week owing to giowi is declining to quit bi tbo face of a ris'i'g m.rket. A considerable rise has taken place in Melbourne, while the Sydnev market is dull and r 'ceding. It is somewhat difficult to predict the future of tlrs market, though it is Renerally considered that prevent values are likely to liohl good far some time to come. We quote prime milling. 2s 10,1 to 2-> 101 d (extra good samples are lndd for 3-); be.4 bright ford. 2s Old to 2s 101. medium to good 2< Sid to 1* orl,0 r l, inferior (very fe«v ofJOring) 2s 7d to 2s M (ex store). —Bailey is not in any irrpr-.veil.le-rn'i'id Shippers purchase when suitable lot-t offer: local ma't to;s also operate to a lim'tcd extent, but only in choic samples. n 'e quote prime making.' 3s 8d to 3-t 01; medium, I*. Od to 3a f!d (ex 'tore).

Grass '-'ceds.—Transactions are confined to retail lots of h.-.t.b lyegraas and cock-foot. Quotaticns nominil. Potatoes. —A quiet beat ste-vly bns'ness rontinuea to bednneat ab'iot equd to list we -It's prices—viz . for prime Northern, 80s to .S.ij; Southern 7-~w to 77s fid p'-r ton. Daiiy Troduce.—Prime factory cheese lias a fair inquiry, while, on the other hand, butter is in less dimand and off ring at lower piices.

|P.y Tri.KfiUArii.] Syhnhv, June it. A portion of the Bithwell Castle's enrgo ha< been ."old n> a p'i.wsaid fo eipir.l 4s Od.' The wheat is free hard train, and i< Siid to r.onta'n 5 per cent, of foreign matter Wheat dr. ppins and the market overstocked: Ch ; ck. 3t fi;l to 3-! Od : New Zealand milling, 4i 31to 4s (id. Flour : New Z -fland, st-ne-made LlOaato T. 1.0 15., r-.dler-m-ide Lll to 1,11 10 ■. fut.s : Feed. 3s to ?s 31 ; seed. 3< 41. Ma : ze. 3s 4d. B uley : Cane, 3s f'> 3s 4d, wi>h limited iequiry. Bran, Is Id. IVlUid. Is Id to ""s 2d. Oli.iff straw, I/> Oaten bay. to Lfi 10s. Po'atoes: New Z"a'and, 14 ss; (yirmla-n, L 5. Onions, LIS to LI7. Hay: New Zealand meadow (dull), L. r > Butter: <" ; ff soils a'e unf.aleable ; imperial dairy, 81 to I'M; newlymade impo't. d separator't f best onalitv, 10d to Is The"-- maiket v'uttel —(!1 to 7t,d. Baeai: Local made. Od '» il.'fd : New Z--aland, 101 : iien-s(New Z-al.uid), Is. Mri.l'.oi'i NK, June 5 Wheat (quiet), 5: 7d. Flour: Store - maV, 1.11 to ill 15s; lolier-made, Ll2 to Ll3 5s Oafs (New Zealand), 4s 2,11 to 1-11 Ma ! z" 4-. 3d to4s3id. Barley: Cape, 3< lOd to 3s 10Jd ; malting. 5s Sd. Brno, 1s 2d. Peas a-e held for 5«. Sugars are brisk at T2O 15s to L 27 for greys, and P27 15i to L2B for medium whites. Adki.mdk, June s.—ltisreb'ab'y stated fhat, if the wheat shipments cutinue up t > the present aveiage. the colony will be lift without any appreciable storks by the . irrutrhat the new jropis ready. The rui.look of the laHer is moat bo-ieful Wheat is dull: Farmers' lots at Port Adelaide fetch 4s Od ; shipping parcels, 4s lOd. Tlour: stone-made. Lll : roller-made. Ll2. Oats : New Zialai d, 4s 4d. Parley : Molting, 4s 31, and dull. Bran, Is. Poliard, Is 2d.

Foft (HHec 7*'«lfc?.

Malls close at the o| : . : < ; f Post OfTicr, Dnoedi-, -üb'ect <o ary necc&sary alteration:"- as under:— focal mails between Ditnedin and Oamaru, those fur the line, will close at 7.15 a.m., and be forwarded by the 7.45 a.m. train. Fo- Noil hern Ports. . verlaud "aiiy, at 10 30 i m.. :i* Cir.'f Poat Office. Lite leU-r--, guard's v.v North expres- tiain. a.t 11 a.m. Thursday, Junk 6. For Northern Ports —Per Tar\wera. at 1.50 p m Late letter-", guaid's van, Port Chalmers train, nt 2.30 p.m. For Southland, Australian Colonio--, Tndia, Chin:., Japan. Con '.'.cut of KuroT.e TTeited Kingdom, etc.- Per Manapouri, at 1.50 p.m. Tate letters, guard'" van, Port Chalmers tiai", at 2 30 p.m. Money orders (for Australian n 0 lonies only), registered letters, and n.;w.-vap"-ts at 12.50 p.m. Tuesday, Junk 11. The direct steamer Ruanohn will leav° Wellington for London via Rio de Janeiro on Thursday, June 13. Mails for the United K'ngdnm. et 0 .. close at this office nn Tuesday, June 11. at 10 a.m. Parcel* tor the United Ki'glom. per Ruanebu, will close at tli ■' office on Monde.y, 10th, at. 5n m. Correspondence ir tended to be despatched by the, P.uaprdm must be sreeially addressed. Late letters, guard's van, North train, at 11 a.m. (S'gnell Fdw. D. V>wvf>, Chief Po.trcaster. Chief Post Office, Dunedir, June. 5.

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COMMERCIAL., Issue 7925, 5 June 1889

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COMMERCIAL. Issue 7925, 5 June 1889

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