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ABOUT MOTOR CARS. THE GREAT AMERICAN MOTOR CAR EXHIBITION. ENGLISH v. AMERICAN CARS. "PROMINENT Magnates of Industrial •A throughout tbe world, predict that th, advent or tbe Motor Car wdl Uad to one of the greaterf commerc-l boom. the world h- yet seen. Tho «*«* Motor Car Exhibition held in New York in January last, afforded practical, proof of the interest the public take in the new means of locomotion, the .ite-dance being enormous during the. period the Exhibition was open, whilst the manufacturers brought all their resources to bear in displaying vehicles embodying all important improvements that experience and ingenuity could suggest. The following extracts from leading New York papers will be useful to colonists thinking cf purchasing motor cors. The "Exporters' end Importers' Journal" states:—"None of the exhibits of the great show attracted more general attention than the Rambler s'.;'le3 of automobile, -vhich were shown in space No. 7S. They are manufactured by Thomas B. Jeffery and Co., of Kenosha, Wisconsin, U.S.A., and tre sold as rapidly as they can be turned out cf tbo factory. Model H is intended for tb.3 accommodation of four passengers, and is a T-horsa power mac—inc. with a capacity for mounting grades up to 40 per cent., which is quite ample for the average public road. The carbureter is a silont float feed, automatio ia its action, and cooling effected by the Rambler thermosyphon system, which is controlled by the manufacturers. The gasoline tank will hold svfflcient fuel to enable the automobile to run 150 miles without renewing the supply. The jump spark system, controlled by an automatio governor, is used for ignition, and the speed of the vehicle can be regulated from three to twenty-five miles an hour. The engine is a single cylinder machine, 5x6 inches. The vehicle jb equipped with two brakes, tools, oilers, pump, repair kit, Solar Junior brass oil side lamps, and a brass bom. Mcdel X is very similar in appearance to Model H, but is more elaborate in its equip- ' ment. It is designed to carry five passengers, and its speed is from six to forty miles an hour. The frame is of angle steel ,and the springs are four extra long full elliptic!. The wheels are of wood, artillery type, and the tyres 6 and J., 3J inches. The engine is-a double opposed cylinder, each 6x6 inches, and gives 16 horse power, ample for grades up to 45 per cent. The front axles have a'diameter of 2 X inches, and the rear of 2. inches. . There are two brakes, and the ear weight 1650 pounds. —Todel L is also designed for fire passengers. It weighs 1725 pounds and is furnished with a substant„l canopy top, as shown in the picture. Th* general equipment is simi* lar to that of Model X, with the. exception of the canopy top • with* bevelled plate glass ■winging front, «and waterproof side-curtains. ' The Delivery Waggon, Type 1, has a capacity for carrying- two passengers, and' 500 pounds of merchandise, in two cubio yards of space. It is a model waggo?. for a department store to use, and is designed for that purpose. The engine is a single cylinder, 5x6 inches, which produces 7-hoTse power, ample for thi overcoming of grades up to 40 per cent., > and sends the waggon along at a rate ol speed from three to twenty-five miles an bsur.. Its general equipment is similar to thos* of the pleasure vehicles made by the firm, and already described. During tho Show „ attracted a good deal of attention from dry goods men and other merchants, which gives promise of its becoming an active. (actor in mercantile pursuits. Another journal referring to the Exhibition states:—"ifadison Square Garden, during the progress of the- Show, was, in reality, a great shop, in which hundreds of automobiles were sold; Some of the exhibitors disposed of aU their stock beforo the Show closed, and '*i very favourable prices.' The greatest sale recorded, and verified upon invetigation, was that made by Thomas B. Jeffery and Co., the Jnenufacturers of tho -amblers. Their entire output of this style of motor for the present year, was contracted for by dealers, the business involving 2,500,000d015. on a retail r basis. The Jeffery firm anticipate turning out 9500 machines during the year, every one of which has been purchased by contract ia adv-acs." Ths extracts referred to are only a few of the numerous eulogistical paragraph! bestowed on the Ramblers, and it is a mateor for congratulation that the Sole Agency for New Zealand has been placed with OATES, LOWEY* AXD CO., of CHIttS-I-HUBOH, who will doubtless reap a rich reward in sales a* the Cars become known in this country. It ia ths generally acknowledged opinion that the English and French Motor Cars are aot the»4tt_ ol lhe Ajnericlin ffi ,)_ a for tU V m ,!? lotti * 1 TDad »' «» f°nner «» built wit. _a, , a -i_ e9 pUccd lo _ to grcfm^ only. wW JUmbler h« the •agm placed high, a .„,.__-. in S_ S*t _** ">»**> «*■ t»* with-,e i Or_n.ryhor M drawaTel_4es. There are few le-, rl , -mpler mechanUm, and con•equenlJy less complication. A tant feature is that they _- _„-«_,,, . * _.-, ' " * >I * c "Cßily noiseless, whilst the economy in the cost t running ia very marked, and works out on "a practical ieat over 150 miles, U three-farthins, per mile'for New Zealand. As already stated, the -Sole Agents for New Zealand axe OATES, LOWRY AND CO., • Who will ho pleased to arrange trials witl ' intending purchasers, cr to forward cats-| -agues to enquirer— {

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