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Sutbbxb ComiT.—The special jury oase of the Creditors' Trustee of Jehn Fraser v Browne and Boaumonfc was concluded yesterday in the Supreme Court. To day the last of the civil cases, Stubbs v Chinnery, will be taken.

Magistbatb's Coubx, Lytteltok.— A young man named Gleeson was, on application of the police, remanded to Rangiora, at this Court yesterday, on two charges of horse-stealing—one the property of W. Wilson and the other from J. GaUafon.

Cust.—The disturbance reported to have occurred here on Wednesday seems not to have been of a serious character. A row did take piece, but the police, who were sect for, found that their services were not required. Pottxtbt Association.—The total number of entries reoeived for the annual show of the Ohrietohurcb. Poultry, Pigeon and Canary Association, to be held on the 20th and 21st instant, amount to 455. These are divided as follows: —Poultry, 216; canaries, 85 ; pigeons, 150. A special prize of £5 has been offered by come fanciera for the Spanish rooster in the show, the prizs to be won by the same exhibitor two years running. ASCBKBLEY BBSrDENT MAGISTRATE'S Coubt.—There was only one case set down for hearing at this Court yesterday—a trespass case—F. Stanton v Mrs Kooh, claim £2 ss, in whioh judgment for plaintiff with costs was given. Ihe Resident Magistrate will preside uoxfc Thursday, and after that date will, it is anticipated, only attend once a month. West Oxfoed. —An amateur dramatic entertainment wae given in connection with the Oddfellows at this place, in their large new hall, whioh has been lately purchased from the Town Hall Company, and enlarged and fitted for the purpose, and most of those taking part in the performance were members of the Dramatic Club. The farce of " Whitebait at Greenwich," "A Pair of Pigeons," and " No. 1 Bound the Corner," constituted the programme, and the whole of the pieces went very well and caused considerable amusement.

Rkbidbnt Magistbatb's Coubt.—Yesterday, before Messrs OUiver, Westenra, and Parker—Drunkenness, for first offences, two men were fined 5s each. Charles Baigh was dismissed on a charge of being drunk, «nd fined 5a for using obscene language. Sf ury Ann Ford was brought up on remand from th.L< 12th, charged with assaulting Jane Paul. This was a row between dissolute women, wnioh occurred at Burmeister'e oyster saloon. The parties had thrown missiles of various descriptions at each other, plaintiff receiving, in the engagement, a out on tbe head from a bottle of sauce. Prisoner was fined 20j.

B. M. Oottbt, Bakaia.—At this Court yesterday, before Mr J. Nugent Wood, E.M., Charles White was charged with unlawfully wounding a cow. Mr Purnell, who appeared for defendant, raised the preliminary objection that the Court had no jurisdiction, as by section 12 of the Police Ordinance the information must be laid within one month from the committal of the offence, which in the preient instance took place in May last. The case was dismissed. J. 0. Wason 7 J. Martin, claim £10; adjourned to next Court day. Badford t Gilleepie, claim £2 19»6d; judgment for amount claimed and costs, £1 7b. Ashbttbtou Htmrr Oittb.—A meeting of the provisional committee of the Ashburton Hunt Club was held at Shearman's Hotel on Wednesday evening. Mr E. Saundens' offer was accepted to hunt the rest of this and the whole of next season. Bules were adopted, the subscription being set down at a guinea a year. The following were elected officers:— President, Mr B. G. Wright, M.H.8.; vicepresident, Mr J. Carter; master, Mr M. Stitt; secretary and treasurer, Mr 8. Saundere ; chairman of committee, Mr M. Friedlander ; committee, Drs. Boss and Murdoch, and Messrs M. Friedlander, F. P. O'Beilly. and J. 0. BelL

Waikabi School Cohhtfibb. — The monthly meeting of the committee of the above aohool was held on Monday evening at Waikari store. Mr M. Gordnar was in the chair, and fire members of committee were preient. The committee regretted to hear from the Board of Education that the Government had not sent any farther reply re proposed new site for school in Princes street. It was stated that the school was now closed pro tern., as no pupils attend, and that the premises are gradually being enveloped with earth and stones, caused by the railroad operations being bo contiguous. Aooounts for payment amounting to £12 were passed, and the meeting terminated with a vote of thanks to the chairman.

Pbbsevebanob DmsiOK, No. 4, Sons of Tbhpbbaitcs,—The quarterly meeting of the above division took place in the Temperance Hall, Gloucester street, on Monday evening. There was a good attendance of members. Throe candidates were proposed for initiation. After the ordinary business had been disposed of, the officers elected for the ensuing halfyear were installed by Bro. Efford, G.W.P., and Bro. Uicholls as acting G.W.C., viz.:— W.P., F. T. Spooner; W.A., J. B. Parker j 8.8., T. Cutler; AB.S., O. Turvey: F.S., W. T. O. Mills; W.T., J. Patten; W.G., J. A. Efford; W. Con., F. Hitchings; W.A. Oon , 8. Fenner; I. Sen., G. W. Bradley; O. Sea., A. E. Turvey. The receipts for the evening were £33 Is 6d. After a vote of thanks to the installing officers the division closed in due form.

ODBSBHOweHi?.— The half -yearly meeting of the Loyal City of Christchurch Lodge took place on Tuesday last, in the Foresters' Hall, Lyttelton. One candidate was initiated and three proposed for membership. The balanco sheet for the half-year, showing the assets of the lodge to be £3000, was received and adopted. The following officers were duly installed by P.P.G-.M. J. Sowden:—G.M., B. Griffiths; N.G., H. Baker; V.G., T.Jameson;. Warden, T. H. lianyon; ES., H. Clarke. The N.G. appointed Bro. 0. Burns right, and Bro. H. Field left hand supporter; H. Hewstone inside, and T. Mitchell inside guardian. The delegates from district meeting reported the business conducted there. It was decided to present P.G-.81. T. Ookford with, a framed certificate of merit. A hearty vote of thanks was aooorded to the retiring officers, after which the lodge closed in due form at 10.30 p.m. The receipts were £87 15s. LOOAZ Entebpbish.—The firm of W. 8. King and 00. have recently had completed one of the handsomest specimens of upholstery ever seen in any establishment in Ohristchuroh, and it might perhaps be added with equal confidence, in the colony. Certainly, as a specimen of colonial manufacture, and as an instance of local enterprise, the suite of toilet furniture now on view at Mr King's shop, is well deserving of notice and commendation. The suite is made entirely* of kauri, inlaid in places with glaes (which, by the way, was "silvered" on the premises), and consists of a large and rich looking wardrobe, a handsome dressing table, and a washstand. Each of these articles of furniture is made with some regard to originality of design, and to increase their usefulness, on the multum inparyo principle. It may be added that they are perfectly made, all the seotione fitting bo accurately that it might almost be imagined that the whole had been cast in a mould. Whilst these works of the upholsterer's art remain on exhibition, Mr Kicg'o establishment will well repay a visit. i

SpsiKGSToy.—A meeting of those interested in forming a sparrow club at Springston wag held in the schoolroom on Tuesday evening last. There was a large attendance, nearly every farmer in the district being present. Mr Gamraaek was voted to the chair. Mr Muir brought to the meeting a sack of birds that bad been taken off one •mall field during the la>t three daye. It was resolved to form a clnb, and take combined action to abate the small birds nuisance. A committee was appointed to assist Mr Muir in preparing the poisoned grain, and the Eoad Board was aeked for one of the empty cottages as a depot for preparing acd selling the grain. It was resolved " That this meeting appoint a committee to draw up a petition to the General Assembly requesting them to pus an .Act giving a. majority of the ratepayers in any district power to lerj a rate for the suppression of the email birds nuisance," It was also resolved " To petition the Government to abolish all acclimatisation societies, and that all fees, fines, and licenses now paid to them be handed over to seme local body, to be expended in undoing the injury inflicted on the farming community by the importation of sparrows, linnets, and other noxious birds." It was decided that grain should be ready for distribution on next Friday mornlog.

Railway Tims Table.—A.n alteration in the time table of the Sakaia and Ashburton Forks Railway appears elsewhere. Acknowlbdsmkxt.—We have to acknowledge tbe receipt of a poem on the wreck of the Tararua, by " Leumes."

Thkatrb Botai.— "The Pirates of Pancanoe" was repeated last, night at the Theatre to a good house. It will be played again this evening. Thbatbioal —M? H. P. Lyons' Variety Party, under engagement to Mr A. T. Dunnine, have arrived at the Bluff from Melbourne. They play a short season in the South, and then come on to Christchurch, opening here early in August. Amongst the members of the company are Misies Nina Tulloch and Emily Fox, the Wyburd Brothers, &o. The Lydia Howarde Company, after a brief visit to the northern part of Canterbury, leave for Wellington to-day.

Lbctttbb.—A lecture wee delivered at the old St. Paul's Churoh last night by Mr O. £. Button, on the subject of come facts concern* ing oxygea gas, with experiments. The lecturer traced the discovery of oxygen gas, and dilated'at some length on the importance of the discovery. During the lecture several experiments were gone through, viz, burning steel wire, sulphur, phosphorus, &c. in oxygen, the first experiment being an exhibition of the lime light. A vote of thanks to the leoturer closed the proceedings. Oantebbtoy Ybomanby Cavaiby. — A general meeting of the members of the above corps was held at the City Motel last night. Captain Slater oooupied the chair. A considerable amount of general business wai transacted by a fairly attended meeting, contingents as far distant as Timaru and Temuka sending representatives. It was decided to hold the next annual training in October, the locale to be south of Aehburton, presumably Timaru or Temuka. It was also deoided to postpone the consideration of altering the uniform or head dress until after the annual training. A cordial vote ef thanks to Captain Slater for his untiring efforts to promote the welfare of the corps was unanimously passed. The meeting broke up with the usual vote of thanks to the chairman.

WoodekDi —A very successful tea and entertainment, in aid of the funds of St. Barnabas Church, was held in the church schoolroom on Wednesday evening last. Tables were kindly provided by the Me3dames Q-reoeon, G-osset, Stackwood, Horrell (2) and the bachelors (the latter presided over by the Misses Hicks and Stokes). Full justice having been done to the good things provided by the ladies, the tables were cleared, and the concert, consisting of instrumental pieces, glees, duets and solos, was gone through, the performers being the Woodend Glee Club, Mias Horrell, Miss Matthias, Messrs E. B. Good, Mainwaring and M. Brown. Mrs Gosset very ably presided at the piano daring the evening. Votes of thank* were accorded to the ladies who provided the tables, and to the ladies and gentlemen assisting at the con* cert. The Chairman (the Bey. H. C. Gosaet) stated that the next entertainment would be hold in about a month. The prooeeds of the tea and ooncert amounted to about £9.

Chbibtchuboh, Sydenham aitd Sttbt/b----bah Building Society.—An adjourned general meeting, and also "a special meeting, of the investing members of this society were held in the Canterbury Sale Booms lait evening. After the Chairman (Mr W. B. King) bad repotted the action taken by the direoton since last meeting, it was moved by Mr Pearce, and seconded by Mr Biird— " That the society be dissolved in terms of Bole Wo. 41, and subsection 3 of clause 36 of The Building Societies Act;, 1880, and that the neoeseary instrument of dissolution be prepared for signature; also, that the directors be therein constituted trustees^or the purpose of winding up the affairs of the society without personal remuneration." The resolution was carried unanimously. Replying to Mr Harley, the Chairman aaid he was sorry to be etill unable to report the payment of the guarantee polioy. Negotiations were still pending with the Standard Insurance Company, and he confidently expected its payment without having recourse to legal proceedings. On the motion of Mr McOonnel, the meeting was further adjourned for six weeks, on which date it is expected that the business of the society will practically be woundup. AgHBTTBTON INDPBTRIAL ASSOCIATION.— On evening a committee meeting was held in the Town Hall, Ashburton; Mr W. Roberts in the ohair. A letter was read from Captain MeLelUn, harbormaster, Lyttelton, stating that he thought the best place for a landing service for Bailing vessels would be a ooint near the mouth of the Biver Ashburton. Mr E. G. Wright, M.H.B, wrote that he thought a sufficient sum would be voted daring this session to finish the railway line to Hood's crossing, Mount Somere; that the construction thence to the coal mines and (tone quarries would be a fit matter for a private company, but that the extent of assistance proposed to be Booorded under the Bill to be introduced, should be first ascertained. The traffic bridge at Hood's would not be suitable for railway purposes, unless strengthened ; and it was the writer's opinion that in view of economy a private company would select a site where the river ifl narrower;

Malvbhk Masonic Lodge.—The ceremony of the installation of the officers in connection of the above ledge was performed in the schoolroom, Kowai Pass, on July 13th. Iα the absence of the DD.&.M. H. Thomson, Bro. Joyce, W.M., Gonyers Lodge, installed the brethren in a most efficient manner. Bro. Joyce was ably assisted by P.M.'4 Simpson and Hobday and Bro. Austin. The officers for tho ensuing year are as follows:—D. Jebson, W. 81.; H. Davies, S.W.; J. T. Foster, J.W.; J. Blythen, Secretary ; B. J. Shanks, Treasurer; A. W. Reid, 8.D.; E. H. Smith, J.D.: A. Moßeth, I G.; and G. Marley, O.G. After the installation the annual banquet was held at Davies' Hotel, where a splendid spread awaited the brethen. After ample justice had been done to the good things provided, the usual loyal a&d Masonic toasts followed eaoh other in quick succession, enlivened by songs of more than ordinary merit. In the evening a ball was held in the schoolroom to the strains of Schwartz's band, and the terpsichoreans reluctantly broke up at 5 a.m., on the departure of the members of the band for the Spricgfield station. The whole affair was a complete sucoesa, the weather being everything to be desired, and the attendance much greater than was anticipated

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NEWS OF THE DAY., Press, Volume XXXV, Issue 4964, 15 July 1881

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NEWS OF THE DAY. Press, Volume XXXV, Issue 4964, 15 July 1881

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