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• There was as usual a great gathering of members and friends at the quaintly nailed "private view" pf the pictures entered for the Sketoh Exhibition last evening, and ' the function was very bright and sociable.. After the opening speech by the president, Mr. E.v W. Hunt, there was a visiting and appreciating, of the pictures, and much conversation, followed by supper, which was handed round by the committee and assistants. . Mrs. Hunt was present wearing handsome black beaded georgette over satin." Others included Miss D. K. Richmond, Mrs. W. H. Field, Mrs. Sprott, Mr.,- Mrs., and Miss Coleridge Mrs. J..Hannah, Mrs. Rhind, Mr. and Mrs. W..-H. Rose and Miss Rose, Mr. L. H. B. and Miss Wilson, Miss Sylvia Wilson, Mrs. and Miss >Bennie, Mr. Malcolm Ross. Dr. and Mrs. Henry. Mr. and Mrs. W. Blundell, Miss D. Taiiner, Mr. ■ and - Mrs. Douglas Jackson,' Mrs. E. Kelly,, Mrs. Gorton, and Miss Edwin, Mr.. Marcus King, Mr. WatkiiK Mr, T. X, Daniel, Di\ Fell, Dr. Agnes Bennett, Mr. Killick, Mr. H. and Mr. Ross Gore, Mrs. Frazer, Mrs. G. Atkinson, Mr. and Mrs. Jenkinson, Mrs; Robleson, Mr. Esmond Atkinson,.Mr. W. A. Bo wring, Mr. and Mrs. H. Hardcastle,. Mr. and Miss Brandon, Miss Maitland, Mr. and Mrs. L. Richardson, Miss Butts, Mr.- M'Donald,'- Mr. filler, Mr. N. Welch, Mrs, Algar Williams, T>i\ Stout, Colonel Carbery, Mr. and Mrs. Murray Fuller, Mr. Sydney Higgs, Mrs. A. Hewitt, Mrs. Ewan, Mv- J." Ellis, Mr. : and Mrs. Harper, -Miss Nelson, Miss Free, Miss H. Hadfield, Mr. and Mrs.' Fusself, Mrs. H., Kirkcaldie, Mrs. Sommerviile, and many others. : '■ . ;■""-',/ , Paintings of toadstools and fungus, exhibited at the sketch exhibition, were attributed in "The Post" last' evening to Gwynneth Richardson. They were the work of Fanny" Richardson. ■

Miss Constance Free, of Masterton, is in town 'for. tho opening of the Sketch Exhibition" of the Wellington Academy, being an ■ exhibitor this year. Miss Dorothy Tanneri of Wellington, is leaving for a visit to Levin during" the University recess., x ' ' v ■Miss Bbsq,', of. Clifton terrace, Wpl-' lington, is, the guest, of Mrs. C. V.' Houghton, Auckland, at present, _ Thp Misses Goring-Johnston, of Feilding, are in Auckland during the Fleet gaieties. .;■.: ;' ': . .'-. . Cpmmpapre and Mrs. Beal are ataying at Cargen, Auckland.. ' Miss H. Hadfield has left town for a visit to the country before leaving for Sydney.. . . ' • . Mrs. Malcolm Ross is returning to , WeDington v by- the Rptofiia, which .- is due to arrive from England about Thursday next; : .. Miss Shona Rhodes has returned to Christchurch after spending Fleet Week in. Wellington with" Lady Rhodes/M.iv and Mrs. John l\lontgomery, of Christel^urch, are among those leaving. shortly for.'an pv^rseas tpur., Miss- Gwitha Shand, the champion swimmer, who is to represent New. Zealand at the Olympic Games, arrived from the South this . morning' and will .leave by the express on Monday for Auckland. , She will take- passage by the Niagara, on Tuesday for Americaen route. to. the Continent. -.....-' ..-.'.

Mr. and Mrs. A. Drummpnd Duthie, of, "Drumliend.ry,"'Oriental Bay, leave by" the Niagara on Tuesday for the WemWyiExhibition,- accompanied '.by" their', daughter, ./Mrs. D. J..Nimmo,.-and.Miss iMs-' Leifhan. -,•-..- .'. / „;

■ Miss Alison Barnicoat, who has been the guest of Mrs. Lawrence Chaytor, Spring Creek, Blenheim, has returned tq /Wellington: ' '.."..•

'. The' engagement is announced of Miss Rita Watson, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ■ Watson,. Wellington, to 'Mr. A. Garner, Wellington,--younger son of Mrs. Garner, .Petone.

|Ihe Wellingtpn Fre,e Kindergarten are tp be benefited by an entertainment arranged by Mrs. 8,. Jphmioii, and every effprt is to be made to ensure a great success. . Tl^e Messrs. Fuller have granted the. use of His Majesty's Theatre for a. matinee en Wednesday, 21st May. ■ The perfermers at the entertain-' merit will include :. Miss .Helen Gardner, Miss Barry, Miss Beere and spm'e of her dancing pupils, and Miss Car well .Cooke, also, ladies from the V.M.C.A. gymnasium class. ' Messrs. Culford Bellj Len Barnes, H. F. Wood, W. 'Browne/ and so^ne of -the best of His Majesty's vaudeville artists will alsp' give their services. -.■■•■ - .

The engagement is announced of Hortense, youngest daughter of the late 1-eter Speedy, and Mrs. Speedy, Belmbnt,\to Alan Francis, son of. Mr. and Mrs. A; Stuart,/Belmpnt. '".'.■.'■

The. death took place in Auckland this^ week of. Miss M.A. Sinclair J'!Ros'y?l"), whose poetry had made her many friends outside as, well as: j n New Zealand, Ifiss Sinclair was born in 'Auckland, but'in early life removed with her parents, to Thames, where she was educated by her mother, herself/ a lady of cpnsiderable attainment ,' in the educational world, and where the greater part of her life .was spent, states, a writer in the Auckland . ■•Star." , Contributions from Miss. Sinclair's pen under her.nom de plume pf: "Roslyn" have appeared; from time to time in various v papers. Although she never, travelled outside the Auckland province, she.had an Australian and-.-New^ZeaJand"'reputation as a poetess, of: upjnean merif. A volume of her poems under tho title "The Huia's. Hoinelaiid," was published in London in 1897,. and "Echoing Oars and Other, Verses" in 1903, while examples of her. wprk appear: in several collections of Australasian verse. Miss, Sinclair's generous and kindly, nature ensured for her :i. large', circle" pf. warmly'attached friends among those with whom she'came into cqntact. . ; ','. '..'■ . *■„..

■ The executive pf the. Women's Natipnal Reserve Residential Nursery,' 137, Qwen street,, met on Friday mprnihg. The'/Hon. '.Dr. Collins'presided. ' The matron's report "was received' and' pronounced very satisfactory. The progress of the alterations, painting, etc., was reported on as well forward. Much appreciation was expressed of further I gifts, to the staff sitting-room—namely, trom Seatpun and ' South Wellington branches and Mrs. R. W. .Holmes. Very great, pleasure was expressed at the re■Biilts ai the band performance held at ■■•O^ental- Bay,-.which amounted to £23 17s. 10a:, The matron and committee ■acknowledge """-with ." many thanks gifts ! from ...the .following :—Karori branch, Mrs. Hudson (Motueka), Mrs. James I'indlay, Miss Sheppard, . Mrs. M'Crae, Uvb offerings from Lower Hutt, Mrs. E. Taylor- Irvine Bros. The Management Committee met on Friday afternoon, v-hen there' was a . good attendance. Many- interesting. reports were given by the different presidents, and several important matters regarding the minor working of the nursery 'were brought .xonvard for discussion. ' -.'..'. • The Artillery Ball is to be held in the Jown Hall cm 11th June. Last year's ball was a great success, and with that oxpenouce-: tp-go1, on the committee feels sure , that the , coming .-. function "■ will eclipse the last one. ■ "All the' artillery. units in.Wellington have combined to ensure success.

A '.spirit of hearty gaiety prevailed at the Capping Ball the Victoria University College, which was - held in the Town Hall; last evening, and the function was altogether . a successful affair. The decorations were adapted from those of the Citizen's Ball to the Fleet, and consisted of a pink canopy, the gallery being screened with yellow scalloped drapery. Largegolden shades were placed over the electroliers,' and from , these hung a fringe of leaves. Supper, was set out in the Concert Chamber, wherein the tables were decorated with flowers of many colours and greenery.- Those present included the Mayor (Mr. R. A. Wright) and the Mayoress;-: the latter in black georgette with beaded trimming ; Mrs. Robertson,', black niarocain with beadejd embroideries; Mrs. T. Hunter, black velvet; Mrs. Rankino Brown, Iblack. satin'and ■ lace; Mrs. Floraisce, biege brocade, draped with late of the same shade'; Mrs.. 1?. Wilson," mauve marocain; Mrs. Murphy, blue taffeta; Mrs. Hprrasj- black satin, with overdress of silver; Mrs. Sommerviile, black niarocain, caught at side witli a jet .cabochon; Mrs,-Stajntoii, lemon velvet'; Miss ,K. Carder, pale pink satin, Vwith overdress of silver lace; Miss J. Leslie, pink satin' niarocain bodice,- ..with' black skirt; Miss Hunter, shot pink, marocain; Miss Lockwin, blue, • with sequmned trimming ; Miss Fox, blue silk, draped with white net; Miss Salmon, red velvet; Miss Lamb, black taffeta ;• Miss Crawford, black and gold lace frock ;,• Miss Grey,, •white crepe deadline; Miss'Olsen, heliotrope crepe de chine; ..Miss Godfrey, black net; touched, with crimson; Miss Day, black taffeta; Miss Haldane, blue taffeta; Miss L. Dwan, almond green taffeta; Miss M!Rae, blue and silver.; Miss Metcalfe, pale blue frock; Miss M'Gregor, black net, trimmed with ruchingsl; 'Miss Herrick, lemon frilled frock; Miss Savage,'jade, green; Miss Monerieff, white and gold frock; Miss Campbell, deep b.rue,Vtouche.d'with reel. Among the ■men were Professprs -Murphy,, Bankine Brown, Hunter. Robertson, Flprance. Spiiimerville,. Wilson, Messrs. Malfroy, Stevenson, Neil, Tra'cejv Richardson (secretary), Beagleholo, aiid .Dr. Stout.

. -/The us^ual meeting of the New Zealand Society for'the. Protection of. Women and Children, Wellington branch, was held on Friday afternoon, Mrs.. Sprott, president, in the chair. The secretary reported a \ number of new cases, and mentioned that some old cases had been satisfactorily settled. A letter from the Association for Moral and Social Hygiene was received, asking the society to endorse the following resolution re regulated prostitution in the ■ British Crown colonies:—"'That this - society calls upon the Government to bring the Crown colonies into line .with the Brit, ish law.iii regard to the penalties for brothels and disorderly houses, and particularly, in the case of Hong Kong and the Straits Settlements, to break up and abolish all existing vice areas or streets ■where is at present al,lowed." The committee warmly supports eu the resolution. The committee members, expressed satisfaction .at- the'-'ar, rangements made in connection ?*ith the] new office, where the meeting was hftld. Subscriptions 'acknowledged with thanks : Mrs. Elirkcaldie £1, Mre. Waters ss.'; v '. The engagement is announcecfof Phvt lis, youngest daughter of the' late Mr. John ■'Hindmarsh - and 'Mrs. 'Hindjnarsh . Napi'eri' to Mr. -Fitzroy'•" L.loyd',' Mel;boupie, eldest son of Mr.: arid Mvs.; Gordon' Llpyd, Dannevirke. \ .■' On Monday, 19th'■■May, thexY.W.C.A'. ■}s cqmmencing a new term of.dressmaking and millinery classes. , Expert tuition is available for enrolling students at modest fees, details of which are advertised. Miss Esther, L. Anderson; Ph.!!, national general secretary.for the Y.W;C,A. in Australia and New Zealand, is in Wellington now. During.her stay she will address . numerous meetings at the local association. The musical educatipn of the Y.W.C.A." Club inemhership is riot being nteglected. Another choir contest is being promoted at which Mi\ Temple White will adjudicate. Excellent, musical talent has been enlisted for the conducting of the twenty competing choirs, and winning choirs will probably enter for the Wellington competitions. ...

The monthly meeting of the executive committee of the GirrGuid,e movement was held in the Bed Gross, Rooms, Dixon street; on Thursday-morning, Bth May Mrs. Arthur Duncan presided. " The organising secretary, Mrs.- W. Maurice Holland, reported' increased interest in : fche movement, and growing numbers in the companies formed. Mrs. Greenwood has kindly consented to be examiner for the photographers' badge, Dr. Morgan ■or first aid, and Miss'EtheJ Port for the sick nurse. There are many badges to be won, and offers of help in this way wil be greatly appreciated. The task will not be heavy, ah occasional hour or-so being all that will be needed. The following are among the badges to-be' won :—Athlete, authoress, boatswain do mestjc service, 'entertainer, gymnast," handyman, needlewoman, health, homemaker, laundress, musician, hostess, milliner; land-worker, and many others ' All interested in the movement are invited to communicate with the organising secretary-. .There are 'four main divisions— Brownie/ under 11-years of age; Guides, trom 11 to. 16; Rangers, 16 to 30; and Guiders /officers), 18 to 81! .- . ■' ■

Ihe monthly bulletin" of tho Junior Jted Cross contains much news of firogress in numbers of members, and of extension in districts, which must be most gratifying to. those who take time ancl trouble with- the. maguzinei and with the teaching of Red Cross tenets to'lho young New Zealanders. Quaint mention is made m the May number of the fact that in Poland, owing to the ' hidi charges made by hairdressers,- the iunlprs have started " barbers' shops" in Ilieir schools. -In-each school each cla^s selects one pupil to supervise the general cleanliness. are row boasting of the ardour with which their children clean up 'at home The mothers themselves often in this wav learn.some things which they were com pletely ignorant of before. Some circles have organised small committees to discreetly find out thp conditions, of life of those children who appear poorly clothed and- furnish them with some help " .There is a talk about the Leap Year customs .m different lands, and some more about the beautiful star (Venus), which is such a. glorious sight at present in the early evemng^sky. A, useful sentiment by Elbert Habbard and some poetry make up a very acceptable number. .

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WOMEN IN PRINT., Evening Post, Volume CVII, Issue 110, 10 May 1924

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WOMEN IN PRINT. Evening Post, Volume CVII, Issue 110, 10 May 1924

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