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ARRIVALS. Fi uni'AHY 14. Clomati*, kctdh, Hi to n, Pnllni >it, frotu Najilc — J 8 Mucffirla le and Co, agents FE11RUABY 15. Mikido, A. and A SCo'sn, J.0'0 tent. Moor.-, from Southern porti — Ilondorjon ud MicfirU o, agents Flirt, ichoonor, D') tons, Johnson, fi jm Lyttolton — I) 11 Mchi'ii/io, ngoi.t /ii'r, i( hooner, 07 tous, Johnston, froii Welh..i?t' i — M iitii,Jit;Lnt Fl'ISRrjARY JC rii7 1 Mnrr, schooner, Jamci, from Ncwc-\stli -0 V> liinnc} , agont. February 17., si., 8">1 torn, Captain Lofran, from Mclbo n nc Tia Sj duoy — Ciutckshank and Co , agent*. Fkijruary 19. Piplino, schooner, fi7 ton*, Stinty, fioru LcMiki \n 1 oi iilomi.— M Niccol, agent. fii olslor, bclioonor, 1)2 tons, Joiner, from Duncd n. J laid, agent. Fcr.nuAitY 23. Toner flill, br p, 181 tono, Uarless, fromXcwt. i't e. — <r \V. Uinney, agent. Columbia, schoonor, 40 tons, Conway, from N ipier. M Jiicco), a^eut. FnnnuARY 26. Ti«n Tsin, barque, 254 tons, Collins, from llo'jart Ton n — a w Btnnoy, *g?nt. M »ry Melville, ichooocr, 02 tons, Uri jhart, from Nsi>ior.— M Niccol agent Feekuary 28. Snify Tiss, ichooner, 25 to in Stuitli, f'<»ti ?fu]>)er an-t J^^st Coist porl?.— D II McKoiuio, ii{ci't Wmuna, cutturjftcht, 20 toun, Street, for Dunclin (put lnck) Matich 2. Queen of tho A30, ship, Montgomeric from Loi(lon (P.usengar list will be found elsewhere; — NZS Co., agenti. UlAncn 3. An .7!, baifjuo, from London - Owen and Qrah&rn, •3cnt>. Cnton, barque, 442 tonn. Dyson, from Nowcvstlo. — JJonds)3on and AIacf«rlino ngents Makcii 4. Tnrt,ir, ss, l.loS tons, I'ornei, fiom K.iiiUmi (1'<s<U'd.j<.i list pnblinli> d in .mother column! — lku (I^r-^n »ntl Jlucfitlani?, a?onti. March 7. Norhim Caitlo, harqno, G'18 tons, Cry, fr> m Lomliin Pniscagon (viloon)— Mosiri E 1' Tij'pctt nn I W Hinlli 'vl Stef r.i^'o— Mcmri Shocbrulge, II Oubv, V Kvan« — ('ruickshank and Co , nsfents Queen of the sea, bmque, 323 tons, llobiusoa, from Ad(.Unl<i — Mastor, A tent. Altjion, biig,2Ga tons, Kobimon, from Newcastle — Ilondoroon and Macfarlano, Agents March 8. Sur of tlie South, «.i , 153 torn, Farquhar, from Tiju.— A.S.l'.Co., agents. Mvrcu 9. Siuicv La<i, "!clioonor t 34 torn, Smith, for Napier v t K ist Coist ports (put back) \\ iiioii'. ciittor-yacht, £0 tout, Straet, for Duned n (put back) March 11. K -.n o 'itira, « s , 459 torn, Puddle, from Sydney and Melbourne — II M. Jorris, agent Hyno, brigatt no, 85 to- 1, Campbell, from Ljttcl ton.— I") H. ilclConzio, agent. M i;-> Han Cloud, brigan'ice, 100 tons, Couch, from I}tt<"t >n — Mauler, agent. March 12. Kcmltrortii, schom^r, 113 tons, McKtiizie from S^moa and Tot p ..— Cruickihink and Cj , agouti \\ irat lh, cutter, from Mapitr via E»st Coast port; — Ma-it* r, agent.

DEPARTUKES. February 14 Lotltii, Kchoonor, for Napier; Prioji Djnna, schooner, for Wunjrarot and Sydney February 15. Prlnco Alfred, birquentin*, 101 toni, Limb, for lloburt lown.— M Niccol, agent February 16. Mikado A and A. Co.'s 1 1., 1 093 tons, F Moora, for san Francisco yia Kandavu »nd Honolulu.— Uo«. d'rsju and M&ifnrlnne, ageats. February 17. Clemiti*, kotcli, C7 ton*, Pullman, for JT.ipier vm Waugapoa — .1 S Micfurlane »n j Co, agents. February 19. lloro, £.s., 8j1 tons, Logan, for Sydney ib»nk and Co , agents Wincna, cuttor-yncht, 20 torn. Street, for Dunedi 1 Febiiuart 21. Olio, schooner. 85 t»nj, Jackson, for New c iledouia via Korfolk Iiland. — J 8 M»cfurUue and Co, ap;out3 Munilon, .'olioonc, 00 tons, afcLeod, fjr New CaU'douu.— Matter, ago .t February 24. Flirt, brijr*ntino, 8.0 tons, McKenzie, for J.jt telton — U II MtKem-, ugt-ut February 25. Winona, cutter yailit, 20 ton*, Street, for Du-edin. February 26. Chile, ebip, 7C7 tonn, Thompson, for London Pajftnum—Mr J Cllffo d, M<« C F C.ifford, llaater Clili.rd, Air J Kooves, Mr St J Balu.— Owcc and Graham, agents. BoAiriee. b uj le, <17 tens, Windsor, for Newcastle — Master, a^out B lla Mary, lnrquo, 270 toni, McAUhur, for I>*encii.l. 1 . — btouj Cio her , u^ciits. I Fl URUARY 27. Fl za Jl.irv, b i,'t 1.1c, l(«l torn, James, for NeuCa»tlo — Stouo biola ri, (.!»• >tg. AJmjcix 3. C jlumljla, 1. H'jo'.er, 40 tons, Coaway, for Jy.iiiicr — M. Is iccal, :i o 'ent MARtlf 4. Pjrtir, ss, l,iC>i Ion., J S ForrFe,, fjr Sydney. — Hen 'c t n n^U M 1' fa 1 1 c, agonts. 'lower Hill, bii,', )81t);n Il4>le«, for Molbournc rl 1 ATan .ar .a — G W. Bi may, agant. Mer in, itliooner, 44 l"us, Little, for Lyttalton — M a^ent lati.ln icliooner, 41 tons, Uedgcs, for Taltu<\ and Napier -D NkK.n/ie, n^eut Suu'j L 1=3, ichoo .cr. Hi) ton*, Smith, for Xapi.r a** I ■» « <urj fJa, — D '! McKcozis, ofient Ool 11 t, h lioTiier 41 t >nn, Mneller, for Napier via VTa> t^roa —Mn^lrr, agent Lftie Ueikl*. * J100 loc, 41 tin», Ssbultz, for Kupier vik Tamil. -T 'V down, agent.

EXPORTS.— FEBauART 20. Por ship Oliile, for London : 2,408 bags mixed mineral, J. C. Stoviu; 95 damps *ool, 92 liales wool, Uuion Bunk j 35 bales \r >ol, New Zealand Loan aud Meroautila Co.; 157 cases gum, O. Dacie; 253 balos cotton, 20G bags cotton need, Owen und Graham, 4 caskt tallow, Henderson and Macfarlana ; 421 cabc« gum, K. Walker aud Co. ; 91 bags cobra, Henderson and Macfarlane; 34dumps wool, Union Bank; 71'ttleg wool, I\t2 cases gu.n, E. Walkor aud Co. , 33 bales wool, New Zealand Loan and Merotintilo Company ; 225 pack»gaa wool, Union P.a .k ; SJ.j bales II ix, 58 bales wool, Owen aud GraLam ; 4 baies wool, New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Ag«ucy Company , S7 ba'cs flax, Ityan, Bell, and Company ; 30 bale* wool, J. Scarrott ; 10 bnlos wool, J. PotUr ; 7!> baga cottonseod, and a quantity in bulk, J. K. Thompson ; ]i) bal«s wool, It. .Walker and Co.: 110 cases gum, Otreu and Graham , 16 bales wool, 73 casks oil, Humphries and Co; 10 bales wool, 1,77011)8, whakl)one,Owcn and Gmhain ; 117 cases gum, K Walker and Co. ; 16 cases tallow, 110 hide!, A. Dornwoll ; 3S canka tailor/, W«tfc Brothers ; 70 bales wool, O."> bale* flax, i) hales wool, Owen and Oiaham ; 28 bales wool, 2 bales ■kin^, F. Winter, 60 oaaks tallow, Ciuiokshank and Co. , 40 casks oil, 507 bales flax, 45 bundles whalobont, 50 bales wool, L. D. Nathan and Co.

THE CHILE The following h tho quantity and value of tlio cai^'o on hunid tlio sljip (Jinlc "vvhich Hailttl fur Loii'lou on I'Vljiuary 20 —

ARRIVAL OF THE QUEEN OF THE AOI5 The ship Queen of the Age, from London, droppod anchor in the harbour on Monday nt-^lit, Maich'2, after apftgsageof 104 days. Sho cornea cotifiigncd to the New Zealand Shipping Company, and bring*, besides a geueial_ cu j»o of m nh.ndis", 103 (Government immi^iails mid *ev«ral passengers. Thcro was rety JitJlo ■iekue«s during Hie voyajje. Ono death occurred amongst the immifiants .I'd one birth. It will bo b^on by the captain's repoit tliat on tho 14'h Januaiy some of tho Bailors broifhe'l tli» otrgo, and broke optn ono or two case^ of flinncl and Orimeau skirt pattern 1 ?, «hstii'utmg tho cont»ntd amongst tbo femalo iDiiiii£?'-au*8. Th*j wore given fn ens'o ly of tho pohc» aoon after arriral. Th« following is tho captain's rtport •£ the pasBa^i . — Left Grave<soml o» tlie 1(> lj November, 187"t ; laudod tus j>ilot in Tor Bay at G p.m. on tbc 18th N'tvrtn or wijd Iijjht flow tb" eaatward wi ]) thuk h ! /y weatbii Pasted tke S.ftrt Light at 10 30, wind rtcnug to the H. 15. and freshenjini. Tho following d»y at i

noon was about .'50 miles to tho N ami W of Ushaut, wind h»ht fioin tho N K. On the 2Sth passed to the westward of tho Island of Madena, wind h;/H fiom the south. Passed also tho westward of th« Unmriea. (Jot tho N.l 1 '. tmde wind, but it remained vciy light, passed to the eastward of the Cape Do Yeides and had nothing had li^hfc winds to tho Equator, which wa9 crowed on the ISfh Do member, iu 26 17 Wost longitude. 32 dajs from Gravesend. Got the S 1']. trades on the 2 >th, but tlioy also cout.nuod light all through. Passed, tho nivi-ndifiu df tho Cij o on tho Il2th .) muary in 'M 1 ! S On tho piovious day lust ono of the iiicii, Frederick Holme 1 -', cnerboatd. It \\ as bloutug an i»u< aMiig galo nt the tiiue. Tho alii]) was lounded to, and thj hfi -boat clcaied away, but tho man h 1 1 disappeared and could uot be soon fiom aloft. As thero was no chanco of sax ing him, nnd as it blowing a g.Uo fiom the S. W. with he«ivy squills, thought it puidont not to gpnd a boat away fiom tho ship and nil; ot!\or lives. On tho 1 kh JauHary some of the crow broko open tho coal-hole scuttle aud tho bulkhfal, aud got amongBt tho cargo. They 1>k>U- open Bevoral caso3 and i.tole some of the contents, consiatiug of rlinnel aud ('urn an shut patterns. J)ncoveied what had tiken plaue through seeing somu of the womea m.ik'ii^ shuts They sii<l, when asked, that they got the material fiom tho sailors. Seemed tho material ftom tho women, and a^cci tuned tho nain^a of tlio sailors. Oae case of °almon was entirely emptied, and a box of Handles Ono of the immigrant", named William Penny, agod44 years, died at 3 .'50 a m on the 21th of February, after a long illness, of dysoutory and general debility. — Dr. Philson, tho Health Oflicor, proceeded on board tho ship shortly after her arrival, and, finding everything all correct, give tho '■hip a clean bill of hoiltb. The t>ueon ot the Age hi ought tho following immigrants : — M\kuiu>: Boyle : Thomas 30, Bridget 3t5, Mary I ; C10S3 : Charles 40, Mary 4t, Julia 0, Philip 7 ; Greolaud : Ooorpo27, Charlotte 25, Arthui 1 ; McDonald : Thomas 30, Mary 30, John 9, Mary o, Juhi .S ; Khodos : Joseph 31, Ann 30, Samuel 10, llobct 8, Joseph 4, Jane 2, James 1 ; Penny : William 41, Jane '1(5 Charles 11, Isabella 9 , Toun . William 30, Aunio 28, Itosotta7, William 5 ; Tcague: Philip 40, Mary 28, Thomas 1 ; Bryant : William 29, Caroline 21, Harriet 2 , Cole : James 30, Mary 2G ; Jamos: Potor 27, Elizabeth 27, Rhodrv 2, Emily 1 , Spain • Thomas 40, Eliza 30 Henry 8, Sarah 5, Adelaide 3 ; Groonland : Kobcrt 22, Jano 21 ; McMoriarty ; Thomas 30, Mary 28, Michael 8, Ellen 3, John 4 ; Collins : James 2."), Annie 2.j ; Pettit : W llliam 42, Francis 40 ; Davis : Jamos ol, Aun 3S, Ephraim 10, Afaunah C, Lavinia 4, ChrUtophor 2, Josephine 1 ; Katlorns : \Vilhara 2d, Louisa 20, John 3, William John 1 , Harrison : 'Jobias 30, Ann 28, Edwin 10, Frank 9, Emily 7, Leonard 2, Alfred 1 ; Sykea : King 15, Elizabeth 40, Joseph 11, Floreneo 23; Knapmau : John 21, Sarah 22, Durot : Edward 25, Celina 24 ; Teaguo : Joseph 34, Eh/.a3l; Fulton: Samuel 42, Elizabeth 12, Ellen Jano 8, John f>, Mary 3 ; Dalamaro : Adolpliiia 33, Maria 31' j Becker : Victor 27, .Roma 23 Hugurs : Augm. 2,1, lioso 22 ; Coghlan : Richard 50, Francis j 30, Joseph 11, Susan 1 ; Olovor: Aloxandor 2S, Sarah 29, Edwin 1 ; Hague : Thomas 22, Eliza 21 ; Francois : Theodoro 35, Valentin© 23 ; Sullivan : Thomas 28, Cathormo 30, ' I M.iry 0, P»tnck ]. Men : Cross : Chailes 21, William 13 ; McDonald : Thomas 10, Patrick 14, Andrew 12, Campbell, Michael 20 , Davis: Jalrz 17, James 1G ; Sykos Walter 18 ; Fulton • Joseph 17, Hugh 14 ; Coghlan : diehard 19, John 10, Jamos 13 ; Rhodes : Edward 17, Joseph 14 ; MoAuliO, Tiin 21 ; Clifford, Damol 21 ; Angus, Alexander 17; Jones, Patrick 20; Kemp, .Tamos 21 ; Jones, William H. 44 ; La Unflon, Joseph 1G ; Lurd, James 18 ; Vink, Flonmond 2t Sinole Wdmtv : Cross : Edith 20, Catherine 18, Mary 12 ; Rhodes, Mary 12 ; Penny : Maiy 18, Margaret 1(3 ; Spain, Frances, 12 ; Moriarty, Mary 12 ; Campbell, Ellen 4S ; Pottitt, Alico 12 ; David ; Eli/aboth 14, Sarah 12 ; SykcB : Clara 15, Rhoda 13; Fulton, Agnes 12 ; Rhodes, J me 40 , Saundcrs- Elizabeth 17, Mary 20, Jones, Alice IS; Elliott : Charlottj 13. Eda 18 ; Hare, Lanuia 31 ; Cooper, Fanny 21 ; O'Bueo, Bridget 24; Dwyer, Mary 18 , McLarnan, Catherine 34 ; Lor well , Maiy 31, Anno 10, John S. Francos 0, Amy 3 ; l,e (Inflon : A. 3S, Hairy 10, Louis 7; Hamilton, Mary 23 ; Moyle, Elizabeth 27 , Hall, Emily 18 ; LiviDgstono Jane 27 ; King, Eli/»both 11 ; Taylor, Marion 47 ; Rrown, Mary2.">; Ashtou, Eli?aboth 32; Burbeiry, Mary 32 ; E^an, Anno 27.

ARRIVALOFTFIETARTAR.—STRANDING OK THE MACU UEGOU. The Auatialasian and Ani'Tican mail steam, ship ' J artar,' Capt. J. C. Feme 1 ), amved m harboui at G o'clock ou the morning of March 4 from Kandavu, with tho wholo of the mails and passengers of the btoainiship ' Macgregor, ' which has gono ashoro on tho shoal insido [ the roof at Kandavu. Ifc appearB that at tho timo of tho ' Mactjrogor ' going ashore sho was in charge of the pilot of the port (Mr. l'Yc3t). '1 he following report of tho running on a reef of the steamer Macgregor has been kindly prepared for us by Captain J. S. Ferries, cf th« 8.8, Tartar : — At 5.1,") a.m. on tho morning of tko 2Gth tho a.s. Macgiogor got iinderwcigh in charge of Pilot Frost, the Tartar weighing and following slowly in her wake. At 0 15 p m. the Macgragor struck on tho shoal iuaido the reef : tho Tartar came near to tho atom of i lie x\/,icgregoi and anchored. At tho request of Captain Grainger passed a hawdor to tow him oil. After a trial of soveral hours, during which timo wo parted all our btat hawsers, it was thought expedient to lighten the Matgrogor forward, and await tho nii^ht tide This was accomplished by the b.s. Shir of tho Soutli going alongsido Macgregor, and receiving from oighty to ninety tons of cargo from her for transhipment to Auckland. The Tartar then made fast to the Macgregor with stream chains and bcathiwser« ; after a throe hours' tiitil it was thought advisable to reuaovo aft a poitiou of coal remaining forward in tho Macjrtogor, and mako anothor trial of tho day tid'j of thu 27th. This was done and likewise proved unsuccessful. It was then considered inexpedient to mak« any furthtr trial to get the Macgrogor off until sho waa < thoroughly hghtoncd forward. We found aftor consultation, that thia would occupy too much time, and it was thought advisable to transfer all mails and passengerB to the Tartar. Thii was accomplished, and the TaiUr went outside tho reef without a pilot at 7 p m. At 8 30., proceeded on our voyago to Sydney, by way of Auckland. Captain Grainger expressed himself as fully confident that ou removing all his coal and cargo aft, his ship will lloat of!" the shoal, and ho will 1 then proceed to Sydney without delay. Tho solo blamo of the mishap is attributable to Pilot Frost, as, with ordiuary caution, no danger need bo incurred in entering the harbour of Kandavu by day. When the lights, now placed, aro in position, it will be iquully safe by night.

THE N0R1IAM CASTLE. The clipper bar<]uo Norham CanHo (which last year visited this port undor tho rig of a ship) anivotl at tho powdor-grouud ou Sunday, March S, aftor a fino-weathor pasaago of ! % days. Tho barque oonion Jiito port in ovcelleut condition. Captain Carey rtiporta havinq sailed from the docks on JS'orerahpr 27, and from the Down? Douambcr '-'. Auclioied oil Folkestone, and sailed again the same evening. Had fiwbh S.E. Tiindn for the fa'iht few days. Tho VK. tiailcs proved vory mdiffeient, thoy being mot with in 13 N. Rij;ljtod Capo do Verde Island ou December 26th. Lost the trades the ismo day. Crosiod tho Kqualor on January 3rd, m 28.23 \V. I Took the S.E trados off (he line, and ci\r- | lied them to 27.0 S. Fiom thenco had fresh but variable wmdsi. Sighted Tmt.iu d' Acunka on January 17th, and pu»«d the j meridian of tho U»p© of Oood Hopo on the 24th of tho tame mouth. Ran down ea«tmgi between tho p»r«Il«ls of 4b" and 47 N. Rounded Taiaam» on tho 2Ut ult., «a4 fr«m tliono* h»d S.W.

winds for threo days ; thence N. E winds to the Thieo Kiirrg, which wero passed on .Saturil y niuruinjjl.nfc at two o'clock a.m. Down thooonsfc had utrong northerly vtui'la and heavy Kim.

Captain Joanson, of ttio Marine Survey Department, prooeed -d m tho Colonial Government p a. Luna from Dunedin on Fcbrumy 21. for tlir puf pose of fixing a nuinbor of I now lighthousis on our coast. Hie A.S I'. O.'s s.b. Star of tho South ' .imvod in harbour on Sunday mght, M.uch ] s, with a cu»o of fnul and a uum!i« of pus- * "iii;'>ki. Tho following isCap'ain Farquhai'a ir port :— "Tlw b s. Star of tho South loft Auoklaud for Levuka on February Gth at 1(1 ; p.m. onSaturday. The woathor looked Ihreat- • unnsf, with 0V013' appoaraucr of a g'llo, the biiomoter falling injmlly to '2'J 20 at 4 p 111 ■-ci <mg brocve from tho eastward r. if h high confused son. On Sunday tho weather Pnc. Tin rc/it of tlu pai"«ago experienced fine weather. Arnvedm Levuka on Friday the 13th, nuking the pa3aago in bix days ton p houia, ihaoharged tho stock simo (Uy. Left Lsvuka again at 10 a.m., but stopped outside the reof, as tho Commodoro aent hie steam launch ofl with hia mnil. Exponenced lino weather tho 'vliole of tho paaaago. Arrived in Auckland at 0 p.m. on Sunday, making tho passage in live days nine houra." The Star of the South attempted to tow eff the s s. Macgregor but without huccoss. Tuk Mikado.— The steamship Mikado, the first of tho Australasian and American steamship Company's lino to visit this port, arrived in harbour early on Sunday, I'obru.vry 15, from Southern ports. During Sunday, the Mikado, which was burthod at the outside of the ouUr T, was visited by crowds of persons who wore all •truck withth* Immense ei/e of tho vessel and her fit iip. Erery on« was most courteously reooivod by tho officers and shown by them throughout the vesjel The Mikndo took her departure for Kaudavu, Honolulu and Sau Francisco punctually at 4 o'clock on Monday afternoon with cargo, mail, and pajtengors Tho mail nudar tho oharge of Mr. Andrews. There na« a very lar^o crowd of persons on tho end of the wharf to witness tho departure of the mail boat, A fino new schooner (topsail) from tho ship-building yards of Messrs. Darraoh, at Mahuraugi Heads, arrived in harbour on Friday, Fob. 13. Tho schooner, which fully sustains the good n-vmo oarnod by her builders, is of the following dimeusioni : — Length of koel, 75ft.; beam, 21ft. Gin. ; depth of hold, Oft. She has been built to tlu order of Messrs. Anderson and McLeod, for the coasting trade H.M. gunboat Alacrity left hero ou Wednesday, Fo binary IS, for tho Manukau via Northern and North West Coast ports.

t. S ll ■\\ noi —•)'){ \mU\ 2-»*> 5M> lbs .. 17,1s'» r > y llu 'i-l lulcs, lluj tons .. 2,o, ij 0 ♦ l.i M -'I'tV 1 ists, 111 Ions ),')'H 0 u C> 1 1 - 11 { L.isks IHtons 1,1s-, 0 0 1 a 1 1.(1 w -llfj casks, i.Mon^ l,.i'ii, 10 u ( olios "Ji)j b.iles, O3,. r >0S lbs ., (, ,",i) 0 (J Mi\Hi AliM'itvi - 2, JOh liagi, I'/0 toiis /Jj 0 0 Coi ion *->! i iy -In bi(,"< aiidbulk, 43 toil-) T~<> 0 y lilies In iiiiinbur, IIP. .. i ,ij 0 0 Si M/iUL". -7*1 bundled whalebone .. 13 > 0 0 01 bij;s ( obi.i .. r > , 0 0 2 baks skim, 9S'J lbs 1,0 0 0 WiOO l r ) 0

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PORT OF AUCKLAND., Daily Southern Cross, Volume XXX, Issue 5168, 14 March 1874

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PORT OF AUCKLAND. Daily Southern Cross, Volume XXX, Issue 5168, 14 March 1874

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