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Tnr London "-tieets yesterday morning and the ttaffic oh tlic iiou louls wue in singular contiasl; to the ■=cene on the same anniver-ary in tho "old coaching days." In 1780, when tho fust contest for tho Derby stakes took place, and much neaicr our own time, tho journey to lipiom was pei foi raed solely by the stage 01 "light accommodation coach," ■which ion daily fioin tlie Belle Sauvage, Georgo, aud Blue Boar, and other inns of leputed character. The Downs aie now a >pio-».chcd by seveial lines of lailway, and those l>e»t on enjoying themselves by the loalaie conveyed m innuineinble vch.clcs, fiom the most grotesque to the mo<-t stately. Fiom an eaily hour carriages, vans, omnibuses, and an endless variety of two and fmn wheel conveyances, w r cie pa-sing through the lea ling thr>r.m<Thtares, on the way to the scene of the sic it event A Hansom cab not engaged, and the accompaniment of diess peculiar to the noon, wasaiauly. About S o'clock the Dei by traffic piopei began to show its If, ainl continued in an unbroken stream until close upon 12 o'c'oek. Each of the four hotus had, as a rule, ils distinct chwe,of U-avelleis. From S until 9 o'clock might be see i tho snug light cai fc of the small tradesman, with Ui3 family, anxious, to l each the comsebeforo the ciowded sUte of the load made the passage dangeiom. Fiom 9 until 10 o'clock, dining which houi the whole length of load fiom the Elephant and Castle to Kenniugron-gate was a dense mass of \ehicles, moving along nt a snail's pace, came alcng the tiaps of the betting men, the banows of the costcimongeis and the gieeugroceis and furnituic \\u% always pressed inlo service on the Deiby-day, tl c latter mostly containing a Lcivy fi eight of men, women, and childien of all condition, fiom the "lough" to the decent aitisan, the majority of tho forma decorated with paper feathcis m their hats and " jolly noses" on their face". Fiom 10 until 11 o'clock came a constant succession of loiir-hoised or.iMibuves and light \.a i«, the foimer loaded inside and o it with "gents," «\ll smoking c.gais or pipes, all veanug white hats, all spoiting gieen veils lound them, and all evidently bent oa making themselves as lidiculously conspicn >us as posaib'e. Tlie vans weie pimcipally occupied by femahs, old and young, 111-lavomed anil putty ; but all dispensing smile? fn the most manner on the S| ectatois who lined the pathway. Aftci 11 o'clock the tticam of tiaflic somewhat slxcke.ied and from that hour the road was puncipally occnpied by the well appointed biougham ; the open landau, with postilions and four holies , and the Il.uisoin cab, chiving down membeis of the, " nog" o.i books and btts intent. As many as six policemen wete engaged to keep oiilei at th 3 depOt of Foitnum and jMasoi, Piccad'lly. wheie the company haltpd to tiko up piovisions The rush at tlic r.vlway stations was immense. A uooden stiuctiue had been elected at the London-bruise terminus, and the intimation to " J3o'»k heie for Kp^om" was lesponded to by in my thousands. The hi sfc "special" fiom the Bu^htmi station left at 10 minutes past G o'clo k, e<inve3 ing aboui 300 of the metropolitan police, and a Luge number of civihms ivho anticipated a nsh hanu->t ' in the sale of the vanous articles they tt ok down for disposal. Thihist ' onhuaiy" from the same ternumis left at C"2.j, the tiam compusm" 21 cainage3 — containing aboat 600 passengets. The tiaftio fiom Victonawas equally laige, and at the South- Wesbein Hallway all the company weie icquired to meet the emeigency. The fust tiam left Wateiloo at7'iO, aud otheis left tv iapid succession thiouqhout the day. The Piince of Wales and the Piinea of Tlesse staited in an open carnage from Marlboiourrh-house at a quutoi -past eleven o'clock. A la'£>o number of psr-ous assemble 1 in Pall mall, nndot the imp<essisu tint tho Princess of Wales would a^c >.npany the piiiica, but when the gates weco tluo.iu open it w.'S at once seen that her loyal bi^lm "i not in the carnage Jhe carnage party iln>vo n'ong C!p\o-land-mw, liy St iffmd houss thioigh tlie pvik, aid o%ei V..axha'l biid^e The following rae the details of the vie 3 • — Tho D. rby Stakes of 50 soys. each, h i- , f>i 3ye.iro'd cilt<, Sst 101b.; filhos, 6^l .jld ; the second to i\cci\e 100 bo\s. out of the sc ike's, pnd tha wuiiioi to pay 10!) siv& towauU the po'ico .>-id rogil.atiinsot the course, and 50 so\«. to tie judge; the last nnlo and a half of the > cv,' C'oii:so. 233 subs. Mi W I' Anson's. "Blair Athol, bv S;i.k«ell— Blmk Sst. 1011) *(T S lo'idou) I Lonl GHs^o.vS Genenl Peel, by Yo m^ Mel-bourne-Oilando, Sst lOlh (Ud..oro) 2 Mi. Mcuv's Scott Chief, by Lonl «f tin I-les — Mi^, S-.t. 101b. (J. A dims) JJ Cap'Laui Coopei's Knitjht of Snow do i, bj F.u^iletto—Fan tle'en, Sst. 101b (F. Adam>) 4 The foil wing also ran: — •Bai«gUi, UolUfox, Stiafrbul, Master Rich ud, Wamoi, Tathcdi vl, vSai it, Planet, Pans, Copenhagen, Ackwoith, Outl.uv, Ely, Signalman, Birch Bioom, Maior, C.imhnscan Avashmgton, Appeniuc, CoTstguaid, Piivateer, Historian, Puuce Aitluir, Doi mouse, Vahaut, and Tziak Walton. Betting • 0 to 2 each agsfc Scottish Chief and General feel, 11 to 2 agst Birch Biuo.n, 7 t> 1 as;-,!; Cambu-.can, 13 to 1 each as;-,tßlau Athol and Pa is, lo to 1 agst Ely, 100 to G agst C»a3 L guir 1, 2S to 1 a n st Valiant, 100 to 3 each agsfc Baiioali and Ackw^oith, 40 to 1 d, SO to 1 cacha>rst Ilollyfox and TTistonan, 1,000 to 10 agvfc Copenhagen, and 1,000 to 5 agsL Waslimgbou. Tpp PvA.ce — The 30 rnnneis weie weighed out, and their numbers hoisted upon the tolegiaph boird at exactly half-past 2 o'clock— half an hourbefoie the appointed time for staiting — but owing to the long delay in cleaiiog the com -,o, it was not until a qua tei past 3 o'clock that the horses ncaied the post. Ihen another tedious delay ensued, in which eight false starts occurred, Warrior, Valiant, Cathedial, Birch Broom, Cambuscan . Surat, Master Kicharl, Planet, and several of the others frequently breaking away. At 16 minutes lo fouv o'clock, the flag was dropped to an excellent statt, when ITistoiian made play for the fit sb half mile, followed by Birch Broom, Majoi, Coastguaul, a-id Genoial Peel, the latter being on the iusids to the milc-and-a quarter post, where "the General" took a slight lead, followed by Ely and Baiagah, Chief clo^e up, lying fourth, Birch Broom fifth, and Cop°nhic;en next. Major at this time he'd a g.iod plice, with Palis and Mr. Naylor's two elese up with him. Ilalf way thioucjh the furzes Baragah aud Ely both headed Gcueial Peel, aud ho they came down the hill towaids Tattenham-comer where Paiis i an ino fifth or sixth place, and in tho turn luto the straight a regular sciimmige took plac? with the second aud leai division, and they ca'ce lound in such disorder that it w*s difficult to ie'l what were immediately in the rear or the leading lot. Geneial Peel unquestionably got round the turn into tho straight be3b, taking a position next the lower tails, Ely followiug on his light aud Scottish Chief on the light of Mr. Uai t Wrights colt, these three beiug closely followed by Blair Athol in "the General's " tiack, Baragih on the lower ground, with Cambuscan on his light, coming on next. Approaching the distance Geueral Peel and Blair Athol drew aw ay ; but on arriving at that point. Bl lir Alhol headed " the Geneial, 1 ' who had not a struggle left in him when collared, and the son of Blink Bonny aud Stockwell, cutting him down in the most gallant manner, won, though not without severe punishment, by two lengths ; three lengths separated tno second .and thud ; and thrce-qua'tera of a lcnath divided the thud and fointh; Ely finished fifth; Birch Bioom sixth, Cambuseau ssvent'i —B ii aqali and Coastguaul being next, close ii|>_ The lasb lot comprised Wamoi, Iziak Walton, Piivateer, Masler lliclimond, and Surat ; Dormou»o walked in with the ciOs\d The time in which theiace wis mn was 2 minute 43J second-., being a second and a qna't r c s thin his dam, Blink Bonny, and threcqnarteis of a second longei than the slioitesb lime on leooid thitof Kett'edtum, in IS6I. Not lalua of the st'ko was j.— Home Nm^

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THE DERBY DAY., Daily Southern Cross, Volume XX, Issue 2188, 26 July 1864

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THE DERBY DAY. Daily Southern Cross, Volume XX, Issue 2188, 26 July 1864