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Entered Inwards. M»rch 15—Francii, 20 torn, G. James, from Ma huransji, March 16—Cannibal, H tons, Pomana, from Torere. * March 16—Vivid, 26 tons, Hitching, from Monga- j nui. Pusienger—Mr, S. Wrothall. March 16—William, 20 tons, D»y, from Ngungadu. March 17—Bon Accord, 17 torn, Shearer, from Coromandel, With 9 passengers.—-T. Russell, agent. March J 7—Ophelia, 25 tons, G. Simpkins, from Coromandel. March 17—Royaliit, schooner, 142 tons H Harris, from Sydney. Pasiengen—Mr*. Harrii, Capt Moody, Capt. Webster, Mrs. Webster, Messrs. D Grahame.T. Johnson, Miller, Beatie, Web •ter, Thompson, & Capt. Ford.—C. Davis, agent.

Cleared Out. March 15—Francis, 20 torn, G. James for Mahurangi. March 16—John, 28 tons, Sullivan, for the Barrier. March 16—Alert, 16 torn, Putney, for the Wade. March 16—Louis, 8 tons, L. Dehari, for Tauranga. Passengeri. Lieut. Chesney, & Mr. Win Doughty. March 17—Perseverance, 16 tons, Grundy, for Coromandel. March 17—Vivid, 26 toni, Hitchings, for Monganni. March 17—Waterwitch, 14 tons, Jones, for Mon g&aui. Pisiengers, Messrs. J. P. Lloyd, H. Willett, G. Reid, Heyth, W. Kemp. March 16—Spencer, Brig. 222 tons, J. C. Martin, for Melbourne, Passengers Mrs Armion & 2 daughters, Mr. & Mrs. Leathart & 3 childien, Mrs. Thompsons & 4 children, Messrs. H. Cos grove, Charles Rose, Mr. Me Gregor, Wife, & . -u:i4 f>i,«.l->. Rrnna PnnmhH Jfc Duldv IMPORTS. In the Frances, 800 bushels 'ime. In the Cannibal, 120 baskets potatoes, 4'bags do, 3 bags maize, 2 pigi. In the Vivid, 8 dcz. shovels, 1500 yards drilling, 1 package slops, 7 tons kauri gum, 5 tons potatxs, 1 ton onions 8 boxes onions, 7 bundles oil cloth. In the William, 11,000 feet sawn timber. In the Bon Accord, 1 [topsail, 1 square foresail, ex Lalla Rookh, In the Ophelia 28 bundles shooks, 2 cask hoops & heads. In the Roya'ist, 40 boxes soap 2 caski & 1 case chemicals, 27 tierces beef, i barrel pork, 30 boxes soap, 10 bag! flour, 6 bags ingar, 7 boxes tea, 2 jars wine, 4 casks bottled beer, 10 packages [drapery, 5 d>i hardware, 6 casks tar, case metal, 3 cases cheese 5 packages oilmans stores, 2 cases billiard lights, 45 cates prints, 40 boxes slops, 20 casks oilmans stores, hhd hardware, package do. 2 stretchers, 16 ions biscuit, 28 bags flour. 20 cases oilmans stores, j bale w jollens, truss woollens, 11 boxes prints, 20 i boxes soap, 10 b)xes candies, cask hardware, 1 53 bags sugar, 2 bales shirts, 80 drums nails, I case haberdashery, case shirts, case haberdashery 3 cases hair oil.

Exports. In the John, 10 bags flour, 1 cask tobacco, 2 casks pork, 10 bags bi.cuit snd sundries. In the Alert, I ton potatoes, 4 casks pork, 2 cases gin In the Waterwitch, 10 bags sugar, 6 bags potatoes, 3 casks ale. 1 case rum, 1 case brab hats, 1 bag sah, 1 cate tobacco, 2 bales slops. In the Spencer, 95 000 feet sawn timber, 30,000 shingles, 20,000 lathes, 5 casks (1 tunj oil, 1 ton cheese, 5 tons onions, 60 tons potatoes, 4 cases (200 pairs) boots, 18 tins (5 cwt.) cheese.

The Kirkwood it now ready for sea, and will clear at the Custom House this morning The ichooner Will o' the Wiip, Captain Liddel, arrived in our harbour, yesterday afternoon from Port Phillip. The following is her list of panengers — T. Crag, Jane M'Coll, Jame» and Ellen Moorhouse, W. Blake, W. Scott, Walter Scott, W, Aitchiion, wife and four children , T Headi, wife and child, G Hoy. D. M'Nicoll. wife and two children, Mr. & Mrs. HyUnd, J. M'Cartby, P. Nolan, J. Walsh, C. Young, C, Hill, R. Hill, W. Scott, Jas. Dalrymple, Geo. Stro»d, T. Wilion, J. Hogan.

VESSELS IN HARBOUR. R- y 1 st, schooner, J3O tons, Capt.Ha rii arrved from Sydney. Will o' the Wisp, schooner, 130 tern, Capts'n Li''del, arrived from Mcloournc. Kirkwoid, brig, 136 torn, Capt. Gill, loading for Mb >ourne. — J. A. Langford, agent. Charlotte, whaling barque, 280 torn, Captain Debney, for freight or charter. — W. Brodie, agent. Lion, American whale ship, 297 tons, Captain Nicholi, from the fisheries. Bain & Burtt, agent*. St. Michael, barque* 377 tons, R. W. Prance, loading for Loudon. Brown & Campbell, agents. John Wesley, missionary brig, 237 torn, Capt. Ryle— refitting for cruise In Feejee and Friendly Islands. W. S. Grthame, agent. Edward, ship, American whaler, 339 torn. Capt. E. P. Mother, for the whaling grounds. Bain and Burtt, agents. Lalln Rookh, ship, American whaler, 323 torn, Captain Gardner, arrived from whaling grounds — refitting »r Coromandel Harbour. Bayi & Burtt, agents. Royal Sheperdeis, barque, 4 % 6 tons, Capt. J. Bell, loading for Melbourne. J Woodhouse, agent. Atkins Adams, American whale ihip, 330 tons, Captain Fish, from the fisheries. — Bain & Burt, agents.

Tlie brig Raven, Capt. Thompson, hence for on the sih, arrived at Sydney on the 22nd February, having experienced a succession of westerly gales Sne was to sail for this port a day or two after the Royalist, full of passengers ; which last v.-tsel rep >rts having Rpoken the barque WiUhm Hyde off Cape Brett f om Newcastle, bound for this port. The barque Whitby, 437 tons, Bruce, sailed for Kiapara Feb. 6. The schooner Camilla, 2<U tons, Capt. Plant, cleared out from Sydney on the 25th Feb., for New Plymouth, via Two-fold Bay. Passengers, Mr. & Mrs. Imlay aud six servants. H. M. Brig Fttntome, Captain Gennys arrived at Sydney on the 1 4th February from Wellington H.M. Ship Herald Captain Mangles Denh»m arrived at Sydney on her voyage of mrvey on the on the] 8 th Februaiy. The schooner Waitemata, Capt. Bolger, which left this port 22nd January, bound for Port Philip, put into Sydney on the 22nd Feb., having carried away tome of her spars. The Catherine left Auckland for Port Phillip on the 6th February, deeply laden with a cargo of pota toes. On the 19th and 20th, in lat. 36 9s. and long. 162 7 east, the encoun'ered a heavy gale from W.N.W., during which a tremendous sea wis run* n ng. At 6 a.m. of the 20th, whilst going bead to sea, the gave a violent plunge, parted the martingale stay, and the foremost, bowsprit, and jibboom went by the board, — the foremast level with the deck and the bowsprit close to the knightheadi. Upon ex amining the bowsprit it was found that the bolt which secured the bobstay had been broken for some time, the two parts being very rusty, and not having the slightest appearance of a fresh fliw. The foremast in its fall stove the boat, carried away the larboard main crositree, the starboard foremast chain plate of the main rigging and split the mainsail. Jury masts were rigged by making a foremast of the fore yard, a bowsprit of the jibboom, and the toptail yard for a square sail yard, under which rig she has been since the 22nd ultimo. She haa encountered very bad weather all the passage. Spoke a whaling »hip off the Throe Kings on the 11th February, bound to Auckland, — Sydney Morning Herald, March 3.

Kauri Spars. — We perceive an advertisement in the Sydney Herald of the 3rd instant by which Mr. M'Namara invites freight from Kiapara to a port in England or France of about 400 loads of Kauri Spars, and 200 loads of shorter kauri timbtr Our readers will probably recollect that we were the firit in this Journal (Southern Cross) to publish an account of the French scientific experiments with reference to the respective qualities of Kauri, Florida, and Baltic pine ; in which the superiority of the Kauri was so pre eminently demonstrated. This requirement of freight to France may therefore, in all probability, prove the commencement of a new and most advantageous export.

The barque "Mousam" hence the 2nd January arrived at Melbourne on the ! 2th Febrmry. The brig "Keitrel," 300 tons, W. Wallace, was advertized to sail from Melbourne for Auckland on about the 25th ultimo.

English Shipping. — The Charlotte Jane, from Adelaide 26th July, arrived in the Downs, on the lUth N ;vember. The Bentinck arrived at Swansea, and the Sibells, off Swanage on the 3rd November, from Adelaide. The Potentate, from New Zealand, arrived at Gravesend 6th November. The Royal Albert, for New Zealand, sailed from Graveiend on the 4th November. The lady Peel sailed on the 6tb ; the Hope on the Bth ; the Indiana on the 10th November, for Melbourne. The Eliza, for Portland Bay. left Graveiend 11th November. The Thames tailed on the 3rd, and the Athlone on the 9th November, from Liverpool for Melbourne. The Thnmft* ChuAwink left- Dh] on 3rd November for vember, T<r Western Australia The Kesomte, ror Sjdney & Sir Powell Buxlon, for Melbourne, failed from Plymou-h 9 h November. The Hoogly, for Sydney, left Graveiend 11th November. Vessels Uid on for the colonies in addition to those already published— For Sydney : Rebecca, 343, Sheppard, with dupatch ; Childe Harold, 478, sih November ; Tigreis, Hedger, 13th November; Blundell. 573, (emigrant!), November 28; Dolphyn, 300, (Liverpool), November 15; Chandanagore, 900, Edwards, with diipatch ; Pictura, 7th December ; Florentis, 4 >3, Fmdale, (emigrants), 20tn November. For Hob»rt Town : Rodney, and Dutches of Northumbrrland, (with convicti), November 6 ; ComUnce, Honduras, and Middleton, November 8 ; Morning Star, November 10; St. Vincent, (with convicts fom Gibraltar), November 15, Senator, with dispatch. For Launceston ; Mermaid, 6th, and Thomai Criip, 12th November. For Adelaide : Derwent, 6 h and Rookery, 16th November ; Marshall Bennett, (emigrants). 18th December ; The Sir Edward Paget was to tail 25 th November. The steamers Geeloug snd Melbourne, sailed from Greenock on 4th November for Melbourne. The Francisco, hence 27th June, arrived at Graveiend 24th October. The Dutch ship Nehaleina, 704, Bart, was to sail Ist November for Sydney : and the schooner Gazelle vras to leave with despatch, for Sydney via Oporto. The Undine, for Launces ton, sailed I4th ; the Quito, for Hobart Town, and Tasmania, for New Zealand, on the I9ih ; the j Walwich, for Adelaide, and Panope, for Launceiton, 20th ; the Cashmere, for New Zealand, Duke of Richmond, for Portland Bay, and Rodney, for Ho btrt Town, on the 20th October, from Uravesend. H M.S. Hercules was receiving emigrants at Blackwall on 4th Nov. for Australia. Launch of a Fiitt-gun Steam-frigatb.— ■ On Wednesday the Imperieuse, commenced Not. 23, 1850, was launched at Woolwiih, in the presence of Lord Adolphus Fitzclarence and other naval officers, and named by Lady Walker. The following are the dimensions of the Imperieuse, which has the figure-head of an arrogant woman :—: — Length from the fore-part of the figure-head to the aftside of taffrail, 245 feet; length between the perpendiculars, 212 feet; length on the upper deck, 215 feet 7£ inches; length of the keel for tonnage, 180 feet 7% inches; breadth, extreme, 50 feet £ inch; breadth for tonnage, 49 feet 6| incheß ; breadth moulded, 48 feet 8§ inches ; depth in hold, 16 feet Sf inches. Burthen in tons, old measurement, 2,357 68.94; burthen in tons, ntw measurement, 1,662 80; burthen in tons of the engine room, 542 73; rrgitter tonnage, 1,120 07. The Imperieuse was towed to Woolwich, to be fi ted with her screw-propeller engines of 353 honepower, by John Perm and Son. /

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SHIPPING LIST., Daily Southern Cross, Volume X, Issue 597, 18 March 1853

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SHIPPING LIST. Daily Southern Cross, Volume X, Issue 597, 18 March 1853

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