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Thb Weekly Press. — A grapa|i description of the Koyal Agricultural Society's Annual Show, which was held at Plymouth just before the departure of tha San Francisco mail, occupies a prominent position in the "Yeoman" this wift_fc There is also a letter on " Lincoln College" from an ex-student, who has since beaa employed in practical farming, aud who writes in a very fair and candid way ol the school and its work. Mr Armstroag'e " Horse shoeing" paper is excellent, and there is a report of the Queensland-Dc partment of Agriculture on the work d-ma in giving practical instruction to farmers, wbich is of especial interest to ua just now when the Industries Commission ia turn' ing its attention that way. Lawn tennis players will find a full account of tha recent * championship matches at l-caga. whioh ended in the. defeat of Benshaw, and the resignation of Mrs ___Uiard, bus. year's champions. .Very full and interest-* ing extracts from "* Darkest Africa,* serve to give a more thorough _rJ_ijjal into the natnro, of Stanlay'a jouraeyragf and the wpaderfnl country which he ex* plorad than has yet bean possible. • _ "Barrack-room Ballad,"by Budyard Kip ling,, will be found in tho Service Notes. The "Ladies' Magazine" contains an account of a suooessful experiment ia doing without servants, and read in «s& junction with a scene in a registry oUca, cleverly described by Cclla, we fancy thai acoount will draw many an envious aigfa from worried mistresses.' The dramatit page includes a sketch of Mr Auguatus Harris, the London manager whoaa amazing success has made him famous all over the theatrical world.

A Dwrxmcv NBWSPAPER.--A Duuedia Prfiss Association telegram says i—" The livening Herald tonight announces teat after to-night it ceases publication." Supbemb ConaT,—*Hlb Honor , Mr Jap* tice Denniston sat in Chambers and is banco yesterday. The banco sitting* will be resumed to-day. Escaped fbom thb Astlum.—A patteni named Moore escaped from the Sunayslda I Asylum yesterday afternoon, and was ■ found in the evening by Mounted Constable Allman and a warder in the houss ot his friends in town. Moore was Wat back at once to the Asylum.. PHBSONAii. —Among the pasaengers Hf the Monowei, which left Lyttelton day afternoon, was Mr C. J Peafold, 'waff, after eight years* connection with m Canterbury Jockey Oluh in the capacity «l secretary, goes to Melbourne to.fiU aa important and lucrative position. Aissrgs number of Mr Penfold's Mends ssw buss off at the Christchurch station, and several went down to the steamer to wish hia. ten voyage. Mr Penfold will be greatly anmi [in social circles, t bis urbanity &v» „<*s: | heartedness having aaado him a gtmw __ftvovi t__} - ' LiNootN.—An entertainment was in the Baptist Church on Tuesday evesing in aid of the Sunday School Übmp A goodly number were pr.eeut. Ta* choir, conducted, by Mr J. Tayler, HW Andrew acting aa organist, ooatnbuwa some selections of sacred music »««** tions, dialogue, and a reading wewfHf nished by other members of the ooßg-rsfa* tion, assisted by friends from Tai lapa Refreshments * ero kindly pr«wd«a -W those who had taken part in the msstiag. Bu-_*bb Exronxs.—Mr M. Murphy, tM Secretary of the Canterbury AtfrwulWW and Pastoral Association, who has hem& Wellin_fton to give evidence before wa Dairy and Fruit Industry Co mm Jft returned yesterday. As the result ot tf» labors of this Committee, he thinks it w«jj ".tha-a' probable tbat 1 the OovornnttM wijj import one or more thoroughly butter and cheese experts, whose dtuj;» will be to visit the country districts wua travelling dairy, and give practical »»* scruction to the farmers. This sysU* **■ been adopted in the Australian Covm and great good ia resulting th«fl#J>; The introduction of exports will g»« ■ crreat impetus to an industry that bm jWJ languishing for want of the **»W knowledge so necessary for itt ■ «•***** working. _, ■«•.< /.Tun lutb Ma Eobsbt Wx**~% following particulars of the death « » B. Flett, who was well-known on u» ••* Hauroto, wiil be read with regret W*™ many friends in tho Union Steams-hip nftnjrs service and in Lyttelton. * , account ia taken from the Orkney &«*#£ July 2nd:—"Mr Kobert Flett, a *»***£ Birsay, who along with his wife, about*: weeks ago, returned from lnow **»*£! with the intention of spending a «•»», holiday, and where they hwl •r**r i £ greater part of their married life own*" very successful, was out .hooting on *■ day last week, along tha aboro beWj*J Marwick Head and the "ges" caJ» Garson. It is supposed that his gno »Jj dropped over the crag, and in bis awwsj to recover it with a boat hook,- ***5 he was last seen going to look tot >■»* retnrn with, had overbalanced bw**t fallen over the crags, and been waswj away with the sea, which was » high at tbe time. The boat-book w- ; found tbe following day close to the g*« *■ from which it was takm, but as yet «*& ' is no trace of tbe unfortunate ms/a eta. gun. altbough a diligent *»>«* "»*,SJg made every d**y since the accident. Jj»u sympathy is felt foe bin widow and "J surviving sisters who a?e left to his loss. Mr Flett was of • cheerful disposition, and much ****** by all who knew blasts "

«__r_s =W*mn.- 1 -On'W_dneßd_y _ft_rnoo_i * high sou-west wind blew over the district but not with quite f»h force as a wind from the asms fjMgfjon on the same date a year ago. Elsotions. —The retiring /vtaacillors for the borough of Kaiapoi at *£ annual election are Crs. Bugg, McSweeney, and Lissaman; for the of Bangiora, Crs. Laxfccn, Ivory, •n_ King\j4(n_»owi,EDOMßHT. —At its last meeting tbe Kaiapoi Volunteer Fire Brigade reLived cheques of £2 2s each from. Mr J. Bgjna and tbe Kaiapoi Bacon Curing Company, in acknowledgment of services at Jlcent fire. Pisci,_i_r-fiß.— Mr O. D. Greenwood, of Nelson, Moate and Co., in an advertisement elsewhere states that he is not the " Greenirooo \" mentioned in the share list of Messrs Whitcombe and Tombs, Limited, and that he has never held any interest in that Company. Colleok Brj_._s.—Another of those enjoyable bread and batter dances, for which the Christ's College Bides have gflbieved such a high reputation, is announced to take place, in Hobbs* Buildings, on the 11th September, tickets tor which maybe obtained from any of th. members, or from Private Evans, Catbedral Square Chambers. •_*s__.tsk*al. —By a private letter re eeived by the mail information is to hand tag. Mr Arnold, who it will be remembered played "Hans the Boatman" here, has concluded his American season, and is now in Sheffield fulfilling an engagement there. Under the Jaw relating to the employment of children on the stage Mr Arnold bad to apply * or permission for little May gaaaoa to appear, which was granted. A Stousn Cash Box Fouud.—Yesteiday moating some scbool children found in Saver's paddock a cash box which was stolen from the ahop of Fletcher Bros., utoeers, I<ower High street, a few weeks |»o When stolen the box contained a cfieaue for £1 10s, and about 30s worth of cash. The lid had been wrenched off and tbe cash takes, but the cheque and other contents were untouched. A bundle of old clothing was also found near the box. Akfiswc.—At present improvements axe being effected to the stage and prosoenium of the Bangiora Literary Institute, under the skilful manipulation rofMr A. Ingleson and Mr W. A. Taylor. The re-decoration is being very well carried out, and will be an attractive feature to a benefit entertainment for the Volunteer Fire Brigade, whioh takes place gt an early date. Cokcsbt and Soibeb.—-At the Oddfellows' Hall, Sydenham, this even ing, a soiree and concert in aid of the • funds of the Sydenham Presbyterian Cnurch will take place. A capital programme of vocal and instrumental music aad readings has been arranged, and >. several short addresses will be given during the evening. As the object is* a ■worthy one, and as the majority of the performers are public favorites, the concert should result in a substantial augmen •bxion.of. funds. '" Chkap Music. —The firm of Messrs MUner and Thompson are evidently determined to enable everyone to cultivate t__tr musical talent, judging by the long list ol songs, piano pieces, &c., issued by them as a catalogue. These are intended to be sold at threepence per copy, and no doubt .our young musical aspirants will profit by the opportunity thus afforded. .. Bsmbfit CoHCsaT.—A benefit concert .was given in the Woolston Oddfellows* Ball on Tuesday evening last by the Ex celsior Minstrels, in aid of the fund for the widow of the late H. D. Coakley, who was killed by a fall of clay. The programme vent excellently, and there was a large attendance. Miss Etnpson sang a couple . of songs nicely, as did also Misses Gilpin aad Gatherer. Mr Carpenter played ._ a bone solo, and Mr Gordon a cornet solo, both of which were applauded. The concluding farce sent the. audience away ia a good humor. Richmond Fbib MirraODisT Chuboh.—. A concert will be held in connection with this church this evening, - when vocal and instrumental items will be r6n-» dered by the Misses Deatin and Fuller, ; Messrs J. Puschell, J. P. Cliff, and Others, .' Mr <y. Kelly will also give one of his well? known recitations. In addition to these, there Will be a further attraction in the . shape of mirth, magic, &.., by a very antr :• eesaful conjuror. In .the interval light telrspshmeatswill.behanded round.- The p-raaee-pfof tbe concert are in aid of re* - _*_3«igi_e trust de t of the church.. . Avos S-rssAM Paosbt Compaht . •?-». A meeting ol the Directors of the Avon Steam Packet Company, Limited, was held at noon yesterday, at tho City Council Chambers, when tenders were opened for building a i steamer and dredge. The. tender of Messrs Scott Bros., ironfonadera of Christ* s_urch,was accepted and the steamer is •lobe on tbe river iv Ko-<ember next. The . steamer will, therefore, be available for the summer traffic and the river will also be improved for the coming season's boattag. There are still a few shares in the Company to ba sold and early application . i« requested. LrraiTO-r Bailwat Sjawon.—There Uaa elaborate system in practice at the * Ityttelton station, specially designed and I thought out lor the inconvenience of pasraagers. Some minute or two before the train leaves the station the entrances are I- &U closed, and people on the station are •erJßoaers for the time being, while those t who are getting tickets are debarred from ' letting on their carriages. Why the ticket o£«e should be open, and the.way to the twin, closed off at the same time, we do Wt know. Several complaints have ?. m__sd our office regarding this system, '____. have ourselves seen people stopped inn joining their train, even although tto*. was plenty of time to allow them co iota, without in anyway infringing the 1 l&w of stepping on a moving train. > 'y J^^^-fo^mmmmmmt''Ai^me! ] k _p_s coapletea the sun dial- to be presented. tths city by his Worship the Jaayor, Mr Hawing. It is made in brass, and is <-i*_» in diameter, the plate being also _2in jj -fsp&re. Toe figures of the dial are] Y|teqaere_, and the necessary additions and] - JSeouc-tieas are given for different periods, fb«__-le one to ascertain the mean timaJ 'Mc dial is made for latitude 48deg 88miuJ i|ps is a very neat piece of workniansbipj bears the, motto "Fugit irreparabiteM M The-dial will be erected on $1 ■tftpae pillar, .it «Un in height, but the yet been chosen. <*% Bcss___,'s FipAT.—Aa entertainment in., ■ mmmmmemmmaW*mm*Ws^

given in the schoolroom on Tuesday j the , Resident, _!r S. Williams, in the chair. A Tttisd programme was submitted, con- . asting©** songs, reading--, recitations, ad- • sieia-es, aad a cornet solo.* The foaowing . wok -sari;—B«y. J. Bapley, Messrs Withvaa (3), Stokes, and Master James ' «b_tt6on, Misses Yates (2), Williams (i), , *Bd J. Berry, Miss Kutleuge presiding at t we organ. T here was a iarsre attendance. . Gs*__ioa__ ¥ L_t__iary " .?*"<* its fortnightly meeting on ' -«BSday, the President, He V. a. Wilson, v *•*» ptv>.idiag. The subject for .the ■ fteaiag was a newspaper, "the articles « t£* written by the junior members. The _w '* ttriat h ß »«ted as editor for the • «ewio_. There were only two articles, |«* on "Civility," the other on "Mixed - -"J* 5 " 1 ,?'" both of which we_e creditable factions. After the members had the papers, a vote of thanks was those who furnished the

*taw 2ai__iH D Lamb.—We have just , **f? 1T *n another testimony to the high |*®**ije our friends at Home form of our *c*» Zealand meat. A gentleman in sent Rome by the a.s, Tainui, «Ush sailed from Lytteiton on the 3rd of «FU. two lambs, with instructions to the ««eats of the Chnstcaureb Meat Company ft. to have them forwarded to ; meads in Aberdeen. The lamb arrived at we graaitecijy ia good condition, and, when twweaaud on the table was pronounced jtehe-t. But one of tbe gentlemen for »eoia th e was jnvended, knowing JJ* Jw would be from home, and, conse- , |*r««y Uuable to enjoy hi* share of the "*. sj™»??\** fe instructions to the local .. sgnt to have « ui_p»tched to his bob, a medical practitioner in London. ' % lamb found ita way back to ■R1 0 ' . baTlu ß b «*a e_r_wd after leaving " eleven huudreS ftftdsd k! d , wUen P I »W on a suiaptuousjy *"** ** had ever tasted."

-■■ Ba*avic» ABSOOXATIO-W.--A bbsoV ing ot engaged ia the public service will be held At the Provincial Council Chambers on Saturday, the S3rd inst, to consider an invitation from the Provisional Cpommittee to assist in the formation of a Public Service Association. m Wo_n_n*s Fbanchisb.—At a large meeiv%r A ladies hdd yesterday at the TJO.C.A. rooms, reseluttons were carried in favor of the franchise being extended to women, and that the local members of Parliament be asked to assist Sir John Hall in bis effort to obtain woman suffrage. Concbbt.—A concert has been projected to take place at Mrs Wilson's, Compton, Opawa, on .September 3rd, at 2.45 pjn. The concert is given under the auspices of Mrs Wilson, for the purpose of raising a fund to be devoted to the purchase of books for the women's ward of Christchurch Hospital. A very excellent programme has been arranged. Eakly I__kbs.—The first lambs of the season were sold at Addington Yards yesterday. These lambs were bred by Mr Templeton, of Upper Biccarton, and give evidence to the mildness of the winter, as well as careful feeding. Prices obtained for them varied from 15s to 21s a bead, which are greatly in advance of those obtained previous seasons. Local Industbt.—A mercantile firm in Christchurch received the following letter from an English visitor to this city :— "When in Christchurch I boueht from Whitcombe and Tombs a manifold writer in triplicate, i.e., one thin ruled sheet and two thick plain sheets. Please procure half a dozen for mc, and forward them to my address in Sydney. They are made in hundreds. 1 can get nothing like them in Australia."

Living Whist.—The repetition of this original entertainment at the' Tuam street Hall last night attracted a fairly numerous attendance. The players were— * Bid: Messrs Anderson and Gresson; Bine: Messrs Henderson and Izard. Ih the first rubber the Bed scored eight points—what is technically called " a bumper " —and'in the second the Bed scored a treble to the Blues* double. The remainder of ' the rubber will be played this evening. The inciden al music was nicely sung by the young ladies who represent-ed tbe cards, and they also marched very well. Songs were suuff by Mr Aeland and others. "Living Whist" will be repealed this evening.

Obitoabt.—The many friends of Mr James Wilkin will hear with regret of his death yesterday morning. Mr Wilkin had been laid up some little time back, but had got about again. A recurrence of the disease from which he was suffering, however, proved fatal. For some time Mr Wfikin, who was the eldest son of the late Mr Bobert Wilkin, was connected with the firm of B. Wilkin and Co. Subsequent to his father's death he carried the business on under the style of J. Wilkin and Co. The deceased gentleman won for himself the respect aud esteem of all with whom he came iv contact, and the news of his death yesterday caused universal regret. This fiags on TattersaiVs and the other stock and station agencies were hoisted at halfmast as a token of respect to his memory. Musical.—Some little time ago attention was called to the success of a young New Zealander-r-Mr A. Hill, qf Welling ton -+ who is ; at present stpdyicg at Leipzic. At an organ rectal recently given by Mr Bobert Parser in Wellington acomposit.on of Mr Hill's was played by him, and the New Zealand Times thus speaks of it:-—" The • Album Leaf. in E minor, by a.r-Alfred'Hill (of this city but at present a student at Leipzig) is an exceedingly 1 creditable, production of .so young a composer. It is graceful, melodious, cleverly harmonised, and excellently "laid out" for the organ. It abounds in points of beauty and: freshness, and will always be listened to- with pleasure." Parochial BaoapaaoN.—The reception of Bishop Julius by the parishioners of Merivale took place last night in the Schoolroom, which was crowdfid .to excels. Mr Black; doe of the church welcomed the Bif hop and Mrs (Juliuson behalf of the parishioners of. Merivale, and pre sented.them with a photograph of the church as a memento of the fact the Bishop held his first confirmation in the diocese in it. The Bishop replied in one o| pleasant speeches, in the course of which he detailed ho*« h> haifrustrated thVmany wily device? of theplhembejrs of the Paurtb Estate to get an aogo'uut of his trip to the West Co-*st, though they had been moat persevering. He intended to give it as a ieoturd in aid Of the Cadet Corps, A very exbellent programme of music and tableaux was then given. Songs were snug, by &rs Garrard.. Messrs Gibbs, Massey; O; jr. Turner, and the choir boys. Of Jth# tableaux the pretfteeb two. were "The old 1 woman who. lived in &. shoe,'* and the illustration of the well known song "Titior lat," the song itself being sung by M.CB Garrard. The ladies provided a most excellent supply of yetreshmeats, and. amongst other tinhgs there was a large urn df the new beverage "hovril," which seemed to'be greatly in favor. The room, was very prettily decorated, and altogether the gathering was an exceedingly pleasant one. - Mutual' lupbovement Associations.—• At the usual meeting of the Addington Bible ~ Christiah Mutual Improvement A ssociation a paper! was read 7by Miss Bowden on "Happy Homes." It was announced that the, programme for tbe next meeting would be supplied by members of the Lower High Street Bible Christian Mutual Association. At the last meeting of the Durham Street Association an inter-asso.iatioa debate between four representing the Association and four from the "East Belt took place. The subject Uiosen was "War v Arbitration." _ The , East Belt representatives took the side of arbitration. Oa a vote being taken arbitration was- unanimously approved. The usual meeting of the Canterbury 7Catholic Literary Society was held on ITuesday evening, Mr , Clarkson, Vice--President, occupied the chair. Messrs Milner, Wilson,. and ; Kennedy read original paperk, which were freely' criticised by members. Neicfc Tuesday JB£r Noble gives a lecture illustrated with lime light views ifi the' Society's hall, to the public are invited, , j*_n_3? George Company, Limited, the leadiug photographers of Ohristchurch. whose photographs are far superior to all otheis, have now reduced their prices, Cabinets 10s per doz, enamelled las.; carta de visite as per dux, enamelled 7s (sd; „JOildgets 2a 6d per doz. enamelled 3s 6d. 'A-Fphotoa now finished in two weeks,i--[ADV..] Standish aud are obtaining marvejioiis results from the isochromatic (color sensitive) plates, now revolutionising photography iv England. We notice that C. H. Manning has yet another new and artistic display of photographa. Sec, at his studio since August the 15th. Call aud see. Everyoue visiting C, B. Manning's Studio can rely upon being photographed by himself, thereby lusuriug satisfaction to all. He does not employ an operator, I The excellency of his work is too welli known to need comment. The best of '• materials and appliances used only Remark.the splendid display of photos at . Studio,-tA»VT.I

Thb Pbicb of Diahokds.—The long crisis in the diamond tirade at Antwerp is terminated." 1-be price of raw diamonds has, as compared with last year, in conse quence of large imports, fallen 15 per cent. Nearly all the workmen in the trade aro employed again. m . „ This Eabx. or STAMTO*an.-rThis Peer, to who_e death reference was made in our issue of Tuesday, was for many years resident a. Wynberg, South Africa, at which place he died. The late Earl, who was in Holy Orders, was married three times, his last wife being Miss Martha Solomon, a itottentot. by whom be bad one daughter, I»ady Mary Grey, bom ISSI. Aa be had no eons, the title, aa mentioned by our own eorreHpondent, descends to air W. Grey, the nephew, formerly a resident of Kawau, who is now ninth Earl of Stamford.Tbagedt in a pAi*aci!.~At j the Palace of Bangkok the other day a performing leopard was brought in fo* th* amusement of one of the young Siamese Princes, in the Prince*B retinue was a young girl of about fourteen years of age. The leopard jumped on her breast. It waa merely m play; said the animal's caretakers, who begged her to be frightened} but m another moment the leopard had seised her by the throat, and she died ih sight of the horrified spectators, who fled inpanie.

=1 AMo&mxt pbanomanon is reported from Toth-Aradacz, in Hungaiy, where an aerolith of eighty pounds weight i_ eaid to have fallen-with such force that it opened a spring of water in the earth. As the neighborhood was badly supplied withwater the inhabitants (the Times correspondent says) are talking of the occurrence aa providential. The aerolith. has been bought for JB2OO by an Anglo-Australian, who has a collection of such things, and who happened to be the .guest of Count H&raoncourt, whose seat is near Toth-Aradacs.

8-N3-___B DIATH 07 AM AERONAUT.— M. Olivier, ; a member of the French Society of Aeronauts, has just'died under circumstances of a peculiar nature. On Sunday evening he ascended in a balloon from the park at the Buttea-Chaumont, navigating the air being at theoresent time a fashionable erase with certain Parisians. .Through defective construction, the basket lor the aeronaut —a tall .young man—was brought too close to the balloon, the ga_ inside being allowed to escape right upon his head through an aperture that ought to have been closed. M. Olivier felt so much inconvenience from this that in twenty minutes he descended at Noisy le-Sec. Next day he became id, and on Tuesday night he diedThe doctors who attended him declare that death was due to blood-poisoning, through having inhaled too much of the gas which escaped from the balloon. Pigeon F_.tihq Extraobdinab..— About a month ago there was a flight of English homing pigeons from Bournemouth to Liverpool. Among the competitors that held a good place was. (says the Birkenhead Advertiser) abirdbelohgingtoMr Bogers, of the York Hotel, Grange road. It was subsequently arranged that all the birds which reached horne —some of course were lost on the way—should compete in a further long distance race from Lassay, an inland town in France, to this neighbourhood. For some reason, the French police authorities refused to Tet the start be made from Lassay. The birds and their owners7or "flyers'* were relegated to Cherbourg, where the birds were thrown up about seven o'clock in the morning. Mr Bogers's bird was seen to-alight on the roof of its loft, by a Birkenhead pigeon fancier, about halfpast eleven the same morning: It had accomplished the entire distance of about 300 miles, including a 100 miles of water, in a bee-line from Cherbourg to Birkenhead at the rate of over a mile a minute. The bird had never been so far from home previously, and it is said that no bird had ever fiown from Cherbourg, or indeed any part of France, to Birkenhead before. The bird, which was bred by Mr Bogers himself, from a Belgian strain to "homesters," is just two years old.

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NEWS OF THE DAY. Press, Volume XLVII, Issue 7636, 21 August 1890

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