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ENTERED INWARDS. December 20— Effort, 32 tons, Frost, from the Thames, in ballast, 5 passengers. December 20 — ]£iwi, 40 tons, A, McGregor, from Mongonui; in ballast, 12 passengers. — Cruickshank Smart and Co., agents. December 22— Laura, 16 tons, Hohua, from Waiheki, with 2 horses, 20 fowls, 3 tons potatoes, 1 ditto onions. — December 22 — Brothers, 22 tons, Johnston, from Waiheki, with 25 tons firewood. December 22 — Raven, 24 tons, Cacutt,fromMatakana, with 20 tons firewood and 9 pigs. December 22 — Annie Laurie, 35 tons, Norris, from Russell, with 3 tons oil, 14 do. v gum, 1 keg raisins, 2 boxes soap. Passengers — Mr. and Mrs. H. Clarke, Mr. Gibbs, Mr Smith. December 22 — Aquila, 27 tons, Austen, from Russell, with 37 empty barrels, 2 do. bags. December 22 — Ann, 20 tons, McMillan, from Waiheki, with 35 tons firewood. December 22 — Shalimar, 1402 tons, Brown, from Liverpool. Passengers — Cabin : Mr. Melling, Mr. Masefield, Mr., Mrs., William & John Bonar ; Miss Paton, Mr. Allott, Mr. & Mrs. Huston, Albert Guly. Steerage — Geo., Mary, Eliza, Mabel, George, Agnes, Augusta, Ada; Eva Wyatt ; Ellen Eames, J. Garden ; Wm. Murray, Sam. Johnston, Hugh, James Wylie ; Walter Humes, Teresa Swift, Geo. Craig, James, Mary, and Mary Lamb ; Edwd. Leyland, Thos., Mrs., Maryanne, William, Thos., Deborah, Harriet, Lavina, Agnes, Francis, Isabella White ; Ptk. Darcey, Thos. Bostock, Gr. Roberts, John Beadew, Dan. Pettigrew, Pat. O'Callaghan, John Cockrof t, Wm., Helena, Ann Flavell ; Septs. Mason, J., Sarah Edmondson ; John Freeman, T. Ferris, Christopher, Isaac Smith; W. Thomson, Richard, Maiy A., Bridget Daly ; John Duddridge, John Miller, John Fulton, Dan. Delany, Mr. Jones, Mr. Davis, William, Mary,. Mary, Janet, William, JohnV. Kerr ; John, Mrs., Charles, Miriam, Thomas, James McDonald ; Chas., John Thomson ; Landey Batching, JohnForster, Johnßiley, William, Mrs., Harriet, William, Florence, Ernest, Meteor, Bridget McKinistry ; Thos. Waring, Edward, Margaret, Anne, Susan, John, Henry, Edward, James, Eliza, Hy. Pilkington ; David Fisher, Saml. Young, Anne Fisher, Thos, Singlehurst, Jas. Brandon, James Faughey, George, Susan Langlands ; Hannah Backhouse, Thos. A., Mrs., Eliza, Georgina, Mary, Helen, Fanny, James Kidd; DavidCarden, Alex. Woodbury, George, Sarah, Sarah Cumming ; W. Sterling, John, Mrs. Beadon ; Wm. McCullum, Geo. Hunt, John, Mrs, Swales and 2 children ; Wm. 8., Eliza Evans ; Chas., Eliza, Cleveland ; Anne Bagshaw, James, Mary Durand ; J., Susan, Peter, J. Bridget Drongool ; James, Charles, Michael, Patrick, and Mary Anne Drongool ; Mary Hanlon, Thos. Hirst, George and Wm. Smith, John Watson, Jas. Curtain, Patrick Kerrish, Arthur Cleaver; William, Anne, George, Arthur, Jane, and Win. Appelyard; Geo. Cooper, Josh. W. Horton, Mrs. Horton and infant, John and Mrs. McLeod and family (3), Chas. H. Jones ; James, Mrs., and Thos. Walker ; Mary and Henry Thomson, Alex, and Hugh McLean, Jos. & Sophia Muvin, Wm, Brown, Rob. Essam, Anna McCormick, Jas. McKeown, Win. Hawls, George Bradbury ; Amelia, George, and Wm. Clad worthy; Henry and George Kent, Edward Morton, Ralph Smith, John Kemp, Joshua Rushworth, John and John Miles, Jas. Crossley, R. Goodworth, Geo. Rymer; Jos. Isabella, James, Isabella, Joshua, and Robt. Dixon ; Mathew Howat, John Ouaeley, Joseph Cliff, Andr*w Hunter, Jas. Banks, Daniel Cuddy, Jas. Edmondson, John Longworth, John Moffatt ; Susari, Jane, and Susan Dalghish. — O. R. Strickland and Co., agents.

CLEANED OUTWARDS. December 20 — Ant, 20 tons, Henare, for Tauranga, in ballast, 1 passenger. December 20— St. Kilda, 83 tons, Tautwri, for Russell, with 2 coils rope, 1 cwt. soap, 4 cwt. sugar, 30 pckgs. sundries. Passengeis — Bishop of Waipu, Mr, T, C. Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Whiting, and 2 children, Miss Gardener. — S. J. Edmonds, agent. December 20 — Lily, 17 tons, Eggerton, for Waiheki, in ballast. December 20— Victoria, 18 tons, Poulgrain, for Waiheki, in ballast. December 20 — Mystery, 10 tons, Trimmer, for Waiheki, with 10 cwt. flour, 5 bags sugar, 40 lbs. tobacco, 20 pigs, 1 passenger. December 20 — Wairoa, 15 tons, Turner, for Wairoa, with 2 tons flour. 10 cwt. sugar, 8 gallons rum, 2 cases ale, 1 plough, 6 bags bran, 6 bags maize, 5 packages furniture. December 20— Marawini, 16 tons, Hoani, for Mangawai, in ballast. December 20 — Effort, 32 tons, Frost, for Oma and Ahuriri in ballast. December 22— Brothers, 22 tons, Johnston, for Wai« held, in ballast. December 22 — Laura, 16 tons, Hohua, for Waiheki, in ballast. December 22 — Kiwi, McGregor, for Mongonui, with 2000 feet timber, 2000 shingles, 1 ton flour, 30 pkgs. sundries, 1 case transhipped ex Nourmahal, 1 case, 2 horses, and 6 male passengers. December 22— Satellite, 30 tons, G. H. Cleveland, for Napier, with 800 feet house blocks, 200 posts, 35 tons firewood, and 4 passengers, i December 22— Ann, 20 tons, McMillan, for Waiheki, [ in ballast.

! IMPORTS — FOREIGN. Per Shalimar from Liverpool — 87 camp ovens,j4 casks paint, 8 casks oil, 14 bundles forks, 4 casks 1 case hardware, 5 trunks merchandise, order; 1 case merchandise, Samuel Rout; 4 cases do., Geo. Samuel Graham; '5 bales paper, Gilfillan& Co. ; 23 chests tea, 10 barrels pork, 5 boxes provisions, order; 60 cases bottled beer, Cruickshank, Smart & Co. ; 5 pkgs. merchandize, Brown, Hall & Co. ; 35 packages merchandise, 1 boiler, 1 furnace, (2 cases) 1 fly wheel, 1 bundle gas tubing, 860 fire bricks, 5 tons pig iron, Newman and Ewen ; 2 cases merchandise, Henry Isaacs; 7 pkgs. merchandise, E. H. Isaacs ; 3 ooxes, 2 bales, Archibald Clark ; 1 box, G. S. Chapman ; 250 casks bottled beer, Gilfillan & Co. ; 11 pkgs. merchandise, 100 bags, 12 mats salt, Ritchie & Smythyman; 1 case merchandise, J. H. Burnside fc Co. ; 12 packages merchandise, 3 raokages do., Gilfillan & Co. ; 1 box jewellery, Newman k Eweh; 115 cases porter, 238 cases ale, 500 bags common salt, 506 bags stored salt, 24 tons coke, 42,000 slates, 170 boxes soap, 11,320 building bricks, 1,000 blue fire bricks, 419 flag stones, 500 bags Indian com, 5i spruce deals, O. It, Strickland & Co. ; 28 packages

merchandise, 20 kegs nails, Saml. Fleming; 1 box merchandise, Thos. Hirst ; 1 box merchandise, E. J. Cudd; 59 pkgs. merchandise, 9 bags nails, Thos. A. Kidd. For Wellington— so cases beer, Smith & Co. ; 3 bids., 2 hhda brandy, 1 box samples, order j 5 bales paper, W. &G. Tumbull ; 2 casks, 1 case merchandise, J. Y. Aston ; 250 casks beer, Smith & Co. ; 4 cases merchandise, T. C. Smith; 1 box merchandise, John Leal ; 200 boxes, 300 boxes soap, order.

A ship was signalled in the evening of Wednesday, but her number was not made till the* afternoon of yesterday, when she proved to be the White Star clipper Shalimar. She brought up »t about 6 o'clock inside the heads, wind and tide being contrary. The Shalhnar left Liverpool, on the 12th Sept. at 630, and cast t>ff her tow on the following day with a fine fresh breeze at>N.E. Palma was sighted on the 30th Sept., and San Antonio on the 7th Oct. She passed to the westward of Cape de Verde ; picked up a fresh N.E. trade in 11 o N.,'and carried it to the line, which was crossed on the 19th Oct. Immediately after passing the Equator the S.E. trades were fallen in with and remained steady down to the 38th paralell. Trinidada was sighted on the 25th Oct. bearing W., and the Meridian of the Cape was passed on the 14th Nov., in latitude 42 » . The Shalimar ran down her easting in about 43 o , beautiful weather prevailing the whole time. During this part of the voyage five icebergs were seen. Cape Ofcway was ma^e on the Bth Dec, and Bass's Straits passed through on the 10th. On Saturday last the Shalimar rounded the Three Kings, and she has since experienced light winds. Captain Brown reports the crew and passengers healthy. 3 children died on the voyage, and a marriage took place. The Shalimar seems a comfortable vessel, with exceedingly good accommodation for passengers.

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Daily Southern Cross, Daily Southern Cross, Volume XVI, Issue 1281, 23 December 1859

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SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE. PORT OF AUCKLAND. Daily Southern Cross, Volume XVI, Issue 1281, 23 December 1859