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[By Drop Kick.]

*' Weekly Press and Referee. w

No Senior Championship matche3 •will be ! played in Christchurch on Saturday, in consequence of the Queen's Jtsirthday holiday on Monday. Christchurch footballers had but little to complain of on the score of the weather on Saturday, as although a fairly strong wind | was blowing the day was bright. I Nearly all interest in the senior competition was centred in the contest between the Merivale aad Limvood teame, ■ neither o! which hid so far been . defeated. In consequence of their previous form the latter were greatly fancied, most people thinking the superior back play of the Greens would carry the day. The game was moat stubbornly contested throughout, and when Mr Mcßobie, the referee, sounded the whistle for "no side" neither team had scored. Daring the first half of the opening spell Merivale had slightly the better of the play, but towards half time Linwood made a stroDg attack and kept their opponents busy defending their line, even play following until ends were changed. Daring the second half Merivale undoubtedly had the best of the play, the ball but rarely being out of the Linwood half ot the field of play, but the tackling was so good that, try as they would, the Merivale men could not cross the line. Austin, the Merivale three-quarter, had five shots at goal from marks and penalty kicks, but, although in some cases the angles . were by no means difficult, ho failed to , register a score. Dansey also had a fruitless ] shot at goal from a long distance. Had the team possessed a reliable place kick, they would probably have won the game, and | some surprise was expressed at the number of : kicks given to Austin, when the team had the. services of Fitzgerald, who was a fairly successful place-kick when he used to play \ for the North Canterbury Club in former seasons. Linwood also had two or three chances of scoring from penalty goals, but' the kicks were from more difficult angles than those of their opponents. In justice to those who made the attempts, it should be stated that the wind was blowing almost directly across the ground, and the ball that was used was a new one, which may be better after a few games have been played with it. As is so often the case when two evenly matched teams meet, nearly all the work was done by the forwards. Considering the reputations of the teams, the back play was very moderate, and hardly any passing runs of note were witnessed. Of forwards, as a set, there was nothing to choose. Although the Linwood pack more frequently obtained possession of the ball, the Merivale men by smart following up and dribbling quickly regained any ground lost by the Green's heeling-out tactics. The latter, in : my opinion, would have fared better had they carried the scrum with the ball at their feet instead of healing out Sad relying L so much on their backs, xhoae behind the

scrummage on each side had but few chan '' of distinguishing themselves, owing to t** fast following up and sure tackling o e f , ".* opponents. This ia the first time t) r Linwood have failed to boat the Jteri v iseniors sinco tho return match in 1834" v the game ended in a draw, each Kid e ji-j!)" , 5 points. The result of J^ ft should give a much needed fillip to Cant? 6 bury football, and also prove of to the Rugby Union, as tho pluyers will probably train harder to retain their uT* tioris, while tho Union should beneft i?' larger "gates." Had Linwoml been\? torious nearly all interest would have bel taken, from the competition, but now be sustained until well on in thft season. Orchard, the Linwood full back, did net have much to do, and he was hardly übest, as he failed to handle the ball ■wjjj, t* usual precision on occasions. Ten minut** before time he was brought up to fivo-eig'atfo , but he had no opportunities of shining in tbl position. Hobbs played a capital defeat game at centre three-quarter, kiefcia and taoklins; in good style, but he and the wing three-quarters, Stringer 'ugjt Wilson, had but few chancea when t» the attack. F. O'Brien, the five-eighths' made a number of useful punts, bnt he was too well looked after to get in much passing. Price passed out promptly ttaa behind the scrum, but, on the whole, hardly at his best. (-Slennie and Kv4n« ■worked hard on the wing, but they found themselves opposed by two good me* in Johnstone and Fitzgerald. Ken , $$& Ward were good on the line out, and the former also made some good dribblino rushes, while Sanndors, Priest and Cqww? were about the most conspicuous o£ \\m others.

Morland, the Merivale full-back, had h\ little to do, barring making an occasional kick, and that little was dor.c well. Dansey at centre three • quarter, played the best back game on his aids "and through a. heavy afternoon's work i n s very creditable manner. He took the bell clearly and kicked well, while his defence was good. The only noticeable fault about his play was in hia passing, as he nearly always threw the ball at his wing three quarter's feet when transferring the oyal to his other backs. P. Menxiea made soma fair runs and kicked well, and Austin, or the other wing, principally confined his play to kicking ana tackling. Vangioni, at five, eighths, passed well, but at a critical moment he lost his side a good chance t>l scoring by hesitating to take a pot at'got) and allowing himself to be tackled. Mountfort, at half, stopped the rushes well, but he did not havo many opportunities of passing owing to his opponents get. ting the ball so often. Johnstoue showed up well on the Ming of the scrummage and was ever on the ball. At times, however, he was off side, and hia side \?as penalised as a result. Fitzgerald, on the other wing, was conspicuous for his gootl following up and collaring. The fonMirdV all played well, Brooker, Phillips, Chambers and Frazer being about the piolc. Although not so interesting aa this Mart-vale-Limvood match, the game between tie Christchurch and Sydenham Clubs was a very close straggle. The gqod play of the Christchurch bivcHs was nullified by the Sydenham forwards, who played a finegatne throughout. It is only fair to state that the latter team Mere not represented by their best available quality, and during the game three were disabled, though not so much aa to cause them to leave the field. These drawbacks did not, however, probably aflfetjt the result, as the Christchurch men adopted a more combined and systematic style,of play than their opponents, aud would, ne doubt, have won in any case.

F. Hobbs, the old East Christchuroh crack, played a fairly safe game for Christchurch at full-back, though- he was much below his old fovin. Ho did not show hie usual confidence at talking the ball, though he almost invariably made up for bit mistakes by a piece of good play. Lorimer, too, at centre three-quarter, did not show up (is much as usual, though he made several good runs. Of the wings, Dacre was perhaps the better, showing more dash than Brown, the other wing, who is rather raw for senitu' ranks. Middfeton played a safe, though not brilliant, game at five-eighths, and Townend at half is a plucky player, but \w a great deal to learn. Of the forwards Thompson and Frost were the pick in the tight work, and Appleby and Clark in $M loose.

voyce played a good game at foil back for Sydenham, hid kicking being well timed. D. Halliday at centre three-quarter did a large amonnfc ol work, but would possibly bo even of more use at forward. Castle, on-the left wing played a dashing game until he ' was hurt, though even then he did no shirking. P. O'Brien, the othei, wing, who was promoted from the junior*, did not do so well. Love, a young player, at five-eighths, did hie work very well, and. should in time prove a most useful man! though rather small. Fordo, who played raidway between half and five-aighths 1 put in an immenseamount of splendid work, and is prob'' ably the cleverest and most dashing playai the Sydenham team has. He was over to the fore in dribbling rushes, besides looking after his own part of the game. Donnelly played a good, honest game all through at half, bis strong point, as usual, being defence. Since Donnelly used to represent Canterbury years ago the game has altered so much that the little man has been unabl* to keep pace with it, but, notwithstanding, his was s. creditable performance. Mmkle- , ham was about the boat of the forwards. ' It is to be regretted that the Albion CM = was unable to raise a team to meet Kftiapoi on Saturday, and it is to be hoped that thej will manage to keep their other engagements. Their action on Saturday in postponing the match at the last minute caused some inconvenience. Surely the officials of the club might have apprieed the secretary of the C.R. U. of the fact before they did. Sydenham had hard , luck on Saturday In ~ having three men so injured as not' to b* =, seen at their best. Appleby's goal on Saturday ehowa thit he is in as good kicking form as ever. What with Lorimer, Ebert, Clark, !>«» _ . and F. Hobbs, the Chrietchurch team hte ' been atrongly reinforced by members of the defunct East Christchurch Club. Mr Mcßobte, who played 'for Southland lost season, acted as referee in the LinvooS' Merivale game, and, > considering what a hard-fought game it was, his duties wen fairly light. Mr Moßobie it stricter then some of our referees, and has the bftU brought back for nearly every breach o! toe rules. ' Hβ wants to show more flrmneSf when clearing the ground, however* W." Saturday the speotatora enoro&ched on thefield of play and would not go behind the fence. When they retired a few yards the game "was continued, only to be stop!*? again a little later for the same thing. The official in question should not have allowed the game to go on until the people bad gone behind the fence. J J. Donnelly, the Sydenham half-bsokt deserves great credit for the way heetiH actively supports his old club. It must n# some eleven yeara now since he was the best > half we had in Christchurch, and is contem 4 poraneous with ench players as W. D. Bean, JE. R. Webb, J. McLean, Allardyce, &c. ? MrW. G. Garrard, as usual, made the best of referees in the Christchurek— Sydenham match on Saturday. There was not * - single wrangle the whole game, which wae ■ marked by good feeling and an absence <& . rough play. ' >, J. O'Brien, being still absent from Christchurch, wan iin*,hln in nlav for LinWOOd O& ,

Saturday. . ■ - 1 C. Taylor vas unable to play for tW \ Chrietchureh F.C. on Saturday owing to a» attack of lumbago. • A. Ken , , the well known Linwood forward, played Wβ first match of the season on Saturday. Hβ proved atower of strength to the Green's vanguard. - '■ • " A. Ebert, late of the East ChrUtchwP* Club, has thrown in his lot with the ChtWchurch Club. Hβ should strengthen t«e . forward division. - , : Saturday is this first time Lmwoocl hW. : failed to score in » senior championship ~ match since they were beaten by Sydenham* in 1894. Up to the preeent the four Merivfcl* t&m engaged in the various Canterbury R U Union competitions have only lo3b one » the sixteen matches they have played. MrG. H. Maeon.»oneof.the vice-preaide"** of the Canterbury Rugby Union, from his trip to Australia last week, w^ oo ; benefited in health - by thfe' change. ' "•* The Christchiuoh team ro south on S»*o ? " /„ day to play their annual match with Pirates F.& at Dunedin, but I hear tU*p former will nofc be represented by theiC'O^V'i i • The takisge at Lancaster Paris on EM^Jn

... .mounted to £24 7s 3d. Thia is the \Lm largest "gate" taken at inter-club **&& for the past three seasons. At the conclusion of the Junior Cap match •_ £*«» the Athletic Second and Oriental H M*t Pctone, Wellington, on May Bth, a i«nt>nstration was made against Mr E. J. rS&ne, the referee, and he wfe hooted d jostled as he went from the ground to ?h# railway sution. On Wednesday last the Invercargill and _ Clubs tried conclusions on the Southi nd Rugby Union's ground, Invercargill, -ten the visitors won by 12 points (4 tries) » 3 (a try)- l!ie same ay the Invcr ' Stars beat the Pirates by'B points to D< The following are the results of the various -n! O r matches played in Dunedin on Satur|"V Kaikorai defeated Cavershatn by 20 SjU to nothing; University defeated ITninn by 11 points to 3 ; Dunedin beat Zin«ri Richmond by 12 points to 8, and the Writes teat Alhambra by 5 points to matches were commenced {- Wellington on May Bth, when Poneke llLfc Petone by 13 points to 3, and the Athletic Club beat Wellington by 11 points On Saturday last the Poneke Club beat the Athletics by 8 points to 3, and Melrose heat Wellington by 7 points to nothing. A Good» the Taranafci three quarter back, hie joined the Hawera Club this season. Ring, who played for Canterbury last .--eon in most of the big matches, is representing the Pirates F.C., Invercargiil, this first of the Championship matches in connection with the Wairarapa Rugby Union ng played between the Grey town and Union flobs at Maeterton on May Bth, when the btt«r won by 6 points (2 tries) to 3 (a try). The international Association match between Scotland and Ireland was played at niaecow on March 27th, when the former won by 5 goals to 1. Of the fourteen mAtchJa played between these teams, Scotland have won thirteen and in 1896 the tame was drawn. England and Wales met under the same rolM at Sheffield on March 29th, when the boner won easily by 4 goals to love, Thje was the nineteenth match between these teams, England having won fifteen, Wales two and two have resulted in drawn Bix weeks' inactivity, owing to an Iniury, Arthur Gould made his re-appearance on the football field on March 27th, when be played for Newport against Penarth and Kowd two tries. Newport won by three «j»ls and a try to nothing. HOW a simple accident may have serious tesulls has just been proved in a painful way to Bland, one of the Shipley three-quarters, /»ys the Athletic Newt of March 29th). A jreek ago last Saturday he was playing in a Cnp tie for Shipley against Luddendenfoot. It wu »n easy match, and scoring by Shipley As Bland was running an opponent attempted to tackle himhigh, andcaught him in the right eye with a finger. The injury proved to be so serioiia that during the week Bland'e eye had to be removed, and he ie thus maimed for life. A disgraceful scene was witnessed on March 27th on the Fairfield, Kingston. At the close of a League match between Kingston Rovers and Surbiton Rangers, the crowd made a dash for Mr J. G. Greenwood (Referees Association), the referee, using their sticks, and had it not been for the players and police crowding round him, it STwy doubtful if he would have got clear without damage. For nearly an hour the crowd waited outside the dressing-room, and extra police had to be fetched, including a Bionnted patrol. Through the kindness of tie Kingston secretary and the secretary of the League, Mr Greenwood was able to leave the place by the back door and so make his escape. The disputed try in the match between Cardiff and Swansea, which -was mentioned In theae columns last week, was considered by the Welsh Rugby Union at a meeting held on April Ist, and it was decided that the referee, having awarded the try to Cardiff in the, first place, had no power to alter hia .4eaei<jß and therefore awarded Cardiff the match. _^ At the above meeting the Welsh Union fiaiUy decided that the Gould Testimonial ihoalrj take the form of a house, as originally ...fctaded. ,■•--• ."■■-■V ' - Dγ Neill has been appointed sole selector & the New South Wales teams for the touting season. U. Sinclair, who for- some seasons played wing three quarter for the Pirates F.C. Sydney, and who in his day was one of the ttst three'quarters in New South Wales, died ■■*£ Perth on i£a.y Ist, the cause of . peritonitis-

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FOOTBALL FACTS., Press, Volume LIV, Issue 9733, 22 May 1897

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FOOTBALL FACTS. Press, Volume LIV, Issue 9733, 22 May 1897

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