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» Aa.BrvAi.OF Baceeorsis.—By the Wanaka, there arrived yesterday, from Picton, __■ Westvaoott's Fiaulty and Mr Ked wood's Norseman aad Bdp__i for the Autumn Meetiag. * ■'*■** . C—9TBRBtot CoTmsrsa Cltts.—AttenUottisotiHed to an advertisement in another oohnrat respecting 'the closing of the Derby and Oaks on Monday next. Oxro—> -Ain> C_KBSn>aß Boat Eacb. —The annual boat race between the Oxford and Cai_. bridge TJniversities will be tw-red over the usual cora-se to-day. ■**' A— best. —A young man named Alfred, Shaw was arrested yesterday afternoon on a charge of stealing a watch and chain, of tha value of £9, belonging to John Bos—eU. Ha win be charged with the offence at toe B.M. Court this not—ng. lirrndvios __e_rr_—s's Onnr.- 42b as. Anderson —as charged at this Court yesterday with using; obscene language on Norwich Q—ty on Thm-sdaj night. He was _aed 103, or forty-eight hours' im-p-r_o___i_ - Ccxos__ Gsows Tobacco.—A —g— good specimen ot the ,v__sty known as tha Virjrinia tobacco ~_K_ be Been at Mr Chndley's shop,- Colombo street ,»»-«_, bearing ieaves 19" inches long and 12 inches acroiß. *£_> plant ia.about 6feet big—.oadis in nUbloosc.- TbßV_-gfa_ia't_ r____a_ongst tb» «~t totooooa iorjaaaufaatosus. . Ape—>EjTii_T S_on___>.- __ —finest was held v Newstt-eetj-e-tterde-o- the febdy ot aa ___t named John Ketinedy, son. of Anthony Kennedy, carpenter. It appeared from __ evidence tint the child had be_ i accidentally ovtrlaid by hia mother _%!_ —_—>, and the Jury -reton—da verdict

I B._t. Con_T_B_BBRTOK.—At the above Corartyesterday a man named Brennan, who had on the previous day been let off with a fine of 1b onCondiSon that he would mend his way, waa 'brought up off* charge of being drank and disorderly, and fined 10s or the usual alternative. Ltttkltoh W___ya_- C_o*C—.—_hsaxni-rersary servicesin connection with the Lyttelton Wee]-—an Cliurch Sondsy Sohool axe to be held, co-a_ea(ding to-morrow. The morning: service in the C—__i will be in aid ot the causa, and a special children's Bervice is to be held In the afternoon. Next Thursday the tea meeting.and public meeting, aa in !_ jvious years are to be held. So-rrß-s—x Crjss Masonic Lodu—.—___tag the present hall somewhat limited for the transaction of regular, as well as ex_B_n_nary business, it has. been proposed to consider the question _of the erection of a new hall on the site which has been purchased recently for that purpose. A committee of the brethren has been formed to oonsiderland report npon the whole question with a view to obtaining the desired result. BEStDKKT Maoisteatb's Court.—At the above Court yesterday, before J. Ollivier. it. Westenra, X Crosby, and J. E. Parker."_so>:, J.VK, WUliam James Nankarvis, alias Major, ab_j Brown, pleaded guilty to bavin? stolon, six dis—-trays; value 4s 6d. the property of H. Fuhrmann, and was senteaced to six months' imprisonment with hard labour. Thirty-one persons were summoned for having unregistered dogs in their possession, and most of them were fined 10a, and Ss costs, for each dog bo . found. ; Chixse S-tphkst r_o_ the _i_es_x_x DisXBICT.—The Banks' Peninsula Association are not the only ones to venture on a shipment of cheese to England, as several of the best dairy farmers in tbis district are also shipping by the Orari. 41 tons have been forwarded to Lyttelton by Mr' John MeLachlan and Mr William Jamieson; and ' as the above makers are celebrated for their cheese, there is no doubt that it will turn out well. Should it do so, it is probable tbat the farmers will form' themselves into an association something similar to,tbat on Ban]—* Peninsula. Mis Caihcabt' Ba-n-rrr. —Ab will be seen by advertisement elsewhere, Mr J. F. Catheart will take his benefit on Monday evening next, at the Theatre —oysl. The programme is a very attractive,, 1 one, comprising as it does something to suit all tastes. Added to this, Mr Catheart, by biß excoltentaoting and thoroughly artistic impersonations of all toe characters he bati appeared in during the season, has most deservedly won the good opinion of all playgoers. It is to be hoped that the benefit' will be a substantial one. and of such a character as wiß abundantly testify to Mr Catheart the hig_ esteem and appreciation in which he is held by Christchurch theatre goers. ; Cabxtoh School Committee.—A meeting of the above school committee was held in the schoolroom on the 4th. Present—Messrs H. Engelbreoht (chairman), J.lSkurr, |H. Littler H. 'Stiffens, X>. . Dbrh_——h, B. H. Carter, and W. W. Webb. It ' was resolved that the committee vote for Mr B. S. Higgins, ot Cost, for the vacant seat on the Board. ! The question of bringing the Compulsory clause of the Act into force in the district in consequence of the number of children being kept from school, was discussed^andit was decided to communicate with. the Board on the matter. It was resolved to have ' toe c_Udrmi-exa_ined for the district prizes at an early date. The annual entertainment was fixed . for April 19th. 'v- -;:..-:■; .; Thbateb Eotal. —A cleverly.-: written and ex- [ pellent acting drama, entitled "Blighted Lives," . was produced for' the first time at the Theatre Boyal last night. The situations in it are dramatic and effective, and tbe plot, though essentially ' French, well' worked out. Miss Louise: Beandet I played the character of Sophie very well indeed l throughout, and the same may be said of Herr , Band——nn and Messrs Catheart and Musgrave. The former was exceedingly affective in the very dramatic scenes which occur in the latter part of • the piece, they being played with a quiet grace - which madetnem go excellently. Ot the olio which followed,' nothing need ~be said except that the I vocalisation showed rxost conclusively that singing is not the strong point of the company, and that Mr Catheart'a recital of the touching little piece " Our DFolks," was f—l of.pathos, and showed great appreciation and eloquence of elocution. To-night- • ''Monte Christo" is, an Bounced, and on Monday " Mr Catheart takes his'benefit. i Liscolit. —The usual.monthly meeting of the Lincoln school committee was held on Monday •evening, April 4th.. Present—Messrs Bevell (ohair- - man), Wolfe, Meyenbeiw, Geddes, and Taylor. Correspondence was read from the secretary to the I Board of Education' on several unimportant matters. ■ The usual monthly report of attendance from the , 'head teacher; was read, showing the average'for the • .past month to have been—Boys 63, girls 52.2; total, B ! 116.2, or 83 per cent. Number on-roll —Bovs;79, , \ girls 63; total, 142. Application was - made" lor use a of sohoolroom for a Druid concert, &c, on April f 22nd, also for permission to erect cupboards for use 'of Masonic and of Druid lodges m the infants' ;room., Both applications were granted. Besolvod S i—'-That MrE.J. Lee be elected to fill the vacancy , in the Board of Education." "That the usual • ; Easter week holiday: be granted." Several minor r matters were attended to, and an account for £2 h j—as passed for payment, > T_< Dkdids.—The Lyttelton Hearts of. Oak a 'Lodge held their usual fortnightly meeting on 3 Thursday evening, at the Foresters' Hall, Lyttelton. Two candidates were irritiated, and three B'• proposed for membership. A report was read from - | the banquet committee that all -arrangements were iniade with Mr McDonald, Canterbury Hotel,'for ■ i the spread next Thursday. A great many tickets r . havo been disposed of, and no doubt a large number ! will be present from the sister lodges. The lodge * was closed in dueform by the A.D., Bro. GiHiea.— The usual fortnightly meeting of the Star ot iAngleßea Lodge was held on Tuesday last, Bro!U>i ■ Broom, A.D., presiding. There was a good atten- - f dance of brethren present, and a considerable ■ amount of business transacted. With reference to 9 .* the forthcoming Druidic concert, it was announced f thatsevei—la—es and gentlemen* had kindly pro- . mised their services, and it was resolved that appli- ' I cation be made to • tbe, Pioneer and Ethelbert 1 Lodges for the us&of their regalia, collars, and i crooks, Ac, for the Druidic tableaux. Arrangef 'ments were-made for a cricket match with the , Pioneer Lodge on Easter Monday. Besolvod— _ ■• That the lodge pay an official visit to the Ethel-' 9 i bert Lodge on. the 12th inst." Two new members f , were proposed. The lodge was closed by the A_>. • indaeionn. . ; Axaboa.—Our Akaroa correspondent writes— , 1 For the past Week the excitement among the dairy r farmers has inn high, and great has been the ' request for timber and carpenters, while cheese *■ j baa been tho leading topio in conversation. Various I modes have been adopted in the way of packing, , \ each member using his own ideas' as to what shape , ■ cases the cheese will carry in best.. The round i cases seem to be most in favor. Every care has • been taken in the way of packing, and it will not 1 be the farmers' fault if the experiment is not a 1 ; success. Success means a grand future for nearly' t 'every one on Banks" Peninsula,' while a failure ; : simply means for a good many very little short of j ' ruin, as the present prices of dairy produce cannot ■ > possibly give anyone a living -unless they have large holdings. Another good thing that will acorue from t the produce sent to England ia that it will be sold • on its merits, a thing which i has not bitherto been - done in Akaroa, at any rate. All cheese has been \ one ——form price, and those farmers Who mads and I aoldbutter previous to making their cheese res—sed the'same prioes as those who put the'eream in— • one great evil which should be remedied 'in our ' colonial markets as soon as possible., It is certain i that if onr cheese can' be plaoed in the Home I market in good condition the only thing that will j keep * down- the price is its quality, and oheese- , makers most see to it, that if they wish to make butter It must not come from their cheese, or the ' prjeeof that butter will certainly,be deducted in > the London market. ' 1 Ths Ntctaosafh.—Mr Elphinstone Boe, tele- ) graph line inspector .in Western Austx_ia, has , applied for a patent in 'South Australia (the " Begister " states) protecting what promises tobe I a, very useful invention. It is a system of sigt—l- -> ling either by'day or night, and the instrument or ) apparatus by which the work is done he calls a i nyctagraph. By day the signalling Is effected t with colored flags,: and at night by lights of two distinct, colors, bo _siged as to form the letters of the Morse'code, at present in use in the Tele- ' graph department. The inventor states that i ■ ships willne enabled'to spell out everything they , require, and that everything at- present trans--1 mitted by telegraph can be rent by the nyctai. graph. Its superiority over all other sema- ' : phora signals is the ease with which it is .worked. 1 : being simplicity itself, an amateur being' able to transmit and send as well as an expert. He con- > \ aiders that it will supersede' the telephone, as I ■ within ten -miles telegraph Conrmunication' can , be carried on at » very small expanse—that, it ! will be of service to merchants living out of town and wishing to be posted in news during the ! night. As a scientific toy alone much amnse- ■ . ment will be afforded by the nyctagraph, as per- >; 'sons with only a toy instrument will be enabled |i to chat t-(ith their friends a'few miles distant ; "at leisure; but the most important of its -uses • will be in lighthouses, which can each write every i few seconds the initials of its own name, and _• thereby.prevent the many accidents that happen l b through mistaking one lighthouse for another. By j day it will do away, Mr Boe believes, with the t whole of the present • signal flag code, as only two distinct flairs are required to spell everything. A printed code on a oard can be supplied with each ' instrument. The English mail steamer, withya » ' nyotagraph on board, could send in passing' 1000-, or ■. 1200 words of news, instead of, as now, 'being only . i reported, when passing at night, as a large steamer .j supposed to bO the P. and O. or Orient CO/s. ' Pa- . tentß have been applied for in the other colonies and in Great Britain and. America. i , .. . ... 1 '■'■ AaaicmLTCßAi, Ann Pabtoeal i monthly meeting of the genesil. nommittee was i held yesterday afternoon. Present—Mr J. B. - Hill, president (in tha chair),-Messrs W. Boag, P. ,; Cniiiii-igbam,' Money, B. Sutherland,-W-Hender- !* Bon, T.-Bruce, J. .Mann,,W, r N_rman, John Gebbie, [i Mcßeath, and Hurray-Aynsley. After disposing t of the preliininary business, the Chairman referred >: to the exportation of cheese, as a subject com-' I manding some attention at the present time, and:, , produced a' list of prices quoted from the Army and , Navy Association, which he laid upon the table for the information of members. A letter was read ; from the secretary of the' Canterbury Athletic Club, • asldng for a refund of the amount paid by the „ub 1 for the use of the , ground' at tl ieit recent, • meeting. After consideration, it: was . re- "> solved that the Association could not enter-; ' tain the request. It waa decided to refund' to Mr Murphy the amount of his expenses on—» occasion of Ms trip South,' which was an der- '■ taken on behalf ot the Agricultural and'Tabtoral Association. The election of committees for ■ the ensuing term was the next business,; • resulting as follows:'—Finance committee —; • Messrs Norman, Cnnningbam, Ford, Money. ; Bruce, and Anderson,... junior; ground com- : ' mittee—Messra INorman, Ford, Brace, Mann, ; . 3. Fergusson, and'B. Wilkin t ram fair committee 1 —Messrs B. Wilkin, Mann, Griggi - Mcßraith, • Norman, Gebbie, Boag; revision of catalogue com- • mittee—Mosstb Boag, Anderson, Mellraith. Suthari land." Murray-Ayusley, Brnce, Fergusson, J. T. ! Ford, and Peter Cn-mTnghaTff; editim committee— ' The Hon.' John HalL B. Wilkin, Norman, T. H, i Cox. J. T. Ford, W. E. Ivot; "Draught Stud Book" committee—Messrs Wilkin, Walls, Boag. ' Hoßy, and Money. WithTegard to the revision of - the roles, it was explained by the., chairman"that , notice required to be given of such a question in I accordance with the Act, and a committee waa appointed to consider the roles in connection with the . Act to ascertain what alterations were necessary, ■ and to report thereon, the committee being author j risedtocall iv such legal assistance as might appear . to themnecessary. Mr Boag drew attention to the : fact that the original intention of the committee aa . to the wording of the name-plate on the frame of j MrGould's picture had _ 0 t been carried out. He f gave notice of motion for having a new plate, on ( which the alteration should be made --—'erring to ; Mr Gould, the -reoond president of the aasoemtion, , as"one of its gteatesf benefactors.** Notice ol L —lotion was piven by _t Bruce to change the day of [ meeting. Friday being extremely inconvenient for i the-preaident; aad Mr Money gave notice toat he f would move at next meeting in the direction of im--1 F roT n f the -%*** horse exhibition at the Metrepo- | btau Show. Accounts to the amount of £5817s 2d f wera passed for payment. This was allthebusineea. -s

Is a Bad Wat.—The Dunedin City Council's present overdraft is £9928 7s Id, and its debit b_—Bco against all: accounts, after providing for contracts, &c.. :&SjSiß. This does not include claims for compensation, which have been estimated to _3__» to -10,000. . r^__«-n-->B_Bsrrs.—We ("Southland Times") _)__ that the meat preararving worl_ at Woodlauds are now ia opoxatioii canning rabbits, having- zeceived promise of a sn_cient supply to wan—at a start being a — So. The time dudsg whioh the works wUlbe kept running win depend entirely oil the daily supply being kept up by the rabbitera. The price poia by the oompany is 4d each, for good fall-grown rabbits, delivered in good conditio- at Woodlands,.'■:_iiaalsoa fact,we belieye, that tha cost of.tinning each rabbit is about 6d. thusgiviug »return of money to the district in tbe shape of wages, Ac., of about lOd per head. It is to be hoped those interested in the killing part of the business will endeavor to keep np the supply regularly as long as possible. ...What Cob_d xc.,_Cav_ Bkjjh.—A most extraoro_—ry occurrence (feys the-toaugahuaTimes") is reported to us as having occurred at Soldiers' Gaily, near Beeftotr. It appears that on Sundayevening last, two men named Brown And Gibson rare returning home from Beeftonto their hat in Soldiers Gully,,.and -about b_if amik);fro_. the Grey road they saw ahead of them what at first appeared to be a small shrub on fire. As they approached it, however,'it assumed the appearance ot a ball of blue—— fire passing slowly over the bush at a height of five or six feet from the ground. As toe luminous appearance passed the travellers; one of them,'Gibson, was struck by the body on the side of the haad with such violence as to render the man almo—; insensible, and the light then vanished. The sufferer managed to crawl home, but for Borne hours was in snch agony that his mate was several times on the point of leaving for medical assistance. In the coarse of the night, however, the man recovered. Strange to say, no mark of any kind was caused by the contact.

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NEWS OF THE DAY., Press, Volume XXXV, Issue 4891, 9 April 1881

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NEWS OF THE DAY. Press, Volume XXXV, Issue 4891, 9 April 1881

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