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HIGH WATER. To-day— 2h 26m a.m. ; 2h 43m p.m. (To-morrow — 3h 10m a.m.; 3h 28m p.m. ARRIVALS. December 10— Maunganui, s.s. (2.50 p.m.), 7627 tons, Worrall, from Sydney direct. Passengers: Saloon — Misses Knobley, Duke, Bait, ,TayJor, Payne, Hickery, McOabe, Goggqn, (Monckton, Combs, Kildahl, Gibbings, V. Hamanond, Martin, Juinieson, Fleming, M. Otto, Gordon, Arnold, Oazett, Smith, Livesvfy, Owen, Geaney, Brady, Bradshaw, H. D. Burnside, Mackaiy, Kingswell, Seivwright, Walsh, Walton, iWilsou, Mcßae, Nolan (2), Traill, Thompson, Mooney, McDonald (2), Turton, Wimperis, Neilson, Loughnan, Hymun, Elton, Garlick, Tiesse, 'Arnold, Mesdames G. Marton, Naphtali, E. King, Stables, Phillips, H. Coughlun, P. Kelly, ' ' Diamond find child, Broad, Raines, F. E. Otto and child, Walden, Hodde, Young, Ewart, Peters and child, Brackenridge. Holdsnip, Copsey, Livesvfy, Hoisleif, Milne, Stewart, George, Newman. Harris, Stark, Fenwlck, C. Lewis, Bower, Duulop and 2 children, Walsh, Walker, JMunln, Thorn and 3 children, Botler, McEae, Cambridge, Greig, Nolan, Thompson, McCabe, I. W. McDonald, E. Brownrigg, Sutton, Stuart, Loughnan, Hopkins, Smith, Darbishine, Wilkle, 2 children, and nurse, Harris, Orpwood, Paterson, Walker, Young, Major McDonald, Bishop ' Grimes, Dr. dirystal. Rev. Baker, Fathers Cronin and Barry, Messrs. A. Holdship, G. Martin, Higgins, Madden, W. Argyle, R, de Vries, E. King, R. Allan, T. G. Mcßride, T. H. Coughlan, P, Kelly, O. H. Bremner, B. Loughnan, Watson, B, J. Smith, P. Craven, Coombs. N. Duckworth, Diamond, A. Block, Hon. W. Pitt, B. Crispin, ■ H. S. V. Sharply, H. Stott, T. S. Weston, Joston, Hattrick, Raines, Otto (2), Walden, Bonner, Armstrong. Young, Breckenridge. P. Minshali, Redstone, Merripen, J. Reid, H. O'Sullivan, P. Organ, Milne, A. D. Campbell, Makery, Griffin, Copsey, Wroe, G. Corry, O. C. Foder, D. Ivory, .H. Norton, Holl, Hogg, Lewis, Hornabrook, McKenzio (3), Caesar (2), G. Colquhoun, Stewalt, Payne, Black, H. Marshall, 0. Stoddart, tNewman, Barry, Dickson, Dr. Mullin, Matbleson, Vavasour (2), Thorn, Forest, Cambridge, Provost, Greig, Nolan, Linklater, Daniel, Lux, Henry, Somerville, Roche, McDonald (2), Denham, Trafiey, Whiting, Woolcombe, Read, Hopkins, Bower, Maher, McKenzie, Still, Bower, McCabe, Bailey, Thompson, George sen., Harris, ; f George, jun., Doyle, Griffiths, Mack-Jost, Low, j.'Mudford, Mackay, Mohr, Westlecott, Evans, 'Archer, Crompton; 168 steerage. December 10 — Kapuni, s.s. (10.60 p.m.), 150 - tosis, Mclntosh, from Patea. December 11— Tongariro, s.s, (4.45 a.m.), 7816 „,?tomi,.C ornwall, from London, via Durban and .JAurfuund. 1 ' December lU-Rimutaka, s.s. (5.10 a.m.), 7952 (rlOns, Hemming, from Bluff. ■ ..i December 11— Pateena, s.s. (7.66 a.m.), 1212 ■•'tons, 31anniug, from Lyttelton. Passengers: * 'Saloon — Misses McCallum, Murray, Mesdames (McDonald and child, Patrick and child, Res■treaux, Borborough, Jamieson, jHill, Messrs. .Joachiua. McDonald, McConviHe, Nelson, St. (George, McLaugblin, Hyde, Hylt, Sownley, Ber- ' borough, Nicpl, Jamieson, Roberts, Campbell, '>,May. Trevurza, Osborne, Paterson, Will, Hill, .. j-Sbackleford, "Jackson, Thompson, Walker, Lutz, V-iGreeni Napier, Parker; 31 steerage. '' December 11— -Nikau, s.s. (8.35 a.m.), 248 tons, $jHay, from Nelson and Motueka. December 11— Haweru, s.s. (10.5 a.m.), 200 lions, Jackson, from Patea. t- December 11— Tainui, s.s. (10,60 a,m.), 128 'ttpus,»gmith,.froni Waitani. / DEPARTURES. [ December 10— Kahu, s.s. (4,25 p.m.), 182 tons, Fletcher, . for Napier. 1 December 10— Mapourika, s.s. (4.30 p.m.), 1203 H tons, Cameron, for Ficton and Nelson. Pass sengers— Saloon : Misses McOonwuy, Hall, Mit;.«bell'(2), Nicoll, Gray, Harvey, Mackay, Raine, f '^Graham, Kelly, Cairns, Montgomery, Perry, pKeegan r Mannson, Mesdames Stanley, Mickell, j'tßfeninV Weddy, Petrie, Carey and 2 children, U'Mtickay, Budd, Collins and boy, Kelly, SearcliUfiel'J, Keene, Mitchell, Miles and 2 children, "A'Laurence and boy, Hon. Dr. Collins, Messrs. iiVCooper, Adlln, Fitzgerald, Kershaw, Ellison, ( &flickell, Petrie, Smith, O'Connor, Gordon, Banks and child, Evans, Cock, Budd, Craig, Cooper, <Aolduiau, Nuirns, McGregor, Patterson, Bradley, -jdo/lvin, Upton, Searchfield, Bell, Trevoux, Extoo, •jßloekett, 10 steerage. December 10— Opawa, s.s. (6 p.m.), 110 tons, for Blenheim. ] December 10— Tokomaru, s.s. (7 p.m.), 6238 04/008, Bosdet, for Gisborne. December 10— Blenheim, s.s. (8.10 p.m.), 120 ' 'tons, \Wilkinson, for Blenheim. Decvmber 10— Wahine, s.s. (8.15 p.m.), 4435 tons, for Lyttelton. Passengers: 3a- ■ Joon— ffiWsses Craigie, Shackley, McGregor, Kirk i(2), Honmes, Thompson, McDonald (2), Hpgan, ' 'fßell, Edblnson, Mills, Smiffi, Bock, Holley, fWhittak&r, Knubley\ Mills, Mesdames Craigie, McKennati', Marshall, Evans, Patterson, Tait, fl?ike, McKaven, Pickney, Haslam, Christian, JJoncs, Thompson, Wilson, Evans, Baldwin and 2 children, Mooney, Johnston, Hall and child, 'Heed, Bock* Parson, Forest, Bishop Grimes, JRevs. McDonald, Tait, Marshall, Dr. Chilton, Captatn Roßcston. Messrs. Evans, Earle, Beanzban, Hunter, Parnta, JlcKenaw, Curtis, AnderBarron, Partridge, Colville, Napier, Mal■colrn, Rayes, Solomon, Magnus, Pike, Adams, Mcßaven, Pickney, Cohen, Christian, Gardner, Lewis, Hulliner, Jones, White, Thompson, Slomstn, McMillan, Johnston, Phillips, Salmon, Joluistone, McLennan, Giller, Reid, Hailes (2), Redwood, Pollard; 20 steerage. December 10 — Kennedy, s.s. (10.65 p.m.), 226 ftons,» Purvis, for Nelson, EXPECTED ARRIVALS. i Rennjera, Napier, 12th 1 Mapourika, Nelson and Picton, 12th ; iWabine, Lyttelton, 12th ' j 'Aorere, Patea, 12th , , Opawa, Blenheim, 12th Blenheim, Blenheim, 12th i Coriun*. New Plymouth, 12th , Moa, Wanganui, 12th Kapuni, Patea, 13th 'Nikau, Nelson, 13th Pateena, I/yttelton, 13th 1 Kapiti, Wanganui, 13th ■ Queen of the South, Foxton, 13th ',A>wahou, Bust Coabt, 14th ■I \Huwera, Puiea,'l4th Alexander, Hokitika, 14th jWaimeix, Gisborne, 14th ', southern ports, 15th ' A-r&pawa, Wanganui, 16th Ripple, Napier and Gisborne, 15th Wa&atu, Lyttelton and Kaikoura, 16th Kennedy, Hokitika, 15th Stormbird, Wanganui, 15th Kahu, Napier,' J6th ;WairUia», Suva direct, 19th PROJECTED DEPARTURES. Nikau, Nelson and Motueka, llth Pateena, .Lyttelton, llth i lArapawa, Wanganui, llth i Queen of the South, Foxton, llth iiWakatu, Kaikoura. and Lyttelton, llth Kapuni, Patea, llth Hlniitangi, Chatham Islands, via Lyttelton, F iillfch : Kamona, northern ports, llth I Waimea, Gisbotne, llth • ■ Pukaki. southern ports, llth Holmdale, Hokitika via Picton, llth Wahine. Lyttelton, 12th Maponrlka, Picton and Nelson, i2th Aorere, Fatea, 12th ' Blenheim, Blenheim, 12th ! Opawa, Blenheim, 12th i Hawera, Patea, I2th ! .Tulnui, Waitaroj 12th / Defender, Hokitika, 12th ' Moa, Belarus Sound, I2th Stormbird, Wanganui, 12th i Maunganui, Sydney, 12th ' ' C'oriumi, Picton and Onehunga, 12th j Kaipara, southern porte, 13th / £Cakapuna, Napier, 13th iiimutaka, London, 13th ' ' John, Wanganui, 16th j 'Kapiti, Wanganui, 15th t (Alexander, Hokitika, 15fch ' Katon, northern ports, 16th f Ripple, Napier and Gisborne, via coast, 16th ' ,'iiemuera, Loudon,. 18th I "' OVERSEA VESSELS. / ' STEAMERS BOUND FOR WELLINGTON. f' Zealandic left Liverpoor*on the 4th October, tifria. Australian ports and Auckland; due about. Fjthe llth December. : Waiwera Jeft London on the sth- October, via !< [Auckland; due about the 12th December. Whakatane, left Montreal on the 2nd October, ,■, (via Australian ports and Auckland; due about V<the 10th December. Indrapura, left London on the 14th October, i»ia Australian ports, Auckland, and Napier; i.jduo about the 19th December. Tainui, left London on the Otb November, via , (Plymouth, Teneriffe, Capetown, and Hobart; ,' -|lue about the 28rd December. , ' Mamari (coining direct) left London on the .43th November; due about the 28th December. Hurunui, left Liverpool on the 20th October, pia Las Palmas, Durban, Australian ports, and {Auckland; due about the 4th January. . Otaki, left London on the 6th November, via 'Auckland; due about the sth January. Star of Ireland, left New York on the 3lst '' .{October, via Auckland; due about the 7th January. Woglinde, left New York on, the 27th October, frla.* Australian port 3 and Auckland; due about the Bth January. Rotorua, left London on the 22nd November, /via. Teneriffe, Capetown, and Hobart; due about the 7th January. Karamea, left Quebec on the 27th October, via 'Australian ports and Auckland; due about the 16th January. Volga, left New York on the llth November; title about the 16th January. '. Ayrshire, left Liverpool on the 22nd November, via DurbaD and Aucklund; due about the li/tti January. lonic, left London on the 4th December, via ITeneriffe, Capetown, and Hobart; due about the 20th January. The Italian ship Locli Garve has completed the discharge of her Auckland cargo of Marseilles tiles, and is now waiting for a favourable breeze to bring her on to Wellington to js>£omp,lete s

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SHIPPING " PORT OF WELLINGTON., Evening Post, Volume LXXXVI, Issue 141, 11 December 1913

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SHIPPING " PORT OF WELLINGTON. Evening Post, Volume LXXXVI, Issue 141, 11 December 1913

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