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The amount of revenue collocted at the nuatcm-iiouae nn food* cleared to-flay for conflumntion was L87610s lOd,

At an adjourned meeting of the creditors < f R. H. Donnolly, of tho Christchmch and Dunedin Palace Rinks, it was decided by nine votes to three not to submit him to public examination.

A London contemporary of March 22 contains fho following:—"With reference to the reported paper syndicate, inquiries made by a representative of tho Press Association amongst the various mill agentß in London elicited no definite information. Very little appeared to be known on the subject beyond the fact that a cynlicate had been talked about for soveral months, and that two or tbree important m'lls had been opposed to the scheme. It is stated that the syndicate will be simply formed of mills manufacturing what is known as 'common news' paper, the price of which, it is said, has been brought to such a low figure that it is hardly worth manufacturing. The object of the syndicate would be to buy up tho principal 'news' mills, and to raise tho price of the paper. Variouß opinions are held as to the effect the syndicate will have upon the trade, and while some think it will sucoeed in its object others believe that as soon as the price is raised an opening will at once be made for the foreign manufacturer. Then again, supposing the foreigner is by arrangement kept out of the market and the present price raised, say, by 4d a pound, manufacturers of the better-Mass papers, such as the colored ard white ' printing' paper, could step in and supply ' common news' at a lower rate than the syndicate. At present prices, however, it does not pay to make this paper." THE LONDON MARKETS. The New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company. Limited, have received the following telegram from their London office, dated 21st inst.:—"Tho wheat market is depressed owing to favorable harvest prospects. New Zealand long-berried is worth 38s, and average 34s 6d per 4961b: and New Zealand wheat f.a.q. is worth c.l.f. (off coast) 83s per 4801b, nominal value.—Frozen meat: Mutton market steady: Canterbury is worth 4Jd, and Wellington 4?d per lb. Lamb market qu'et; Canterbury is worth 5Jd. Beef market inactive; hind quarters are worth 4|d, and fore quarters 3gd per lb." Reid, Maclean, and Co, agents for Nelson Bros., Limited, have received the following cablegram :—" Frozen mutton from 4h\ to 4£d. Beef: Hinds 4d, fores 3Jd." STOCK AND STATION REPORT. Mr Donald Stronach (on behalf of the New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company, Limited) reports for the week ended May 22, as follows s Fat Cattle —246 head were yarded for this day's market at Burnside, quality ranging from inferior to good and prime. This number was largely in excess of actual requirements, and, notwithntanding that there was a full attendance of the trade, competition, except for really prime quality, lucked spirit, prices realised showing a considerable reduction in last week's rates. Best bullocks brought L 7 7s 6d to L 8 15s, inferior to medium L3l7a 6d to L 6 15s; cows, from L 3 Rh to L 6 10s. We sold on account of Mr William Akroyd (Temuka). a small but prime quality heifers; and for Messrs M'Leod Broß. (Woodslde), three pens nice quality bullocks, at quotations. Fat Sheep.-3.637 were penned, of which 600 were, merino wethers, the balance cross-breds, medium to good and prime. Tho sale opened somewhat dull, prices obtained being lower than last week, while down towards the close competition was more active, finishing up with values about on a par with last week. Best cross-bred wethers brought 13s to 15s, ordinary 9s 6d to 12s 6d; best cross-bred ewes lis 9d to 13?. ordinary 7s to lis: an exceptionally fine lot of merino wethers. Buch as are seldom seen at Burnside, brought 14s 3d to 16s 3d, ordinary 6s 6d to 8s 6d. We sold on account of Mr John Henderson (Ruleyondale). cross-bred ewes at 10s 6d to lis : Messrs A. and J. Brown (Abbotsford) cross-bred wethers at 13s to lis 7d, and croßß-bred ewes to 10*9 d. , ~, Fat Lambs.—lo2 were penned, which met with fair comnetition, and sold at 6s 6d to 10s. Pig ß . _ 432 were peoned, mostly prime porkerß and baconers, only • few suckers and stores. Competition for all round was less active to-day, and prices in favor of buyprs. Suckers brought 5s to Bs, Btores 14s to 21s, norkers 27s to 375, baconers 40s to 565, extra heavy 64s to 7 Is each. Store Cattle.—There is no improvement to note in the position of the market for this class of stock. Any demand that does exist is for bullocks suitable for finwhfog off on tarnips, and, beyond the few odd lots occasionally disposed of at auction, we do not hear of any sales privately of any consequence.

Store Sheep.—There is still good inquiry for cross-bred wethers for fattening, but owing to the limited number now offering the business passing is considerably less. The season being now practically over, aged wethers, unless they are exceptionally good, have less attention. Wool.—There is nothing special to report with regard to the tone of the Home market. The outlook, however, is generally considered satisfactory, and we confidently look forward to a continuation of late rates at the opening of the third series in London on the 18th June. The business done locally is comparatively small. At tho same time all offered meet with good competition, and sell at rates well maintaining those previously obtaining. Wo sold the following marks on Monday:— WS, 2 bales wa°hed and greasy cross-bred brands, 6d; MM, 1 do do scoured piecrs, ll.^d; WS, 2 do do washed locks, 3}d ; CN, 1 d > do picceß, 7d ; do, 1 do dead wool, 6Jd; 2 bales scoured combing merino skins, 9£d; Ido clothing do do. Gd; Ido •washed merino polls and skin pieces, 7d. Sheepskins.—A good supply came forward for our auction on Monday. There was also a full attendance of the trade and competition was keen for all lots brought forward. Some prime quality, both crcsfi-brcd and merino, were catalogued, for which up to 8s Id was realised. Dry merinoes were in strong demand ; heavy green cross brcds had good attention, and all ou the catalogue fit for matmaking brought higher prices. Country dry croEs-breds. low to medium, brought Is 7d to 3s lOd; do do merino, Is 5d to 3s 5d ; medium to full-woollf d cross-breds, 31 lid to 8s Id ; do do merino, Si 6d to 5j lid ; dry pelts, 4d to Is Id ; butchers green cross-breds, best 5s Id, s',5 ', 4s 9d, 43 7d, 4? 4d, 4s Id, 3s 9J, good to medium and small 3* 6d, 8s 4d. 3s Id, 2< 9d, 2s 6d. 2s 3d; lambskins. Ss 9d, 3s 7d, 3s 4d. 8s Id, 2-t 9J, 2s Bd. Rabbitskins. —A good demand exists, but owing to the limited supply the offerings at auction are comparatively small. All comirg to hand as yet arc meraly summer and autumn takings; but even these, though reports from the Home market have not been so satisfactory of Lite, are keenly competed for, and prices obtained are fully equal to those current previous to the fall telegraphed hst week. On Monday, our regular weekly sale day, we offered a small citalogue, when all the buyers in the trade were in attendance, and under spirited competition we placed the following lots:-T, 1 bale, »},\- MM, 1 bag, S}i ; T, 1 do, CJd ; CN, 4 do, 7ijd ; F in diamond, 1 bale, 5d per lb. Hider. —A steady demand for local requirements continues to ciist, but there is no improvement in values. Prices are now higher than shippers care about paying, evidently satisfied that there is no inducement to purchase for export with the remotest chance of leaving a margin. The market at present is fully supplied with light and small hides, which, although saleable, command far less attention, tanners always preferring heavy, well-saved lots. We quote heavy weights (60!b and over) 3d to 3Jd, medium 2Jd to 2|d, light 2Jd to 2gd, inferior and bulls ljd to 2d per lb. Tallow.—We have no change to report in the state of the market, which ontinues fairly active. Consignments are not heavy, but evidently sufficient for requirements. On Monday we offered the few lots to hand by auction. All the buyers were present, but showed no inclination to purchase at the slightest advance on last week's rates, which we give as follows, viz.: —For prime rendered mutton 19i 6d to 21s, medium to good 17s to 19a, inferior and mixed 14 <to 16s; rough fat —best mutton caul 12s 6.1 tp 13s, medium to good 10s to 12j per cwt. Grain,—Wheat: During the past week there has been a slightly better demand fcr prime samples, and teveral sales have been effected, but none of any magnitude, Millers, so far, are the only operators, ar.d still continue to purchase with extreme caution; and while prices in Canterbury remain at their present level, holders in this market are no! likely to obtiin an advance. Werlium quality, and not up to Northern condition, Is difficult to place. Inferior and good whole fowls' wheat is not over-plentiful and his a fair demand. We'quote prime mil'ing Tuscan 4s Id to 4s 2d, red straw and white velvet 3t 10d to 4s, medium to good 3* P»l to 3s 9tl, inferior to med um 2s 9d to 3s 4d (ex store).—Oats: These have continued in good demand for immediate requirements, both for shipment and local use. Millers have been buying freely all coming to hand for disposal fit for thoir Ipurpose, at slightly higher prices. Shippers have also b r en purchasing all on offer to fill up space engaged, but are not disposed to speculate at present rates. Stocks arc not accumulating in store ti any large extent, deliveries being much below the average of previous seasons. We quote prime milling 2s 81 to 2s 9.1, best short feed 2s 7§d to 2s Bd. medium to good 2s (>sd to 2s 7d, inferior and medium Danish 2* 5d to 2s 6Jd (ex store).— Barley is in fair demand in suitable parcels for shipment, but for local requirements buyers do not show very much desire to operate, except when extra prime samples aro offered. Values remain u« last quoted—viz., for prime malting 3a 8d to 3=s 9.1, uv drum 2a 9d to 3a Gd (ex stove). Ryegrass Seed.—There is no materiil change in the position of the market. Shippers are operating to some extent, and with some small sales for local requirements stocks are diminishing, and so far the outlook for holder* is considered favorable. We quote fur undressed 2s 91to."s?d; machine-dietard, 3j fld to 4s 3d, Cocksfoot continues dull of sale. Quotations are—for best, 3J.1 to 4d ; medium, to 3}d per lb. Potatoes. — The demand is less active this week, and sales more difficult to effect, even at a concession ou labt week's rates. We quote prime Northern at 77s 6d to SOs; Southern, 72<6dto75sperton, Dairy Produce.—We are glad to notice slight signs of an improvement in the demand. There is some irquiry for export, which we expect to see resulting in a revival of the market. Wo quote formers' prime butter lOd to IOJd per lb; factoiy separated, Is 3d; factory cheese, for medium and loaf, 6d to 7d per lb.

MINING NOTFS. Our Arrowtown correspondent wires:—"The Sunrise Company at Advance Peak, Macetown, havo just finished ciushing 74 tons of stone, realising 730z 9dwt of retoited gold. Storm sheds have bet n erected over the paddocks aud mouth of the tunnel, so that the mine can be worked a'l winter and stone raised ready for spring crushing. The mine is in capital working order. The Gallant Tipperary Company have for nine days' crushing a return of 730z of amalgam from 86 tons of stone. The reef in the north end U strong, well defined, and carries good gold," |By TELEQRArH.] Sydney, May 22.—The wheat market is glutted: Chick, 3s 6d; New Zealand milling, 4s 6d to 4s Bd, and nominal. Flour: New Zealand stone-made, LlO 10s to Lll; roller-made Lll 5s to Lll l. r >s. Oats are glutted and heavy: Feed, 2s 9d to 3s 2d; Beed, 3t sd. Of maiz? there is a laigc supply: Quotations, 2s 7d to 33 2d, declining. Birley: Cape, 3s and dull. Bran, steady, at Is Id. Pollard. Is 2d to Is 2Jd. Potatoes: New Zealand, L 4 10s; Tasmanian, L 4 17s 6d ; Circulars, L 5 2s 6d. Onions : Best New Zealand, Lls to Ll6, and scarce. The butter market is glutted with off qualities, the best only being saleable. Separator-made fetches Is to Is Id; dairy-made, 8d to lOd. Cheese is dull and plentiful. Locally-made fetches 6d to Bacon is scarce at lOd. Hams aro in demand atlHdtols. Melbourne, May 22.—Wheat is strong at 5s Bd. Flour : Stone-made, Lll 10a; rollermade, Ll2 (with an upward tendency). Oats have improved, 3s IOJd. Barley: Feed, 33 7d; maltiDg, 5s 6d. Maize, 4s 4Jd. Bran, Is 3d. Adelaide, May 22.—Wheat: In farmers lots, 4s lOd; shipping parcels, 5s OJd. Rollermade flour, Ll2. Bran, Is, and firm. Pollard, Is Id. Oats : New Zealand, 4s 4d. Barley : Malting, 4s 3d to 4s 6d. New Zaaland oatmeal, L 7. Bags have been sold at L2llos per ton. The holders of Mauritius sugars (best white) ask L 29 per ton.

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COMMERCIAL,, Issue 7913, 22 May 1889

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COMMERCIAL, Issue 7913, 22 May 1889

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