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WANTED TO SELL 1 ACME WRINGER, latest model, Hardly used; £8. e Phor.e 80-346. 16 \ ATTACHE CASES, Hat Boxes, Suitcases, Golf • Clubs.—Meltzer's, 61, Victoria St. W. N BASSINETTE, cane, on wheels? £5~ 10/; also Large Doll s Pram, £6.—Phone 61-180. 16 BEDROOM SUITE, double, 4-piece, dark rimu.— Phone 49-133. • 17 BEDROOM SJJITE, Single, wire wove, perfect condition; £17 or nearest offer.—ll9, Coates Ave., Orakei (evenings). 17 1 BEDROOM SUITE, oak. double, and Mattress; t Radio, Writing Desk, Chesterfield Suite.—Phone 1 17-694. 17 BED, rimu, three-quarter, with wire wove; also 5 Mattress, as new.—Phone 64-007 15 r BICYCLE BARGAINS. —Best Values in Aucklana. " Goodman's Cycles. 267. Newton. HS ? BLINDS —All sizes kept in stock! We measure and ■ fix.—Auckland Blind Co., 184, Symonds St. HS * BOOKS.—"The Outline of Knowledge," 20vols, in good condition.—Phone 80-346. 16 BOOKCASES, made to any size, painted and , polished.—Ring xl 7 L CARPET SPEClALS—Axminster and Wilton Car- ■ pets from £12 10/.—25, Ponsonby Rd. MH f CHESTERFIELD SUITE, large, condition as new, made to own design; £40.—Beadle, Brown's Bay. f J * 18 CHILDREN'S CLOTHES problems solved! Use woni jerluJ Ross Hynes Multiple Pattern; cuts all childcen's garments.—Whitcombe and Tombs. RD4 CLOTHES DRIERS, revolving, all complete: the builder's choice; £4 15/. —Phone 60-453. 18 CLOTHES LINES, revolving, steel pole and spindle. , erected in concrete, complete, £6 10/. —McPheat. I 24, Waterview Rd., Devonport. Phone 71-411. 20 i CLO'IHLS LINES, revolving steei spindle, wired. ' painted, erected in concrete. £6 10/.—'Godkln. b. Esplanade Rd.. Mt. Eden. Ph. 60-255.» D CLOTHES LINES, revolving, galvanised steel pole end spindle, -wired, painted, erected in concrete; quality, appearance assured. £6 10/. —Ph. 54-933. ' 20 COTS, dropside, panelled ends; £3 15/. —Young, 1, Osborne St., Newmarket (behind Bank N.Z.). x! 6 DAD'S SHOP for All Used Furniture and Carpets. Write, Call or Phone 43-SGB, 464, Queen St. Take I' own Hall tram, to Myers Park. HS DESK, 4ft 6in ?: 2ft 6in, new condition, 3 drawers and filing cabinet; £10.—Phone 80-346. 16 DIAMOND RINGS —Exclusive styles, priced from £20; limited stocks of imported Crystal and China on view.—Christie's, St. Kevin's Arcade. D DRAIN PIPES, glazed, imperfect, 4in and 6in: cheap.—l 97- Dominion Rd. 16 DOORS, Sashes, Windows, Grates, Ranges. Gates. Sam White and Sons. Market Place. N DRUMS, good and clean; 6/ at depot; cartage extra. —Ring 42-545, any time. 24 ENVELOPES (500), good white, 9/ box.—Lockharts, Ponsonby Rd. HS ENAMELS, Paints, Varnishes, Brushes, etc.—H. A. Scott and Co., Ltd.. 24-26. Albert St. Phone 30-238. 18 FIRE EXTINGUISHERS. Foam, Soda. Acid; also Quart Pyrenes.—Manning Co.. 188. Broaoway. HS FIBROUS PLASTER, damaged, suitable bach, nearest offer £1 100 square feet.—Write B.J. 0252, I Star. 16 FIBROUS Plaster Ceilings and Walls. Quality unexcelled, iarge stocks.—Leman Bros., Ltd.. 165, Balmoral Rd.. Balmoral. Phone, 60-193. HS FIREWOOD, Tea-tree Blocks, dry, first-class; immediate delivery.—Phone 26-977. D 4 FIREWOOD, Millwood, long lengths for better value; 2-ton £2, 4 , / , 2 ton £4; delivered.—Phone 26-671. xl 7 FIREWOOD, dry. Tea-tree, 12 bags il ton) or more, £3; Pine, £2 5/; prompt delivery.—J. Duffy, Waitakere. x2l "FAMILY MEDICAL BOOK," with special handbook on sex instruction for young; 800 illus., 1200 pages; 600 tried and tested remedies for all complaints; invaluable in home. Monthly subscription. Write Health Assn.. 2087. Star. 17 FliiEWOOD—Dry Pine, 12-bag lots, £2 8/: immediate delivery.—Phone 63-805. FIREWOOD, Tea-tree Blocks, guaranteed best quality: ton lots or more; reasonable: prompt delivery.—l 3, Little Queen St. Phone 49-310. D 4 FRIGIDAIRE, stainless steel top, 4-hole, two for ice cream, two for milk, also butter compartment; D.C. motor, first-class working order.—Trocadero, opp. Town Hall. 16 GALVANISED PIPING, prompt delivery, all sizes.— J. Jones, L':d.. Auckland. RH all kinas. cheapest. Motor Screens tit led. Lewis Works. 44. Mt. Eden Rd. HS HELMETS, 16/6, leather, lined; Gauntlet Gloves, 18/6; Seatless Leggings, 35/6; excellent value. — Merson's Cycle Store, Symonds St. Zone. 17 HUT, 6x6, 7ft stud, weatherboard, t. and g. floor, good condition; £20. —197, Dominion Rd. 16 HOME DRESSMAKING! Learn at home. Complete instruction contained in Ross Hynes Home Dressnaker: only 15/.—Whitcombe and Tombs. RD4 INVALID CHAIRS, new, second-hand; also lor Hire.—Thompson and Co.. Wakefield St.> HS KMCMEN Alcove. Radio Tables. Bookshelves, Stools, Chairs. Forms.—Mervyn Abel, 53. High St. HS LADY'S CYCLE, new rubber, perfect condition. — 666, Dominion Road. xl 7 MAKE Children's Barrows, Tricycles, Scooters. Furniture yourse f with Handyman Blue Prints: 2/ each.—Wiseman's. 166, Queen St., and Customs St. _ RHS MAXAM Electric Light Bulbs, Torch Batteries. Brushware, etc.—H. A. Scott and Co., 24-26, Albert St.. phone 30-238. 18 OFFICE DESKS —For a Superior Desk at a Reasonable price, see liefghtons-. Ltd.- High Bt. B4 PAPER —500 Sheets Finest Quality Duplicating Paper, size, Foolscap, 13U x 8\' 4 ; 11/6; special prices lor larger quantities.—Roneo Office Equipment Co.. Ltd., 10-12, Customs St. E., Auckland, C.l. Box 1604. •_ X2O PEDAL CARS, steel, de luxe model, £8 8/.— Merson's Cycle Store, Symonds St. Safety Zone. 17 PRAM and Pushchair, both cream cane and in good condition.—Phone 61-180. 16 PUbii CHAIRS, steel iram-:s, 83/. —Thompson's Pram House. 313. Queen St.. above Town Hail. N I'UbtH ;tiAcßb. Baby. <8/6; adjustable bacx and foot rest, easy folding; outstanding value.—Merson s Cycie S>.ore. Symonds St. Salety Zone. MH4 — Ice Cream, i-ish Storage. Shop Display and Milk Cooler types; also Units only.— Refrigerator House. 27. Wyr.dham St. I ROWNSON ROLLER CONVEYCR~4in boaring ccntre.—H. A. Scott and Co.. Ltd.. 2-1-26. Albert St.__Phone 30-238. 18 RANGE, No. 1 Shacklock; Cylinder, Basin, Tiled Fireplaces, Builders' and Plumbers' Materials, etc. Call Saturday morning, 57, Lloyd Avenue, Mt. Albert. 16 RUNNER, rubber. 37in wide. 8 yards, red marble effect, excellent crc'cr; £2 per yard.—Ph. 80-346. 16 iViACiii.M.o, or eiecmc.— Globe. 154, Cneen St. Phone <0-295. N tewing iviach'.ne. Oihei makes, ail prices Motors fitted, expert repairs. Parts.—Phone 63-493 Andrew. 11. Greenfield Rd.. Epsom. L SINGER and other Reliable Machines, all prices: written guarantee, free trial: prcmpt repairs.— Master Sheriff's llill Phone 78-450 N &I77ger Hams litchsr Machine, perfect order.— Apply 450, Queen St. xlB St.\G£R ssIIOP. Newmarset. — Specialists in Rcprirs. Reconditions —Next Post Office HS aIN (; I. ll SHOP, Newmarket, tor Used Machines Expert Repair Service.—Next Port Uiiice HS SINGLR 66K (5). Unity (4). Robertson Electric Portable; terms from £5 deposit.—4s4, Karangahape Rd. 16 SMARTLY Styled Lounge Suites.—At BarnettBarnett, Ltd., 415-419, Queen St.. Auckland. RKS SOIL, good, heavy, lrce irom stone, any quanrity. rhe-.'p. delivered. —Phone 63-057. HS SOUTHB£ND LATIiCS loi 1946 delivery — Macneill. 70, Wyndham" St._ 41-236. V S r iUDENTS' DESKS, with Bookshelves and Drawer, compact, strongly built: ideal secondary students. Dixie Furnishers. 353. Queen St. (above Town Hall;. B4 iEA-'iREE BLOCKS, dry; £1 15/ half ton; £3 3/ ten. —Watscn. JDrchr.rd St.. Avondale. TlMßEß—Flooring. 3 x 2, 4 x 2, 3 x 3, 2 x 2, 6ft lengths only; 9 x I*2. 8 x 8 sections. Corrugated Iron, '/sin Pipe, Soil Pipe, Doers. Sasher and many useful lines.—l 97, Dominion Rd. 16 WASHING MACHINE, beautiful safety model, electric, in exceptionally good condition: De Luxe Wringer in lid: perfect o.der: cream enamel finish; private cash sale. —33, Elierton Rd.. Mt. Eden. , 16 WATCHES. Ladies', Gent's. Wristlet: new leather I Suitcases. —Meltzer. 61. Victoria St. West. N WE FRAME PICTURES and Colour Photographs.— The Auckland Blind Co., 184. Symonds St. HS WHEELBARROW'S, strong, well made. —Young, 1. Csborne St., Newmarket (bchin:! Bank N.S.). xl 6 WHEELBARROWS, standard design? sturdily built, with strongly bolted brackets and legs; 16in wrought iron wheel; cash price 55/; easy terms, 2/6 deposit. 2/6 weekly.—Machinery Dept., Farmers' Trading Co., Auckland. D 4 WRIST WATCH, ladies', gold, oblong, perfect order: £10.—Phone 80-346. 16 1 RIMU Double Bed and Wire, 1 Oak Double Bed and Wire, 1 Rimu Kitchen Table and Chairs. 1 Rimu Cot (dropside): reasonable.—l 6, Kingsway Av„ Sandringham (apply evenings). 17 FURS—I94S STYLES AT BARGAIN PRICES: Kolinsky Coney Toppers. 12gs each. Strollers, full-length, 14gs each. Musauash Coney Strollers. 18gs each. Natural and Dyed Stranded Fitch Coats and Toppers, dyed Opossum and a Large Variety of All Other Furs. Fur Collars. Furtrimmed Leather Handbags, exclusive styles. Usual remodelling service for customers' own furs. C. SHELLEY. 117. Col. Mut. Bldg.. Queen St. Phoxie 42-048 HS4 RECONDITIONED FURNITURE BARGAINS—Very nice Rimu Wardrobe, with full-length mirror and drawer, £8 15/; Panel Settee, with Wirewove, £4 15/; Extension Table, with 1-leaf, £2 15/: Polished Oval Table, 45/: Office Desks, 6 drawers, £4 12/6 and £5 12/6; Office Desk. 3ft x 17in, 4 drawers, £4 5/; 5-drawer Scotch Chest. £5 15/; 5-drawer Tallboys, £3 17/6; Playpen; 2-door Cupboard, 3ft x 14in x 2ft 6in, 32/6; small Kitchen Cabinet. £7 15/; Kitchen Dresser, £4 10/: Sydney Stroller. 45/: Duchess Chests. £2 15/; £3 15/; Child's Cots, £2 7/6, £3 15/; Rocking Horse, 32/6 and 12/6; 2 Easy Chairs, suitable recovering, £3 5/ each; Ironing Boards, 24/6; Tea Wagon, £2 15/; Kitchen Tables. 25/; Chairs from 8/6; Beds and Wires, 4ft 6in Wirewoves from 45/; Stepladders, 4ft, sft and 6ft; Carpet Sweeper, 45/; New Mattresses, £3 15/, £4 12/6; Kitchen Table and 2 Chairs, 22/6; also Furniture too numerous to detail.—Newton Furnishers, 500, Karangahape Road, 2nd tram stop from Pitt St. Phone 42-021. 18 SHAMROCK LINEN CO., LTD., STH FLOOR, COLONIAL MUTUAL BUILDING. The largest range in the Dominion of Table Cloths with Naps to match in beautiful pastel shaded colours. Hand painted. Ecru and Ivory Sets, all sizes. PURE LINEN Double Damasks. SHEETS of Linen Finish or Twill, all sizes, from 90in to 54in by 2% yards long. BEDSPREADS, with lace over satin finish, 'all colours. Everything for your Trousseau at the SHAMROCK LINEN CO., LTD.. sth Floor, Colonial Mutual Building. Ring 40-731 for appointment. Mail orders promptly attended to. Terms or cash. D 4

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Page 1 Advertisements Column 5, Auckland Star, Volume LXXVI, Issue 193, 16 August 1945

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Page 1 Advertisements Column 5 Auckland Star, Volume LXXVI, Issue 193, 16 August 1945