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The ordinary meeting of this Council was held in the Council chambers on Tuesday, 4th February, 1890, fit 2 p.m. Present ; Jonathan Brown, Esq. (Chairman), Crs Macmillan, Pratt* Armstrong, Crawford and Killen. The minutes of last meeting were road and confirmed. INWARD COBEESPOXDENCE. \ From Nelson Bros. :— Tomoana, Hawkes* Bay, January 27th, 1890. Dkab Sib,— Referring to^ our of la*t week. So mnoh depends npottcircunjstuiices beyoud our control that it is difficult fur me to make a definite proposal ; but supposing (Ist). You get a guarantee for us of 25,000 fat sheep a year, for four years ; (2nd) That a suitable site for killing can be procured ; (3rd), That our hulk can lie in what we consider a suitable position for taking in the meat from the slaughter-house; (4th), That general arrangements for acquiring suitable lands for paddockiog, &c, can b<? mad*, we would th<H> undertake to freeze for you on one of the two following bagei : Ist. We would buy your mutton (piinje wether) outright at a figure not less than one penny three farthings (ifd) per lb, we taking all fat and offal, except the wool, which we would fcllmonger for yon at the rate of 2d pet Ib ; 2nd. We would freeze your mutton for you »t a consolidated rate, not excMdiiig 2£d per 1b (twopence three farthings), covaring the cost ef killing, shipping, freezing, freight, insurance, sale charges in London, &c. ; in fact everything, from delivery of sheep at the slaughter yard to the delivery of Recount sales. We would advance l£d per lb on prime mutton in addition to the 2£« l charges. The {<rice which we should putchate will probably be in excess of Ifd per lb. In the event of our freezing on your own account, all offal would belong to you, and be treated by you as you may think fit. Nor withstanding our requiring a four years' guarantee from you, we claim the rigkt to give up the contract at the end of one year, though it is more probable that if we onoe took it up we should build works on shore after the first season. — lam, &c, W. Nelson, For Nelson Bros., Limited. P.S. When buying meat outright, prime old ewes would be a £d per lb lew than wethers ; prime lambs £d more. To J. Brows, Esq., Tauranga. The Chairman said the Committee had concluded to see how many sheep could bo guaranteed in the district, and Colonel Dowell was to interview the Manager of the Bank of New Zealand, and see how many sheep they would guarantee in the district; then they would apply to the Waikato fanners to supply sheep. The Council would also have to see that the Cambridge, Thompson's, and Te Aroha roads were put in good order.— Cr Crawford considered that if the works were established here they would be a great boon to the district, and as funds would be required to defray the preliminary expense he would move that £o be granted to the Chairman for the purpose of paying expenses.— Cr Pratt seconded, but hie, would wish that the scheme should go forth as emanating from the Council, as it could not be brought forward by a few individuals, and the Council should be unanimous. — Cr Armstrong wished to know if paddocks would-be required, and if they would be paid for out of the Council's funds. — The Chairman said no, as Messrs Nelson Bros, would arrange all matters of detail. The tramway scheme would be connected with the scheme fox freezing works. When he was in Napier he had gone through their works, and saw that every portion of the animal was made use of, even tße hoofs and horns. The wool came out as white as snow. These freezing works had been the making of Napier. By having a steady market you cannot there purchase sheep under certain prices ; but here we may at one tune send fat sheep into Auckland market, and realise a fair price ; at other I times it was a loss to send them. — Cr i Killen did not consider there would be any difficulty in getting the guarantee if the Cambridge and Thompson's Tracks were opened, as he understood there was 80,000 sheep in the Piako County.— Chairman then put the motion which was carried,— Resolved, on the motion of Cr Crawford, seconded by Cr Bennett, that the Chairman and Cr Pratt be a committee to consider Messrs Nelson Bros r . suggestions. A petition was presented by Cr Bennett from the farmers of the Bangiuru district, asking Council to alter a steep gradient. —Resolved, on motion of Cr Crawford, seconded by Cr Killen, that the Engineer be instructed to see this road, and report to next meeting. Minister of Lands, re Tapsel's letter :— Native Office, Wellington, 21st January, 1890. Sir, — I have the honour by direotion of the Hon. Native Minister to enclose herewith the translation of a letter received from j Retireti Tapihana, of Maketu, calling attention to the danger to travellers at the Waihi river, and suggesting that a notice— which he encloses— should be posted in English and Maori, and to ask you to be good enough to bring the matter under the consideration of the Council— l am, &c, W. Mobpeth,' For the Under- Secretary. F. Louch, Esq., Clerk Tauranga County Council, Tauranga. Maketu, November 3th, 1889. Gbketiko, — I think it would be desirable to make known to the pubtio the following account. Some years ago a European ana his horse were drowned in the Waihi river at night ; afterwards, had it not been for the . promptitude of the natives, three more would have been drowned (in the same river). The action of the natives in saving them was rewarded by a charge being made against them of stealing the clothes. When the body of the first European was discovered, it was alleged that his clothes had been stolen, but his clothes were afterwards found on the beach. Last week a gentleman of means from Auckland nearly lost his life at night. Bis horse was drowned, and was found on the beach the next morning with the saddle co. The martingale wan the cause of the hone** drowning. 1 think notice ought to be loaned buth in English and Maori, as there nay be natives who are also strangers and cannot swim. lam sorry that Europeans should lose their lives iv a river that children swim in.— l am, &c, (Signed) RsnfiKn Tafouva. The Hon. Native Minister. NOTICE. Maketu, November Bth, 1889. To Europeans travelling from Matata to Haketu, and are strangers. Do not come along the coast if unaccompanied by some* one who knows the way, either Maori or European. Although the inland road is long, travel by it, as there is no dangerous place there. The danger en the route along the coast is the Waihi river. Some Tears ago a European was drowned in it, and afterwards twu Euiupeani Would have been drowned if it was sot for the natives ; and last week a gentleman of means, of Auckland, was nearly * drowned. His horse was drowned, and his own strength saved him. This is, therefore, la

to warn people, lest they suffer through their ignorance. From your loving friend, (Signed) -R&ft&ESt TipinmA.. Resolved that the Maketu. members arrange to have a board fixed up with the word " Dangerous " painted on it. Mr J. W. Gray, asking that £50 be paid him. — Cr Bennett proposed the letter be acknowledged. — Cr Macmillan did not consider tihat the Cotnic^l should throw any obstacle in ike? way, and moved that the money- bepai4g4(% Sfratfc. moSfeck as an amendment thai I^»b tnoni^ bejno% paid tifi the Council had lieard from the Surveyor-Gteneral. — After some time, there being no seconder, Cr Pratt asked leave to withdraw his amendment. The original motion was then carried. From Postmaster-General : — General Post Offic*, Wellington, ; 1B& Jaitoary, 1890. Sic,-— I have the hoiK)ur to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 17th ultimo, in farther reference to the time-table of the Thames-Tauranga mail service. I have given your recommendations careful consideration, butjafter making further particular enquiry, f find that the time between Thames and Pawoa can be very little, if at all}! reduced. In winter, the horses on that sectioa cannot travel at more than a walking pace for a great part of the distance, and in fine weather the time bcoupied cannot be made l«ss than 3| or 3f hdnrs. But, in order to allow the coach for Tamanga to leave Paeroa as near 11 a.m. as possible, so as to give the contractor another hour for the journey to Tauranga, or to quicken the arrival at Tauranga by so much, I have directed that the coaches depart from the Thames at 7.30 a.m. instead of 8 o'clock (this is as early as the departure can safely be made, if the Auckland mails are not to be left behind), and that the time for changing horses at Hikutaia be shortened. Consistently with making the necessary junction with othe.r ■mtuf services, this is as much tfatf be v done at present ; but I will not lose sight of your representations when re-arranging the inland mail services for next year. — I am, &c, E. MrroHELSON, Postmaster-General; The Chairman, Tauranga County Council, ; Tauranga, T^njimes. ,h ■'. f V 'TJie "Chairman considered satisfactory. Katikftti "Wharf grant i— General Survey Offioe, Wellington/ Jan. ; lß&, 1890. Spt^l^am repeated by. the Minjate* of Lauds to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of 20th ultimo, addressed to the Minister for Public Workß, applying fora grant of .£250 promised for a wharf at Katikati. In reply I am to state that on referring the matter to the Hon. the Minister of Native Affairs, it has been ascertained that a verbal promise was made to Messrs Kelly and Fraser last session, that a sum of £250 would be placed on the estimates as a tubsidy of £1 for £1 towards the wharf at Katikati, on condition that the money should m»t be expended until Mr Gordon, of the Mines Department, had satisfied the Government that machinery for the Waibi goldfields could be landed at a cheaper rate there than oan now be done via Paeroa. The money should have been 1 voted last session, and I am to apologise for its having been inadvertently omitted from the estimates through pressure of business. Steps will, however, be taken to obtain the necessary vote next session, if Mr Gordon's report is favourable to your view of the case.— l am, &c, S. Percy Smith, Surveyor-Gtneral. The Chairman, / Tauranga County Council. Tauranga. Cr Macmillan stated that Inspector Gordon had been at Katikati last Friday, having gone there to inspect the site of the Katikati wnarfc Cr Killen was with Inspector Gordon, and they saw Mr G. V. Stewart, who toltl/ftim the wharf was* not wanted as all the money was required for $Mjefre<oteM ;^aihijbridjie. — C| Macmillan hail met them, and was asked his opinion, and what Cr Killen had said was right. Mr Gordon had told them that Government would give £1 for £1 for the Waihi bridge, and Mr Stewart said this bridge was wanted, he considered they were entitled to the Waihi Bridge, and a wharf was also required. Frem Mr T. Proude, asking that bis name be placed on the roll for Mr Copeland's land at Te Puk©.— The clerk said that there was an unsatisfied judgment for rates against the land, and if he placed Mr 3?ronde's name on the roll, he would be liable for these rates. — The Chairman said the Clerk should write and explain the matter. From Mr Dalzell, asking for a sum of money to be voted for the opening up of the water-courses on the Te Aroha track, and that he would be willing to overlook the work. — Resolved, |on the motion of Cr "Kill en, seconded by Cr Macmillan, that the Clerk write to the Surveycwr-General asking that a sum of money be allowed to repair the Te Aroha Track, and that five pounds be allowed to Mr Dalzell to expend on this road. Mr G. V. Stewart'sletter,;— Katikati. Ja%aaryJ2j>, 1890, p Sir.— l have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your letter dated 11th January in which you were good^. enough to return me, by direction of your Council, the two letters referred to therein. Since: the receipt of you? yle|ter, I^a^e carefully perused the' Conn y Act and find that the only method by which a road o«ii be declared a " main road " is through the instrumentality o|.jfche County Council. ,„•■■, I therefore con&uds,thai the "amendment, to which yourMktei" "refers, was carried through p misapprehension by your Council of the strict course to be adopted. I trust under these circumstances, that your Council will not consider me guilty •f " the battledore and shuttle cook " mode of doing business, when, at the request of the trustees of the Katikati. Road Board, I return you tine letters to which I have above referred. I find, that four out of the seven gentlemen constituting your Council, have been personally and of comparatively recent date introduced to the colony and district bjmyself, while Mr Armstrong is a worthy countryman of my own. Some of these gentlemen, to my knowledge, have been familiar in dealing with large transactions' both at Home *nd abroad, and^hey "should therefore be cosmopolitan in their ideas and views. I feel satisfied, that as the entire expenditure required will not exceed tear pounds, they will favourably regard Captain Hugh Stewart's application, and with a broad view, having in fnamdj both the settlers interested mad the development of omr traffic and markets with the gold fields. — I am &c. Chairman, Katikati Road Board, To Fitz- Gibbon Lunch, Esq , County Couucil Chambers, Tauranga. Cr "M"ft/>Trnllan moved that £10 be granted to repair the road to Bowen Lowiu -t* Cr KUlsn seconded, — The uhairnian then put the motion and lodared it lost. The Chairman said that he had been iskedat Maketu to get the Council to

make a small road to the flax mills. As there is £25 coming from the leases in that district he would move that £7 1 10s be spent. — Seconded by Cr Crawford and carried. From Mr Gardiner. January 27, 1 890; Sic. — I have to acknowledge receipt jof your letter of 13th. inst, and herewith in - ferm you that ti|e threshjipg machinery, mentioned >by fpvt therein*! is ordinary Ibtffic of top Ipwater %re%ht and less damaging th% %n%ia| fridges, and cjilverta, ol(|ie^Jpßtttr| ft|*n| o»ul|9 every or any week. P hereby demand of the Council, that they remedy at once any deflects or weaknesss|in roads bridges'*! or culverts ia this county. Jf Iheyj neglect to do so and I suffer, •r^may *be a*usbs to sufkr by thfeir so negleoting, any damage or loss, or jso sufferer from any cause attributable to the Council, I shall hold th«n liable for all such delays, damages or losses, and promptly claim at fair ttierefor.— l am &c. ■ G*OBCHS GrAEDIWEB. To F. Louch, Esq. County Clerk &c, Tauraaga. Resolved thati the Engineer inspect the Wairba bridge afid all other bridges in thjß Qpunty 1 aadb Repair them. engineer's report. Tauranga, February 4tb, 1890 To toe<^aJman r T4uranga County Council. Sri.'— l nay« the nohor to report that, ' since last meeting of the Council, I haveinspected all the roads under contract, and found same to be in fair order. The decking of the bridges generally throughout the; County has required repair, and which in^ most cases h^ts been attended to, and I; have forwarded timber where required torepair bridges, which on my last inspection ; I found required to be at once attended to- ■ I understand these timbers have been fixed: 'within the last week. I have called for tenders for painting and j tarring the »Waitahanui bridge, wuich will j be submitted to you for your approval. I The bridge over the Waitoa stream,! requires to be tarredjand painted. — I am &c. FITZGIBBON LoUCK. ...,,,..„. . County Engineer. Resolved that the Engineer's report be;adoj)tedi ( .; ; : '''''\C^ \ /, / ,"^ : /\ C^JCr^Uep* B%g#€^#iat t^^r&be Called for laying shingle where required on %he Katikati and Thames road. Cr Macmillan seconded, and said he did not approve of the system of throwing the loose earth on the road, for when the rain came it only made matters worse, and, seeing that at all the rivers crossing, the road there was plenty of shingle* to be got, it would be a pity not to make use of it for repairing these roads, ajs it would thus act as a solid foundation, and every £\ now spent in shingling, would, save ; £2 A jn rerepairing these roads in futiire.-T— The motion was them put and declared carried. Tenders for, -painting the Waitahanui bridge were then opened:— D. Kennedy £15 ss ; J. B. Chappell, £9 18s. Resolved that the lowest tender be accepted. . : \

Accounis wove then j-assed for payment • subject io tho anMroTai of 1 i • Fumaci! j •Committee. , This concluded the business. j

Professor of Geology—" Gentleman, a-, the close of the spriuK term I asked you to report to me, individually any object of extraordinary interest you might meet in y»ur respective outings. Mr CorVett, you may begin. " Corbett "Please, sir, mine Bad yellew hair, blue eyes, and a tailormade suit. " Ms Krebrand (stumbling over a footstool while trying to light thq gas)— Ow- woo ! 00-oo ! Gteo whiz 1 Thunder and dernation ! Mrs Firebrand - What's the matter, dear ? Mr Firebrand ( forgetting be placed the^footstool there himself }— fome infernal imbecile and idiotiftrdoltlput the foot rest in the middle of the room, right under the chandelier, and I almost shattered my ankle bone against it. Mrs Firebrand— George, I should think you would have more self-respect than to call yourself such names before your wife and. children. Garlick and Cranwell hare made a general, reduction in prices to suit the times. Their'sisthe largest and cheapest stock in Auckland of Furniture, Bedding, Carpets, Floor Cloths, Iron Bedsteads, Perambulators. Curtains and all kinds of Furnishing goods, Goods are' very carefully packed. Prompt cash, discount 5 t>er cent. Price lists sent pdst free. Chairs in jjreat variety— good Sfclon£ cane-seated chair for 3s 9d. Furnish your house from Garlick & Oranwell, Queen street, Auckland. The best medicine known is Sander and. Son's Eucalypti Extract. gTSFSjI* Ss^ effects in cougfis; colds, mfftreisa, etcT-^tne relief is instantaneous. Thousands^ give the most gratifying testimony. IJiS piajeslyjthe. King of Italy and medical syndicates au over the gloWare its patrons. Read the omicial reports that accompany each bottle. We have no occasion to offer rewards in proof of the genuineness of our references. The official reports of medical clinics and universities, the official communication of the Consul-General for Italy at Melbourne ; the diploma awarded bj; the Iflteriiatibnai Exhibition, Amsterdam — ail tlieseare authentic documents, and, as such, not open io doubt. Weacldhere epitome of one o± the various cases treated at the clinic of Shultz, H.1)., Professor, etc:— "C.B., 24 years old; cougestional abscess on the thigh. Incisions nia^e in two places. Although Lister's dressing was applied, the,seci;e^» became, %j 9 day% later, very copious, duid! has iadopi^d ■£, pcetad^ decomposed cnatacbei/ * CheHeinperataife ros# enormously. In consequence the dressing was removed, and on its place were made during the day-time repeated irrigations with Eucalypti E'xtgajcj;. -The offensive fester disappeared very soou,fhe fever abated within a few days, and the mtient recovered after the lapse of several weeksV* In this instance we must not lose sight of the fact that the latter treatment saved the patient's life." (Advt). SxiiTOYMEN._ I_»\^.e1 _»\^.eH a ' Health Eenewer re-,* gto res Jiealth vigor, /cures Impotelce. S|xualt)ebihtyr-"% an* di-ugg&ts. Pf oser & Co., Agents, 4n.Qkland,_..... , ; ... , „ . . „-.....- — -.-■-■■•■■. "RopOH on Itoh" cures skin humors erupitipHs/ iring-wotmiH tetter, salt i rheum, f l-osted feet, ciuTblains, itch, ivy poison, barber s ;itch- K t > v, .-■ ••.;:;- v/;;Tv ; :u: : -^^.

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TAURANGA COUNTY COUNCIL., Bay of Plenty Times, 6 February 1890

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TAURANGA COUNTY COUNCIL. Bay of Plenty Times, 6 February 1890

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