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Tin: roturn of powder and shot sold to tho nalivas during the year ending the 30th ot .June, aLo including tho iuuuber ol gun caps purchased by them, # 1Tes tho general result ol 2'.)\\]h powder, 2,28 Lib. ol shot, and ]2,()i)O gun-caps It ia a mat tor of grave responsibility for the Government to eoiien<Ur how far tho system ol grunting licences to friendly natives, entitling them to purchase aiiiiuurittion lur »|>ortiu^ pu: |)O^Cd, IS boln^ oimcd out With due C»ro and circumspection. iMuch depends upou the judgment und discretion ot t!ic ioiMl Magistrates in native distiiL'tv. J'etorc theie gentlemen grant a license in any nMunee they should uot only Ijo well satisfied of the personul chtu ucter of t lie native or natives applying Jur such licen-io, but they should bo 1a a position to enable them to arrive at a tolerably correct conclusion as to whether or not the ammunition ib to be devoted to the purpose for winch it is ostensibly pui chased. .Rightfully or otherwise, there 13 a very general impression abroad that some portion at least of the powder, and shot, and gun caps, obtained in tins nay by so called " friendlier," falls into the liandn ot tho disallected natives. Kvery pri caution ought to bo taken, there fore, against the possibility of tho piaeliees referred to being carried on any longer, assuming it to exist. It has not transpired whether Iresh instructions 011 this aubject have been issued of lato by the Native Oflico Uepartmcnt, but it would not be uncalled lor, we think, if tins were done Country Magistrates, to whom the power ih committed of gianting powder licenses to natives, should be cautioned to uso tho utmost precaution in the future in tho exercise of tins discretionary powor.

In another column it will be seen from oit correspondent's letter that the settlers in the Not them Wairoa District are Uking steps to h.ive the mineral resources of thoir distnct if not utilised, at leant made known. For years past an opinion has prevailed that coal existed m that district somewhere in the neigbbourhoodof Tokatoka, and sometime ago Mr J< nkynn went to oonsidurablo expense in sinking a shaft on his ground, but was ultimately flooded out. Whether tho opinion bo ill «r well founded it is not for us to Hay. When Dr. Diffeubach travelled tin out>h the district between the years of IS JO and 1842 ho observed a bed of lignite, sevinal foot thick, cropping out either on the banks of tho Wairoa, or on those of ouo of tU« oroeks running into that river. 'I he resolution tho settlers havo come to in the present instance is to forward a petition to tho (lovenunent, requesting thorn to send a gmtlumiiii skilled in geology to professionally ux.unine the distiict. The request is a (<ur and moderate one, and ought to bo conceded to tho petitioners. Seeing that coal exists midway between Whangaroi and tho \\ .uroa, and also further to tho north at tho Kawak.iwa, at Maiigonui, and at l'arengiirenga. h.irbour, it appears with a feasible supposition that the coal-bed might extend westward to the Wairoa. Tho matter I 11 {worthy of being inquired into, at any i ato. A mooting of tho Harbour Board toak place yesterday. Among other things it was resolved to make an asphalt footpath, five feet wido, on the wharf from the watcrH.en'H steps to diatom Houso-staeot. Wo direct tho attention of Dra. Maunaoll and Walhs to tho following extract from the London 7V///M : — "Tho Upper House of Convocation, ou Friday, May 9, received a petition fiom -180 "priests" of the Chinch of England, praying for tho licensing of duly <|ualilied confessors. In the course of the discussion which followod tho presentation most of tho bishops took part, and almost generally dcprecntod tho practice of habitual and compulsory confession." Wo havo been rrqueitod to publish tho following with re-^.ird to tho city finance* By a typographical error tho balance of th« Sjxcul Loan Kate Acoount was niado to appear as debit instead of a credit one, as printed in our report of the City Council mi I'ting This account stands thus : -" Cr. k»l.»»o<', 1~><H i)* <)d " The sum of £750 is also invested at interest in thin account. Mthough the (,'ity Loan Account is overdrawn £7.'52 10^ 8d., it has £3,000 to its credit at deposit interest. In 1 87 1 07,000,000 ton<i of merchandise and 102,000,000 tons of mmorali wero carried ovor th« railways of tho Unit«d Kingdom.

On boaid tho ship 'City of Au< kl.uul, now on hor way Mom London to tl" s poi t, theio aie oIcmjii whoop, which have bi">n selected by Mcma. Kobeit Turnbull and Larkwortliy, v»ith very meat oarc Mom the Hocks of somo of tho principal breeders n, Lincolnshire, such .is Mi '■ (> Cluko, ol Welton Le Wold, Mr. Dutl.ling, of P.uitnn, and Mr .). W Kircomho, nf C'ailcBb>. Seven '>l Lho Mipop lie foi tin- I foil. C •'. Taylor, and the othei four foi Joseph May, Ksq , lVput\ imtendcnt. Mi. Taylnt '- lot is (ompiistd «'f h\o ewes and two i.itns Mr May "a aro all rams After pn\ing 'ill expenses for bringing thorn out. Mi M u estimates that each sheep will coat about £50. The fisphnlto pavement in Wellesloys'root is not jot completed, and, judging from pitMont appearances, the timo when it ma\ ho (unshed is moio 01 less u'niutx The footpath on one side of the h.v cortuuly undergone tho ne<essai> picliimnary levelling tho -whole of tho distance from Queen sticet to Hobson street, but the asphalte has ouly been laid down m placid — a stnp hoio and thoie—by which it i c cloarly doiuomtratcd to t.ho nedcatuau that tho pathway, when completed, will have undergone a impnrn-muit on its former condition, though ho may fail to appreciate it in its picsent state. A correspondent who sings hinnolf ''Out'' complains of our Mnngaw.u ootiespondc nt's remarks relative* to the local cnekut club " Out " ib of opinion that the club has beon more thau half a success. Four cates of drunkenness wcro disposed of at the Police Court yosteiday by lus Wotship tho Ma>or One of the mobility enteiod tlio (_ouit smiling, hlco a, voIim ui ]>ni!il)8t using after receiving a knock down blow ; but as tho Court did not consider it n laughing mattei, ho was ordered to pay n fine of 20s.; or, if he thought fit, to spend 4?hours in tho picas mt suburbs of Mount I den, Matilda Morgan loudly pioicsted tint she had not been drunk yostoid.iy, in spite of tho evidence of constable Cordon and detective Ternahan to the contrary. On buiij ordered to pay 20a, or undergo tb houis 1 impriionincnt with hard labour, sIk thanked the Conit, and intimated hor intention ol BBlecting the Uttei couiso, just to have her rovongo on the pohco for the supposed injuries she had sulb tlmI at their hands Andrew Kirkwood was tint'd Is. for allowing hn chimney to c.itJi In e on tho oth iust. ; anil Annio Wlnto w is sentenced to two months imprisonment with hard laboui, for laiceuy of three slurts, a tt'ile cloth, and .~)3. in money. Tlio Ktigmccis and Hobson company Volunteers pmaded last evening at the Drillshed. 'I In re w is i good muster despite the wet weather. The \>\an weie put thionyl a numbci of cvolutioii-j \iy dull inastei Wainhoiibe. The chimney of a cottage- at tho back o 1 tho nciv marki t l)iirst in r o llanie yesieidaj ovoniuj^ Ijotvvt uu 7 and <. i^hL o'clock, but w v (jnitkly i>xtiu"uidhcd l>y the nimitea withoni c.insin^ any ahum or danger. The Auckland Hand of Hope fTnion hel< their annual tea uuctmj* a^ the Oddf< Mow' 1 Hall. Coo < -street, last in\;hr. Tho tea \vn< partaken <jf by a larye numbor of friends o ! the cause of tninporaiico, tho Hall lx uif. crowded Aftei au interval to allow of tin tahl*b bcniK removed, tho guests re as sotnhlcd, and scvcial addresses were dchvei e< by Mr. Le Uoy (who ocoupied the oh in), tin Sociotary, fhe Kev. Mr. W iters, Mr. Humus tho Kev. Mr. 15>l»ar, and Mr. McEvven, ad vocatmg the ndoptioii of the principles o total abstinence. .S> \eial song^, recitations and (batognen were dt hvired by nieni\»ers <> tlio Union, and wue duly appn elated bj those present Mrs Anderson presided .i\ tho piano witJi her usual ability. The I'nw of Hope may well eoii^i.itulate themselves oi the Buccess of tho meeting. Hauhaua aro planting largo finautitics O W'lluat, UOtatOI ■>, uC, la tho no) ft )ibmirn Kir of To Kuiti, apparently pnpaiini; to f. ed i large aimy in that quarter if n-cessary The ucttlcniLJits outside of Orakan, Aratit iht and Wh.irii'pi|).a are still quite deserto 1, tlic natives having .ill joined Purukutu. The Wmkntn Tiw* says : — " Tho Towi; Hoard of Ngaruaw&hia have adopted tlic senaible plan i>f purchasini; for d»at»jb»tiftE gratis a number of trees and shrubs Wt trust the inhabitants will avail themselves [ largely of this u(>p<iitunity of improviug the appearaneo of t)i"ir township ; notliinij will do so equally with tho plvntmg of troos in the front of each house Wo understaud that the terms aie oul) an undertaking fiom tho recipients that they will prot ct tin ni while youny, and when mituiod kuop them m proper order." Tho essay and dtsccussion chss of tho Young Mcu's Chnstiui Associ.ition met lasl evening in the rooms, Wellington-stroLt, Mr. \V. H. itobiiHon m thuuhnr. A p.i]>- i was rei>l by Mr. U. NJ Mam on "The Socond Kmpuu " Tin ro was a good attendanco of mcmbc'is, and tho criticism on the p»por wan cojit'imed to .v 1 vte hour A vote of thanks brought the meeting to a close Tho W(iik<t(<< Tiinft, in commenting up u; the«tateineutof the Muustorof Public Woiln, s*ya — "It is to bo aiucerely legrotteil thai so long a time was given to the contractorin which tt> cnmplrto the Auckland am 1 Mercer lino ') here )3 no n'.ison to that this lino will bo opened foi ti.i he bufou September, l,S7- r ) It would bo well if .i premium weie oiFered to tho contractors of n stipulated sum fni each month tliey shili have completed tho work within tho time ajjroed. lr must be satisfactoiy to cveij settlor in this district to learn that it is tlic intention to proceed immediately with tho line fiom Mercer to Ngarinwahu, and thai tho cylinders for the bridge across the Waikato at that place are already ordered from England The survey of this portioi, of tho Urand 'Funk lino is cmnpli ted, and the ]>).inn are buforo this in Wellington, ao that tht»ro need bo littl« delay before calling for tenders, and it is to bo hoped thai September, lS"-">, w ill be the very 1 itesfc d iti stipulated for its e >mpletion. I'heie ,iro n< engineering dilhcultios of any consi i|'ienco t< bo encountered ; m f ict there is no reason, except a probable sc'rcity of labour, to plc> vent our suggestion bouig carrn d out At the very least th<i lice between Auckland and Mercor, and that between IMeicer ami tho Coal Muus, should bo opoiw d snnultineouely, as there can boliltlo doubt that the carriage of coal to the Auckland n arkot would at onco prove leinuner.itive ; we tnide.if < tieigotte illy worked by the propiietors of tho iiuneB, tvill tax tho traihe resources of tho lino to the utmo«t." A man named Ihaka, bnlonging to tlio Arawa, tribe, cut his throat at Oiakoikorako last week. The windpipo was completely ••vered, but not tho jugular vom, and medical assistant o appears t<» havo been at hand, for tho wound was sewn up , but tho pooi follow, said to bo liiHanc, cut tho stifcf lies, which had to bo icstorod. It nof stat< d whether or not death had rosulted —[Correspondent ] While some horses wero being shipped on board the schooner ' Clyde' yesterday morning, for Wh.vngarei, iuid of tho mo i on-jag* d in handling tlio aninialB had his fliuinh severely iuttuu by a horse moro vicious than the rout. Tho Ngatirankawa intend to hold a moot 5 ing (it To Wiiotu shortly, to diseuss l'ie (pioation of mails and othoi m.ittcis alleetmg their district, when Mr. Mack.iy will to present. The fi'n/ >,f Pfrnhf T'nm s- says : -" Te Heira, a N'gatiwa chiof, conrerned in tho Kulloon mm dor, flnd who was hboiated l)y ro((iicst of Kowi 11 about to visut tho May of Plenty. Kowi talks of accomjiauyinc; him Tho Kilukilu correapondont to our*to eonti mporary siyH : — " Tlie now blockhouso outsido K.iuginohia is getting nearly eomploted. When it ia garrisoned it will add much to the Recunty of tbo district '" Tho transfer hooks of the North Devon Goldmining Company will bo finally closed at noon on Wednesday tho UOtli instant, when a disliihution of the assets of the Company, amounting to thrco shillings and tbreo eighths of a penny por share, will bo made to the nharoholders.

Tim tot il issur of the llihlc by tin l.ntish uid Kotei^n Ktble s <>< icf y since its foiuintiou in isi) t amounts i" no li an than (i\ 177,031 copies, -mil tin 1 number of languages and diaIcits into wined it has been translated icii In a "JO I Tin- ne\t meeting of the School Teichon' AbsocmIioii ii to by bold on Satmdiy ne\t the UJfch iiutant. Mr. Kiaser, t,l>o wellUiiowu master of tlie High Schi ol, bynionds«tioot, will read an origui-il essay on "The tjunlilu;ations, Natural and Arrjmred, Necessary to Form a Cood Toaehor." Tins Sou. (y is rapidly paining ground among the Uadieia of the province The seen t u y infoims us that ho baa another long Ust nf new luemlieis to piopono at the nest meetmtr, and ho expects that before the cud of the year the Society will number at least 100 members. Some very mteiesting io[>t)its on education, examination papers &c, as well as copies of the now Education \ct uoently introduced by the Hon Mr. Yogel into' the Houaa of Aseoiiibly, have Ikjou leceived by late mails, and that for convenience of members they will bo open (or their perusal at the Mechanics' Institute on Saturday next for & couple of hours, between 11 and 1. The I'linnies to ichois .no seeking to affiliate a bi xn<-h Association upon the parent society m Auckland. The Rov. David J'nice will conduct sou we at Ngaruawahia on Friday no>.t at 7 3d p.m. Tlu- ThinmtAihi iii-< i ofyesteiday gives the following us the ro isou why th« Hianns Vallny Railway is not to be p'o. u«. <l< <l with — "There are two reasons why tins i ail way has not boon proposed, do not appi ai on the surface The lino is onb winch tho the Xatiro Minister does not look upon -with f.ivour, and one which would leally assist to bieak up the power of tho Native Department. Tho second reason whj tlio Ministry h.ivc dropped tho promised work, it baausu they aro playing entirely into the hands of the Southern members. H is u-.vlly a piti iblu position for tho province of Auckland to bo hi, but it 13 ono fiom which we shall be unable to eacapo until our lucmboia aie moie united." To the Editor : Sir, — The Auckland Chamber of Commerce- have taken upon themselves to petition tho iiunuial Assembly again-t the new tanll, and favouiing the old method ot charging duties — by weight or unasuicmeut Permit me to ask the membeis of that Chamber if they consulted tho welfare of the public at largo, the consumers of dutiable goods ? or have they confined themselves to their individual objections — to increased taxation upon merchandise — with which they, as importers and vendor a, have to opct.itc with. I protost against any class of men advocating thoir particular views and attempting to upset a new older of things, huciuso they presume it may nijuii 1 then intetests 'J'h( aigunionts made use of by munibi rs at then meeting was childish in the eUiemc, and should i emanates fiom suini) ignorant country ilcalci, hut cei tainly not fiom men supposi d to be tho cream of our mercantile- community With all due icspect to tho members of that Chamber, 1 in.nutaiu the alteration ol duties will not clloct the workini_,-elass and pool p-oplo of tins colony ; but will certainly lax tho wealthy and well-to-do colonists, who havo hitherto nob paid their fair proportion of taxes in tho matter of duties. It is an absurdity that my washerwoman should contribute more to the revenue of tho colony foi thi' clothua that she wears tuau my wife, when diessed in my favourite silk dress with vehct ti iminings, kid ghwes, &c., &c. Yet such was the fact ; becaii3o 1 can pack into sm ill< r compass the Bilk, &c, in my wife's dress than tho woollen stull which composes my washerwoman' 1 dioss I consider it most iniquitous tax.i. tiuii, that of charging by nicasuieinent oi weight. The new tariff, or system of ail valorem dutie-i, it> the only method to equalise tii* . I i<iu, <m.l mttlto Suoli im ii <o COiniiriac titiK Cli.uubei of Commerci 1 pay then fan proportion of duti<s. 1 will give a cas<* in point, 1 pud duty upon a |>a<A,j^o of dnipcry 'JIKt., at .">s. pui foot, amounting to to. 'L'he contouts of this casu consisted of liudfoid tonl and uhoddy cloth liouserd, pieces of cdico, JUniH'l, and woollou stull s for dresses , invoice value, £48. I also paid duty upou a package of samo measuromcut, coiit.nnnifj piccey of aatiu, silks, velvets, embroidei y, infants robes, laces, and silk and velvet ubbon« also, costly feathers and imitation ilowors The value of tliiscaso was £."iS0, but tlie duty was the same as on tho former caso— only 15 I havo also paid upon brass-ware, lowt. at •h , and invoiced at £i0 value. The ad valoimi duty would be £3 : and I maintain that common hardwaro, such as used by the 1 ibrmrinn class, on^ht not to be ch.ugul at tlio a uuo i.itu as brass-waro, line cutlery, Britannia-metal Roods, and all Much articles, pncipallv used by tho wealthy and rclineil public. I chalk nfjo any member of the Amkland Chamber of Commeice to provi that ad valorem duties will increase the burdens of the working class of this colony. I pay duty upon all descriptions of uupoits, and I aseirt that the pnuciple of cli-vi^m^ by ad va'.oiom is tho only equitable method, an I fur mipcuor to the formei stylo by mcasuicmout and weight Tho niosent rates pni cent aic coitainly vcrj high, but it will assuredly havo tlio elUct «i 'iiLieasing oui olloi ts ut colonial mdustiy t( a vei y groat extent, but doubtless nil suiiously affi'ct unportoiH, and theiofou in uiy individual members ot our publn. spirited Auckland Chamber ot Commerce.— 1 am, iVc , Vo\ I'ovlia, tirahamstown. " On Saturday evening last," says the Wadcili, Tdi}'\ "a iiKctiut; was held in Ngaruawahia fai tbo puiposo of taking ot<'p k tofoim a boating club. A mibs<;nption hsl was opened m tho room, and £25 promised. 1 bo subset ibers thon passed rcsnlutioiu nuthorismg a committee, to bo aftoiwardt elected, to draw up a code of laws, ami tc treat with Mr Ross, the local hoatbmlder, foi the budding of tho required boats, the sud boits to bo pair-oared out ngged gigs. Tlio following were electe-d a piovisiuna 1 committee : — Messrs llolloway, Cmtis, Cluke, Byron, and Alexander. It ha° seldom come to our lot to announce tho in itiation of any cluh with equal satisfaction ltownig is perhaps the most hoalth-pro-duciiig and hoiltli prn^erving sport tliat has yet boon inv\ ntud, and it would lie shameful on tho pait of tho young and mid'llc-agi'd men of th" distiKjt if thov did nut utilise the splendid river running past their very doors." Tho Soiith Australian Parliament has been opened. The spccdi couRratulites the j)i'0])lo on tho piospuuty of tho co'ony, promises immediate attention to immigration, a new Indication I'lll, moasuress foi dealing with loads, the trans continental railway, insolvency, tlie carrying out of public wmki (including the improvement of tho haibmir), and increased railway facilities — Concerning immigration tho Mimstiy tele-graphed to tho Agent-Coneril in London to arrange- prolimtnarios for sending out two shiploads of agiiciiltural people, to bo tbero by the next harvest They proposed placing on the SupplniH'iitaiy estimator C3.000, which with tl.ODO nm \p'-ndi>d from last year, which would be ivailablo to moot harvest dtunanda. The spuch stated that tho pioceedmgs of tho luti i colonial Confereucn would bo laid Loforo both IIousos, and ho wa9 glad that thoio was every |iro*pi'ut of a speedy sutUeincut of the now postal seivieo. JIo eonguitul.ited hon members upon tho prosperous condition of the colony, iheroveuuo for the ye ir having greatly exceeded the estimate. Thy public works, authorised by tho loan of last session, had been commenced, anel a poition of th'i loan nogotiatcd on advantageous terms. Tho noconsity of providing for in mcroaso in tho jiopul.ation would be laid before thi»m forthwith, in order to meet tho wants of tho coming harvest. New bills would bo introduced for educational pur-posi-H, rouls administration, to amond tho laws relating to tho Northorn 'IVrntor^, foi tho transcontinental railway, and to amend insolvency law. A bill would .ilso be introduced foi obtaining a loan for increasing railway appliances and improving tho harbour. The price of tho wasto lands iu |tho lato province of Southland is raiwd to £3 per acre, .j

The Thames l*ttntn<i Slai of yosteid y sa^s -"As sonic men woie engaged tins morning excavating .it tho beach cud of Wil-loughbj-stiect, ptepatatoiy to lajing water pipes, Homo ciuliU ins of Maou mortality woie conn) upon, in tho shape of a skull, blade ln>m s, &e , tli<> tei th m the nkull bijiii'4 wi'll ))iPRi-i\oiI Wluthei the it in. vins null Cite .'I MilOtl f 1 1 1 r y ! 1 1 _X (>r <iOIHC (U'L(1 of darkness we cannot say, Inif doubtless some scion of Maondom will feel big ilesh ciecp at the unhallowed disturbance of his ancestor, who may yot live in the poetry of Ins people " Whit is a Yaconin'' PecaiiRC ho or it must lie an itnplotvsmt soit of neighbour to in!) Bhouhlcra with in a ciowded thcatic One of theso lively eieatures is icported to have recently jumped upon the stage of a Japanese theatre, aud at one blow decapitatLil .an unfoitunatc actor who had happene 1 to displease lnin, piobably by clipping his Ii'b, lolling his K's, or some other .lapancse equivalent for dianutio impiopiiety. Tlio audicnco were naturally mucli nstoiuahed at such a genuine bit of tragedy boing enacted before them, but strange to say, instead of applauding to the ceho, aro stated to have "all left tho place precipitately " Evidently tho dramatic taste of the Japanese m of a \eiy coinmonplaco order. the de light with which a similar sensation would lie leooived by a crowded audience m oui own ' dramatic temple. To bo sure theie might ! bo some dilliculty in finding actors willing at short, or any notice, to tike the pat t of tho , N«u mini's victim, and yet pven tha: might lie got ovet moie easily tuan might ho ex pecud There 13 no accounting for tastes, and it would be scaiccly more extraordinary if acton should bo found willing for a eonsidoiation to lose then heads, than that there should be dramatic authors, capable of gointj for their inspira'ion to tin dcid house, 01 audiences to applaud then toul inhumanities — Tmcii a nd fiinuliij ./(.an nal. 1'iofiise liberality, and a contempt for the luxuues obtainable for money, seem to go hand in hand in Sandhurst. Mr. William HefTcrnan, at a considerable expense, hns pin chased a pri7,> cainaqe in Melbourne, which lie intends placing at the disposal of the (iovernor during Ins forthcoming visit ti> ( L )nai (/opolis. The panels o[ tho vehicle an einhl.i/oncd with bearings, and a distinutive motto. 'J'he maUera wroto to Mr. lliflernan to know if he wished the embellishments to bo retained, or if he would rather have the doors decorated with his own ciest. "Any crest will do for m-'," roplu d the unostentatious host " I wouldn't ndo in tho blessed thing at auy price. I would f<H.noi ndo m a who* 1 barrow." Happy Mr. Hoflernau, with a luxurious carriage at Ina command, that ho can content himself with such a primitive means of locomotion The Dean of Iweter, in a lecture on the National Church, has stated tint jn the last fifty jytais the Chinch of KngUnd has raised md spent, in the erection of chinches, C-2."i,OnO,<)(IO ; 111 the endowment of churchc, £'M) ODD, 000 ; in tho election of schools, C I."), 000. 000 ; and in the election of par9onag< house", L.'i 000,000 , making a total, iaia .1 undci the voluntary system during this half century, of 173,000,000. It is said that the dictionary of the German Iiuguago in course of compilation by tl 0 B-otheis (Jnnim will contain moic words than any other publication on record, ]t has already reached tho number of »bout i lJjO.OOO, and by tho time it is complete it 1 wnl compuse at least 500,000. Robert Taylor, who, io is almost uunocesssiiy to say, is a married man has been aneated foi nttomuting to outrage a Mrs. Kate O'Connor, in San Francisco. Mrs. O'C'outioi ih fifty jcars of <igc, and it ia thought that Mr 'J aylor's couusol will set up a plea of insanity. Tngland has W.i furnacos, producing r.,(KU) (ion tons of ihk iron iier annum secured fiom 17,000,0(111 tons of oro. Messrs. Smith and Wesson, an American linn, li.ive just concluded a contract with t'u KuhSian (iovernnieiit to supply "200,000 re volveis {or tho Russian aimj. Tho first railroad iu IiulMiia was in IS 15, when .^0 miles woro built. In 1S71 thero were 2.IU5 miles. I'Vom a Japanese sourco we learn that 300 of the. most promincut dealers in ailk»vonn eggs have been arrested for forging thu <jo \ eminent atarnp necessary ti> bo attached to all eggs intended foi the foreign market. The banks and banking (inns of Pittsburgh number 101, with an aggregate capital of i^S.000,000 dollars. The consumption of iron for railroads during tho inesuit yiar is estimated at I,7.i0,000 tons D-faulting ratgp.iveis in I he Okahu Highway disttiefc are notihud tliat unless arrcais are paid «t once, a solicitor will be employed to enforce payment. An extiaordiuaiy general mooting of the Chnstchurch (J. M.C<». will ba held at Orahauistown on Xcptcmboi 1. A apeeial ni' cling of the Bright Smilo (J.M.Co wdltako plaeo at (Jrahamstown ou August '}(». 'J l>e rtyulai monthly meeting of tho Mark Master M.i"oi><) Lodge will be hold this even, nig at half past seven o'clock. Notice n hi'icby given that Edmund Wondgatp Stiatfoid, will mako application foi his trial dischaigo in tho Bankruptcy Court on Thursday September 4. 'lYndcis aro invited by tho N.Z. Kapanga (loldnnning Company, for rivctting two Cornish boilcis in sections of four pieces at the mine. Specifications may bo seen at the Kogal Mail Hotel. The Onehuui»a Choral Society will give a concert on Knday next, at eight o'clock p.m. Shareholders in tho Windsor Castlo Coldmining Company aro reminded thnt all shares on which calls aro duo, will be foifeited after the ISth instant. An extraordinary meeting of shareholders in tho John Hull Uoldmimng Company will be held at the Golconda Hotol, Coromandel, on September (1 A list of forfeited shares in the Eureka I fill CJoldiuming Company, to bo sold bj public auction on tho 2."ith luataut, appears 111 our adveitising cohunus. Notiee is given that Mai tin Joseph Cleary, late of Mimiltou cast, has been adjudged a bankrupt , and that a mooting of his s will be held on Tuesday next, tho 19th met. at the Provisional Trustee's o/lice.

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SUPPLY OF POWDER AND SHOT TO NATIVES., Daily Southern Cross, Volume XXIX, Issue 4983, 13 August 1873

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SUPPLY OF POWDER AND SHOT TO NATIVES. Daily Southern Cross, Volume XXIX, Issue 4983, 13 August 1873

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