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JOHN A. LEE-the man and 1 Hwhat he stands for! >v This AdvtrtUtment hoc bten paid for by a Citizen '-^ who fought alongsidt Mr, Lee at Messines. He is \ 4 proud to serve John Lee ! ALL EYES ON LEE ! Mr. Lee'« dauntUil cour*f« »nd Ability, and his refusal to break pledges . V once made to th« p«ople, bring him th« oppo«ition of Reactionaries, of the > ? Labour Party, of the Communist P«ty, which calls Mr. Lee "enemy number : one." Thousands of pounds will b» sp»nt to tfatroy John A. Lee. Abuse and \ \.' .vilification is being whisptr«d, und yelled, but serene in adherence to pledges, , * . imperturbable in courage, Lee will emerge to serve New Zealand. N^W ZEALAND'S POLITICAL ORATOR.— DISTINGUISHED IN WAR.—During the battle of ; Sydney Herald says? "Mr, Lee is an outstanding plat- Me&slnes, Mr, Lee captured a machine-gun and four - 'i * ,form orator." The U.S.A. Institute of Civil Affairs gunners, and later rushed a post, capturing, forty men ' says, "Certainly N.&.'s most brilliant political orator, and four gunß. For this exploit he received the D.C.M. . " v A man to watch." The New Zealand Observer says, POLITICAL EXPERIENCE.—For six yean Mr, "Courage and virility combined in a degree unparal- Wft9 c youngest member of Parliament, Ho w« teled by any politician in the Dominion to-day.' e l ec ted in 1922, It is thus- 21 years since Mr. Lee Auckland Herald sayg, "His record in the Great War, crossed the Parliamentary threshold, combined with platform gifts—ability—and'dauntless . H |? A | TH v new 7PAI ANnF.R-Mr T** is a courage," Auckland Star, "No speaker in the Heuse p Jj^W* i ft t ™£nt is VicTpatron of the < - commands greater attention. He writes incisively, *"*** 1S VlC€*patr<m» ot tbc^ and he can apply the lash with greater gusto than any Auckland ftugoy league, , v , other politician in the Dominion." The Hon. Dan MANPOWER AND WAGE TAXATION.—Mr. Lee Sullivan in 1928 i "Destined to fill a large place in the has pointed out that if we continue our present manfuture life of the country, His great abilities justify power policy there will be a huge reduction in the that hope," Invercargill .News, "Courage and mag- amount of goods for consumer consumption, and the netic personality," Otago Daily Times, "Dynamic," consequences will be that the Fraser-Nash GovernNorthern Advocate, "A forensic shock trooper," ment supported by Holland as in the past, will haveF. E. Baume, noted war correspondent, said, "Lee is to impose further wage taxation. We "cannot have the most picturesque figure in New Zealand since the goods without workers; a fact Fraser, Nash and days of Seddon," . Holland will avoid during the election. Vote Lee and CREATED STATE HOUSING DEPT. — "The avoid further wage cuts. Round Table," London, says, "Mr. Lee's creation of WORK FOR SOLDIERS.—Mr. Lee was the first the Housing Dept. had an epic quality. One cannot M.F, to introduce the Veterans' Allowances Bill, but admire the combination of furious energy and He believes there should be a soldiers', mothers', scrupulous attention to detail which, within a few an( j w^ows' economic pension in addition to the ordweeks, created a new State Department out of noth- mary widows 1 and mothers' allowances, so as to care ing at all." for special cases of hardship. He believes the basic Mr, Leo believes the State Advances' Dept. should pension should be £5/5/-, and that proportionate pen- - N advance money to home-builde« and soldiers at 1£ sions should be paid for proportionate partial disper cent., thus bringing ownersmp and good housing ablement. within the reach of all. SHOPKEEPER AND BUSINESSMAN.—Mr, Lee. REHABILITATION.—Mr, Lee believes with the is the one M.P. who has sought to defend your • v Archbishop of Canterbury, with eminent Non^Con- interests, formists, with the Encyclical of a Pope, with great MANPOWER.—Mr. Lee has argued that we can reformers and economists and the repudiated policy on] y a ff or( i one ac tive service Division, and that one of Labour, that social control over the creation and in the Pacific, and that the Middle East Forces are issue of credit and currency is the necessary founda- entitled to a rest Instead of being sent on to Europe. tion of a New Social Order. jj c }, a 8 pointed out that our present manpower comA NEW ZEALANDER,—Mr. Lee loves and lab- mitments will soon leave us with no home life and ours for th« country of his birth. v. no future population. , v VOTE JOHN A. LEE AND DEMOCRATIC SOLDIER LABOUR! Do you feel jaded and depressed, Ml -. <m>m-rm _ _^-i- Wvvwfc vk puffer from persistent headaches? Ml jhTMTMTMjl MM AT MMMMB \m These are usually symptoms of mdi- if 11 Mmf ImlJfM£W MM Mkw V \ gestion and constipation that lead to a 1/ ■Mif/ WMJ MMjkwM MM M Islow poisoning of the system, By tab I *^ •«*-*'/"^-K •*«*•■* 1 ing Chamberlain's Tablets regularly, If-' /V # 7 • I liver and bowels are kept in normal I f-,^ nAirM W"/% a*ft "W MYTti I activity, constipation is overcome and I WmiM MmMHm M ImwMMlh.mMmx L mm^^^m that feeling of good health will be »^*,/^l\ {/%/ |f|f|M M WMMWWVMJ iJ /BH^H yours again. , ''■■•" "■ •* "\1 \ amm^m^m^m*^*—* j |^^^^^^^H * Remember, ■ Chamberlain's ■'. " .' «\ # • ¥ fm /fle^k^k^kV tonight will put you right X Jk\\ fl«PfT)]'f Uftfl l /M^^^^M KSMPffITIEI Sold -k^ Vmm\ yIwVmvV%MC% /2k^k%%%%%%%m iViliiiLiiUi^UiiH Sma"si" wKMMtiB&MK^^ >^I^^L^i^L^L^LH ■^^^^■^■^■AHaV^BT^kr^BW^BW^kr^B^k^B I / 8 RSmnl^RßH^^^^^^^l^^^^^^fe^^ Family Stx* < For Stomach & Liver 3/4 i|^Bß^B^M^^^gg^mß^^^^^^B | CHAMBERLAIN'S PTV. LTD., KtLCY «T., IYDNIT 0 The sfiortaae of matertali sn« Ite* ' of rttff üßfortumttiy prtvtnt our filiim nPO-DAY y«u are managing your own farm. Xou are proTii- j •II prd.r. «»mpt«tefy in« >rsm»ily. J^ ing for your family, and you are making a good job of R. • w. «oui< Miuro our •Mitomtrs. Ownewhip U •omething yton are proud of. Ownership meant KTS£ .5 S w?lr. L.o- Security ... and naturally yon want to make certain that U» ins our tupsiUi in th» f«intt manner farm remain m the family. possible. • in tho meantime, wo confidently in the payment of debts, death duties, legal and other charges, times 'an^oeV um'i nwniil WlwIS! the *V*ci*1 facilitieß V>»**saeA hy the PubKc Trust Office for a^vancm g money without the necessity of raising a mortgage W. GREGG & CO., LTD. or forcing the realisation of assets, can be of great assistance. pure food sreciau»t», dunedin. not matter ever with the Public Trustee* local representative? He will explain the special facilities possessed for the administration of farming estates. . ( 'fWtmW^^WKB/M WRITE "^q^^XtODAY FOR THE FREE BOOKLET HE KEEPS HEALTHY Illll^llllil It's your duty to keep fighting fit, tool / \^ Keep healthy—free from constipation— ( *<Hi*«^B^p»iß«B '^.^ *y taking NYAL FIGSEN, the gentle ■■■ ' V . ". y. .,;,- -■~; -,- . ]Vam*M ■ <tMI WBMMMW *•* laxative. FIGSEN is pleasant-tasting '. • ' <i jßiWM|Bß»eta^fci and easy to take — acts gently, yet j^SSF'fli&ftGßsSkwWßmWWM&B^^ thoroughly, try FIGSEN yourself, and j^^^mmS^^^BMMMMM^mkMMMM%^ slip a bottle into your next service /fhf JBSfmSBISK/Kfl^B^^^^^^ MEDICINES and is sold by chemists jj if^mwKKß[ I^^^ll^^BkVb^b^LW. everywhere. 24 tablets—- l/% 11 fa mmMMS^BSXSr^^^'^^lmm^kMm^kMMMMMM^. Manufactured by Ny«l Produoti, Division «f . M//^^kMwWkwMmuma'jd^Jt^'^^^mSßkMMMMMk\ Frederick Stearm A Co, (N.Z.), Ltd., 153 Albirt // // mßlkr^Wl* V IC-Bm'BUBBWmBWBWk, Stroot. Auckland. jff $! '' V^^dlbH^^^^Ml^ [^ We pledge ourselves that this label shall only go on I woollens that represent good value. It shall stand' .- FOR ALL always for warmth and wear. It shall denote good , ; VA#*>**%f<h%AMi»i/iavf4"» woollens made from good wool and sold at the loweit WOODWORKING price that w ui g i ve a fair return, T3ie Bru^e label on r , TRADES ' woollens means they are made from wool grown, \ clipped, spun, dyed and made up in this country —they are'well made, New Zealand.* , ; x i

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Page 9 Advertisements Column 2, Evening Post, Volume CXXXVI, Issue 73, 23 September 1943

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Page 9 Advertisements Column 2 Evening Post, Volume CXXXVI, Issue 73, 23 September 1943