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S#ptomber 20,— Mod«r»t» B.S,\V, ' wlndi imd clew pltMant w«athor. " .... Soptinib»r 27.— Southtrly windi nnd lino w«athor.

, .' ARRIVALS. Auckland. •••-, from Soutlurn Province*. Wnvorley. tcliooiur. from LytMtoa. Dwing (ouooner, from AUngapni.

DJSPABIURES )'»ns»tlrn,'« •.for .South or n Frorlnoii. Qu«tm of tho SouUj, ihip, for Cullno. Queeil of Boauty, Imm fur Bombay. Viototit, ifllioou«r,' fat Korotongn. Kiwi, tobuoutr, fur t^iTiituhurcb.

VESSELS EXPECTED. H.M. i.i. Curooon, from Sydney. Ida Zel/ler, ship, from London (3nl d p , 76). G*ng»i, (hip, fiom London, (lit (1 p , 41R2). ComUnce, linrqne from Kirn FrnnoUco, (2nd d p., 6279 Ahvynton, baique, from Adtlalde St. Mngnus, burque, from Adelnido 6ca Brttza. bin qne, fi urn LMinceiton, Einign, brig, from Adelaide < Wild Wave, ichoon«r, from Cantorbnrjr. Heron, schooner, from Ly tteHon. Vlctroy, ichooutr, from Ooolone-

PROJECTED DEPAUTUKEB. Bit», brly, for OUjto, via Omuru. Boomerang, brigtntine, for ilobart Town, t(a Tlnurn. KxcoUior, ichooiisr, fur N»pl«r. Kauri, ichouncr, for Cliristchuroli

VE<SEIS IN HARBOUR. (Mill Hit doei not iiv.lurte ooiistlner cutter*.) Auolrfand, n * , fiom Southern l'rovincei. Claud Hamilton, ■ • , from Sydney 'JL'yburni i, ship, from t.oiuloii, In quarantine. Owen Glondowor, ship from London. Annio Wilson ihip from London. Giduceus ship, from Melbourne Salnuia, bur quo, from Mclliouine. Alice Camoron, bill quo, from AOcUlds. Sun, Anieiicnii wli.ilcr. fiom tlio l);vy of Tilandf. Charlotte Andruwi, bnrque fiom Sydney. , Spray, brig fioin Adolnldo. E)t» brie, from N'owcustlo ' Soa Gull, brigantine. from Sydney ' Boomerang, brigantino, from Lannceston Kxctlilor, schooner, fiom CU&Uiam tsUadi. , \ Southern Ciosi, miisionnry tchooner, fiom South S»* lilaudi. T»urnn?n ichooner, from Tnnrnnga. Waverly, schooner, from Lyttelton. Will Watch, outter, from llorotongfi.

ENfERED INWARD3-FOUEIGX. SEPTEWUkR 20— Caducous, ship, 1,000 tons, A llalton, horn Melbourne — J. W. Dam, agent.

cijKarkd oi 1 rw Anns- coastwise. Skpteuiek. 28— Bonneta, 28 tons, Peterson, for Wangarei and Mangapni. with 4 tons flour, 2 ton* sugur, 1 ton iron, 4 ton potitoes, 2 tons luggage, 8 cases spirit* Passengers— Mi Hay Mr and llrs. Phillips, Mr. McLoughlin, Mr. Kollini —S, J.Edmonds, ngont 2ft— liangaMrn, » « , 174 ton% Matheson, for South«rn Provinces, with the following cm go —For Napier— loo cases geneva, 2 j-cdsksbrivntiy, 2 cases, 1 bale 48 sncVi oats, 240 bam lour. Si packages merchandise 30 kegs nails, 1 c»sb glim, 15 camp ovens, 1 case iromnongory, 1 case, 2 kegs. 22 packages , for Otngo — 100 cases genevu, 1 case , for L) ttelton —2 bales leather, 1 cane, 2 cases ironmongery Passenger* —For Nupier— lt Roberton. Jtfrs Iloborton. Oeo Winrtlove. L.liza Wuullove, Murray. L. Butcher. Caroline *nd Henry Itutchtr, for Duncdin— Messrs li G Norriss, A. Watt, S J, Bontley, \Y. Rea, K. McKay, D I'roctor, .r. Ongg, h. Wliitlty, J. Smai t — Rattray and Alatheson, agents.

FOKKIGN. 26— Victoria, (chooner, SO tons, Young, for Eoiotong« — Combci and D*t<ly, agents 20— Quocn of Beanty, ship, 1,2s 1 ; ton 3, Chapman for Point de Guile, in bull»3t.— CrulckslianV, Smart, niitl Cu., agents

EXPORTS-FORHIGX Per Victoria, for Rorotonga •. i packages drapery.

NAMES OF PASSENGERS PER SHIP •TYBCRNIA.' C'ABrN.— Charles, Mtw , Charles, Wm. IT , James M., Frank E., and George 0. Metealf; Theodore Lnvne; Robeit, Robert;, Osciir, and Eva Peat ; Mis., and Annie Cur; Robert W.ilker ; Annie Yorke ; Heniy, Jane. Margaret, Annie, liiaham, Laman, and Hemy Barton, Thomas, and M. Anu Jickson; Key. T., Mis., and Henry S. Booker; Ensign Howard; Dr. Nicholson ; Mr, ami Mrs. VVaie. Second Class.— Rebecca, Msuy, Elizabeth, and Robeit Boot; Joseph Croft, J.unes Page, Richaid Hires, Mc.rris Clarke, George F. Rees, R. Elizabeth, and Robeit A. Hall, William, Emma, William, Catherine, and Rose E. Hnbaml ; Fiedeuck Maryold, Wellington Peat, T. C. Graham, Fauuy Uuthank, E. W. Gnhain, William M., Cathmine. Mary, and Saiah Flower, Ed waul J. Phillips, Sergeant Raiubird, Sergeant, Mrs , and Henry Roberts. ** Third Class —William and Elizabeth Bennett, John Nichols, William, Elizabeth, and Ann Mary, Edson ; 'John B. Julmson, 'Ihonin, Amelia, Cliira Annie, and Sarah Amy Ogle ; Thomas Able, Heujien Maitin, Martha Uowe, Jabez Butter, George Stant<m, Mary Pnckhar.l, Mary Ann Wainwnght, Joseph, Mrs., and AunieM Nichols; John H., Mary Ann, John, and William Soar; Edward Afctenbniough. William Giles, John and Salome Pikett ; George K. Connie, Chatles Whittle, W ilium Frearson, William 0. and Elizabeth Gooilfellow, William Guttendge, A., E, William, Jame«, Isabella, Hannah, Alexander, and Ellen Ratolifff ; William, Hannah, Chailes, Thompson W., and William l>ys; Anthony Harvey, Martin J., 11., and Han is Wilkes; Fiederick Wilson, William, Emily, and Herbert, Mawon ; Henry Holbiook, Saiah Hraison, S. Wihon, John U. and Jane W. Tliom«-on, James, Mrs., Eliza, and James Cooper ; Eliza aud Hoonott Street, Sarah Cropper, James C. and Eliza Cooke ; Ed. W. and Harriet Lowe; William East, William Hewict, Alfred Hniues, Francis and Ann Chappel, William, Susannah, and William Allaook, Matthew H. Airey, Geoige Maw->ou, John J. Middlefcon. Sarah ilobiusou, Henry, Ann, James, and 131 u<i Smith ; Johu Holluway, Alfred Catch pole, William, John, and Mm. Steveni ; John Maxtmi, William, Mrs., Sarah, and Benjamiu Sanderson ; George, Elizabeth. Mary Ann, Henry, Sophia, and Hosina Keano ; Joidiih-ilill. George, Louisa, and Hairy C. Hin.l ; Richard Leigh, William H. Sueats, James, Sarah, Thomas Henry, and James Aithnr I'ix ; Arthur Fry, JaweuH,, Sarah, Henry, Sarah Annie, and Emma Smith; John Cairington, Mrs M., Mary Ann. and John Coade ; Ellei> and Sophia Dabell ; Sarah, Emma, aud Harry Uomiigton ; E.d\vaid and John NieM ; William, Ann, William, and Elifriljeth Chad win; William Wilkinson, Reuben and lilizalioth Nwlkillk; William West, Benjamin. Elleu, Alfied, j and William VV*<vr<Ue ; James and Sarah Buckley ; Kezia Edwards, James mid Mary A. Maddouks; William, Martha, Elizabeth, if. A,,, Martha J.. Caroline, Alive, William, and Hose Cutler; Jojli), Jane, Johu C B , Henry J., Thomas G , and. Alfied E. Gninmer ; Frederick Stacey, -loin) J , Matilda E . Agues, Geoigina, William O. C, John T. IJ.,l J ., Alfred 0. P., Garibaldi, and Mary Jane Clarke ; Walter, Emma, Frederick, Mary Ann, Charles, Clara, aud Sarah Rowbell ; W. J. Bayley, Jouathan Moi rif s, Wlliam Callaghau, Samuel, Aijn. and Tiioinas Widowson ; Frederick Wheufceroft. Thomas Mason, Sum«ou and Maria Place; William Sarah, William J., Elizabeth, Jobeph. Sarah M , Jane, Edward. Rich.ird, Agnes, Mary. B, Florence, aud Albert Tingey; Thos. Donovan, Henry Jenkins, Charles Hill, Robert Burton, Henry Layoock, Charles LitehtiuM, .lonat)ionJ. and Harriet Nofiies ; Robert Mackie, Alfred H. Keeble, Henry, Caroline, Henry, William, James, liichaid, Aitbur, Caroline, Samuel, aud Edward Morton ; Samuel Priuce, Edward G. Farrt.nd, Leah WeinuH, Elizabeth. Eliza, Henry, aud Edward Elliot ; Joseph "Kirk, George, Sarah, and Eliza i^nd 'Ann Davis; George, Aiitue, and Aunie M. Biackwood ; Ehza, ' Maud, John, Susannah, Henry, Esther, Sabina, ]Jenjamin Mi, Ann, John, and William Callen ; John Hall ; Caroline Glaridgo ; *• Sdrah A., and Floreuce Shorthose ; E Iwiu, anil^l^ry Laun<ler ; Sarah Stauton ; Charley and 'T>§o\]ms Ramsay ; John and Sarah Massey ; John Bigtfell ; Sam. F. White ; George and Sarah Fiaher ; Gilbert Anderson ; Joseph Aleebrooke. • "

MISCELLANIiOI'S. The ship Telegraph, Captain Po"p«, isiled from Kapler for Callao on the 19th inst. ( The •ohooner Maid of Kont cleared at Lyttelton for Auckland on tht 10th, in ballait. 'I he schooner Albatrosi was oxpecttd to null from tyttelton for Auckland on tho 17th inst. , Tho cutter Will W»toh ont»rod outw»rd« at the Caitomhoutt on Snturdny for South Sea Islands. , The Airedale crossed tho Alanakau'bar at 8,30 on- Saturday morning. Tht schooner Victoria, Captain Young, »ail»d for Burotonga on Saturday. ' **' The * * Babtatira, Captain Mftthtson, tailed for Napier and Dunodln on Saturday. She left Queon-strett Wharf ab three o'clnck. ,'J he ships Quein of Bemty, CapUin Ohspmnn, for Point (It G»ll», • and Queen of tht South, Captain AuvU, for t!*U»o, tailed ruterday morning. A icboontr and brig w«r§ •Ixmillod yeitordar afternoon, but th* wind being from the Southward, and a itrong «bb tldt running, up to a late hour, they h«d not mad* their appearance. The *liip Matuura had Hrrlved atOtaf'o from Gla»foW.wlth <00 iouli on board. ■ Th«r« btlng oa»«i of imall-poi oa.boßrd (ho' ivaf at one* placed in quarantin* ' - Th« gunbat"B*ndfly"raturn«(f from the Watroa about halfpait 10 o'clock pn ffiduy night, bringing tb* detachment of Auckland Volunteer*, rrartouivta leaving, «h» put the m«n belonging to tho Mirand* on bo»r/| (hat tbjp, »nd the Miranda got up into harbour on Saturday morning. Tlit Storm Bird arrirtd in .the Miinakim last •▼•nlng/ " flij' left Wnnganui on' Friday, 25th; at 7 KO p in , and ox|j«rionotd moderate weather : anh«d at Tnranaki on Satuiday, at 10. in'fllpok : left again laniddayat opm.; arrirodat Raglnn on Sundaft,!)* 8 ffplqfilf. ; and left again on tanie day at 10 o clock ;- arriveaatManatawan.mJait night -, f ,i. •> > » ln [' *' Piwfo^ 'tfw Stonp Blf*'s *M» V > °- w r Sihnaoktnbnrg*. JiUii Alien; G«0. Bho»/2aV Alien) Mr. 1 Smith, two U itecrage.

cTho-ictiooneri Marohionesi and Snrprls.'Jand tUVontew Xa»l Wftt TaranaW «hon tho rftormßhd left. Th. Kato tT^WIMT* f«r the Manakau yoitorday,^ and tho SurptUu for K fc.%Td^mllton. Captain Maohi^ will loav. for Sydney thU aftornoon, at four o'otook Th» English mull will bo denmtchol by the Auckland, on tbo Oth proximo Tho Claud Hamilton hai boon condemned m n .wall boat between the colonies ; but In tho event of the Phoobo not bolng .oa >y, Slid will bring tho next mall. Them wa« an error in our wookty summary withjrogaid to till* bont-hor da-o of arrrlval wai til. 2l»t, not 23idf boiugono day before her duo date The schooner Wavorloy, Captain Anderson, arrivtd from Lyttelton yesterday. Sho left Port Cooper on Saturday, the 12th ln«t., with light broezos from the > B.E, passed the Kidnapper* on the lith. blowing strong from the B.K On tho "sth tho wind veered toN and N.W. bowlngagalo, which lasted until th» 21th : on tho 25th it still blow hard, with occasional lulls; durlnif tho flilo carried away the rudder heads and fore a«ff Prom thatllmountlUrilvalthowlndwaw from the a . and 3W. Tho Wnvorle) bilngs 2,800 bushels oats, Ciuickshank, "1 he's"*" Auckland, Captain Gibson arrived from tho South roitonlay Her dates are as follow : loft Unnediu, 10th , anived at Ljttleton. 20th. lofi 2Ut . arrived i«t \\ clllnvton on 2>nd loft on 23id ; nrrlvod at Napirr. 24th, loft on the 25th ; arrived at Auckland on tho 27th Passongerc • Cnpt Johnson, Mrs. Johnson, and child: Mr Nohon, Mr. and Mrs Ooitih, nndohildreni Mr Aikjn. Mr Wyny.ud )lrs Brit and child ; Mr W Oowlav, Mrs Morrison and child : Mr, Thompson, Mr' Lynch, Mr* Jb'errard, Mr McNulty, und 135 Volunteora. under the command of Captain Johnson Tho Auckland B a»<cd the Kangalira 10 mlloi X of the Morcury's at two a m. Viuterday. The Lady Bird arrived in Napier on the ,26th. Jlotinv ok Tin- Hiou Sea.s — The White Star liner Annie Wilson, from London to Auckland, with cargo and passongers, wni spokon by the Sir Ralph Abororomhlo on tho 18th August, in lat 44 dog 84 mln S. long 53 dog 32 mm E 'I'hoy kopt oompany till the following day. whou tho chief ofllcor of tho Annie Wilson bowled and rfportod his crow, and a numbiT of the single tnon passengers in a stato of mutiny. The captain hud »norn In a detachment of passengers as special constables ' for the safety of all on board, Thecareo had b"on broiched and the officers hud to walk tho docks with load«d revolvers No assManco was required from the Abeicromblo, and the Captnln v,m In hopos ol mulling Auckland without anything soriom occurring [Wo extract the above from the "Otngo Daily 'llmoV of tho 13th His singular that on tho arrival of tho Annie iVlUon In tills port no mention was made of tho cireumstam c referred to.] Tho VVildftreretnitii'd to port on Saturday mornins; to tako on board 60 pigs for Auckland. Sho is now re idy to ro, and will sail, woathur ]ietmltting, this day.— " Hawke'n Bay Herald," 23rd September. tt »t\«. The Sohooni b Nautilus — Wo aro sorry to stato that the schooner Nautilus owned by Mr Gioenwood, was wrecked in Pftlliier B=iy, Welllngmn on tho morning of Wednesday lasf, during tho prevalence of a strong ualc frnm the S B Captiin Holmei, as wo aro Infoimod finding at davliglit ih-it his vessel wn insido Pnlliser Bay, tried to beat out but, losing hi jib nt ft .vory critical moment, was compcllud to drop his anchor, the <ehjin of whioh however, very speedily pjvt-d. Ihe Nantilui «iM then driven on the sanily bea h. and by tho last accounts remained In pn tty good condition, though tho bulwai k* lmd been wns'iod away • aptiin 1 1 Mraoi was washed overboard, but. having tho lead-lino mide fast around his body he eventually wucceederi in reaching tho shoro The nawemten and crew wero all saved Tho \a itihiB,,we believe, was uninsured. "Nel«m Examiner." Sopt 17 WnEOK ov this ' IUani.AUU Übsu '—Intelligence reached town yesterday morning that a disaster had taken place a short distance above tlio mouth of the Now River, which lesulted in tho total low of the Highland Lassie, a vessel of ,f,bont W0 tons, bound for this port from > 't«i?o . From wh it «c have learned. It appears that tho Hitrhlapd Lns-lo olt'nred out from Poit Chalmers lalo In the aftornoon of Friday or tho morning of Saturday last. Towards tho afternoon of Wednlsdtvy she made tho New Uhcr Heads, and was taken un a fow yards abo»o the pilot station, where- she was anUioicd for the night Next day tho anchor was raised with tho view of proccr ding up the river, under the direction of one of tho assistant pilots, when «ho Immediately began to head on In tho direction of the suit on tho cast sulo of the rlvur, a fow vardi bolow the wreck of the Gnidmg&tiu. The ship's boat was manned with the view of towing her head round to tho channel but to no puryoso as sho continued to head on until ■he reached the bank and becamo ftrmlv imbedded in tho sand and was found to bo making nnter lapidly With the ft«iit>uiee of tho men from the pilot station, tho pumps were uut in requisition, and after Ugorous opeintion It was found that the water in tho hold was making too giont lioiidway to leave any tloibt of the fato of tho vcssul bhs wa3 freighted with pirt of the orlgin.ilciW) of the T K. MiUidfco, urincin.itly consist ng of timber, fencing wire and liquor, consiKned to Mossis UaUetty. llnttray and Co of thin place, which is understood to be Insured to its full value Tho craft however, is said to bo insured to the c\ tent of about two third, of its value —"Southland News "

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SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE. PORT OF AUCKLAND., Daily Southern Cross, Volume XIX, Issue 1934, 28 September 1863

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SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE. PORT OF AUCKLAND. Daily Southern Cross, Volume XIX, Issue 1934, 28 September 1863

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