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The auction announcements of Harris Bros., H. B. Sorensen, Wright, Stephenson, and Co., Ltd., Tonks, Norton, and Co., Ltd., Farmers' Saleyards, and H. G. Livingstone and Co. will be found on page 13 of this issue. A cheque for £350 was received by ■The Town Clerk yesterday from the Christchurch Press Company, Ltd., being an advance payment or rates. An Auckland telegram states that the retail price of beef has been reduced by Id per lb, except for rump and fillet steak and sirloin. At a public meeting convened by the Mayor of Timaru, it was decided to open a public subscription for the widow and children of the late Constable James Dorgan. who was recently shot dead by a burglar. Much enthusiasm was shown, and over £IOO was subscribed in the room. Speaking at the Chamber of Commerce last night, the Mayor said that so far nearly £5003 had been paid into the rate collector's office as advance payment of rates. Only that day he hYd received a cheque from the manager of the Christchurch Press Convpcny in pavment of in advance. Ho thought that showed good citizenship. (Hear, hear.) The chairman, Mr S. A. Staples, of the Tramway Board, and the general manager (Mr F. Thompson), of _ the tramways, will wait on the Canterbury members of Parliament this evening in connexion with the proposed amendments to the Christchurch Tramways Act. A deputation from the Council of Christian Congregations will also wait, on the members of Parliament. A resident of Okain's Bay having written to the Canterbury Progress League on the question of the hour at which the parcels post for country districts closes at Christchurch, Mr P R. Climie, the organiser for the League, has interviewed the postal authorities. Formerly the parcels post mail for country districts closed at 3 p.m.; the hour 1 has now been chnnged to 2. i>.m. In the case of parcels for places* on Banks' Peninsula posted any time after 2 p.m., say. on a Tuesday, they are not despatched till Thursday. An* endeavour is to be made to have matters placed on a more satisfactory basis. It will nrohablv interest those who advocate that in Christehui# the tramways should be under direct municipal control to learn that whereas of the total overdraft of the Wellington City Council (£312,498) the tramways were responsible for £84,365, the Christchurch Tramways Board at the end of last month had no overdraft. This state of affairs in Christchurch is not due to loan moneys, but to the general tramway finance in Christchurch being better than is the case in Wellington. On the first of next month, when interest payments are due, it is anticipated that the Christchurch Tramway Board's overdraft will be about £SOOO, but this, it is expected, will be wiped out before the end of December this year. The Progress League is anxious to complete the arrangements for the proposed tour of Nelson and. Marlborough t\ soon as possible, and is at present awaiting replies from the different organisations in Canterbury that have been asked to appoint representatives. An open invitation has been extended to representative men who wish to make the tour. It is expected that it will take" ten days to complete the visit, and that each person's expenses for that period will amount to about £ls. Ine first day will be spent nv travelling from Christchurch to Reefton; two days are to be spent at ■ Nelßon and Blenheim, and one evening will be «pent at Kaikoura. Public meetings are to be held in the evening at each centre visited. The new tramway legislation under which a charged levied on all parcels carried by the cars, is now in operation, «s a returned soldier discovered a day or two ago to his cost (remarks the Auckland correspondent of the Inamea Start). This soldier has an artificial leg, and when he boarded a city car he left the leg on the rear platform or the car, and then took inside. along came the conductor with his "Fares, please!'' The soldier paid his fare, and then the conductor asked him to pay for his ' luggage. "The luggage," protested the soldier, "is my leg, and my leg is part of me; I have paid my fare.' r But the conductor couldn't see it. He demanded twopsnee for tho carriage of the leg, and twopence he insisted on having, so the owner of tho leg paid up—but under protest.

The figures for the Dominion in respect of pneumonia and pneumonic, fulminant, and septicemic influenza tor the week ended August 29th show that there wero 36 cases of pneumonia and six deaths therefrom. CanterburyWest Coast headed the list with 13 cases and four deaths (11 cases and four deauijs in the North Canterbury portion of the district); Auckland district eight cases and one death; W&nganuiTaranaki district, six cases, one death.; Hawke's Bay district, five cases; Wellington and Otago-Southland districts, two cases each. There wero only 10 cases under the influenza heading; but there were four deaths. In the Auckland .district there were three cases; in the Bawko's Bay, Wanganui-Taranaki, and Wellington districts, two cases each (one death in Wellington district); and there was one case and three deaths in the North Canterbury portion of tho Canterbqry-Wcst Coast district. No cases were reported in the North Auckland and the Otago-SouthJahd districts.

On the grounds that the objector had absolutely declined to fill in the objector's valuation on the form supplied, and that ho would not appear to give evidence as to his valuation, Mr J. H. McCarthy (local valuer), at yesterday's sitting ot the Assessment Court, asked that an objection to the Government valuation should be not heard. An objection, he contended, was not in order if the conditions of the Ajct were not carried out. Mr L. TV. Gee, for the objector, said he had no evidence to offer, but he wished te put in the objector's land and income tax return .as showing his estimate of the value of the property. The president of the Court, Mr V. G. Day, S.M., said that that merely showed the Government valuation eight years ago. On the grounds that no evidence had been tendered, the case would be jtruck out. Mr Gee contended that he was entitled to have the valuation either reduced or sustained, but Mr Day reiterated that owing to their being no evidence, the objection would be struck out He did not know what the effect would be, and Mr Gee, if he wished, could have the ruling tested. Considerable anxiety has been aroused in church circles concerning the present position of the Melanesian Mission. Tito economic pressure which haa been so generally felt since the war, has fallen very heavily, on the Mission. Added to this there has been the effect of the calamity which befell the work when the "Southern Cross" last year upon one of her trips suffered so disastrously from influenza. Besides the loss of life entailed, there was the added burden and disorganisation of another voyage. The Mission to-day finds itself £SOOO in arrears. To enable the Mission steamer to sail from Auckland with a full cargo of the Mission's necessary equipment, stores, etc., and to give her the message to bear to the anxious workers that the Mission is free from the incubus of debt, an appeal ia being made this week. The promoters of the appeal hope that every parish will offer its due share of the £SOOO necessary, if not during the week, at least on Sunday next. Ashburton began well last Sunday with an offering of £lOl.

The adjourned meeting of craters in the assiened estate of Allan HopKuis, 2nd a£nt%ll be held next Tuesday. The Official Assignee, is making en- • • „"+n Mr Hopkns's address, 6 o ouines as to -«r n°K a "°, <!,„ m<*>+imr that he can serve notice of the meeting on him in sufficient time. Trr Bradshaw will hold a trial of the Cathedral on Wednesdav the 21st mst., at 10 a.m., tor the purpose of selecting one or more hots to fill vacant choir scholarships Sori»t«» receive free also a musical training which should be valuable in after life. In the week ended August 20th. there were reported throughout the Dominion*! ca«s of diphtheria and one ,i™+v, fmm tnt disease. Of the total Wellington Hedtli District, 10 in the Otago-Southland nine in the Auckland seven in tje Canterbury-West Coast, fivoin the Wanganui-Taranaki (one death)., and one in the North Auckland districts. A woman who applied at yesterday's sitting of the Assessment Co irt for a reduction of £l5O in the unimproved value of her property was granted a reduction of £6O. "Sixty pounds? she repeated in a disappointed tone les. said Mr V. O. Day, P™ den * °,[ ttl ? Court, sympatheicaily. "We don t get all wo want in this world, you know "No, we don't," said the applicant, with conviction. The mail services to country districts provided bv the Progress League are operating satisfactorily. The Leagues organiser has been over most of the routes to inspect the working of the services, to ascertain if they are giving satisfaction, end to ascertain if any improvements can bo effected. The routes not yet inspected will be, prob-. ably, done before the end of tlhe present week.

A Masonic funeral was accorded yesterday to the late Mr Julius Jackson, of AVellington, who became ill while on a visit to Christchurch, and died in the Lewisham Hospital on Sunday. The funeral left 234 Lichfield street, and proceeded to the place of interment at the Linwood Cemetery, where the Jewish burial service was conducted by the Rev. J>. Schloss. The Masonic burial service was conducted by the lonic Lodge, and the ritual read by Bro. E. Nordon, P.G.D. A largo number of Freemasons were present from Christchurch lodges. The Wellington District Ancient Order of Foresters was represented by Bro. J. Parsonage, P.D.C.R., and Bro. S. Apstell, P.C.R. The Wellington Jewish Social Club were represented by the chairman (Mr Joseph Zachariah), and Mr Jules Newton,, of Napier. Messrs B. Falck, J. Zachariah, J. Newton, J. Woolf, J. Harris, 8r Anstcll, M. Ballin, and J. Hollander ajjsd as pall-bearers. Amongst the many wreaths were those sent by Leinster Masonic Lodge (Wellington), lonic Masonic Lodge (Christchurch). Waterloo Royal Arch Chapter (Wellington), and the Wellington and Christchurch branches of Messrs Smith and Smith. The biggest value cough medicine in the Dominion to-day is the large 3s bottle of "Stop-It"—the most efficient cough and cold cure, and also the greatest quantity for your money. "Stop-It" is sold by all chemists and leading stores—ask for 3s bottle. LOASBY AND CO. (opp. Ballantyne's). 6

The big drop in drapery prices is strikingly illustrated in advertisement by Beath's in to-day's paper. Keep your copy for reference. —5 Dainty frocks are never injured when washed'with "No-Rubbing"—the positive labour-saving Laundry Help. 6 "Profitable Pine Planting" is the title for little Leaflet just issued. This gives some official figure's confirming the fabulous returns .from planting Pinus Insignis. Copy free on application to lvorya Ltd., 21 Manchester street, Christchurch. or to Ivorys Nurseries, Box 13, Rangiroa. 15382

Unbreakable plough shares:—"l was ploughing 7in deep and the ground was very hard and stony, but I never, broke one. I have tried all sorts of cast shares but couldn't get them to stand. I would certainly not use anything else but your unbrcakables for stones." —H. V. Walker, Hakataramea, June 10th,/ 1921. P. and D. Duncan, Ltd., Tuam Btreet, Christchurch, Box 124. 6

Drayton's offer British Wringers at 42s <Jd, all fu-ly guaranteed: CarpetBweepers 39a 6d. China and Hardware Shop, Colombo street (North). D 3046-1494 Spring is really with us for good now. Winter is left behind for another year. Every day one notices the difference. Ladies' C°stumes now reflect the joyousness of spring in the colouring and smart styles. I will let you know where some of the very best of them are coming from. Well, its Armstrong's and their cost is not nearly as much as others charge, but of course it's all cash. But when you can make such a substantial saving it pays to put down the cash. The costumes we speak of are a special purchase from London at a very low figure, and the value is really surprising. Anyway pay Armstrong's a call and see for yourself. —581» The up-to-date housewife never dreams of spring cleaning in the oldfashioned dusty way. She uses the pleasant dustless metnod, securing her vacuum cleaner, carpet sweeper; o'cedar mop, and dusters and oilfrom Hastie, BuU, and Pickering, 118 Casnel street. b

A toilet necessity before going to a dance is to use Vano" Deodorant, which completely eliminates smell of perspiration—3s Gd, from E. Cameron Smith, Royal Exchange Buildings, 06 Wonfcster street. " Pilkington's motors run twice daily between Christchurch and Akaroa. «

Great reductions in Tillage Implements and fittings. Best crucible steel mouldboards, Seuars and other patterns, 263 each. Skeith blades lis 6d, standard pattern. D.F. Ploughs £3S. Three-furrow riding- plough £6B 6s. The best and cheapest ploughs in the world. P and D. Duncan, Ltd., Tuam street, Christchurch. P.O. Box 124. 7


Messrs Adams. Ltd., the New Zealand agents of the Studebaker Corporation, have arranged for the exhibition in their own commodious showrooms, of one of the finest industrial films ever registered by the moving picture camera. Many films have been shown in this country illustrating the resources of American quantity-produc-tion, but this film shows how modern industrial methods are applied to the production of the highest quality. The Studebaker Economy Light Six is recognised as the most beautiful example of modern automobile design, irrespective of price, and as the most economical car of its rating ever manufactured, but few people recognise that intelligence in design counts for very little unless accompanied by intelligence in manufacture. This film, which will be shown in a specially equipped studio, supplies to the thinking mmd the reason why a car of the superlative quality "of the Studebaker Light Six can be built in large quantities at a minimum cost. Studebakers spent £5,000,000 on the factory equipment that turns out the Economy Light Six, and Adams. Ltd., have not spared expense to ensure that the film shall be clearly and brilliantly 6hown. The exhibition of this remarkable industrial film will commence on Friday at 2.30 p.m. The picture will also be shown on at 7.30 p.m., and during the following week each afternoon, at half-Dast two. All motorists, intending motorists, and usara of Studebaker cars, are cordially invited to attend any of these sessions.

2* 2-SPEED DOUGLAS £4O. Douglas motor bicycle—with lamp and horn £4O. Latest models —2} and 4 h.y. Douglas motor cycles, 3-speed-kick t-tarter and clutch now available at reduced prices.—Seville's, near Theatre Rojal, Douglas agents.—Bßß3B-

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GENERAL NEWS., Press, Volume LVII, Issue 17244, 7 September 1921

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GENERAL NEWS. Press, Volume LVII, Issue 17244, 7 September 1921

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