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The amount of revenue collected at the Custom-house on foods cleared to-day for consumption was LBl4 13s Bd.

Mr John E. Palmer, of Otakia, is the purchaser of the Mount Stuart estate.

The annual report of the Australian Mutual Provident Society shows that tho new policies assured during the year amounted tc L 3,047,541. Tho sum of L72G.094 is added to tho accumulated funds, and L 400,893 is recommended for distribution among the policy holders. Mr George Young (of the firm of Messrs G. and T. Young, Dunedin) has tome property at Lovell’s Flat upon which boring operations for coal have been prosecuted for some time past. The o*-hcr day n depth of 409 ft was reached, and a seam of coal struck. The boring rods did not reach the bottom of the seam at 20ft below the depth mentioned. The quality of tho coal and the depth of the seam have so satisfied the prospectors that they have been enabled to organise a syndicate in Dunedin to operate tho concern, and arrangements have been completed for the purchase of tho necessary land for tho construction of a railway to the main line at Lovell’s Flat. —‘ Bruce Herald.’ STOCK AND STATION REPORT. Mr Donald Stronach (on behalf of the New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company, Limited) reports for the week ended May 15, as follows

Fat Cattle.—2o4 head were yardid to-day at Burnside for this week’s requirements, representing all qualities. Competition was fairly active, especially for prime quality, while medium had less attention. Prices, compared with last week’s, were slightly easier. Beat bullocks brought L 7 10s to L 9, ordinary quality and light weights L 4 to LG 17s 6d ; cows, from L 3 17s 6d to L 7.

Fat Sheep.—3,osß were penned, of which about 200 were merinoes ; the rest cross-breds, chiefly ewea, only a small proportion wethers. Quality, though fair to good, was scarcely up to Inst week’s. The sales opened at a slight advance on last week’s prices, but as they progressed compstition became less spirited, and closed at a shade low'er. Beat croes-h red wethers brought 12s 9d to 15a, ordinary 10a to 12s 6d; beat cro f-bred ewes- maiden 12j 3d to 14s, ordinary 6s 6d to lls 9J ; merino wethers, 4s Gd to fis Sd. We sold on account of Mr John Henderson (Stirling) and others cross-bred ewes froai 12s tolls Cd.

Fat Lambs.—43s were penned, some of whicli were extra prime, for which there was very good competition ; while for ordinary thero was less demand, and prices were easier. The range to-day was 5s 9d to 9s Gd, extra heavy lls.

PigL—22l were penned, comprising all sorts, but the greater portion were well-fed porkers and baooners, for which there was a very fair demand, prices being on a par with those obtaining last week. Suckers brought Ss to 15s for extra prime ; light stores to 18s Cd, heavier to 25s Gd ; porkers, 28s to 345; baconers, 42s to 555, heavy weights 59s to 68b.

Store Cattle.—The business passing in these lately is not very extensive, A few small sales aro occasionally effected, but the only demand existing is confined to grown bullocks in forward condition, and for whicli prices are paid very much In sympathy with the low rates current for fat stock.

Store Sheep.—An active demand still exists for cross-bred wethers, but very few suitable lots cm now be obtained even at prices in advance of those current a few weeks past. Young merino wethers have some inquiiy, bv.t these are also hard to pick up at reasonable figures. Aged merino wethers and ewes are more in demand during the last few days. Buyers hesitate to give prices asked in the meantime, bat considering that cross-breds are in short supply prices are not likely to recede. Clearing Sale.—On Friday last we held an extremely satisfactory sale at Cherry Farm on account of Mr John Duncan, whose lease had just expired. The well-known high character of our client’s stock, and his careful attention for years past to the breeding of first-class sheep, cattle, and horses, induced a large attendance, including buyers from long distances. Bidding was spirited, and prices realised on the whole must have been highly gratifying to the vendor. Sheep especially sold exceedingly well. Two-tooth to full-mouthed Leicester breeding ewes brought 14s 31; crossbred wethers, to 14s 9J : lambs, to 8s 9d; other sheep in proportion; three-year-old steers, to Lti 2j fid; two-year-old do, L 3 7s fid; one-year-old do, L2 2s fid; two-year-old hc ; fers, L 3 11s to L 4 17s fid ; one-year-old do, to L2 15s; draft brood mares from L 34 10s to LlOlOs; dairy cows up to L 8 2s fid; pigs from L 3 7s fid to L2 2j fid ; slips, 14s. Wool.—Since date of our last report wo have nothing special to chronicle with regard to the position of the Home market. In the local market there is very little doing, with the exception of small lots cf fellmongers’ scoured and oddments of greasy, which are disposed of weekly at the skin sales, and invariably realise very satisfactory prices, quality considered. On Monday wo offe r ed and sold the following IotaHBRIOT over C r, 1 bale greasy fleece, 84d ; do, 1 do slipe combing half-bred, lOd ; do, I'do do cross-bred, 9£d ; do, 4 do scoured crossbred bellies, 12^;1; do, 1 do do quarter-bred bellies, Is 3d; do, 1 do slipe combing merino, 10Jd; do, 1 do scoured merino bellies, Is 243 per lb. Sheepskins.—These continue in good demand, and with the increasing growth of wool prices for green skins are improving. On Monday, our regular weekly sale day, we offered an extensive catalogue to a very full attendance of the trade, when competition was keen for eveiy lot on the catalogue, particularly so for best green cross-breds and half-breds, which brought prices showing an advance on last week’s. Merinoes also had good attention. Country dry cross-breds, low to medium, brought Is 6J to Ss 91; do do merino, Is 4d to 3s 3d : medium to fnll-woolled cross-breds, 3s 9d to 5s 9J ; do do merino, 3s fid to 4s 8d; dry pelts, 2d to Is 2d; butchers’ green cross-breds, best 4s lOd, 4' Bd, 4s 7d, 4s Bd, 4s Id, 3a 9d. 3s 6d, medium and small 3s 3d, 3s, 2a 9d, 2s 6J; green racrinoes, 2s lOd to 3a; lambskins, 2s 4d to 3s 4d. Pabbitskins.—Cablegrams to hand during the week report the London market easier, and prices lower. Our London office advises as follows:— 11 Medium descriptions have declined Id, and inferior IJd per lb since last report.” Notwithstanding this somewhat unsatisfactory report we had a very satisfactory sale on Monday, when we offered and sold the following marks, viz.: LANGDALB, 2 bales mixed summers, fijrl; do, 3 do do, 7‘|d; TAIBRI LAKE, 1 bale mixed half-grown and summers, 3Jd; do 1 do summers, fid; do 4 do do, 8.) d; H in diamond, 1 do do, 4Jd per lb. Hides.—The market is unchanged. A fair demand continues to exist, and prices ruling at about the same as those current during the past few weeks. We quote heavy weights (over 601b) 3Jd, medium 2fd to 3|d, light 2Ji to 2gd, inferior and bu’ls’ ijdto 2d per lb. Tallow.—Advices from London report the market slightly firmer and prices recovering. At our auction sale on Monday there was a full attendance of buyers, who competed spiritedly, prices obtained being a shade higher than last week. We quote prime rendered mutton 19s Cd to 21s, medium to good 17s to 19a, inferior and mixed 14s to 16a ; rough fat—best mutton 13s to 14s, medium to good 10s to 12s fid per cwt. Grain.—Wheat; There is no perceptible improvement in the tone of tho market for this cereal. Millers occasionally inquire for Tuscan, but purchase sparingly, and it is evident that the business done in flour must be limited indeed, as even from the commencement of the season their purchases have been exceedingly light and are not now inclined to operate at late quotations, except when actually necessary. There are still buyers for shipment, but with these business could only be done at reduced prices. We quote prime milling, red straw, and white velvet, in limited quantities, 3s lOd to 4s, Tuscan 4s 2d to 4s 3d; medium to good, 3s fid to 3s 9d; inferior to medium, 2s 9d to 3s 3d (ex store).—Oats: A firm tone prevails; last week’s prices are firmly maintained. Well filled, good, short feed and milling are in good request; good Danish, fit for milling or seed, also realise full prices, while inferior have not the same attention, except at prices out of proport’on to those ruling for best, We (juote prime milling 2s 7jd to 3s §Jd

(for an extra prime sample a shade more might be obtained); best short feed 2s 7d to 2s 7£d, medium to good 2s 6d to 2s 7d, inferior 2s 4d to 2s 5d (ex store).—Barley; A good demand exists, and a considerable quantity is disposed of for shipment. All offering in suitable parcels are saleable, while hitherto the quantity taken up by our local maltsters is comparatively small. We quote prime malting 3s 8d to 3s 9.1, medium 2s 9d to 3s 6d (ex store), in Ryegrass Seed.—There is a considerable amount > f inquiry for shipment, also by not a few who are under the impression that the supply is very much short of requirements. Quotations aro : For undressed, 2s 9J to 3s 3d ; dressed, 3s 9d to 4s 3d.—Cocksfoot does not command much attention. Quotations ore: For best, SJd to 4d; medium, 2Jd to 3£ per lb. Potatoes.—The market this week is somewhat livelier ; silos oio easier made, and prices slightly firmer. Northern are worth 80s to 85s ; Southern, 72s Oil to 77a Cd per ton. Dairy Produce.— Butter ; Market continues dull. Buyeis are not inclined to give the prices asked ; but we look for an improved demand, as stocks am not large, and winter setting in Cheese: Factory, Gd to GJd for large and loaf, with a moderate business doing. MEETING OF CREDITORS. A meatirg of the creditors of R. H. Donnolly, of the Palace Skating Rink, was held at Christchurch yesterday. The Bank nipt stated that a partnership existed b,-tweon one Piper and himself, and there existed to him a liability of LBOO, for which he had been threatened with a writ. Messrs Benjamin and Jacobs had become guarantee for the advance of certain money by the Bank of Australasia. Ho bad ala r given a mortgage over the Christchurch and Dunedin rinks to Mr Benj ’.min to secure certain promissory no L es. The mortgagee hai taken possession of the rinks. The statement laid on the table showed the amount received during the fifteen minths immediately preceding filing to bo 1.7,9 !fi 13s Gd. 1 his included a profit on the Christchurch link of L9GB 13s 10J ; on the Dunedin rink of LS2O; on the Kelson rink of L 230; and profit on skates, LlO3 8s Id. This had been disbursed. The amount paid in_ connect! >n with the Christchurch rink was L5,C89 14 1 41. In his statement bankrupt accounted for his: losses by the cost of the Christchurch rink, which was as stated above, and was only taken into account at L 3,200, and other matters which made a total deficiency of L 2.000, after taking into account the profits on rinks, on skates, and the amount put in by bankrupt himself. When be came here ho had 1.4,000. The meeting was adjourned to allow the books to be examined. [By Telegraph.] Sydney, May 15. —Wheat; Chick, Ss 6d to 8s 8d ; New Zealand, 4s Gd to 4s 9d ; Adelaide, Gs 3d to 5s sd. Potatoes : New Zealand. L 4 10s to L 4 15a; Circulars, L 5 ss. Onions, Ll4. Ma'za: Inferior. 2s 9J; best, Ss sd. Oats dull: Best, 3s 3d (seed): Tarpariau. 3s 3d to 3s sd. Bran, Is to Is Id. Pollard scarce, at la 2d. Blue peas, 4s 3J to 4s 4d, Butter; New Zealand davy 9d to Is, separator-made la to Is 2d ; local dairy lOd to Is 3d, separatormade Is 3d to Is Gd ; off sort-', Gd. Cheese, 7d to Bd. Bacon, Bd. New Zealand hams, la. Melbourne, May 15. There is more demand for wheat. Milling, 5s Gd to 5s 9d. Flour : Stone-made, Lll 10s ; roller-made, Ll2, Oats: Victorian-Danish, 3s 7d; stout New Zealand, 3s lOd to 3s 10£ d. Barley; Cape, 3s 4d; malting do, 5s fid to fis 641. Maize, 4s 5J to 4s fid. China sugars, 12610s ; Queensland greys, 125 10s to L2G fis. Adelaide, May 15. Wheat is quiet. Farmers’ lots at the outports fetch 4s fid, and at Fort Adelaide 4a lOd ; shipping parcels are worth s’. Flour: Stono-made,*Lll;, Ll2 Bran, lid. Pollard, Is Id. New Zealand oats, 4s 4d, and quiet.

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COMMERCIAL., Issue 7907, 15 May 1889

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COMMERCIAL. Issue 7907, 15 May 1889

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