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jro-day— Bb 84m a.m.; 91i 53ra jun. To-morrow— lOh 24m a.m. ; 10b 38m p.m. ARRIVALS. March 23— Athenlc, b.s. (5.10 p.m.), 12,234 toufc, Kemp son, from London, Plymouth, Teneriffe, Capetown, and Hobart. Passengers: FttSm England— First saloon: For Auckland— Messrs. A. F- Jagger, B. F. Cheater. For Port Chalmers— Minn E. JL Sturgeon, Mesdames A. Andrews, McGeorge. Mr. J. MeGeorge, Master M. McGeorge. Second saloon: y«r Wellington— Mi£«es 3. B. Hudson, G. tKurney, M. Martin, 11. E. Simons, M. Steveub, J5 Stevens, Jlesdames G. Eurney, Martin, Dr. H', McDonald, Messrs H. E. Martin, W. Mosb, C. H. Slack, T. Windle, T. Richter, Master A. Martin For Auckland— Misses D. Bramley, A Breton, M, E. Hopper, C. A. Hopper, M. w ' Weeks, Mesdames A. Braiuley, Weeks, Messrs. 1 1. Carpenter, M. Brown, G. R. Rolls, • T S. Skeaten, W. J. Weeks, Master F. Brainier. For Port Chalmers— Mrs. Hood-Ham-mond, Messrs A. G. Ellis. S. Hood-Hammond, C. Hausen, Masters X. and S. Hood-Hammond. For lyttelton— Messrs*. J. Barbour, F. Tanuer, P. R- Wingrove. For Napier— Mr, H. E. Jarvis For New Plymouth— Miss I. Morstoead, Mrs. Morris, Mr. F. J. Morris. For "Wanganui— Misses V., M., and P. Tucker, Mrs. Tucker. From Capetown: First saloon— •Misses F L. Hayes, F. Mcßurney, E. Mcßuraey, Howden, Mrs. Howden, Mess™. G. H. Howden, F. W. Walker. Second saloon— MiM 'J. lorimer, Mrs Banks and 2 children, Messrs. »} Cionghly, O. H. Thompson, W. T. Lamphie, , !A. Banks. TliirU-claßs— Miss M. Ciark, Mr. P. Grakek. From Hobart: First saloon— Mr. AL J. Cox. second *aloonr-Mr. and Mrs. H. C Campbell; 473 third-class. , March 523— llapourlka, b>. (5.30 pjn.); 1203 tons. Ritchie, from Greymouth, Westport. and Kelson. Pahseugers: Saloon — Misses Monley, "Elans, Cleary, Almworth, Surrell. Pratt, Rod, Heine, Mesdames findlay, AVilßon, Berlhelson, Olliver and child. Helliwell, Edwards, Allport, ■WHliam&oii. Hayward, Messrs. Gough, Einp'feon. Fennel, Carmine, Burton, Taylor, Chambeta, Jeffries, McKenzie, Naismlth, Wright, Flegeltaub, Creamer, Beck, Henreys, Williamson, Helliwell, Handcock, Constable. Haxley, Grant, Powell, Johnson, Hayward, Pritchard, McDonald, Richards, Bergman; 9 steerage. March 23— Patecxia, s.s. (1050 p.m.), 1212 -tone, J. G. AVatson, from NelEon and Picton. Passengers— l 22 saloon and 10 steerage. March 2&-Koonya, s.s. (10.40 p.mj, 1091 tone, Pryde, from Westport. March 24— Blenheim, s.s. (4iSO a.m.), 120 , *ons. Wilkinson, from Blenheim. March 24— Manaroa, s.s. (6.30 a.m.), 122 tons, Hart, from Motueka. March 24— Aorere, s.b. (7.30 a.m.), 77 tons, Fifik, from Patea. March 24— Maori, a.s. (7.40 ajn.), 3399 tons, 'AMwell, from Lyttelton. Passengers : Saloon— Miisaes Milne, Merteinier, Robertson, Gruson, Tilien, Grant, Lyons, Coleman, McGregor, Gordon, Caldow (2), Farriant, Davies, Mesdames Dimock, Denswall, Milne, J. Elliott, Butler. Young, Hall, Ramden and 2 children, Backey. Minnell, Paton, Montgomery, Jack, Blandell, Lagan, Griffin, Cpffe, Whiteman, Mr. Justice ,- Dennlßton, Captain Morley, Messrs. Dimack, Hedman, Stephen, Murray, Denzwall, Gow, Suckling, Burton, Thompson; Elliott, Hay, BuirkV Carey and child, Hammell, Bennett, Singwall, Toombs, Haselden, Roberttoii, McGra-th (2), Preston, JobnEon, Rutherford, Ganger, Land, Denniston, Collkon (2), Molineaux, Blundell, Mason, Bruce, Liardett, Ayers, Atkinson, Hanna, Harris, McPherson, Ryan, Bitey, Duggan, McLennan, McEvedy, Mills, Walkins, Grainger, Strong, Blackmore, Many Baruett, Walker, Chambers, Randerson, Ross. Cathro, Brunsden; 48 steerage. March 24— Queen of the South, sjb. (9.45 MjnJ, 193 tons. Harvey, from FOxton. March 24— Stormbird, s.s. (12.20 pjn.), 217 lons', Dowall, from Wanganui. March 24— Kennedy, s.s. (L 35 p.m.), 137 tons, Wildman, from Waitapu. ' ■•March 34— Opawa, s.k (1.60 p.m.), 110 tons, KichoUon, from Kapiti Island, in search of Enei-gy. March 24— Flora, s.e. (2.30 p.m.), 1273 tons, Williams, from, southern porte via Lyttelton. March 24 — Mokoia, s.s. (2J50 pjn.), 3502 tons, Harris, from Dimedin and Lyttelton. Passengers: Saloon— llesdamea Cable, child and iniiitt*, Yount; and 3 children, Hunt, Tankard, Messrs. Dobson, Innes and child, Rutherford, Cable, Hayward, Hulme, Brewer, Matthews; 38 steerage. March 24—; Mana, «-b. (3J.6 p.m.), 130 tons, Gibson, from Pat^a. ' ' " March 25— Waimana, ».s. (6.30 a.m.), 6734 tons, BurviUe-Holmes, from Bluff. DEPARTURES March 28^-Opawa. s.s. (2.20 p.m.), 110 tons, Nichateon, in search of EnergyMarch 23— Mangapapa, s.s. (3.10 p.m.), 164 tons, Fleteher, for Westport and Karamea March 23— Defender, s.s. (3.1Q p.m.), 190 tout, Janiieson. for Picton and Hokltika. March 23— Komata, ».s. (3.40 p.m.), 1994 tons, Mawson, for Westport. March 23— Kiripaka, b.b. (4;40 p.m.), 133 tons, Cfoucher, -for Patea. March 23 — Nikau, b.s. (5.5 p.m.), 248 tons, Say, for Nelson and Motueka. March. 23— Storm, s.h. 5.50 p.m.), 405 tons, Gordon, for Wanganui. "March 23 — Hawera, b.s. (7 pjnj, 200 tons, Jackson, for I'a.tca. March 23— Mararoa, i.a. (11.5 p.m.), 2593 iooßt Manning, for Lyttelton. Passengers: Saloon— Misses Saundenri, McNeilL Thomas, Godley, Ly&uid, Mesdames Lord, Buchanan, Smith, FraEer, Barber, Clement, Lysand, -■Woods, Para el U\ Hepworth, Messrs. Smith, Lord, Clark son, Fletcher, McMurray, Logan, Buchanan, Burnett, Saunders; Cowdery, Boyd, Robertson, Lysand, Woods, Parnell. March 24— Opawa*. «.s. (2 a.m.), 110 tons, Hicholas, for Blenheim. March 26— Pateena, s.s. (12.60 p.m.), 1212 ton*, Watson, for Picton and Nelson. Passengers—Saloon.: For' Pieton— Misses Bridger, ..Simons, Stewart, Mesdawes Wareham, lionnington, Messrs. Hutchison, McLean, Flynn. Vot Nelson— Misses Wactworth, Jones, Webb, Haisle, Heale, Morris, Holliday, Meedames Smith, Walker, Torbit, Gregson,' Messm. Kh-k, Daniels, Gregson, Robinson, Wanton, Cliffton, Max, Willett, Hunt, McMahon, Best. Vessels in pout this afternoon Cljde-quay Wharf.— Navua. TaranaM-street Wharf.— Sussex. ervois-quay Breastwork.— Pateena. Queen'e Wharf (South)— Flora, Kennedy, Mokoia, and Athenic, (North) Arapawa, Stormbird, Hiiia, Aorere, Queen of the South, Maori, end Manaroau Wool Wharf.— Magic. Railway Wharf.— Walrau, Helen Denny, Karori, and Kororoiko. Glasgow Wharf.— Mana, Waimana, |and Pobarua. j Kin«!s Wharf.— Mapoorika and Kodnya. Pipitea Wharf.— Tutanekai. In- Stream.— Hainan Maru, Takapuna, and Falsdn. EXPECTED ARRIVALS Wanaka, Auckland, 25th Wakatn, Lyttelton, 2Sth Kegulu*, Westport, 25th Alexander, Mangarakau, 25th Holmdale, Onehunga, 25th Ripple, Gisborne, 26th Raagatira. Gibborut, 27th. Opawa, Blenheim, 28th Hawera, Patea, 26th Kiripaka, Patea, 2Bth Kaphi, Lyttelton, 26th Mararoa, Lyttelton, 2tftb Indrapura, Wanganui, 26th Kangatira, Gisborne, 26th Monowai, northern ports, 26th Enru, Akitio, 26th --Moana, Sydney direct, 27th Rosamond, Onehunga, New Plymouth, 27th Arahura, West Coast, Nelson, and Pictoo, 57th Aorangi, San Francisco, 28th Otaki, Waitara, 2Sth Haupiri, .Auckland and East Coast, 28th Victoria, Dunedin and lyttelton, 2Sth Manuka, Sydney, 23th Hanroto, Suva and Auckland, 28th Moeraki, Melbourne via south, 29th Tarawera, northern ports, 29th PROJECTED DEPARTURES Flora, Picton, Westport, Greymouth, 25t0 Mokata, Napier, Gisborne, Auckland, 25th Huia. Motueka, 25th Maori, Lyttelton, 25th Manaroa, Motueka, 25th '■ Pateena. Picton and Nelson, 2Sth Hokodale, Picton, 25th Queen of the South, Foston, 28th Mana, Patea, 25th Koromiko, Wettport, 25th Arapawa, Wanganui, 25th Aorere, Patea, 2Dth Hawera, Patea, 26th Navua, Weatport, 25th flolmdalft, Picton, 25th jprlpak*, Patea, zsth / Muaroa, Lyttelton, 2Cth KapitJ, Wanganui, 28th Stormbird, Wanganui, 26th Blenheim, Blenheim, 26 t8 Ripple, Napier and Gisborns, 20th Koonya, Greymouth. 26th Kennedy, Nelson and West Coast, 26th Poberua, Greymouth, 26th Monowai, Lyttelton and Dunedin, 26th Wakatn, ff&Tkoura. and Lyttelton, 26th MapCurika, Nelson and West Coast, 2Cta Sussex, Bluff via ports, S6th - Wimaia, Oamara, 20th Haru. Aldtk), 26th Kegulus, Westport, 26th Waimana, London, 27th Rosamond, Onehunga via ports, 27 th Alexander, Nelson and West Coast, 27th Corinna, Nelgon, New Plymouth, Onebunga, £7ili Bungatira, picton, 28th Victoria, northern port*. 23th Moana, Melbourne via south, 28th tridrapura, Gisborne, 29th * Moeraki, Sydney, 2?th Manuka. San FrancUeo. 29th Ta.ruT.Cra. southern p<srtß, 29tb Aohwgi, Sydney, 2flUi Arairara, Picton, Kelson,- and' W«b Coast, ptaii,JLondon,.iJoth»

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SHIPPING. FORT OF WELLINGTON. HIGH WATER., Evening Post, Volume LXXXIII, Issue 72, 25 March 1912

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SHIPPING. FORT OF WELLINGTON. HIGH WATER. Evening Post, Volume LXXXIII, Issue 72, 25 March 1912

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