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The Late Fibs.—The Australian Mutual Insurance Company yesterday paid over to Mr Jacobs a cheque for .81600, being the amount of his insurance on the stock in Colombo street destroyed by the late fire. : The DraECT Steam Line.—The New Zealand Shipping Company, Limited, has received cable advice of the arrival at Madeira, on 26th inst., of the s.s. Fenstanton. The refrigerator was working satisfactorily, and tbe meat is in good condition. The s.s. British King left Plymouth for Port Chalmers on 23rd inst. Flax.—There are now on view at the rooms of the Agricultural and Pastoral Association some specimens of dressed European flax turned out by the machinery of the Linseed Oil and Fibre Company at Southbridge. The samples have a silkiness and length of staple which makes them exceedingly valuable. The New Theatbe.—A number of tenders were received for Mr W. Pratt's new theatre, but as yet none hare been accepted. It may be mentioned that the lowest tender was received from a Dunedin firm of builders, and was something like £1000 below any of the Christchurch tenders. , , . FrBE Alarm.—The Christchurch larrikin, or somebody representing that personage, distinguished himself about a quarter past twelve o'clock this morning by ringing the fire alarm for the fifth time at the Hospital box. Both fire-bells rang, and the brigade turned out with their customary readiness, but only to again find themselves the victims of a disgraceful hoax* . Lyttelton R.M. Coubt.—At this court yesterday morning, before J. Ollivier, Esq., R.M.. two first offenders were fined 5s each for drunkenness, and one of them was ordered to pay'; one guinea doctor's fee and 9b for maintenance while undergoing medical treatment in gaol. T. Wesley was fined 10e, and 7s costs, for having an unregistered dog. In a civil case, Willcox v Seymour, claim £11 19s 3d, judgment went for plaintiff by default. 1.0.0.F.—At the meeting,of the members of the Loyal Kaiapoi Lodge of Oddfellows, Manchester Unity, on Tuesday evening, there was a large attendance. The officers elected were : — Bro. Vince W. Wright, N.G.; Rro. J. Whitehead, V.G.; Bro. Skerratt (re-elected); E.S. Dra. Ovenden and Chilton were appointed Medical Officers. The contributions for the evening amounted to £90. Thb "New Zealand Gazette." — The "New Zealand. Gazette" of the 21st inst. contains inter alia the boundaries of I the licensing districts of Heathcote, Woolston, and Sumner, the sailing directions for the Thames River, New Zealand, and an application for patent for an improved centre for skeith or circular coulter for ploughs by Peter Duncan and David Durcan, of Christchurch, New Zealand.

The Hospital Inquiby. — A special meeting of the Hospital Committee was commenced yesterday afternoon, to inquire into matters in connection with the Hospital management. The meeting had not risen at a late hour last night, and up to that time Drs. Wilkin, BakeweU, and Messrs Brown (dresser) and Hobden (dispenser) bad been examined. As the inquiry was of a preliminary character, the representatives of the Press were excluded. When concluded the report of the Committee will be presented to the Board at its next meeting. Ashbubton Caledonian Society.—At a meeting of the above Society, held on Tuesday evening, the question of altering the date of their annual gathering was brought up for discussion, the reason being that the Ashburton Racing Club had some idea of holding a race meeting on Boxing Day, that being also the date on which the Society had hitherto held their gathering. The matter was folly gone into, and it was resolved that no alteration be made in the date, the annual meeting of the Society to be hold as heretofore on the 26th of December.

Blue Ribbon Movement.—A public meeting in connection with the Blue Ribbon Army was held in the schoolroom, Rangitata Island, en the 25th. There was a very large attendance—in fact, with a very few exceptions, the whole island population was there. Mr Buxton was in the chair. . Addresses on the objects and advantages of the movement were delivered by the Chairman, Messrs Scott and Andrews, of Ashburton, and readings by several local residents. Mr T. Buxton presided at the organ, and several of Sankey's hymns were sung during the evening, and forty-three signed the pledge and donned the blue ribbon. We believe it is the intention to form a Temperance Society and to hold meetings of a similar kind at some future date.

SuPBEME Court.—The criminal sittings of the Court wiU open before His Honor Mr Justice Johnston at 11 a.m. on Monday next. The foUowing is the calendar:— Regina v Elizabeth Johnston, larceny; Ada and Alice Willet, concealment of birth; Alice Hulbert, concealment of birth; Harry Jackson, shooting with intent to kiU; Harry Jackson, assault; Frederick Bong, arson; Charles Fleming, arson; James HeneUey, horse stealing; Alice Carlisle, alias Edwards, larceny; Charles Edward Dudley,embezzlement (two cases); Harriet_Charlotte Dowey,arson; Frances Spriggs," larceny; William Legge, sheep stealing (four cases); James HenneUy, larceny of a saddle; John Plnnkett, larceny. The civil sittings w_l commence to-day, when the case of Slater v Marks (Special Jury) wiU be heard; to-morrow tha? of Trustees of Craig and Smyth v N.Z. Insurance Company.

Inquest.—Dr. Coward held an inquest at the Clarendon Hotel yesterday afternoon on the body of the young man Henry Fleetwood Tonge, who was found dead in Hagley Park the previous day. The evidence taken was to the effect that the deceased, who was a son of Captain Tonge, E.N., of Stonehouse, Newberry, in England, had been latterly in a depressed and excited condition, owing to his not being able to obtain employment; not, however, that. he was in want of money, as he possessed considerable funds. He left his home, Mrs White's Roardf-g-house, in Durham street, on Saturday last, in the morning, and was found lying dead in Hagley Park, and at his feet a revolver loaded in two chambers. Dr. W- G. McClure stated, that in making a postmortem examination of the body he found a bullet wound below and to the right of the left nipple. The bullet had penetrated the lung, left ventricle of the heart, and had lodged itself in the sixth dorsal vertebra. He was of opinion that the deceased had shot himself. The jury, of Mr J. Olphert was' foreman, returned a verdict of "Suicide whilst in a state of j temporary insanity."

Avon Road Boabd.—A protest haying been lodged against the retunl of Mr Cochrane as one of the members of the Avon Road Board, Mr Beetham, BMLi has fixed the hearing of the case for to-day, at eleven o'clock, at the Resident _ Magistrate's Court, Christohureh. Wbatheb Exchange.—New Zealand, yesterday—Depression still to the SJS.; slight decrease of pressure j wind westerly and passnigjshowers at the Bluff, rough sea on theWest Coast. Australia—High pressure off Australia, and fine, with westerly winds. Barometer — Russell, 80.1 ; Wellington, 29.8 ; Bluff, 29.8 ; Hobart, 30.1; Portland, 305; Sydney, 30.3. '''.-._"* Old Men's Home, Ashb-btoh.—The choir of St. Stephen's Church gave a sacred concert at the Old Men's Home on Monday evening. The Rev. E. A. Scott presided, and the vocal part of the programme was conducted by Mr H. Gates. At the close of a very successful concert a collection was made, and the sum already in hand towards the purchase of a piano was further augmented by the addition of another £1.

Ashbubton Police Cottet. —At the above Court on Wednesday, before His Worship the Mayor, Frederick Parsons was brought up on remand from Dunedin charged with stealing a watch and' greenstone pendant, the property of a man named Honey, who had been lodging with accused at Truckle's boarding-house, in Ashburton. The watch was afterwards pawned in Christchurch. Prisoner pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to one month's imprisonment. Electbic Lighting at Kaiapoi.—The Gulcher lighting at the Woollen Factory, after abont a week's trial of the permanent system adopted for the distribution of the electric light, is pronounced a complete success. The whole of the departments —re now illuminated with about 150 incandescent lamps nightly. The employes are delighted with the change made, and the illumination of the premises, as seen from the Northern railway line, has a very pretty efoot. Acknowledgment.—The following letter has been received by Mr Superintendent j Turton, of the Fire Brigade : —" Christchurch, June 26th, 1883. Dear sir,—Please accept enclosed cheque for £5 on behalf of the Brigade, also my thanks, for the prompt manner you turned out to render assistance if it should have been required. Yours truly, Geobgb Tbeleaven." The services of the Brigade on the occasion referred to were happily not required, but Mr Treleaven, from his experience in the Council and a long residence here, felt that under the circumstances of the Brigade being a volunteer body, some recognition was necessary. Agnosticism.—The Rev. A. R. Fitchett, of Dunedin, last evening delivered a leeI ture on " Agnosticism" in St. John's i Schoolroom. There was a fair attendance, and the chair was occupied by the Rev. H. C. M. Watson. The rev. gentleman dealt with the subject from various points of view, and clearly expounded the position he took up with regard to it. At the conclusion a cordial vote of thanks was passed to him, on the motion of Mr Saunders, seconded by Mr Bennetts. At intervals during the address an efficient choir rendered the glees "Huntsman's Chorus" and "Ye Shepherds tell mc," and Messrs Morris and Lever rendered vocal solos.

Insufficiently Stamped Documents.— At the Rangiora Magistrate's Court, on each of three last successive Court days, agreements insufficiently stamped have been put in evidence. In the first instance the offender had to pay a penalty of £5; in the second case the irregularity was looked over if not detected by the Bench. On Tuesday last, after argument by Council in reference to an agreement to which attention was drawn by the Clerk of the Bench, it was decided by a majority of the Justices that the so-called agreement partook more of the nature of a receipt. The wording of it was in this form :— "Bought of , 8 tons potatoes, to be delivered at •, at 35s per ton, bags to be returned after each lead, the money to be paid to—— on next Tuesday, less already received." The party signing thesame had done so across a twopenny stamp. The Resident Magistrate said that while the majority of the Bench had agreed to treat this as a receipt or memo, of sale, he might say, had he been sitting on the case alone, he should probably have treated it as an agreement, and required the fine to be paid, as this agreement Ought to have borne a one shilling stamp. Papanui Ploughing Match. — A meeting of those interested in the Papanui Ploughing Match was held on Tuesday evening at the Sawyers' Arms. Hotel. There was a very fair attendance. Mr Donald was called to the chair. The advertisement convening the meeting and the minutes of last annual meeting were read, and the latter confirmed. The Secretary, Mr Wm. Munro, then submitted the balance-sheet duly audited, which showed a balance from last year of £3 3s 2d. Mr P. Elder moved the adoption of the balancesheet as read. Mr Hack seconded the motion, which was carried unanimously. It was resolved that the annual Ploughing Match take place on a site to be fixed at a subsequent meeting, and that a committee be appointed for the purpose of carrying out the same. The greater number of the old Committee were re-elected, and several names were added to fill vacancies. Mr J. Wild was re-elected Treasurer, and Mr Donald was elected Secretary. Kaiapoi Ploughing' Match.—A general meeting of persons interested in the holding of the annual ploughing match was held at the Farmers' Club Chamber on Tuesday evening. Fourteen persons were present, Mr R. Coup in the chair. On the motion of Mr Wilson, seconded by Mr Walls, it was resolved that the annual match be held, and that the date be fixed by the Committee as soon as possible. Those present, namely — Messrs Coup, Paraham, J. Walls, F. Walls, J. Merrin, R.King, J. King, Bushy,Elder,Ross,T. Keetley, Wilson and Messrs Stevenson, Pashby, Young, E. Wilson and F.Denton.' With reference to the classes for different ploughmen, it was suggested by Mr Paraham and others that only prizes for double furrow implements be given. After a lengthy discussion it was, however, decided that the same classes for single ploughs be formed as last year. The judges were then nominated to be on the ground after the ploughing was finished, and judges of j horses and harness. It was resolved offers for land be received to Monday next, and | that the Working Committee inspect, the. I land and report at a meeting on Tuesday. A subscription list was handed round aitd a sum of £1& promised in the room. ' Mr Walls offered a paddock on the island. Another Cheese Factory.—A meeting of farmers interested in the establishment of a cheese factory at Willowby, near Ashburton, was held in the schoolroom on Tuesday evening. There was a good attendance, and Mr S. Chapman was voted to the chair. Mr J. Orr, Chairman of the directors of the Ashburton Cheese Factory, and Mr Harding, the Manager, were, also present. The meeting were unanimously of opinion that it would be advisable to establish a factory in the district. Mr J. Orr explained that the Directors of the Ashburton Factory would be prepared to open a branch factory in the Willowby district, provided the inhabitants would take up 500 shares. It was thought advisable to send their cheese to the London market, and for this purpose the New Zealand Shipping Company had offered to provide a suitable chamber in any of their vessels on condition that a shipment of 100 tons could be guaranteed. With the plant at present at Flemington about i seventy or eighty tons of cheese could be ' turned out annually, provided a sufficient supply of TT"lk was forthcoming, and if a branch establishment were started in tho neighborhood of Willowby there would be no-difficulty in getting a sufficient quantity for shipment to the Home market. A letter was read from Mr John Grigg, offering a site for the proposed factory at Hazley's corner, just below the schoolhouse, the terms to be the same as for the gold for the factory at Flemington— namely, J615 per acre. Mr Grigg also promised to take thirty paid-up shares to assist the establishment of a branch factory at Willowby. A Committee, consisting of Messsrs S. Anderson, S. Chapman, Cullen, Hayman, Houston, and Williams, was appointed to canvass the Willowby and Flemington districts for shares, and bring up a report at a meeting to be held next week.

Ddnsandbx Spabbow Club.—At the annual meeting of the Dunsandel Sparrow Club, held on the 25th, in the report for the past year, read by the Chairman te the meeting, it was mentioned that, besides 320z of Btrychnine distributed amongst the members, there had been 17,186 small birds'eggs collected and destroyed. The meeting adjourned to the 30th July. Abbests.—Constable Leahy arrested a man named Thos. Hardy, alias Smith, last evening, on a charge of stealing a horse's head stall, for which the police want an owner, A boy named William Gray was also arrested by Detective Jones last evening, on a charge of stealing the sum of 2s 6d from a till on the premises of Mr T. Cooper, of Victoria street Obgan Recital.—The organ recital and concert at the Wesley Church, East belt, takes place to-night. The programme, as already stated, is a most attractive one, comprising organ solos, violin and clarionet solos, instrumental trios, vocal solos and choruses. The names of the performers to whom the numbers have been entrusted are a guarantee that those who attend will have a musical treat of no common order. FoBESTEBs' Performance.—The »---r1 performance in aid of the Widow and Orphans' Fund, AsO.F„ takes_place to-! night at the Theatre Royal. The bill of fare provided is a very attractive one, comprising the farce of " The Siamese Twins " and the play of " The Three Musketeers," i the characters in which will be sustained by members of the order, assisted by several ladies. The demand for tickets has been very brisk, and there is every probability 11 : ,of a large attendance. J Masonic—The installation of the W.Mi I elect of the Corinthian Lodge, 5631.C., anlj investiture of his officers, will take pladn | this evening at the St. Augustine Hall. f_ Poultbt Show.—The annual exhibition! | under the auspices, of the ChristehurcMt Poultry, Pigeon, and Canary Seciety, wag take place at the Oddfellows' Hall on JuSf 25th and 26th. The catalogue includes 16j_ classes, open to all, and there are also 351 special prizes. The art union, which is* always a feature in connection with the? shows of the Society, will be more thani ordinarily attractive this year from thoj number of first-class birds given as prizes_ The entries close on July 14th. fj Public Bathing Company.—A meetinfl will be held at the Scotch Stores to-morrow evening to consider the advisableness <M forming a Public Bathing Company. M proposed site in a central position has beeS secured, and no doubt as a very large nnnff ber take an interest in the matter, the pr« ject will be successfully floated. S The Bohemians.- —The Bohemians gn£e a concert and ball at the East Belt Od# fellows' Hall this evening in aid of benevolent purposes. On the sth : July nextja complimentary concert and ball will » tendered by the troupe to their conductor Mr Thomas Fleming, at theKOddfellowF Hall, Lichfield street.'| .■• 1 _Habbob Boabd. —An ordinary meeting of the Lyttelton Harbor Board will be hejfl at the offices, Hereford street, to-day. M Industbial Association. — A genefil meeting of the members of the above top take place to-night at the Corn ExchanflL when the matter of a Local IndustrflL Exhibition will be discussed, and the Sport furnished by the Committee on tiß subject read. ~ 1& Oddfellows' Hall.—The second varieW entertainment in connection with the Cos vent Building Fund will take place thi evening, at the Oddfellows' Hall. The pr< gramme includes Miss Amy Horton; " Musical Moments," songs by Miss KinJ Miss Adams, Miss Flanagan, Mrs Hellel and Messrs Terry, Kerr, Carroll, &c. M O'Callaghan will give an Irish jig, and tb Shott Bros, a pedestal dance. The Adding ton Workshops Band will play some selec tions, and the boys of the. parish wi] perform a shadow nantomime. ?

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NEWS OF THE DAY. Press, Volume XXXIX, Issue 5546, 28 June 1883

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