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There was a time when tho Mifldle Island was loud in its complaints that the North Island was living upon it. The lato Mr. Macandrew used to display an inmense amount of local patriotism on this subject, and at ono time he found an able coadjutor in Sir Julius Vogel, who was thon, aB a plain Mr., a provincial politician, not a colonial statesman. Tho Princess Theatre and tho Provincial Council Chamber in Dunedm often rang with the echoes of eloquent denunciations of the iniquity of tho tie which bound tho two Islands togelhor, hanging; tho barren North 1.-land, with its native difficulty, like a millstono around tho ncok of Otago and Canterbury, rich, prosperous, r.nd populous. Cut of this arose the cry for Insular Separation, a midsummer maclncs3 long since foraruttcn, but which at one timo, under the^direction of Messrs. Macandrew ai.d Vogcl, assumed serious proportions, was tho subject of much debate in Parliament, and actually threalenod tho disruption of tho colony. Vv r hcn any person was at that time vißh. enough to suggest that tho natural resources of the North Island wcro superior to those of the Middle Island, that at no very distant date tbe native difficulty would disappear, and the North Island show itself capablo of supporting a larger population than the Middle Island, he was laughed to scorn. Yet they were true prophets who predicted this, and the time which they foretold has now practically coHie. Tho Trade Review issued for to-day's mail contains tho proof. The figures it gives are most interesting. They consist of a comparison of the Lu&totns revenue, imports and oxports, of tho two inlands for the last nix years, and tUf-y most strikingly exemplify, tho vail b ridos which tho North Island "hag made und is making. Parcels post, specie, and gold are eliminated in each ca?e. In ISS7 the Customs revenue of tho Middle Island waM J>7(W,615, and that of tho North Island ■£579,940. Iv 1892 tho position was reversed, the North Island Customs revenue being £52d,028, and that of tho Middle Island £BWfiC>7. 111 imports tho North Island iv 1?87 only represented J22.730.C2u, as against tho Middlo [sland's J»3,3J3,65(5 ; while last year tho North Island import* v. ore jC'1,411,5'17, as against tho Middlo Island's •£3,303 ,0!)<>. In esporfa tho North Island was not quite up to tho Middlo Island, but was very noarly so. In 1887 the North Island exports wore valued at ,£2,513,<150, and those of tho Middlo Island at £3,419,441. In 1892 the North Island had advanced to J64,207,776, as against the Middlo Island's .£k32<;,2(W. As tho Review remarks :—": — " We slrould nut b,e surpiised to find at the end of the current year that the North L'jland takes the lead in exports a,l s o, and yet millions of acros of land in tho North Island aro still ljinsr unproductive in the bauds of the Maoris." The bulk of tho gold export is, of course, from tho Middle Island.

Mr. Schnadhorst, the great organiser of the English Liberals, is at present in Weiliugton, and some particulars as to political questions of tho day givon by him in nn interview with an Evening Post reporter, appear on the fourth pa#o. Some caustic comments by tho Christchurch Press on la->t week's regatta fiasco, particulars of the proposed public baths for Wellington, volunteering itom% sporting new*, and other matter, aro given on tho same XJage. Tho Lyttelton Times, apparently without an atom of proof, arrives at tho off-hand conclusion that tho reported typhoid fovor amongst tho crew of the ship llinemoa '* no doubt originated in Wellington from the men drinking bad water." We do not know what water was used on board tho Hinemoa, but certainly tho ordinary town supply is ( neither bad nor unwholesome. Occasionally it ia a little discoloured in some parts of the town, but, on the whole, the water supply of | Wellington is of excellent quality, and not at all likely to injuriously affect tho stomachs oven of bailors. It has Leon left to tho Lyttelton Times to discover a new source of typhoid iv Wellington. No 0110 hare over before thonght of blaming tho water. During the year 189 a, 20!)2 yossels, nggregatiiig 881,110 tons, arrived in tho port of Wellington. Of theso IDiJO were steam ?e al sel">, with a gros=3 tonnago of 825,013, and 1 1!\ sailing vessel*, with a gross tonnago of j3,5:>3. Mr. W. A. Fitzherbort's roappointment as a mombor of the Land Board was notified at tho Board meeting to-dny.

It is understood tWt Colonel Fox's rejjort, which n now undor Ministerial constdualion, will bo trcatod in largo part as confidential, and (ln't it will ji'-t be published i<>r some time, and when published only a pica* of portions which Colonel Fox and tho Minister considers it will be judicious to make public. Colonel Fox is to proceod •South to oompleto his inspection of the Wc?t Coast volunteers, as well as tho=o ol fcourh Canferlury. A member of tho Upper House has recently been making- somo vory severe strictures us to the ehuraoter of a Government employe, a relative of an ex-Premier, and it is ."aid that legal proceedings are likely to arise. fienoral Beaiiregnrd, uho^o death was announced yey(ord.i>, wu» one of the most „iiiceis who fought on the < onfederato hide in the Amei ienn Ci\ il War. Of'Ficnoh extraction, ho was born at Now Orleans in 1818, and ho roccived a military education, winning his spin-H in tho Mexican War. Jfo was Superintendent of (lie Wcht I'oint Military Academy when the civil trouble aioio, und espousing (.ho (Jontedeni'o cause, b»gan t|| 0 W ar with the bombardment <-f Foil Sumtor on 12th April, 1801. He was in command of tho Southern troops during their \ietory ut Hull Run, and for this s-er-m«o was mado d Gwieinl of thn highest, grade ; was second in commuud at Ihe liattlo of Sliiloh Albert Johnston was killed, when Beaurogard bocanio Commander -in - clnof ; successfully dofeudc-.l Charleston in tho siege from tho Hummer ol 1802 (o the .spring of 18GI ; and wan t-oeond in command in General Joseph Johnston's army in Xorth Carolina up to the time of General's surrender in April, 1805, which brought tho war to a close. Since tho war, General Boauregard has resided in Louisiana, of which he has held tho ollico of Adjutant-General. The Hinemoa ia to go over to Pictnn to-morrow to bring T 4 ord Jlopotoun, Governor of Victoria, to Wellington. He is expoeted to arrivo hero about 4-p-m. on Saturday, and will bo the guest of His lOxcollency' Lord Glasgow during his btay of about il wook in tho city. Mr Turnbull has been asked to report on the \cn!ihtion of tho Parliamentary Buildings, with a view to preventing tho down draft in tho House of Representatives, which was complained of on the Opposition benches la*-t ses c ion. Mr. Hogg, MIT.n., intends at the next meeting of the Land Uonrd to move as follows,:— 1. 'J'hat all forfeited rural land.) in futuro bo offered on tho optional Bystem, as provided by Part 3 of tho Land Act, 1892 2. In the case of unsnrvoyed lands, whero tho survey lias not boon eonimoncod within three months after tho Burvey deposit has been paid, tho seloetor bo allowed to employ an authorised surveyor, and on satisfactory proofs of tho survey thodoposit bo refunded. 3. That tho owners of more than one section of land in all cases whore the sections adjoin, bo allowed to carry out their improvements as if tho land selected consisted of only ouo section. Judgment has been reserved by Mr. Justice Richmond in tha cuso of Greville v. Blncl:. a claim of .£2OO damages on account of tho refusal of tho defendant to admit the plaintiff as a partner in tho Pahiatua Star. Mr. Ritchie, Chief Stock r.nd Rabbit Inspector, returned from his to tho hijji country in Marlhorough and Xorth Canterbury yesterday, bad weather, having compelled him to postpone tho latter part of his inspection. On his way np ho passed for the fir->t lime over tho Choviot country, and ropovia that t!jo 2'lougha.ble Land is very suitable for cutting" up for agricultural purposes, and tho unploughablo country which ho saw is very good pastoral Inud. At Blenheim ho met tho Minister for Lands, on hi.s way to inspect the Crown lands in the Sounds district. It has been finally decided to send to California for a thoroughly qualified Iruit expert to replace Mr. Hanlou, as wo announced some time ago would probably be Iho cuse. The papers in connection with tho matter go to San Francisco by to-day's mail A lirge number of applications for the vacancy have been received from various parts of tho colony, but it i 3 considered advisable to get a man from California (whero tho conditions are somewhat similar to ours), who will not only bo thoroughly acquainted with Bystems of cultnre, but also with the systems of preserving which have proved so remarkably successful in that State. A good story is onrrcntin the Agricultural Department in reference to tho Bathurst burr. 'J lie officers of the Department vouching for its truth. Some little timo back the local newspaper in an up-country township published a statement to the effect that a strango plant was growing on a certain vacant section, and that this was paid to be Batburst burr, and the editor called upon the authorities to examine tho plant, nnrt if it proved to bo the burr to have it eradicated. Tho local quid nnncn, Board members, and CosnciUoi:i forthwith wont to i he section, n «d there saw the little stranger growing, and at oneo began a controversy as to whether it was or was not -the Bathurst burr. While the question was being nrgned tho little plunt wn.s allowed to continuo growing, and thro\o apaco, and now that township is overrun with unmistiikablo burrß, and Government, is being asked to take stops to eradicate it. A step of tho editorial heel when tho original plant was first found would have saved all trouble. When tho Minister for Public Works was at Paluierston Noith ho examined the site behind the Post Office (half an acre) on which it was proposod to build tho new Couithouso, with money provided by the sale of the present site, under tho authority of an Act passed last session. Mr. Seddon came to the conelusirn that the site behind the Post Office would soon be required for postal purposes, and that the present Courthouse site was tho proper ono. Ho has, therefore, decided to secure the building of a new Courthouso behind tho present ono, but facing tho suno street, and to remove the present bnilding. At Woodvillo, ho enquired into tho question of tho manner in which tho Eketahuna line was to junction with the existing line. Tho surveyed lino enters from north of tho Woodville t-tatiou, CO that an express running through from Napier to Wollington by tho Wairarapa routo (as will be tho caso should the Manawatu line not then be in Government hands) would havo to shunt back on totbo line. Tho Commissioners represented this, and desired that tho lino should curve and enter from south of tho Woodvillo station, so that a train could run down the Wairarapa without shunting or delay. After enquiry and examination of the ground, the Minister concludod that the cost of compensation for tho diversion through private lands would be too great, and also that those lands were low-lying, and liable to flood. Ho therefore, upon the recommendation of the Engi-neer-in-chief, decided to maintain the line as originally plotted. In acknowledging tho chequo for J272, representing tho proceeds of the recent Friendly Societies' Demonstration, the Hospital Trustees, in a letter to Mr. J. Capper, Secretary to the Demonstration Committee, express their sincere thanks for the valuable result obtained by the societies' exertions on behalf of charity. Tho Hospital, as agrowing institution, needed all tho help that could be procured for it. 1 he area of Crown lands disposed of for cash or on leaso from tho 26th January to tho 23rd February wns 25,2 M acres 3 roods 11 porches. This includes tho land taken up by the Somorvillo Farm Apsociation in the To Kapo lilock, near Ilunterville, which realised a sum of i;ISBG. Tho area of land disposed of by tho Lands Office since tho Ist Apiil. 1892. is 94.872 acres 1 rood 19 porches. Messrs. Johnston and Co., tho local agents for tho P. & 0. S.N. Co., have booked tho following pa=sengcr3 per s.s. Himalaya, which leaves Melbourne for London on 11th March : — Hon. Edwd. Boyle, Mr. G. M. Gillington, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Wildo, Mr., Mrs., and Misses (3) Begg, Mr. M. Driscoll, Mr. George French, Mr. A. Imrd, Dr. Pennefathcr, and Mr. Ilay. Jaino3 "Williams boardiughou=ekeoper, has filod a declaration of insolvency. The case in wMch tho Rev. J. C. Andrewis appeilHnir against a decision of the Magistrate's Court in Maelorfcon under th-i Rabbit Aft, is to bo heard in the Banco Court to morrow afternoon. Mr. Hawkins informed Mr. Justice Richmond this morning that the matter was an urgent one, as several enses under the Rabbit Act were hung up pending his Honour's decision. Yesterday afternoon tho Land Board agreed to tho proposals of the Kkotahuna and Fitzherbert Road Boards as to tho allocation of thirds. Wo notico that the Auckland Regatta Committee is in a financial difficulty. Tho funds in hand will not permit of tho payment of the prizes in full, and a deduction of lis in the £isto bo made. The amount payablo to the Wellington yacht Rona, as winner of the First-class Kaee, will therefore be only £-3 instead of .£lO, the advertised amount. Tho Wellington Regatta authorities have been mora fortunate, ag they have paid all tho prizcf> in full, and have a small balance in hand. The St. Patrick's Collecre Brass Band has once more been organised for tho year under Mr. Salvatore Cimino, and tho orchestra under Mr. Trowell. Both bodies havn received great accessions of members from among the new boys, and will soon bo making their presenco felt. In tho Lower Hutt Court yesterday, before Messrs. C. AY. Brown and J. Cudby, J.P.s, throo youths — Arthur Jonuess, George Archer, and John Strand — were prosecuted by Constable Cruickshank for having disturbed Robert Lee, Inspector of Schools, by wantonly knocking at tho door of his dwelling-house. Aftor evidence, each was fined In, aad 7s costs. George Archer and John Strand were further charged with throwing Btoncs on the house of Mrs. Malcolm. Tho oaso was dismissed. John Dovine was charged by Constable Cruickshank with purchasing Is worth of whisky for ono Elizabeth Dowuie, against whom a prohibition order was previously granted. Mr. Bunny appeared for tho defendant. The caso was dismissed. Charles Gough and A, 11. Silvcrwood xrcro jointly charged with on the land of W. A. Fitzherbort at Lowor Hntb with dog and gun in pursuit of gamo. Mr. Gray appeared to prosecute ou behalf of tho Acclimatisation. Society, and Mr. Kirk cjefondod. After e\idenco tho cases were dismis-ed. Chil cases — Powell & Co. v. K. Conlin, claim £3 (is lOd, goods supplied; judgment for amount and costs Bs. Hamo v. A. Devino, goods supplied, £3 17s 9d ; judgment for amount nud costs (>i. Same v. Mrs. Clark, goods supplied, £1 129 sd; judgment, for amount and costs Us. Mr. Bunny appeared for plaintiff. Magoo and Leslie's Concert Company evidently stand high in popular favour, for tho Kxchango Hull was again crowded last evening. Mr. H. Cowan's songs and witticisms were thoroughly cnioyed. whilo Messrs. Magoe, Leslie, Phillips, Croiflor, and Duval camo in for liberal shares of applause in their songs r.ud dances. A sories of acrobatic feats by two members of tho Surprise Party must also be mentioned. Several now artists aro announced to appear on Saturday evening.

In connection with the intention of the Lyttolton authoiit'ea to quarantine tlio thip Hinomoa, it it! understood that tlio loc tl Board l'.'ivo no li'jji-l riijht 1o ndopt thii courne, tlio trouble berncf rnciclj tsjihwd brought from another New Zeibiid port. In t'tio Junior Civil Service Examination, the Si. Pitriek's College had fight candidates, of whom seven parsed, as follows • — Joseph L. Burke, Bernard fit'Cuilliy, finis b'ollur-t, John J. Ciihov, Win Oigan, Augnslino licndurbon, and Timothy A! lor bringing Lord Hopetouu from Pioton tlio Ilinomoa, which ia now on tho Slip, is to imiko her usual trip round the Cook'a Straits lighthouse*. Fn Hie Supremo Court this morning, befoie -Mr. Justice Jiiolunoiid, it w.ts uunouiiccd that a settlement of tho case of (lie Empire Loan Company v. Thomas Suwuid had been arranged, the agreement buiriy that dofunlant should confess judgment tor JcWJ 17.5, and Unit the company should letnrn a honcl lor ,£l."iO higned by dutiMulunt, Cieoigo Doriii'.v, James ODea, and William IST Lean, together with all lulloit-, paper.", \c, in conu< ction Tfi'h tho cai-e, fuither pioocedinj » to be stayed for t,i.\ wuuks, to enablo defendfiut to t'iko stepb to rccovor contributions from ti'O other persons liable othor than M'Lean. His Honour nindo an order aueordinplv, each party to pay tlioir own oostf. Mr. I'oyn'on viiii for tho plainliir, nnd Mr. Italdwm lor tho dcfuiidant. A largo number of bhoep havo lately been purchased in Wellington for Southern districts. Tho steamer Hotorua, whioh left port this iifternoon, took away bouio 300 I ought in the Waiiarapa district by Mr. Unicode, to bo iorwnrdod lo Chri'-tehureh. Tho Penguin, leaving for Lyttolton to-morrow, takes another consignment of 400, and tho Ohnu, which leavos to-morrow or Saturday, will carry yet unothor instalment ot 2000 Tho two last named Hocks are understood to have been purchased als>o in tho Wairarapa district by Mr. Mowatt. Another 1000, now in tho Hntt district, will be ready for shipment lo Lyttolton nest week, piobnbly by tho Uhan, ulso consigned to Mr. Mowatt. Tho following teachers in tho Wellington Educational District havo secured '' special inoiitioii " nt the reeont examination :—: — Class JO.— Geography — Annie Preston Jtanweil. History — Georgo Adams Jones, Annie Preston Hanwell. Clashes D and X. — 'i he art of ictichiiig 1 and school management — Frederick George Albert Sluckey. A consignment of ferrets, to the number of 107(>, from tho station of Mr. T. 11. Tanner, lliveradale, Canterbury, arrived by tho Warrimoo from tho South this morning. Tho animals aro to ba sent to the Wairarapa district for distribution. Captain M'Lean, late of tho Pukaki, is now in command of tho Oliau. His placo on the Pulraki has been taken by Capt. Fleming, formerly of tho Ovalan. Mr. Stewart, late purser of the Tekapo, lias been transferred to tho Pukaki. Constable Bowden arrived from Feathei'slon last night with a man named Georgo Titmouse, committed to the Torraco Gaol for having used obsceno language. Judgment was delivered this morning by Mr. Graham, K.&I , in tlio ease in which Thomas Songhursfc sued J. F. Carolan, manager of tliu Western Australian Property Co., for .£lO 2s 9d for services as canvasser. His Worship docided that plaintiff was entitled to £G 2s 9d, nnd judgment was given accordingly, with £1 11s costs. Mr. Jelliooe was for plaintiff, and Mr. Skerrott for defendant. A fow nights ago the promises of Hong Leo, a Chinese ileaW opposite tho Government railway station, woro broken into and n cash-box containing several pounds stolen. Tho proprietor states that ho shut up tho Bliop about half-past 10, and went out for a couplo of hours. On his return ho found that tho back door had been biokpn open, and tho cash-box and tho safe missing. Tho aifc, which contained about £30, was afterwards discovered in tho back yard, ami, fortunately for tho owner, tho roffbor or robbers had boon unab'.e to break it open. Tho police, it is understood, have an excellent cluo. A balance--'licci in connection with the recent Championship Meeting on tlio Basin h'eservo was laid before tho committee of tho Wellington Amateur Athlotic and Cycling Club last evening, 'ihe receipts were £140 12s Bd, tho principal items boing —Gates, .£155 18s 6d ; programmes, -C 27 13s 2d ; tickets, .£1.2 lls ; ontranco fees, £>3 10s. Tho expenses woro ijls9 12s Bd, leaving a balance of .£9O. Tho principal item of expenditure wa£ .£57 for modals mado by Mr. J. King. Tho sum of £5 5s was voted to the Cricket Association towards tho cost of keeping the ground in order. The date of tho Autumn Meeting was fixed for 15th April. It was docided that the Clnb'o champion team should bs photographed. Hearty votes of thanks were passed to the President (Mr. H. D. Bell) for his hospitality to tho visitors, to Mr. J. W. Davis for laying off the track, and to Mr. J. B. Tringhanif»tho Secretary, whoso business tact and energy contributed much to the success of the meeting. Diuderich and Son, of Cuba-stroet, write to us denying that there woro any shavings burnt on their premises on Tuesday nighl. They state that there had been a fire in tho copper all day, and, as it was boing put out, the smoke that issued was the cause of the alarm given by the bells. Tha sawmill and plant formerly worked by Potts and Co , at Carterton. has been sold by Mr. F. H. Wood, auctioneer, to Hooker and Morgan, of Cartorton, for .£245. A fourhorse team and waggon in tho same o'atato fetched .£l2O, tho buyer being Mr. Hart Udy, of Greytown. In all probability tho Rona will take part iv the First-class Yacht IJaco on Saturday, the entries for which close this evening. Her inclusion in the contobt would add considerablo interest to it, for thoro is a good deal of speculation as to how she will shape against the Marilano, and Isca, both of which havo been sailing remarkably well this season. The new yacht was taken down to Thorndon yesterday afternoon, and is now lying at moorings laid down for her off tho Freezing Works by Mr. It. Harman a short timo ago. Iv addition to tho particulars given yesterday, it may be mentioned that the yacht is built of kauri, threo thicknesses of planking being used, aud sho -has a dock of doublo thickness secret - fastened, no nail heads boirg noticeable. The cabin is beautifully fitted up with cushions, mirrors, and polished Now Zealand woods, and all the appliancoa of a first-class Knglish yacht aro on board. As there is some misunderstanding as to her proper tonnage, we may stato that she is a five-rater, and was built to take part in tho Second-class Championship race 3, but by rating up to 7 tons, which meant handicapping her as if sho measured seven tons, she was allowed to sail in tho big yacht raoo at the Auckland regatta. Thoro was a comparatively light chaigo sheet at tho Magistrate's Court this morning. Four men charged for the first time with drunkonncss were each fined ss. Elizabeth Downey, an elderly woman, admitted that she was found drunk at tho Hutt yesterday. Constoiblo Cruickshank proved tho offence, and added that tho accused had in her charge hor father and mother, aged 98 and 9G, respectively. Tho accused was much given to drink and a prohibition order had been issued against her for the city and the suburbs, but sho nevertheless managed, through hor associates, to get what quantity of liquor she required. Mr. Bunny appeared for the old woman, who is 70 years of ago. and oxplained that until last month she had kopt away from liquor for year 3. Mr. Graham, R.IL, remanded hor for a week for medical treatment. An old man named Peter Hanseu, a perfect human wreck, was brought up on a charge of having stolen a shut, valued at 33 6d, from Thos. Burk. He pleaded Guilty, and was sent to gaol for a month. Mr. C. S. Thoma3, of Wellington, has forwarded to us a copy of "A New Zealand National Hymn," written and composed by himself, and printed by a Parisian house. Words aud music arc alike dignified in style, as befits the subject treated of, yet so simplo in structure as to present no great difficult es in performance. Mr. Zohrab, of this city, some time ago sent Home a frozen sheep and lamb to Mr. Peter Dawson, the well-known manufacturer of whisky. Mr. Jiawson, writing from Glasgow on sth January, says : — Your sheep arrived hero ou Saturday aftor tho oflico was shut. Tho cloaner took it in. It lay in tho oilico till Tuosday, aud was sent to tho house on that day. On Wednesday to breakfast I had chops from it, and they were as fino as any niutton I over tasted. Tho quality of the gigot was also Al. Tho lamb arrived in tho very best condition, and tho only point I can bring to your, notice is that it was not so well killed as in this country. For instauco, tho pudding was left in tho opening at tail, and part of tho largo vein at back which has direct communication with lungs ; also, tho neck was not so well cleaned as wo are accustomed to. The nock and opening above kidneys whore pudding was left, so far as decomposition goes, were the only parts showing signs, and were solely caused by the evident careless butchering. Tin's is a point which might bo carefully noted, as it is important from tho keeping point of view. The lamb was, all round, as tine as anything of this country's production, and if tho quality i 3 that usually shipped will undoubtedly command trado. A concert aud dauco in aid of tho Johnsonvillo Brass Band funds took place at tho Oddfellows' Hall, Johnsonville, on Wednesday evening, beforo a crowded audience. Songs were contributed by Misses P. Barbara and May, Messrs. O'Connell, M'Farlane, Waddington, Hunter, Stebbings, Seargant, and Yore. Messrs. M'Farlano and Manson contributed a sailor's hornpipe. A dauco followed, to music supplied by Mr. G. Barlow (who also played the accompaniments), Mr. W. Anderson acting as M.C. An extensive business is carried on by Henry Fielder, furniture manufacturer, whoso premises extend back from Mannersstreet tho whole length of Lombard-street, tho workshops boing situated at the rear. Now machiuory has lately been placed in tho faotory, iv which Mr, Fioldcr undertakes to turn out almost any nientionablo article of furniture, ranging from a footstool lo a completo outfit for a family rosidenco. Tho business is of a wholesale as woll as a retail character, and Mr. Fielder claims that ho is able to undorsell most of the imported articles on which duty is p.a3 r ablo. The wholo of the machinery in tho principal workshop is driven by a handy and compact 10 horse-power portable engine, mado to order by J. T. Glover, of Boulcott-stroel. Shipments of now goods have just been opened up iv the retail department, including a largo assortment of Parisian artworked cushions, obair-roats, &c, which aro now on view in tho showroom. Mr. Fielder has an advertisement iv anothor column in refercnoo to theso new goods. The Ofcago Daily Timos says .—We havo boon asked by rotations of tho widow of the lato Mr. Quontin M'Kinuon to say that while tjiei'o cannot possibly be any objection to the Government recognising, in such mannor as they may think fit, any sorvicc rendered to tho country by Mr. M'Kinnon, it will be unnecessary for his friends to do anj thing in the way of raising a fund in aid of his widow and child. Her brother.* aro quito prepared to wake suitable provision for hor if such is needed.

In 1885, whon Sir Robert Stout, as Minister for Education, decided, on tho recommendation ol tho Roy Mr Trillions M.A , to i ilnj.t ilr.'ivving inn n/ipulsory Hil>jp< t in the Government i-chools, il was ut o.deil ihi t it should bo a nlusf subject in the firot standard during tho first year, and that a stamkrd pbonld be added year by year. By thin prod"- 1 ? it became in 1891 a class subject in all standard'!. The Educational Institute lms naked the Minif-tor for Education that the position prior to 1885 be restored, and drawing bo optional in all RtiuidanK In connection with this request the Minister for Kduoation and Mr. Habcns visited the Tliomdon School yesterday afternoon, to sco tho teaching of drawing in iho htandards. Other nil orations in the syllabus were a«-ked for by tliolnptituto, bntthi-t was the most important. It in thought that drawing will bo retail oj as at present. Mr. fi. Mou/.ies, cooper, of Silvorstroarr, sent us this nioi ning a live (ly, which liOßtatou linil broil tormenting his all yesterday, adding that there were smull whito eggs on tho horse. Mr. Mcu/.ifs wished tho fly identified. Tha Agricultural Department inform us that it is a true Bot, nnd s>o oiuollent a Bpccimon that they wcrn vei-y v ghid to reoeivo it, and will bo very pleased if Mr. Mcnzios can find other equally pood specimens and boikl them in to them oilhcr direct or through us. It ia 1 lie mont perfect specimen they havo y<-t Hocurod. V/e recently published the method of dealing with tho cg(;s. The fly has now penetrated to tho city, and eggs have been found on a hoi-KO in town. Tenders aro to bo callod next week for tho supply of 100 Now Zealand-made iron bedsteads for tho Porirna ARyluin, tho first installment of tho 500 which will bo required when tho building is completed. Tenders aro also to bo callod very soon for general furniture, and it is hoped that a portion of iho building will be got ready for occupation vory fcoon. It will be six months before everything is completed. Active f-tops aro now being taken by vaiious lodges of tho Druidic order in tho Nortli Island to form n, District Grand Lodge, such as at present oiußts in Canterbury. The jurisdiction of tho new Grand Lodge, it is proposed, shall oxtend over the whole of tho North Island, nnd also include Marlboroupb, Nelson, ond tho Went Coast of tho South Island. The majority of the lodpcs concerned have f anctioned tho proposal, and committees havo been appointod to carry the scheme into effect. Tho Roya! Arch Chapter ot Druids, at a meeting held last night, adopted a resolution expressing tho opinion that the time had arrived whon a Dintrict Grand Lodge for the North Island should bo formed. Tho following judgment snmmons cases wore dealt with in tho Magistrate's Court to-day: — Mrs. Mary Ann M'Leanv. Joseph Boverlny, £2 Is Id ; defendant wus ordered to pay by instalments— los on 4th March, 10s on 11th March, and 5s each succeeding Saturday. Wilson, Williams, and M'Cullooh v. Fredk. Watkinton, .£3 16s 4d. An order was mndo for payment in seven days, or eight days' imprisonment. Judgments for plaintiffs were given as follows :— City Moat Company v. Wm. Roberts, J}:3 lGs 9d; W. M. Whitehead v. Simon Moar, £8 8s; Stewart and Co. v. R. H. Denham, 7d ; Geo. L. Jenncss v. W. L. Bath, £32 7s Sd ; Grey Vallov Co<»l Company v. Chas. Peterson, .£1 2s ; Butlor Bros. v. j. G. Blow, .£l9 5s ; Flockton and Co. v. James H. Butler, J2l 3s; same v. Chas. Johnston, £1 lls 6d ; same v. Wm. Hurcombo, 19s 9d ; W. J. HainoHV. F Davis, .£l 32s sd ; Stewart and Co. v. Wm. J. Gorrie, .£9 15s 3d • samo v. Phil M. Pool, .£1 12s G.I ; Wellington Loan Company v. John Windelow, J2lO la 9d ; Fame v. James Rallason, £25 2s; E. B. Walker v. A. Fernandez, £2 103. In tho case of P. M'Cafiortv v. W. F. Koss, jndginont was given for defendant, with costs. Miss Jessie Nairn's application to tho Education Board yesterday was that sho should bo transferred from tho Hutt to a. school nearer her home at Khandallah, no 1 to the Khnndallah School, as tho paragraph in yesterday's report implied. The Board, howover, refused the request. An er.joyablo evening was spent at tho Girls' Friendly Society's Lodgn yesterday, on tho occasion of tho annual tea of the mothers who attend tho meetings connected with the Wellington Ladies' Christian Association. Sixty-two mothors sat down to tea, and tho leaders" of tho meetings and their helpers, assisted by Mrs. Dndfiold. presided at tho tables, viz., Mesdames Petherick, Fulton, BoTall, Moir, Tntohen, Costal], Barneß, Billman, and Tattlo. After the tables wore cleared, tho President (Mrs. FitzGerald) took tbo chair, and a programme of songs, recitations, and readings was gone through. The nowly-formod Diamond Association Football Club held its meeting last evening at tho Tinakori-road Hall. The following officers were elected :— Pantain, Mr. D. J. Collins; Vice-Captain, Mr. D. Morrison; Secretary and Treasurer, Mr. H. Skinnor; Match Committeo, Messrs. Burns, Earle, and Collins ; dolegatos to Union, Messrs. Earle, Collins, and Skinner. Lloyd's Weekly of Bth January says : — Tho missing word crazo has spread to tho Isle of Man, and aftor it had beon carried on { for several weeks by the Manx Sun, tho chief local paper in tho island, tho authorities, re- j presented by the Chief Constable and Superintendent Boyd, paid a visit to the office last week, and informed the editor that the competitions wera contrary to law. Tho authorities hinted at penalties of .£SOO for tlio chief offenders, and .£SO for every person buying a coupon. With the English precedent in view, tho. editor promised that the competitions should be stopped. There aro in tho colony_ no less than 82 brass bands, properly organised and equipped , 11 of them haviner a membership of over 40, and 10 numbering up to 110 members. At the Guildford Petty Sessions recently, Lord Onflow, late Governor of New Zealand, was fined £2, and costs, for allowing a farmhouse to bo occupied without first obtaining a water certificato. Mr F. Tennyson Smith has been elected by thfl! Oamaru Good Templar 3to represent them at the Grand Lodge Session to be held at Auckland next April. Tho Christchurch Press of Saturday says : — A very interesting point cropped up during the discussion of a motion in Chambers yesterday as to the residence of Her Majesty the Queon, and it will be rather startling to Rome of our readers to learn that it was formally argued that Her Majesty resided in tho city of Christchurch and carried on business hero. The question arose on a motion to change tho vonuo of a trial, in which Her Majesty is plaintiff, from Christchurch to Timaru. Mr. Joynt, who appeared for the Crown, submitted to his Honour that Her Majesty, residing in the city of Christchurch and carrying on business there, was entitlod to suo here as a corporation sole. In the course of the a-gument his Honour pointed out that the rulo laid it down that tho plaintiff must " reside." Now, could it bo said that Her Majesty " resided " in Christchurch ? Mr. Joynt submitted that Her Majesty had a right to bring a suit wherever sho carried on her business, and that tho Queen carried on tho business of money-lending in Christohurch. Hi 3 Honour said that in theory the Quoon was present whorover tho judge sat, as tho Supreme Court was a royal court. Mr. Boswiek suggested that as tho Governor was tho representative of Her Majesty, her official residence was at Wellington. The question as to Hor Majesty's residence is still undecided, as tho matter out of which it arose stands over. \ Notice i% given that Mr. Percy R. Sargood ha 3 been admitted into partnership in the firm of Sargood, Son, and Ewen. Our readors are reminded that the first of Truda Bros.' concerts will take place nt tho Opera Houso this evening. Tho fame gained by tho Brothers in their street performances should onsuro them a largo audience. A series of popular concerts and variety entertainments will bo commenced in the Opera , House on Saturday, and continued evory Saturday and Wednesday evening till farther notice. For Saturday's concert the services of Mr. W. B. Cadzow, a well-known tenor, and Mr. Cowan, comedian, with a number of others, have boon engaaged. Members of tho'Melroso Football Club aro remindod of tho annual meeting to bo held at the Caledonian Hotel this evening. Members of the Harmonic Soeioty are reminded by advertisement that practices will bo resumed to-morrow (Friday) ovoniug, in the Dresden Rooms, when a full attendance will be looked for. \V. Maiden, certificated teacher cf handwriiiufr accordirg to tbo system of 4Ji\ T. Hirlo Uiles, of Auckland, Ins nn advertisement elsewhere as to his classes and piiruto tuition. Tlia Wellington Graduates' Association classes will bo resumed on Monday next. At Saowdon's retail dnrpeiy warehouse, Lamb-tou-nuny, now winter shipments of gooila li'ive juat been opone I up. Some particulars are given in our advertising columns. Goorcre Tbonns & 00. announce elppwhera thftt a parcel of galvanised irou, rx Coptic (53 cases) will 1)0 disposed of at the Queen's Wharf on Tiiesdny by unction, for tho benefit of whom it tnny concern. W. G. Eniony, builder and contractor, arlvertfcc^ that lie is oiriymeou liusines 1 ) m Euusom's yards, Luke's-lnue, oil Mauners-street, tJeorcro Thoninß & Co. will soil to-morrow, nt the r looms, fruit, Arc. j at Tredeulmiu, Lower Hutt, furniture, &c. Francis Suley & Co. will sell to-morrow, furniture, &c. A. J. Eeid will sell to-morrow, furniture, &c. Churchward. & Co. will soil to-morrow, fruit, &c. Townsoud & Paul will sell to-morrow, fruit, &c.

Melbourne purchasos. Further shipments for the gigantic sale. 200 reversible zephyr drosses, splondid washing fabrics, in lengths of 12 yards each, actually worth 9s Cd for eighteenpence. Thoso are a grand lot, will boll fast. Note our rule— " First come, jirtt served." Everyone should buy ono of our firstclass print dresses, worth 8s Gd for 2s lid. We have a little over 200 of thoso, and they will not last more than two or three days. Ihisle to secure a choice. Housewives should see our strong whito shootings at 3s lid and -Is lid for lengths of 5 yards each. Those are splendid value, and only obtainable at tho gigantic Nothing cheaper has been offerod at the sale than tbo following •. — Whito muslins, with satin stripes and checks, suitablo for oliildion's drosses and pinaforos, in lengths of 12 yards each. Ouitpricos for tho above arc — VSorth 7s Gd for ?s lid, worth Ss Gd for iU lid, worth 9s Gd for 4s lid, worth 10s Gd for 5s lid, worth lls lid /or Gs lid. Every mother should have a good look at these, at To Aro House. — Advt. Gaeden Hammocks aro a necessity at this time of the year, and now that the most luxurious one 3 can bo purchased at a moderate figure, thoy should bo extensively used. Wilkina and Field have long discarded string hammocks as uncomfortable, and import only Mexican hammocks with ropes and spreaders comploto. Thoy aro offering them at tho following groatly reduced prices to clear out thoir season's stock : — 2/9, 4,0, 5/-, 7/G, B,'G, 12/-, 15.'-, IG/G, 21/-.— Advt.

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THE PROGRESS OF THE NORTH ISLAND., Evening Post, Volume XLV, Issue 45, 23 February 1893

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THE PROGRESS OF THE NORTH ISLAND. Evening Post, Volume XLV, Issue 45, 23 February 1893

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