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Unless tho purveyors of cable news to this colony are severely afflicted with Russophobia, tho tenor of their recent despatches proves pretty conclusively that Russia means mischief, and that the day is not far distant when the British Lion will once more have to face the Russian Bear upon the battle field. There is a wonderfnl display of activity on the part of the Czar's Government just now. The Porte is being pressed or bamboozled into oponingthe Dardanelles, the Principalities are threatened by enormous masses of troops, the autonomy of Persia is being undermined by the establishment of a Protectorate, Montenegro is being secured by an Imperial alliance, the outposts of the Russian advance towards the Afghan frontier are being steadily but noiselessly advanced, and Russian commerce, as the preoursor of Russian troops, has made good its admission to the Ameer's dominions. Finally, the Rnssian press has been instructed to allay suspicion by asserting that Russia has no designs of territorial aggrandisement towards the East, and that the Empire is already extensive enough to more than satisfy the national ambition. It has ever been Russian policy to make pacifio assertions of this kind when contemplating some particularly bold movement, and every fact bronght to us by the cable indicates that history is repeating itself in the present instance. England, however, is not likely to be thrown off her guard or lullod into mistaken confidence. When Russia throws off the mask, wo doubt not that she will find her opponent quite preEared to meet her and to dispute every ostilo step towards India. The latest developments of the position would almost aoem to indicate that the plot is for Russia to give England enough to engage her attention in tho East, so that France and Russia may carry out their ambitious designs nearer home, against Turkey, Austria, and Germany, without fear of English interference. Time will shpw whether this is the little game which is being played, but at present the prospects of a long continuance of peace between the Great Powers wonld appear to be very slight.

Sporting Notes, a report of the Wellington Cricketers' Association, and correspondence, constitute the reading matter on our fourth page to-day. The nomination for the Christchtirch seat, vacated by Mr. Percival, takes place on 2nd October, and the election on the 9th. The Distillation Act, 1868, section 115, is to be strictly complied with. Collectors of Customs have been specially directed to enforce the Aot, as it appears that copper coils or other metal coils are being frequently supplied by local manufacturers for water-heaters and other purposes. Manufacturers are required to obtain a permit or license from the Commissioner of Trade and Customs, Wellington, and should apply through the Collector of Customs for the Collector of Customs for the district in which they reside. Tho penalty for non-compliance is a fine not exceeding- v£soo. The Inspector, Dr. M'Gregor, having unequivocally condemned the insanitary condition of the Inveroargill Hospital, the Trustees have applied to the Government to appoint a special commission to enquire into the snbjeot. The Times thinks the onlyremedy is to burn the building down. The Wanganni Herald blames the Opposition for obstructive loquacity during the late session. It also threatens the Legislative Council with annihilation, and it seeks to throw on that Chamber the responsibility of evading the just claims of the old soldiers. Such misrepresentation, and bounce will deceive no one,

The s.s. Waihora took 142 passengers and 1100 tons of general cargo to Sydney this afternoon. The s.g. Jttbilce, which sailed for Sydney this afternoon, took 80 passengers and 1000 tons of colonial produce. Mr. J. M, Hiokson, who for the last two" years Has Blled the office of assistant Clerfc 6f the Magistrate's Court at Masterton, has replaced Mr. T. A. Moresby— lately transferred back to Auckland— ia the Wellington office. There was a large attendance at the meeting in the Hotel last evening of gentlemen interested in the formation of ft new social club in Wellington, Lieut.-Colonel Hume being in the choir. The committee Bet up at the previous meeting reported that their canvas for additional members had been very satisfactory, and it was resolved that stops should ba at Once taken to form a club. Committees werd appointed to arrange for the purchase of a gentlemen's residence on the Terrace and draft rules for the working of the cltib. It fe"a3 dooidod to" foftn the club into a limited .liability company f eacn member to be required to take up a £5 share, 2s Gd paid up. At tho meeting of the Cricket Association lost evening members resolved to give their support to a petition now in circulation asking the Superintendent of Telegrapliß to establish a telephone bureau at Mr. J. Nicola business premises in Buckle-street. It was i felt that a bureau would be tt great Convenience to cricketers as well as other residents in the immediate vicinity. Tho shallow-draught steamer whioh Messrs Yarrbw & Cd., jof Poplar, London, have constructed for Messrs'; Hatriqk & Cd., of Wanganui, for use on the upper reacnSS of tho Wanganui River, is on board the Now Zealand Shipping Company's s.s. Tekoa, which left Auokland for Wellington yesterday afternoon. James Walsh, a settler at Silverstream, was fined 10s in the Magistrate's Court today for negleoting to register his child within <J2 days of ita birth. Defendant's reply wa3 that ne thought he had registered it. Mr. Graham, R.M. , jbinted out tiiajb his forgetfulness had rendered h'ini liable 1 fa it penalty of A meeting of the Petone Borough Council Wa3 held last evening, for the purpose of taking into consideration the drainage proposals, and the Council at once went into committee on the subject. His Worship the Mayor (Mr. R. C. Kirk) and Councillors J. Smith, Croft, Gaynor, and Austin were present. ( Previous to tho hour of meeting, Councillor Henry attended and applied for leave of absence, owing to private business, The request was granted by the Mayor, In the absence of the Town Clerk /Mr, W. Hester), Who was donfined to his house through indisposition, Mr. G. London acted in tllat capacity. Thb' .quarterly , s'njnm'qnea irie'e'ting of Court Robin Hofod, A.0.F., was hbia last evening, whon the chair was taken by Bro. Mills. P.C.R. The-CR., Bro. B. Ellison, having tendered his resignation owing to his leaving Wellington, Bro. P. M'Comesky was eleoted to fill tho office of C.R. for the remainder of tho tonri. Bro. W; Cole, P.C.R., was appointed Court delegate to attend the district meeting to be hold in Wellington in November next. A considerable amount of Ulsctisglori ensiled as to tlio proposed alteration of the ldws which' will feonte tfefora tho next district mooting, and the dele'gttte received instructions as to tho course ho was to pursue. This morning's criminal list at the Magistrate's Court consisted of three cases of drunkehnesi, which Mr. Graham, R.M., dealt with as follows : — A woman who was arrested at 6.30 this morning outside tho Central Police Station was dismissed, there being a doubt as to whether she was really drunk. She stated that she Had been sitting up all night with a sick friend, and was arrested whilst she was sitting on the footpath tying her shoestring. Margaret Robertson, an old offender, pleaded for " yet another chance," but was sentenced to 48 hours' imprisonment in default of paying a fine of 40s. Timothy Horan, who came out of gaol yosterday morning, after serving a sentence of two months for vagrancy, and was arrested later in the day at Petone, in reply to the charge of drunkenness said it was a "sort of fit" which had seized him. Mr. Graham, R.M., decided to liberato Horan on the understanding that he was to quit the town without delay. A case possessing somewhat unusual features was heard before Mr. C. C. Graham, R.M., in the Magistrate's Court yesterday afternoon. Some time ago a remittance man named Thomas Holt called a meeting of his creditors, at which an arrangement was arrived at by which Holt agreed to executo a deed by whioh the amount of his quarterly remittance, less a sufficient sum for tho maintenance of himself and wife, was vested in trustees, to be distributed pro rata amongst the creditors until their claims were settled. On the day the meeting was held F. White, chemist, one of the creditors, obtained a judgment in the Magistrate's Court against Holt for a debt of M 13s, but he nevertheless attended the meeting and agreed to participate with the other credi' tors in the arrangement made. On being subsequently asked to sign the deed, and offered the first dividend, he referred the matter to Mr. Devine, his solicitor, and in the end the deed was nevor signed. A judgment was afterwards issued against Holt, but_ was withdrawn before being heard. White not having received any of the dividends now brought an action against the trustees, John Kirkoaldie and J. P. M' Alister, claiming £5, as being tho amount of tho two dividends distributed. Mr. Skorrett, on behalf of tho defendants, at the conclusion of the plaintiff's case, asked for a nonsuit, on the ground that the plaintiff, through having ignored the deed and acted contrary to the spirit of its provisions, could not now participate in its benefits. He quoted authorities in support of his contention, which was upheld by the Court, and a nonsuit entered accordingly. The woman Gcorgina Hill, held in custody by the police on a charge of stealing 8s 6d from a person with whom she boarded, has been remanded till Friday next for sentence. Last evening a meeting of the subscribers to the Picturesque Atlas Publishing Company was held in Bowley's Rooms, Cuba-stroot. Tho proceedings wore entirely of an enthusiastic charaoter. It was decided to contest the Company's claims, and Mr. Skerrett (Brown, Skerrott and Dean), was retained as counsel. The following were appointed a committee to arrange matters in connection with tho legal proceedings :— Messrs. W. J. Claridge (Newtown) ; J. T. Follas (Adelaide-rood) ; and W. Jessop (Ellioaxstreet), the lattor being also appointed seroetary and treasurer. By an advertisement in another column those persons interested who are willing to assist the defenoo fund are informed whereto hand in their subscriptions to that end. The D.I.C. had a gaslight display of their establishment on Saturday night last, which had the effect of attracting a large number of promenaders. The crush in all parts of the placo was very great, so much so, in fact, that it was found necessary at intervals to close the doors of tho Brandon-street ontrance until the outflow from the Panamastreet doors reudered the premises less congested. The Chriatohuroh Federated Bootmakers asked Sir Robert Stout's opinion of Mr. W. W. Collins as a candidate for the Christohuroh seat. Sir Robert replied that he believed Mr. Collins to be " able and trustworthy." Admiral Scott has consented to allow a man-of-war to attend tho Jubilee celebration of the foundation of Nelson next Fobrnary. The Nelson people want two ships. Campbell & Co.'s new line of coaches now run from Springfield to Eumara in one day. The first trip ocoupied twelve hours ten minutes, including all stoppages. A note of the Bank of Van Diemen's Land, which haß stepped payment, was passed on the totalieator at New Brighton races the other day. A prisoner at Ashbnrton recently released after serving a sentence for disorderly conduct went to the police station and applied for payment for the work he had done in goal. He got another three months' free board and lodging next day as a rogue and a vagabond. In reference to the proposed new appointments to the Legislative Council the special Parliamentary correspondent of the Hawke's Bay Herald professes to be in the confidence of His Excellenoy the Governor, and writes as follows •.—". — " It seems often to be forgotten that Ministers have not the power of appointment, and can only make recommendations to the Governor, who if he soe fit can oxeroise the royaj prerogative of refusing to act on such recommendation, and now I have the best possible reason for saying that his Excellency's assent is by no means a matter of course. Lord Oublow regards it as his imperative duty to scrutinise closely every Council appointment proposed to him by his advisers. The comment of the Secretary; of State on Lord Onslow's despatches relative to the late appointments has strengthened his position, and a great deal has passed between himself and his late advisers relative to those appointments whioh has never been disclosed, and probably never will be, but I have reason to know that the reconunondation in favour of those appointments was very near being finally rejected, and I know, too, that in the case of one recommendation for an additional appointment, which was rejeoted, His Excellency objected to make the appointment on the ground that the proposed appointee was not in a position to devote the neuessary attention to the duties which would devolve upon him if appointed, and that I know to be a fact; and I know also that a similar objection was taken in reference to some of the appointments actually made, and it was onlywaived on very clear evidence being adduced that the gentlemen recommended wonld be able to attend properly to the duties of the position. I understand that his Excellency holds it to be incumbent on him, as representing the Crown, to act on his own judgment in regard to f reßh appointments, and that he will insist upon his right to review every proposal made to him as to appointments, and that unless he shall be thoroughly satisfied that these are desirable on their own merits and in the public interest he will refuse to make them. If the Government recommend too many appointments or unsuitable persons it is said to be virtually certain that they will not bo accepted. If Ministers object to this course they have a constitutional alternative." Mr. A. Hall, who is a candidate for the Karori Mayoralty, publishes an address to the electors of that Borough in another column. The Eight Hours Demonstration Committee are reminded by advertisement elsewhere of the ordinary weekly meeting to-morrow evening. The races and the Agricultural Show which ore to be held at Hasting.? on Bth and 9th October will no doubt attract a good many people from Wellington. In another colnmn the Wellington and Manawatu Railway Company announce that excursion tiokots from Wellington and Johnsonville will be issued at theirioffioes.

On Thursday evening Councillor Vogel will move an amendmont of clause 71, of the Vehicles By-law, so ud to read as follows -.— " If the driver of any licensed goods cart or licensed express shall leavo the aauio .unattended without passing through the neaf wheel or wheels thereof a suitable chain or chains, so as to effectually raevont the rotation of suoh wheel or wheels, or unattended by some person capable of attending thereto, whether in such Case atfen* oarfc or express be J?ire<l or not. such' driver in vtnf srieh case shall be guilty of an offence, and notwithstanding the liability of such driver to A penalty fof such offence, any constable or any officer of the Council may drive away any slich nfach'dined Or unattended cart or express, and deposit tho gdrrio; with the horse or horses harnessed thereto, at bohK? neigh* bouring place of safe custody, and the driver offending shall be liable to all expenses occasioned thereby." The Columbia Juvenile Skating Carnival takes place to-morrow evening when the db'ors will be opened at 1 o'clock. The Rink Band will march in procession from the Government Buildings at 6.30. A large number of youngsters having given, in their names to the Rink ofnce\ tho carnival promises to be as great a success as the last one. Master Keeg&n, the champion fancy skater, will give an exhibition of fancy and trick skating, including the gTeat flying leap over six chairs whjlo skating at full speed and the giant swing. "Billy" Keegan, the great burlesque skater, will also appear. ( A costume hoop race and polo match will also be put on during the evening. The Rink will be open as flßUal to-night, when competitors can register their names at the offico. In ont advertising columns will bo found a notifco dskiiig persons favourable to forming a local Branch of tha Irish National Federation to me'St in tbtf Kmbange Hall at 8 o'clock this evening. John Young, ironmonger, Cuba-street, notifies that he keeps his shop open every tveiiin? till 8.30, so as to enable purchasers who cannot Ret out during the day to do their business in the tfveningS. He also notifies good quality and low prices. Murray and OaseVj drapers, &&, Cuba-street, anuoilnce tha .arrival pf spring rtnd summer shipments, including idillinery in all tltd latest styles, new nwutleß ana capes, tic. A of choice dress goods is now coming out lifthi S..S. Kaikoura. Dress and habits are made on the premises by competent hands, the prices being moderate. We are informed that tho herb beer extract manufactured by Mr. F. White, chemist, Cubastreet, is on excellent preparation, and was iv great demand hist summer. The extract enables anyone to manufacture an invigorating non-in-toxicating beer at a very moderate price, a shilling bottle of the extract being sufficient to make six Billons of beer. Attention is drawn to Mr. White's advertisement. A. W. Brown advertises a new list of properties for sitlu on easy tarms; also several sums of money for investment. A 400-acrc farm, Bitnste close to the Ruamahuugu Eiver, is offered for sale by Mr. F. H. Wood, of Greytown. Mr. Wood has also been instructed to dispose of ft farm of 92 acres, situate in the Taratahi. Cameron end Christie have a series of advertise meuts in another column drawing attention to the fact that they have been appointed agents for Wm. Sykes, of Wakeßeld, and now have in stock the celebrated cricket bats by that maker. Attention is also directed to other lines of goods in stock, and to their price and quality. Noble Campbell k Co. will sell to-morrow, jiroouce, &c. Freeman B. Jackson i, Co. will soil to-morrow, m Johnsonville, stock.

JbROH a p'ofUmU ot our annonntement on the first page of the present issue of the Evening Post our lady friends will see that our dress department is now_ fully replenished with all the latest novelties of the spring season, at Te Aro House. We are perfectly satisfied that such an ozquisito •noice, suoh unrivalled variety, and suoh a well selected stock of spring and summer dross fabrics hare rarely, if ever before, been seen in tho Empire City, or at Te Aro House. For this we are indebted to the judgment and taste of our Mr. James Smith during his recent European visit. No expense was grudged, no trouble spared, antd no opportnnity omitted to make this selection mark an era in the further development and progress of Te Aro House. We respectfully inyito an early inspection of our new dress fabrics, and ladies would do well to make their selections as early as possible, as many of our fabrics arc not to be met with elsewhere, and are already attracting a great many purchasers to Te Aro House. Our dressmaking, too, offers the greatest advantages of any rooms in the city. The rooms, themselves, are magnificent, and well arranged; talent we employ is of the very best ; our trained staffs are thoroughly efficient, and all the essentials of a thoroughly and artistically made dress can be had from the premier dressmaking department, To Aro House. — Advt. The "Matchless Repeator"is the name of a new air gun just recoived by Messrs. Wilkins & Field, Manners-street. . This weapon can be loaded with a handful of BB shot, and delivers them singly, firing 65 shots without reloading. It is thoroughly 1 effective, has a good range, and carries very true. It is invaluable for target shooting or for destroying birds or cats, and is simplicity itsolf. — Advt. For invalids and delicato children Aulsebrook's Arrowroot and Tea Biscuits are '. unsurpassed. — Advt. It 1b claimed for Messrs. James Buchanan and Co.'s Buchanan Blend that it is a wellmellowed blend of the puroßt and finest Highland and Lowland Malt Whiskies ; that it is absolutely pure ; that it is fine, ripe and well flavoured ; that it possesses a beautiful aroma, and that it is grateful and delicate to the palate. It enjoys a very high reputation in the old countries, and its circle of friends is widening every day. In future issues it is proposed to give in detail the analysis of other leading scientists, and to supplement same with the opinions of local men who are best qualified to speak of the merits of the brand. In the meantime, anyone desirous of ascertaining whether Buchanan's House of Commons Whisky possesses all the qualities claimed for it, would do well to sample this deservedly popular spirit without delay. Ask for, and insist on getting, Buchanan's Whisky. Wholesale agents, Messrs. Castendyk and Focke. — Advt. 3

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RUSSIA'S DESIGNS,, Evening Post, Volume XLII, Issue 78, 29 September 1891

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RUSSIA'S DESIGNS, Evening Post, Volume XLII, Issue 78, 29 September 1891

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