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AMPSEMENT3 AMTJSEMEXT3 100 Minutes of Breathless _ ._ h ak Excitement and Suspense! 7 ' 45 — bUWL)AY ~ iAb At the Request of and by Permission of the ~ ■ Civic Authorities, the St. James' Theatre 1 T I ITT, I T wUI be open lOr the E^* 6 '™ , " , ' of KJ 1 V -*• Members of the Allied Forces in Uniform '_^--"-" p: and Merchant Marine, each of whom m»y ■ -""'' r"""* , * , bring one Civilian Friend. Normal prices Direction: Civic Theatre, Ltd. will be charged. Reserves at Theatre. Pour Sessions Daily: 11 a.m., 2 p.m.. 5 p.m., S p.m. Prices: 1/ to 3/4. Deaf Aids Available. = FULLERS ===== Box Plan at Theatre, Phone 30-100. ~ ! i — Heated to 68 degrees. g-p. JAMES' THEATRE Warner Bros. Present 11 A.M., 2 P.M., 5 P.M., 8 P.M. The Spectacular Thriller ! sss air conditioned = FROM THE TOP OF THE WORLD KeSerVeS at Theatre - TeU 32 - 92 °- ERROL FLYNN season limited. ERROL FLYNN In a Vivid Epic of Tense ~ Dramatic ~ Unusual Adventure sweeping thru' a million miles Tense ~ ~ Unusual of. wilderness ... as the North-West Starring Mount!- swing into action- INGRID BERGMAN "NORTHERN PURSUIT" As the Beautiful Wife of a Cruel, CaIcu"NORTHERN PURSUIT" tatta*, Sinister Lover and Husband, in "NOT? r T7-TT< I RN PTTTJ^TTTT , " Mctro-Goldwyn-Mayer's Fascinating MeloWith , JULIE BISHOP — HELMUT DANTINE. " fj. A C",. T T (Z TT T " GENE LOCKHART — JOHN RIDGELY \J .ri. O -Lv J- VJ J..L X — SELECTED SHORT SUBJECTS — "GASLIGHT" "Hunting the Devil Cat" (Sports Thrill) ._, OT , n „ m » "Stars on Horseback" (Novelty). GAbLlGxi 1 "So. American Sway" (Musical) Latest Paramount News. A I SO starring Approved for Universal Exhibition. CHARLES BOYER — JOSEPH COTTON MAURICE CARBINES at the Civic Organ. DAME MAY WHITTY — ANGELA LANSBURY "It's Warm and Casy" Associate Programme includes: 1 'DTP'pT/'tpT T^γ - I MISSION BAT "One Hams Family" (Cartoon), I JjJllXVXV.ililjJll X J Phone 50-220 "Grand Canyon" (Fitupatrick Traveltalk), N.z. Oovt. Film Review . . . N.Z. Troops This Evening at Eight o'clock. in Trieste. Betty Davis, Miriam Hopkins, John Loder in " OLD ACQUAINTANCE" Recommended by gf ° r hl f d s r( £f flnltel y mutable. A Brilliant Dramatic Romance A memorable performance adapted from the _ . Recommended by Censor Tor Adults. I TTTTIAT? I CINEMA :: KEMDERA Air Mai! News and Selected Featurcttes. | X \Ji-fKJXX | Pn 24-749. To-nisht at 8. ~~ Mirvyn Johns and Walter Fitzgerald |pA -fi m TaTm oral "SAN DEMETRia'-LONDON" 1 CAPITOL! pLI S-5. H- * The Captain Fogarty. cTUlnson, —: Latest from "MR WINKLE " Approved lor Universal Exhibition. A DeuX; Human Comedv Drama. THEATRE WARMED 3Y CENTRAL HEATINOI Approved for Universal Exhibition. Franchot lune, Ellen Raines, Alan Curtis in I /~t A TTTTV I CINEMA :: TAKAPUNA " PHANTOM LADY " ____! Ph - 78 " 465 - To-night at 8. Tensely Exciting Murder Mystery. Lionel Barrymore, Van Johnson and Recommended by Censor for Adults. Marilyn Maxwell in ___ . "THREE MEN IN WHITE" 111 A QTTIT? II! DOMINION ROAD Splendid Programme. Universal Exhibition. || AbIUK HI Phone 01 . 13 3 ■ To-night at 7.30 , :: Variety Session 7.30-8 | AVONDALE | *J°ZX\ M <"TU J p n nT? r n«O Um nT? ¥ tVjT?" Betty Grable in "SWEET ROSIE OGRADY " lllili OKUOO (JJt , LUKrvAliNili (all in technlcolour) (Definitely Unsuitable for Children) Also " DUDES ARE PRETTY PEOPLE." Donald O'Connor, Peggy Ryan m Recommended by Censor for -Adults. " Chip Off The Old Block " • _ • onehonga . Approved tor Univeral Exhibition. | STRAND | ° N * h0 » 54-3W PTTTTT?T TTQQ ST - HELIER'S To-night and Monday at 8. JTJIiJIiIVXJiIfOO Phone Robert Taylor, Susan Petera To-night and Monday at 8 p.m. " SONG OF RUSSIA " •• fOLLOW THE BOYS " Approved lor Universal Exhibition. Well™. Selected _F.r,t_ Half of Fe.Uurettes, Marlene Dietrich and many more of your lavourite stars. Also News and Selected Supports. tßecom- i t>TVST7"T7iXTTTT7i ATV I FORESTERS' mended by Censor for Adults). Serial 7.45 BIRKENHEAD hall To-night only. I ... I HALL , George Formby in "GET CRACKING" 1 (S r\ Tfm TT Tfi TVNJ rnJ~r\Qi'Qi I George and his "Uke" join the Home Guard. I bUUIxiUIKiN CKUbb J Approved for Universal Exhibition. ELLERSLIE. To-night, Saturday, Monday, 7.45 JHZT~ '.'■ LOST ANGEL," Margaret O'Brien. Marsha Hunt I A T\/TT> AQCA T~i/~\T? I ?<■■ Chevalier Approved for Universal Exhibition. iIIVXXS/iOOiiiJUlv I At 730 pm. "ADDRESS UNKNOWN," Paul Lukas, K. T. Stevens. Recommended by Censor for Adults. Mickey Rooney. Judy Garland^ In ixlrCLi OKA/iI TIT A VT? A TT> BANDRINGHAM M.G.M.'s Big Musical with Broadway Flair and VIA XJf All\ Phm ,_, Rn 482 a Western Air. Phone 80-48.! Thomas Mitchell, lidgar Buchanan in To-night and Monday Night 7.30. a TJTTTTVAT f> PTT T " Judy Garland and Mickey Kooney in JjUri'ALU Xjl Liij " GIRL CRAZY " (In glorious technlcolour) Also Richard Dix in Both Approved for Universal Exhibition. " THE KANSAN " . Both Approved for Universal Exhibition. ■ — -J-.— ■~. l s-| „ „ N . t ALso showins Belsen Horror Camp Attraction. P A I ■'-'J-UJ-IXVJ.XJ I p hon e 43-789 VIOLIN RECITAL to-night at 7.30 to-night _ nv George Montgomery, Betty Grable in rWPM MnRPT«3 "CONEY ISLAND" GWiiJN MOKKIb Susanna Foster. Allan Jones, Mary Martin In Assisting Artist: • " THE GREAT VICTOR HERBERT " STEWART HARVEY. Baritone. ' Both Approved for Universal Exhibition. Accompanist: KATHLEEN O'LEARY. ——. TOWN HALL CONCERT CHAMBER, I XTTT'XXT' "D/YV~A~T I KINGSLAND TUESDAY, AUGUST 21, 8 P.M. IN Hi W KU X AJLI phone G2 4fl , Box Plan opens Lewis Eady, Ltd., Monday, ! J August 13. 11 TO-NIGHT AT 730 TO-NIGHT Jean Arthur, John Wayne in - '■ - "LADY TAKES A CHANCE" THOUSANDS OF N.Z. YOUTH m Have attended the great Youth Rallies that have Approved for Universal Exhibition. been held throughout the Dominion during the T r TX Trnn I NrißTHr-OTir naNG's_ i £ ho ° ne B 18 T 45 ? a c nd ° 2 ™ REV. LIONEL B. FLETCHER Allan BY nd μ^ake"- y ln REV. LIONEL B. FLETCHER A '^oX^oZ'^^lTcoZ r T l E r » LE -" REV. LIONEL B. FLETCHER ■ Has Address Oreat Youth Gatherings. AUCKLAND AMATEUR MR. FLETCHER WILL GIVE A FINAL XXVIAIjO GREAT Manchester Unity Hall CHALLENGE TO N.Z. YOUTH monday, sept, n to Saturday, sept. 22, . 6.45. TO-NIGHT SATURDAY Prizes: Cups for Competitions. Medals and at 7 in p M Certificates will be awaidfd. ' . ' Entrance Fee, 1/6. Entries close Sepicmher s. IN THE All entries to be made or sent to Room 36, St. Kevins Arcade. Karangahape Road. Please send TOWN TTAT T ln y° ur entries eany under the following: IU,VI ' Name, address, class, age on Sept. 17, Teacher. When he will Speak on Items will be limited to 3 minutes in all classes. . . , -I-. i T-i rrii T-v -l Official Programmes may be had at above address. All AtOmiC BOmb For The DeVll SYLLABUS.-Ages from 7to Iβ years, Song An Atnmin 'Rz-.tviK T?nv TVio "HaiTil ancl Dance, Character Dance, Skipping Dance, All AtOmiC rSOmD X 1 Or Hie iJeVll Highland Dancing, Operatic Dance (not Pointe), AnH mod nrn?mnn mrAV wrfii ru«™ Polnto Dance (girls). Tap Dancing, Duo And MRS. CLIFFORD REAY Will 3lng. (nQt tap) Dance Tr , 0| p , an() 5o)o vlo] , n So]<) THEN THE GREAT FAREWELL MEETING Song in Costume, Song (not Costume), Popular Song, Action Song, Piano Accordion, Comedian, CsTTWnAV Vocal Duet - Musical Monologue, Humorous -iVIUXIriU VV OUINJUAI Recitation, Recitation (non-humoroiis), Reading AT 3 P.M. at Sight. Altogether there are 70 Classes in which to Speaking on compete. The Winner of Each Class will be Presented at " A Trnp T)ptprtivp Stnrv " our grand amateur concert in the Town iiuc .L/utecuvt: oiviy Hall date uiveHistii later. These axe definitely your last opportunities ol Encourage your Child in Wholesome Culture. hearing SPONSORED BY THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF AUCKLAND. U THE EMPIRE EVANGELIST ■ . Before his return to Australia. TO-NIGHT TO-NIGHT Great Meetings led by Large Choir under THE TROCADERO REV. CLIFFORD REAY DINE AND DANCE At the Grand Organ Mr. Ray Wilson Auckland's Exclusive Dance and Supper Lounge. Reservations Held until 9 p.m. At the Grand Piano ... Rev. Rex Goldsmith .~_l TT ~ „ LADIES: Uniform or Evening Dress (long gown) COME TO THE TOWN HALL SATURDAY AND Essential To-night. SUNDAY. 11 11

GEORGE WALKER LTD. GEORGE WALKER LTD. MONDAY, AUG. 13, <$> IMPORTANT NOTICE. At 11 a.m.. • IMPORTANT NOTICE. 11 AT THE RESIDENCE, 9, AKEPIRO STREET, MT. EDEN. a -r-r i -wrs~i -. « Super Furniture, Carpets, MONDAY NEXT, AUG. 13 8 cub. ft. Kelvinator, etc. AT raE ST ., I MT. EDEN. TUESDAY, AUG. 14, Superi&r | at A 4:' S Appointments, | Household Furniture. Household Appointments, Including T'TTTfDQ'n AV A TIT , Iβ 8 CUBIC FEET WHITE ENAMEL lrlUrvoiJAl, AUVJ. XO, KELVINATOR, as new, cost £120. At II am UPRIGHT IRON FRAME UNDBRDAMPER f\L II a.m., HAAKE PIANO, good Instrument, AT THE DE LUXE SALEROOMS. valued £150. MolinirQTiv anr? flnnri choice carpets, oak furnishings. ivianogany ana uooa 0,, view monday next from 9 a.m. | Furnishings, Carpets, -and - I Sterling Silverware, etc. MON DAY WEEK, I ' - FRIDAY, AUG. 17, At II a.m.. ' AT reshjencb, 2, WAPITI AV., AT THE SALEROOMS. EPSOM. Good Assorted Furnish- Proper ty and Furniture, mgs, etc. Property and Furniture. I MrtNTIAY AUCI 20 • NOTE: Property on view WEDNESDAY, I IVJ.UiN.UAX, AUU. 6V, August 15, 1 to 4 p.m. ( At 1 I a.m., SEE AUCTION COLUMN. AT, THE RESIDENCE, 2, WAPITI AVENUE. EPSOM. Property & Furnishings, o — Give It To Walker's — I GEORGE WALKER, LTD., GEORGE WALKER, LTD., SPECIALTY AUCTIONEERS — 249, QUEEN STREET. I LEONARD COAKLEY. T. A. GOTJLDING, Auctioneers. I c

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Page 12 Advertisements Column 3 Auckland Star, Volume LXXVI, Issue 189, 11 August 1945