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AMUstIMEXTS AMUSEMENTS 2 Spine-tingling Thrillers SOLD OUT FOR TO-NIGHT TO-NIGHT — TO-NIGHT Book Early for Next _Week / 525 J \ A /AVONX > B QUEEN STREET g ( / ROXY \ / AVON \ / w rh ° De 586 - \> J CONTINUOUS I N I Corner of I Direction: Amalgamated Theatres. Ltd. V 11 / \ ? l - Nort {> R«l. / TO-DAY AND EVERY DAY, V 2 / D \"-S , .V n a - m -> 2 P- m -' 5 P-m- 8 P-m- - 20th Century-Fox Films present .Direction: Amalgamated Theatres. Ltd. GRACIE FIELDS Legless Torso that Walked! GRACIE FIELDS Fleshless Hands that Killed! gRACIE FIELDS "NJGHT MONSTER" GRACIE Creenino- Term-r Monty Woolley Roddy McDowall >-W""i, J-cixux . . . rN HER LATEST PICTDRE A NAMELESS THING OF THK NIGHT STALK- "TVITIT T V A TSTn MIT , " ING THE HALLS OF A DEATH-CURSED HOUSE! TV, i r^» "NTPHT "MOLLY AND ME" -LNILr.H.I iViUiNbIJi,K "MOT T Y ANT) MF" "NIGHT MONSTER" .L^ UNEARTHLY HOUND OF HORROR XVOai'ing With if Ull With Glorious with Songs BELA LUGOSI — LIONEL ATWILL SPECIAL SUPPORTS INCLUDE RALPH MORGAN - IRENE HERVEY THEATRE * AND REG^s"'" Recommended by Censor lor Adults and Most Approved [or Universal Exhibition. Unsuitable for Children. It's Coming — England's Masterpiece. Noel Coward's "THIS HAPPY BREED" * * No. 2 — SPINE CHILLER .— No. 2 f ' TRAPPED IN THE DEADLY WEBB OP A TTVOTjT OXFORD SILKEN KILLERI -LAY u -' vl Z' "SPIDER WOMAN" TIVOLI OXFORD .. r , T^__T __ r , nlim , T |, TOP OF QUEEN ST. &■ QUEEN STREET "SPIDER WOMAN" Near Grafton Bridce Opposite C.P.O. "SPIDER WOMAN" xr ... . Q Sessions at Nl S ht] y at 8 11-2-5-8 BASIL RATHBONE — NIGEL BRUCE Phone 44-136. Phone 42-274. GALE SONDERGAARD ' — ' _ , ~ Direction: Amalgamated Theatres. Ltd. Recommended by Censor lor Adults. Avon patrons note- Gay, Sparkling, Diverting Episode 3. "Tim tyler's luck." T^ntprtainrnpnt SCREENS TO-NIGHT. -CillLtJl UllllUlCllt. ————' Fun Set To Music! I STATE I to-night at 745 The Tale of Two Pretties! 1 ONEHUNGA I Phone 54-344 ' United Artists Present Anchors Aweigh for a Shipload JANE POWELL of Laughs, Fun and Songs. tVZn ot SHIVKK ME TIMBERS—THE NAVY'S GOT HIM! ~ ~ -~, up tt- f\ T, J.,, rpoßn? T?rn?MRV Martin Gould & His Orchestra, X£X£X£ RALPH BELLAMY - CONSTANCE MOORE GEORGE FORMBY Arthur Treacher > In a Tid! 1 Wave of Mirth ... In Charles B. Rogers , * "BELL-BOTTOM GEORGE" Greatest Muslcal Hit- & Jeanne cRAiN — frank LATiMER " Delightfully Dangerous " t "In the Meantime, Darling" " Delightfully Dangerous " -mZHZZIZZZZir " Delightfully Dangerous " I PRINCESS I to-night at 745 " Delightfully Dangerous " I DOMINION ROAD I Phone 61-439 * Approved for Universal Exhibition. The Finest British Picture Ever friday next: " i "" TO Come From England! Walt Disney's Greatest Feature. IN ALL TECHNICOLOUR. " mow wmTE AN ° ™ E 7 DWARFS " . KOGEH "VESEY or - h ANTON WALBROOK J CRYSTAL PALACE k * The Life and Death of I) MO UNT EDEN. Phone 60-573. |l' "COLONEL BLIMP" to-night at 745 D 1 <"rOT L ONFT L BLIW" Something to Cherish, Cheer COLONEL BLIMP &nd Thrm for & Long Time to 1 Tvnn a t i Come! KJli(jrAij to-night at 7 45 GINGER ROGERS 1 PONSONBY ROAD 1 Phone 26-940 < •*<> nnf 3™d=, y AwdW.nner ol A Story Incomparable of a " Klt * SCOTes her E, 2, ates ' triu T 7 h ' wHh People Unconquerable. Robert In R T li^. s Teat R iJiL. Hussey EXCITEMENT! THRILLS! "TENDER COMRADE" SUSPENSE! Recommended by Censor lor Adults. ERROL FLYNN - ANN SHERIDAN & BRUCE EDWARDS-SHARYN MOFFETT t "EDGE OF DARKNESS" "MY PAL, WOLF U±j\j±j UI Approved for Universal Exhibition. WILLIE BEST — JULIE BISHOP vv jHHU t "HIDDEN HAND" to-night after the theatre dance to & N.Z. PRISONERS OF WAR FILM. "V .JSSSSJ ———— ———~—^~^ ~~~~~~~~~~" without music. (Dress optional.) I ADELPHI I TO-NIGHT ttt 7QO I T TTVTT f nn.l Screening I RICHMOND AV. I Phone 27-235 • ,c,v, \J Jjj LIU AHI I TO-NIGHT at 7AX MOUNT ALBERT I Phone 36-204 ' ' Human Life Is Cheap. Leslie howard presents The most expensive Commodity is a Passport! *«^ n # fiSg ItilTbuß™" - PAUL HENREID - INGRID BERGMAN & Anne Baxter _ John Hcdlak HUMPHREY BOGART — PETER LORBB "SUNDAY DINNER POR A SOLDIER." CLAUDE RAINS — CONRAD VEIDT Both Approved for Universal Exhibition. In the Full of Thrilling Action . " t " CASABLANCA" NEW REGENT |I|h, & DENNIS DAY - ANN SHIRLEY -llltlllllUj EPSOM . l|Wl|||h. * "ATTTSTf TM M A "NTTT ATT A IST" rinajiy To-mght at 7.45. Phone eo-142. IUUaiU UN IVIAINJLAXXAIN ANNB BAXTER _ THOMAS MITCHELL ' t Denotes Recommended by Censor for Adults. THE SULLIVANS • Denotes Approved for Universal Exhibition. And GLORIA JEAN — RAY MALONE ~ "MOONLIGHT IN VERMONT" Both Approved for Universal Exhibition. RIALTO , _T NEWMAKKBT ~ PETER PAN SUNDAY NIGHT AT 7.30. devote swing. OPEN TO THE GENERAI. PUBLIO DANCING — 8 TO MIDNIGHT. - AS WELL A3 SERVICEMEN. 3/ _ Admission — 3/ Proceeds to Charitable Purposes. Reserves. Tel. 48-777. 2 - BIG FEATURES - 2 M^r JOHN SHELTON — GALE STORM Jltterbugging Prohibited. "FOREIGN AGENT" " Associate Feature: Extraordinary Extraordinary FORREST tucker — carol hughes Announcement " EMERGENCY LANDING" tw™ ttatt ' Both Recommended by Censor for Adults. : TOWN HALL Aiiru-T AWT) SATURDAY, AUGUST 25 ZOOLOGICaHaEK SATURDAY, AUGUST 25 -—. .____.■._ ___ __, .. '_.__ T _ Maorlland Singers — Hawaiian Hula Maidens — THE AUCKLAND ZOOLOGICAL PARK IS south Sea Sirens — Action Songs — Halcas OPEN DAILY FROM i 0 A.M. TO 5 P.M. — Native Melodies ■<* Sundays trams may be obtained from any USi . Ca | Of Polynesia part of the city to the zooioeicai park at a Musical Pageant ot Polynesia cost of l/e return. Musical Pageant of j Polynesia Inquire from the conductor regarding eaded by ANA HATO and D. WARETINI. of the Family Ticket. Radio Fame. Performers are coming from Hawke's Bay, East ij m i_, m . Coast. Bay of Plenty, Walkato, North Auckland Aomission. Akarana C oncei-t Groups. Adults 1/6. Children 6d. 100 — STAR NATIVE PERFORMERS — 100 ! : xl 100 — STAR NATIVE PERFORMERS — 100 GAUNT STREET VALEDICTORY FUND (A.T.8.). „„„„,„,. »,,„„ ■„..,.!„ - f T .w(. VaAv TM Valedictory Smoke Concert, Yugoslav Club Rooms, Pop* l " Prlces - Book Earl y at Lewis Ead y- Ltd - Hobson Street, Wednesday, August 15, 1945, 8 p.m. Lieut, w. P. Clarke M Graham K. Harawinl. Retired members cordially Invited.— J. Vine, Hon. Joint Oresunisers. 11 Secretary. . 11

WOMEN OF THE , ARMED FORCES , WHAT DOES 1 What does return to civil life mean vnT m tPTTrpTTrun for you? Some of you will go back to your old jobs, some will take up HOLD? domestic life, but for many of you the future is uncertain. To you we offer t in a large, important and growing ; industry, where you will be given thorough training in the interestT ing ' work of a hosiery operative, A JOB WITH working under ideal conditions, with A FUTURE t good pay and bonuses. so why not call in and talk it over with the Manager at either of our two Mills ? He will be pleased to give you full*details about the good job that is waiting for you &t IT ' S WORTH Korma Mills—mow. CONSIDERING II ii KORMA MILLS, LTD., T Chancery, Street, Surrey Crescent, « I , Auckland, C.I. ' . Grey Lynn.

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Page 12 Advertisements Column 1 Auckland Star, Volume LXXVI, Issue 189, 11 August 1945