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A further heavy casualty list was issued at noon to-day containing 307 names. Of these 70 are reported dead. The complete summary is as follows: — Officers. Men. Killed in action >....--. — 54 Died of wounds — 16 Missing, believed wounded — 1 Wounded ..__,. „v _ .^.,.^.i i. .. 4 232 4 303 Total TTT^TTTTTTVrr.—.—:.... 307 The list is as follows, al] being below non-commisisoned rank except where otherwise mentioned, and the names of next-of-kin being given within parentheses (the relationship being denoted by m. for mother, f. for father, s. for sister, and b. for brother, w. for wife): — KILLED IN ACTION. Following Reported Killed in Action. AUCKLAND MOUNTED RIFLES. ,17th Septembev. Creswell, 8., 13/2176 (R-. E. Creswell, Masterton, f.) Percy, G. M., 13/3064 (G. Percy, Auck., OTAGO MOUNTED RIFLES. Webb, A., 9/1370, Cpl. (J. Webb, Arrowtowii, f.); 18th September Brewer, R, J., 9/1263 (Mrs. H. A. Brewer, Chch., -m.)j 19th September CANTERBURY MOUNTED RIFLES. Maenamara, D, W, 7/1758 (Mrs. H. Macnamara, Murchison, m.); 20th September J Company. Luty, A., 10241 (Mrs. Luty, Maxwelltown, m.); 20th September AUCKLAND INFANTRY BATT. Little, G., 12/2383 (Mrs. H. Little, Auck., f.); 18th September Welch, W., 12/2879 (John Welch, Rich- . -mond Hill, f.) ; 18th September Ferguson, F., 12/3317, L.-Cpl. (A. Ferguson, Chch., f.); 20th September

21st September. Catton, J., 12/4153 (Mrs. M. Catton, Auck., m.) Pirie, R. S., 12/3785 (G. Pirie, Scot., f.) Ridgers, A, 12/621 (Mrs. W. K. Cook, Hokianga) ' WELLINGTON INFANTRY BATT. Stratford, J. W., 10/2307, Cpl. (Mrs. H. Stratford, Wanganui, m.); 17th Sept. CANTERBURY INFANTRY BATT. 16th September. Boyle, N. A., 6/188, L.-Cpl. (J. Boyle, Blenheim, f.) Coombs, J. F. H., 6/2987 (Mrs. Mem-. miug, Nelson, grandmother) Cowan, T. W., 6/2405 (R. Cowan, Lyttelton, b.) Ellison, M. H., 6/2607, Cpl. (Mrs. M. Ellison, Eng., m.) Houston, R. J., .6/3047 (H. .Houston, Timarn, b.) Jackson, L. V., 6/3052 (F. A. Jackson, Blenheim, f.) M'Phee, D., 6/2229 (Mrs. C. M'Phee, Scot., m.) Miller, A., 6/675, L.-Cpl. (J. Miller, Invercargill) Power, J., 6/328 (E. Power, Fendalton) Rench, G. A., 6/4133 (W. Rench, Napier, b.) Riordan, J. J., 6/802 (B. Riordan, Canterburj') Smith, A. L., 6/726, Sergt. (W. Smith, Greymouth) 17th September. Ada,ms, F. R,, 11588 (Mrs. I. Adams, Chch., m.) Atkinson, R. S., 6/2922 (M. C. Atkinson, Canterbury, i.) Barltrop, F., 6/2062 (A. H. Barltrop, Nel., f.) ' Beal, G., 6/2537, L.-Cpl. (M. Beal, Canterbury, f.) Buchlev, J. W., 6/4589 (A. Buchler, Pal. N., b.) Cresswell, A. E,, 6/1500 (W. D. Cresswell, Stoke, I) Espley, H., 6/3009 (Mrs. Espley, England, m.) Foreman, H. T., 6/3318 (Mrs. A. Foreman, Auck., w.) Gilmour, A. M., 6/3327, L.-CpL (R. J. Gilmour, Inver., b.) Hay, W., 6/3344 (F. Hay, Tekopum, f.) M'Guire, P., 6/1658 (J. M'Guire, Matai Valley, f.) Smith, R,, 6/2279 (J. J. Smith, Amberley) Wilkinson, H. A., 6/3508 (J. Wilkinson,

Whangarei, f.) Haase, 0. L., 8/3464 (0. Haase Takaka, f.); 19th September 21st September. Barden, H. W., 6/4198 (S. Barden, Motueka, f.) Berry, -1., 6/2541 (H. Berry, Chch., f.) Collins, E. J. F., 6/3276 (Mrs. E. H. Collins, Hanmer Springs, m.) Corbett, J. S., 6/2404 (J. Corbett, Dun., f.) M'Leish, J., 6/4110 (Mrs. M'Leish, Ashburton, m.) ■Mattson, J. A., 6/915 (F. G. Mattson, Porirua, b.) Patterson, W, 6/3126 (Mrs. Stewart, Scotland) OTAGO INFANTRY BATTALION. Williams, H. E. C, 8/4054 (Mrs. F. Williams, Wyndham, m.); 15th Sept. Dawson, F. 8., 8/3237 (Mrs. A. H. Dawson, Southland); 21st September

N.Z. RIFLE BRIGADE. Brewer, E. A., 25/530, Cpl. (Mi's. A. M. Brewer, Blenheim, m.); 12th Sept. Sherman, A., 23/1806 (E. Sherman, Kaihu, f.); 19th September 20th September. Anderson, J., 24/1534 (A. Anderson, Scotland, b.) Armstrong, W., 24/1583 (J. Armstrong, Matakohe, f.') N.Z. .ARMY SERVICE CORPS. Macdonald, E. J., 5/249 (J. Macdonald, Waipukurau, f.); 20th September. N.Z. ARMY PAY CORPS. Spilsbury, F. 8., 21/12 (A. V. Spilsbury, Birmingham, b.); 17th Sept. CORRECTION. Previously Reported Killed; Now Reported Wounded, Embarked for England. NEW ZEALAND RIFLE BRIGADE. Murphy, M., 24/2047 (L. Lelievre, Manunui); 21st September M'lnnes, D., 25/897 (M. M'lnnes, Whangarei, f.); 24th September. DIED OF WOUNDS. Following Reported Died of Wounds.N.Z. FIELD ARTILLERY. Hague, H. G., 2/1953 (W. H. Hague, Clive, H. 8., f.); 28th September

N.Z. FIELD ENGINEERS. M'Whirter, A., 4/658, Cpl. (J. M'AVhirter, Scot., f.); 23rd Sept. , AUCKLAND INFANTRY BATT. Field, H. J., 12/3318, Sergt. (W. E, Field, Eureka, b.); 23rd Sept.,

OTAGO INFANTRY BATTALION-. O'Leary, L. A., 8/3725, Cpl. (DO'Leary, Anck., f.); 20th Sept. Wilson, J. 0., 8/3857 Sergt. (J. L. Wilson, Wallacetown, f.); 22nd Sept. Wood, E. W., 22900 (G. W. Wood, Bunnythorpe, L); 25th September NEW ZEALAND RIFLE BRIGADE. Shute, A. V., 25/463 (G. H. Shute, Masterton); 13th September •Purcell, L. A., 23/567 (F. Purcell, Levin, {.); 17th September 23rd September. Davis, S., 26/761 (Mrs. T. C. Davis, Auck., m.) Lugsden, C, 13049 (Mrs. A. Lngsden, London, s.) M'Donald, S. R., 26/606, Act.-Cpl. (E. M. M'Donald, Port Chalmers, m.) Moyle, T., 24/230 (Mrs. A. Moyie, Morrinsville, m.) Cox, S. G., 25/605 (Mrs. L. Chammen, Roslyn, aunt); 24th September Fairbairn, W. A., 24/416 (W. Fairbairn, N. Canterbury, f.); 27th Sept. Mack, R., 26/1642 (N. Bouzeid, Carter-. ton, friend); 28th Sept-ember MISSING BELIEVED WOUNDED Reported Missing, Believed Wounded. WELLINGTON MOUNTED RIFLESBurns, A., 11/1126 (Mrs. Burns, Lowry. Bay, Wgtn., m.}» 16th. September WOUNDED. Following Reported Wounded. AUCKLAND MOUNTED RIFLES. 17th September. Linton, R. C, 13/382 (F. R. ISnton, Mangapiko) Ward, nr, 13/473, Cpl. (T. B. Ward, Raglan, f.) Searle, E., 13/2366 (Mary Bath Searle, Eng., m.), 21st September WELLINGTON MOUNTED RIFLES. M'Cloud, G. J., 11/1935 (Mrs. J. M'Cloud, Hokitika, m.), 17th Sept. Joll, H. J., 11/892 (H. T. Joll, New, Ply., f.), 21st September CANTERBURY MOUNTED RIFLES. Smith, A. E. V., 7/1659, Cpl. (Miss M. Smith, Chch., s.), 16th September Kennedy, P., 7/1371 (B. Kenned}', Ire., f.), 21st September Bartlett, U. J., 7/162, Sergt. (R. Bart-. Lett, Takaka, f.), 19th September OTAGO MOUNTED RIFLES. Neal, B. F., 9/1592 (Mrs. A. J. NeaL, Matawai, m.) Livingstone, C. M., 9/1890 (Mrs. L. Livingstone, Inver.), 15th September Douglas, W. C. 8., 9/1040 (A. Douglas, Dun., f.), 17th September Scott, R., 9/1353 (Mrs. M. Scott, Scot., m.), 18th September Hay, R. A., 9/2181 (P. Hay, Tapanui, I), 19th September 20th September. M'Grath, H. W., 9/1921 (Mrs. C. M'Grath, Dim., m.) Simpson, J. N., 9/1489 (W. Simpson, Masterton,, f.) 21st September. Cain, M. J., 9/1016 (Mrs. H. Cain, N.S.W., m.) Fahey, R, 8., 9/274 (Mrs. Fahey, Inver.) N.Z. FIELD ARTILLERY. Edgar, P., 2/870 (Miss J. Edgar, "Edinburgh), 20th September N.Z. FIELD ENGINEERS. " Hodgson, A. R., 4/510 (J. Hodgson, Auck.), 16th September AUCKLAND INFANTRY BATTALION. 18th September. Parkin, J. W., 12/2815 (W. Parkin, Whangarei, f.) Bevis, G. ¥„ 12/3252 (G. F. Bevis, London, f.) Cross, W., 12/573 (Wm. Cress, N.S.W., M'Connell, D., 12/807 (F. M'Connell, Papatoetoe) 20th September. Bambery, C. Ml., 12/999 (Mrs. J. Bambery, Chch.) Barker, W. G., 11796/Cpl. (Mrs. S. A, Barker, Auck., m.) Blyth, A. J., 12/303 (D. Blyth, Chch.) Colbert, A., 12/2244 (L. Colbert, Eng.) Hobson, P. MA., 12/3359 (Mrs. J. Hobson, Mt. Eden, Audi., m.) Jonkers, C. G., 12/3372, Cpl. (Mrs. C. Jonkers, Hobsonville, m.) M'Conachie, H. R., 12/4044 (J. G. : M'Conachie, Asliburton, f.) Moore, W. A., 12/3648, Cpl. (Mrs. C. E. Moore, Auck., m.) Robinson, T., 12/3796 (R. C. AnselL, Auck., brother-in-law) Stacey, E. E., 12/3481 (W. Stacey, Eng., f.) Turnbull, L., 12/3495 (Mrs. A. Phillips, Napier, s.) Watts, W. R,, 12/4291 (Mrs. L. Watts, Maungaturoto, w.) Wickstead, J. R., 12/3508 (S. Wick, stead, Grey Lynn,' m.) Whale, E. E., 12/3503 (M. Whale, Parkave., Lower Hutt, m.) Whitfield, 1., 12/3506 (Mrs. H. Whit, field, Auck., m.) Wood, E. H., 12/3516 (H. Wood, Eng., 21st September. Decry, E. H., 12/3977 (Mrs. E. Decry, Onehunga, m.) Gould, B. D., 12/3335 (G. A. Gould, Dargaville, f.) Howie, J. L., 12/748.. Temp. Cpl. (J. Howie, Ohiro-road, Brooklyn, i.) Patton, C. M., 12/3777 (J. Patton, Karangahake, f.) Peterson, F. (12/3779 (G. O'Callaghaiy Cape Runaway, friend) 23rd September. Walding, A., 12/273 (J. Walding, Parnell) AValmsley, J. H., 12/3182, L.-Cpl. (Mrs. W. F. Walmsley, Whangaroa) WELLINGTON INFANTRY BATTALION. M'Lean, J. A., 10/2393, Sergt. (D. M'Lean, 12, Hawker-st., Wgtn., f.) 17th September. M'Lean, A. R., 10/2448 (Mrs. M'Lean,----12, Hawker-st., Wgtn., m.) Pennington, L., 10/757, L.-Cpl. (F. E.. Pennington, Eltham) Watts, H., 10/2033 (J. Watts, Gisbome, f.); 18th September Riggs, G., 10/4183 (A. C. Riggs, Carter, ton, f.); 20th September 21st September. Anderson, C, 10/1722, Act.-Sergt. (D. Anderson, Greymouth) Mooney, E. M. A., 10/4436, R.Q.M.S. (H. F. Mooney, Chch., f.) Pattison, H. J., 10/2733, Tem.-Cpl. (A. W. Pattison, Te Kuiti, b.) Carr, L. M., 10/951 (C. W. Carr, Has-. tings); 22nd September CANTERBURY INFANTRY BATT. Worrall, T. C, 6/2968 (Mrs. M J: Worrall, Halifax, m.); 16th Septembev M'Kane, A. H., 6/1913 (J. M'Kane, Wowra, N.S.W., £..); 17th Septembei' 19th September. Godley, R., 6/2416, L.-Cpl. (Mrs. L.. Godley, Auck., m.) Howatson, D., 6/4064 (Miss A. Howatson, South bridge, s.) O'Brien, J. P., 11716 (Mrs. R. O'Brien,Chch., m.) Linford, H. J., 6/2689 (Mrs. H: Lmford, Eng., m.) Skilton, P. R., 6/2346 (T. H. Slcilton, Collingwood, f.) : 20th Septembei'. Carr, 8., 6/754, Sergt. (Mrs. R. Hart, Richmond, m.) M'Milne, G. T., 6/2228 (G. T. M'Milne, M'Duff, Scot., f.) Pope, E. G., 6/327 (G. Pope, Blenheim, Webster, C. J., 6/3501 (Mrs. E. C. Web, Ster, Kaihu, m.); 21st September

OTAGO INFANTRY BATTALION. ] 14th September. Sedge, L. W., 8/3490 (G. Hedge, Te . Aroha, f.) farnell, E.. E., 8/4466 (G. S. Parnel], Auck., f.) Richardson, R., 22872 (Mrs. M, Richardson, Linwood, m.) Simpson, A. W., 8/4019 (H. L. Simpson, Orepuki, f.) 15th September. Andrews, W. H., 8/3467 (W. King, Geraldine, friend) Brittliff, H., 12969 (W. Brittliff, Tim., b.) Brooke, F W., 8/3193 (E. W. Brooke, Shag Point, I) Cashen, C, 8/3524 (T. Cashen, Huntly, b.) Olark, W: J., 8/3886 (J. Clark, Invcr., i.) Doombes, G. L., • 11233 (Jeannio Coombos, Dun., m.) Devereux, E. J., 11251 (W. R. Devereux, Chch., f.) Ehiott, A. D., 8/3164, Cpl. (Mrs. L. F. Elliott, Windsor, m.) Evans, A. J-, 11257 (J. Evans, South- '■ land, f.) ' ' Eieldwick, H., 11261 (Mrs. H. Field--1 wick, Dun., i.) Eulcher, W., 23161 (Mrs. Fulcher, ■m.) Goss, H. R., 8/3275 (J. Jones, Inver., aunt) • ' v Gravi \V. H., 8/3598 (A Gray, Raetihi, b.") . ■ ■ Hazlett, J. 8., 8/3623 (S. Hazlett, Ire., Jack, F M., 22805 (Mrs. J. R. Jack, Pal. N., m.) Lamont, S., 11303 (W. W Sheriff, ■ Inver., uncle) M'Donell, T. M., 8/4462 (G. S. M'Don- ,"■ ell, Catlins River, s.) M'Ewan, J., 8/3683 (Mrs. J. M'Ewan, Dun., m.) M'Fadyen, A, 8/3684, L.-Cpl. (Mrs. A. • M'Fadyen, Inver., w.) Meek, J., 8/3702 (Miss. Meek, Dun., s.) jMiddlemiss,' J. H., 8/3706, L.-Cpl. (Mrs. ■ E. Middlemiss, Inglewood, m.) Miles, S., 8/3356, L.-Cpl. (W. N. Miles, Matamata, f.) Mitchell, G. A., 23214 (W. H. Mit--1 chell, Tomoana, E.) Parsons, H. W., 23235, L.-Cpl. (W. J. Smith, Grey Lynn, uncle) Perry, A. E., 8/3731, L.-Cpl. (J. Perry, Warrington, f.) Powley, T. H.. 8/4211 (Mrs. C. Powley, Arrowtown, m.) Ritchie, G., 8/3746 (G. Ritchie, Dun., uncle) Smith, A. H., 8/3759, (Mrs. G. Smith, Thornbury, m.) Smith, J , 8/4p25 (Mrs. J. H. Smith, Waihola, m.) Tull,. H. G., 8/4045 (Mrs. S. Tull, Inver., m.) Waby, W. W., 8/4049 (Mrs. V. Sykes, Dun., s.) WJJsan,_S.,._..B/511._....(Mr5,.M. Wilson, 'Eng., m.) Leriihan, E., 8/2442 (Mrs. M. Lemhan, • 34, Waterloo-ay., Wgtn.) ; 16th Sept. North, A., 8/1101 (C. North, Oamaru, f.) ..Garner. A., 8/3595 (Mrs. H. Ready, Pc- - tone, s.); 18th September 19thI,September. M'Rae, A. S.. 8/2089 (J. W.M'Rae, - Southland, f.) .Murray, J. W., 9/259, .Cpl. (W. Murray, - Waikaka, f.) -■ ' 20th September. :Creed C. H., 8/910 (W. R. Creed, -" Waiau, f.) . divans,' R., 8/3569 (W Evans, Abbots- - ford, b.) -Leckie, J., 8/3940 (Mrs. S. P. Leckie, .', Dun., m.) ■Jl'Kay, H. S., 8/3974, Cpl. (Mrs. C. ■ V. M'Kay, Dun., w.) Tew, L. G.-, 8/2151 (T. Tew, Opotiki, f.) .'.M'Kellar, V. A., 8/3975 (J. F. M'Kellar, ■- Inver. b.); 22nd September

NEW ZEALAND RIFLE BRIGADE. ■Lewis, G., 24/1543, Lieut. (E. Lewis, '.' Hope, Nel., f.); 25th September,' (Bridgman, W., 25/590 (J. Bridgman, • Inver., f.) ; 12th. September Sired, P. C, 24/2092,' L.:Cpl. (Mrs. A. t Eobson, Masterton, s.); 14th Sept. .',' 15th September "Cox, S. H., ' 23/1601 (Mrs. E. Cox, - Nap., m.) •Hughes, H. H.,'25/1095 (Miss E.Hughes, .: Wailii, s.) ViM'Laughlan, M. J., 23/1755 (Mrs. M. :■ MTjaughlan, Oamaru, m.) W. 23/1850 (F 0. Thompson, v Eng., I.) "Walsh, W.- 24/1221 (Mrs. B. M'Gregor, , Nightcaps, s.) :;Wilson, G. H., 23/1879 (Maire Jane Wil- "* son Upland-ter., K«lburn, m.) CANTERBURY MOUNTED RIFLES. „ 20th September. ■.Allen. 0. J., 23/1534 (O. Allan, Huke- ' renui, f.) ' ■;Hoare, T. P., 23/1673 (Mrs. M. Hoare, '-' Remnera, m.) :, Johnston, J., 23/1702 (Mrs. A. Johnston, - Glasgow, m.) Reid, R A., 23/1787 (H. Keith, Napier, aunt) -Webb, E. J., 24/1853, Cpl. (K. D. Webb, ♦ Wanganui,. f.). ;• 21st September. ■Cock, G, 23/1596 (Mrs. E. Dewbery, • Taiarariki, s.) 'Joyce, 1., 25/1763. (Mrs. A. Joyce, Limestone Island, m.) r Levet, C. V., 25/1777 (Mrs. F Levet, i" N.. Auck., m.) . ! fßankin, J., 23/2269 (Mrs. De La Croix, And*, m.)

» H Company. -M'Harg, J. V., 23227 (Mrs: A. Robin- '" san, ChcL, a.); 20th Sept;. Z X Company. i Smart, G. L., 10008 (Mrs. J. Smart, In- * vercargili, m.); 17' th Sept. ; AUCKLAND MOUNTED RIFLES. ■I Redditt, A., 10052 (D Redditt, Tapanui, I; b.) ; 20th Sept. ' J Company. ', O'Dowd, D. F., 10268 (F. O'Dowd, Coio- ;; mandel, f); 21at Sept. - '„ CYCLISTS' COMPANY. •- Charleson. J. C. R., 10778 (Mrs. A. Chaiieson, Southland, m.}; 17th Sept. ■ NEW ZEALAND ARMY SERVICE : corps. » 19th. September. ? Connors, W J;', "r 5/23 a (P. Connors, t Oamaru) ; Johnson, A. R., 14/44 (J Johnson, ■ Auck, f.) ', Anderson, R., 5/282 (Mrs. J. Box, Napier, s.) ; 20th Sept ; Following Reported Wounded, Admitted to Hospital. .' WELLINGTON MOUNTED RIFLES. : White, H.,-11/2652 (G. White, Wanga- , nUi, b.); 16th September • Jones, A. G., 11/611 (H. T. Jones, i Chch., f.); 17th September ■ Epping, W. G., 11/760 (Mrs. M. Epping, Hawera.); 20th September OTAGO MOUNTED RIFLES. Brown. A., 9/1784 (Mrs. A. Brown, Pine Bush, m.); 21st September N.Z. FIELD ARTILLERY. ; Game. C. F., 2/2127 (Mrs. C. F. Game, Wairoa, w.); 28th September ! N.Z. FIELD ENGINEERS. : Giblin, E. G., 12032 (D. Giblin, Stoke, ' f.); 22nd September tti-rdley, E. P.., 4/902 (R. Hardley, Hawera, f.); 25th September /AUCKLAND INFANTRY BATT. Hanlori, T. G., 12/4001, L. r Cpl. (Mrs. J. ■!M. Haplon,'Aack.; w.); 13th Sept. Burton, F. P., 12/3270 (W. Burton, Eng., f.); 14th September Ryan M. C, 12/1495, Cpl. (Mrs. Gtmn, London, m.); 15th September

16th September Barrowman, M. F., 11384, L.-Cpl. (Mrs. S. Barrowman, Ohakune, m.) Davies, J., 12/3971 (Mary J. Devlin, Northcote) 17th September. Bate, W. E., 11397 (Mrs. W. E. Bates, Hinuera, vr.) Maxwell, N. R., 12/2386 (J. Maxwell, Hokianga, f.) 19th. September. Jamieson, R. L., 12/2903, 2nd Lieut. (Mrs. A. Jamieson, Mauriceville, m.) Hughes, H. A., 12/4195 (W. T. Hughes, Te Aroha, f.) WELLINGTON INFANTRY BATT. l?th September. Dornbusch, H. A., 10/3537 (A. Dornbusch Pntiki, f.) Wilkie, D. H., 10/3429 (Emma Wilkie, 21, Elizabeth-st., Wgtn., m.) Wilkins, W., 10/3778 (Miss Grace Wilkins, Waipukurau, s.), 18th Sept. 19th September. Smith, H., 10/4434 (M. Saywell, Hastings, friend) Strickland, C. E., 10/3398, Cpl. (Mrs. E. Strickland, Sydney, m.j Munu, P P. H., 10/3656 (Mrs. E. Munn, Matapuna, m.) CANTERBURY INFANTRY BATTALION. Clothier, G. R, S., 10167 (Mrs. Clothier, Linwood, m.), 18th September OTAGO INFANTRY BATTALION. 18th September. Caldwell, T., 8/3880 (Mrs. J. Caldwell, Milton, m.) Grant, W., 8/3802 (J. Grant, Centre Bush, f.) Heaphy, C, 8/3625 (Mrs. K. Heaphy, Gisb., m.) M'Leod, D., 8/2347 (D. M'Leod, Kaponga, f.) . 19th September. Baker, R. C, 8/1089 (C Baker, St. Clair, b.) HiU, F S., 8/926 (J. Hill, Chch., f.) Woodley, C. H., 8/3441 (Ellen Woodley, Eng., m.) 20th, September. Ballantyne, D., 8/3473 (S. Ballantyne, Scot., f.) Rishworth, W. H., 11340 (E. Rishworth, N.E. VaUey, f.) 22nd September. M'Caughan, J., 23587 (Mrs. E. M'Caughan, Kaitangata, m.) M''Laughlin, E. J., 23593 (Mrs. C. M'Laughlin, Dun., m.) N.Z. RIFLE BRIGADE. Woodbridge, R. J., 23/1245, L.-Cpl. (Mrs. Woodbridge, London, m.), 11th Sept. Littin, A. R., 24/1718 (Mrs. E. Littin, Kaipara, m;), 14thr September Brady, A.. T., 23/1567, Cpl. (J. Brady, Dargaville, f.), 15th September Blake. G., 23/2152, Cpl. (W. Blake, Pukekohe, f.), 16th September 17th September. Lincoln,. W., 24/1717 (E. L. Dagner, Kai- . Iwi, step-father) Macauley, P.- J., 24/1720 (Mrs. L. Ma~ cauley, Tory-st., Wgtn., w.) Following Reported Wounded, Embarked for England.

OTAGO INFANTRY BATTALION. Timmings, M. T., 8/3421, L.-Cpl. (S. Timmings, Eakaia, f.); 20th.September 27th September Bremner, R. S., 23476 (P. Bremner, Otago, f.) Coraick, T. J, 8/2880 (D. Cornick, Oamaru, m.) •• x Gray, W. A., 10817 (Mrs. J. Gray, Ashburton,: m.) Thomson. J. A., 8/3905 (Miss Iversen, Earnscleugh) NEW ZEALAND RIFLE BRIGADE. Pennefather, A. A. E., 10274, 2nd Lieut. (Mrs. A. Pennefather, Gonville); 2nd ■ September Searle, H., 24/2284, L.-Cpl- (T. Searle, Bristol, f.); 18th September Ramsdale, W., 23430 (J. Ramsdale, Eng:, f.); 19th September 20th September. Boot, G., 25/718 (A. Boot, Omahu) Nelson, El A., 25/1183 (A. Nelson, Parnell, f.) Sullivan, 1., 24/1835 (Mrs. F. W Scott, Inglewood) Williamson, N/, 26/1752, Cpl. (J. C. Williamson, Ashhurst, f.) Woodhouse, J. T., 23/653 (W. Woodhouse, Linwood, f.) . ' 21st September. Farrell, R., 25/751 (R. Farrell, Ponsonbyi'f.) Nelson, C, 23/2054 (Mrs. Nelson, Foxton,' m.) ' • O'Connell, J., 25/451 (J. O'Connell, Ire., f.) . " , Robson, N. E., 24/1797 (J. Robson, Ponsonby, f.) M'Dougall, C, 24/1726 (Mrs. M. M'Dougall, "Scot.) . 24th September. Ersldne, R. J., 25/1717 (Mrs. S. Erskine, Westport, m.) Taffs, E. A., 25/470 (E. B. P.- Taffs, En g :,f.) Turner,; H., 25/473, Sergt. (Mrs. R. Turner, Eng., m.) Cameron, H., 24/706 (D. Cameron, Grovetown, b.); 25th September Following Reported Wounded, Admitted to Hospital. . N.Z. RIFLE BRIGADE. 17th September. M'Kelvey, N. E., 23/1752 (M. J. M'Kelvey, Karori S., m.) Orr, L. F., 24/2066' (J. Orr, 64, Kel-burn-parade, Wgtn., m.) Robinson, J., 25/1806 (Win. Robinson, Waipiro Buy, b.) Williams, H., 26/31, Cpl. (H. Williams, Hok1., f.) Miller, H. C, 23204 (G. J. Miller, Hope, Nelson, f.); 18th Sept. M'Coll, H., 24/2546 (W M'Coll, 20, Home-st., Wgtn., f.) 21st September. Blank, J., 23A562(G. Blank, Auck., b.) Heads, M., 24/1531 (Miss Cameron, Dun., s.) Nagel, H. F., 24/2265 (Mrs. C Nagel, Mangaweka, m.) N.Z. ARMY SERVICE CORPS. Guilford, W. P., 5/586 (S. E. Guilford, 35, Glenber>'ie-ter., Wgtn., m.); 21st Sept. Bolstad, D. G., 5/155, L.-Cpl. (Miss E. M. Bayne, Grey Lynn) ; 22nd Sept. Following Reported Wounded, Embarked for England. WELLINGTON MOUNTED EIFLES. Vaughan, O. W., 11/853 . (Eev. C. Vaughan, Tasmania); 19th Sept. OTAGO MOUNTED RIFLES. Lester, A. W., 9/841 (Mrs. C. Christson, Napier, s.) WELLINGTON INFANTRY ■ BATTALION. 19th September. Blake, E., 10/3835 (E. Blake, Eng., f.) Morgan, W., 10/4479 (Mrs. W. G. Morgan, Westport, m.) Rule, H. A., 10055 (Mrs. M. Rule, Southland, m.) OTAGO INFANTRY BATTALION. Nicholson, F. W., 11198, L.-Cpl. (Mrs. A. Nicholson, Southland, m.) : 19th Sept. 20th September. Brebner, R. 8., 8/3497 (Mrs. H. G.I Brebner, Dun., aunt) Church, E., 8/3528 (Mrs. G, Church, •Riverton, m.) „' Cowie, J. H., 8/3222 (J. Cowie, Dun.,f.) Franks, F., 8/4125, L.-Cpl. (Mrs. W. Franks, Rotorua, m.) Molloy, H, H,, B/37U (J, Molloy,

NEW ZEALAND RIFLE BRIGADE. Hunt, P., 26/1604 (Miss N. Hunt, Dun., s.); Isth September Following Slightly Wounded, Remaining with Unit. OTAGO MOUNTED RIFLES. 18th September. Goldsmith, W. L., 9/1.295 (S. Goldsmith, Dun., i.) Henderson, J., 9/708, L.-Cpl. (A. Henderson, N.E. Valley, Dun., f.) N.Z. FIELD ENGINEERS. Simmonds, H., 4/2027, Lieut. (Mrs. H. Simmonds, Picton, w.); 25th Sept. • CANTERBURY INFANTRY BATT. 16th September. Chalklen,. H. D., 6/2573, L.-Cpl. (D. Chalklen, Eng., f.) Edridge, T., 6/828, Sergt. (Mrs. Edi. ridge, Chch., m.) Simpson, A. J., 6/348 (A. Simpson, Nelson, f.) Wilson, D. G., 6/3511 (D. Wilson, Canterbury, f.) Jaspers, T. J., 23187 (Mrs. E. B. Jaspers, Auck., m.); 18th September DIED OF WOUNDS. MAORI CONTINGENT. Lazarus, J., 16/1418 (Miss A. Lazarus. Suva, s.); 24th September CORRECTION, Previously Reported Wounded, now Reported ' not Wounded. . MAORI CONTINGENT. Mou, 16/1209 (Ina, Rarotonga, b.) WOUNDED. MAORI CONTINGENT. Wainohu, W., 16/203 (H. Wainohu, Master ton) ; 19th Wounded, Admitted to Hospital. Thompson; R., 16/299 (Mrs. R. Thompson, Wanganui, m.); 16th September

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ROLL OF HONOUR, Evening Post, Volume XCII, Issue 85, 7 October 1916

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ROLL OF HONOUR Evening Post, Volume XCII, Issue 85, 7 October 1916

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