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W.4XTED TO SELIi DIAMOND RlNGS—Exclusive styles, priced froi £20: limited stocks of Imported Crystal an Chjna or. 7iew.—Christie's. St. Kevin's Arcade. ied j DINING TABLE and 4 Chairs; Sideboard in hone _ il and brown oak, pre-war.—Write S. 2062, Star. 1 DINING TABLE - anil" Matching Chairs". _ oval", soli Jrff oak; also Child's Cot and Mattress. —Ring 50-11 'll - , I 1 ttt; DINING TABLE, heavy turned legs, 6ft, extend J M 7 or Bft; suitable tailor or dressmaker.—Phon 80-756; 1 "I s : DINNER SUIT, as new, size 4.—31, Brixton Rd ~ii Balmoral. ■ 1 yZ DOLL'S TRAM, cream. new condition.—App) fi evenings. 30, Rama Rd.. off Walker Rd.. P -~ Chevalier. 1 ,; DOORS, Sashes, Windows, Grates, Ranges. Gates - Sam White and Sons. Market Place. I DOUBLE BED, oak. and Roll Edge Wire.—lE lt Sussex St., Grey Lynn. 1 - [ DOUBLE BEDSTEAD, - beautiful unique mottle ' ' kauri with folding spring Mattress; also Wardrobe 11 iL Paice Ave - on " Dominion Road. 1 - - DRESSING GOWN, grey", all wool, large, new °"? man's.—Phone 61-088. 1 DRUMS, good and clean; 6/ at depot; cartag u extra.—Ring 42-545, any Qme. 2 ttj EIDERDOWN, double bed. pure down; rose pink li , new; no coupons.—lsa, Auburn St., Khyber Pas; _ii 1 !e <j- ELECTRIC CAKE MIXER, A.C.; 2 bowls, perfec '1 i condition.—l, Park Road. 1 - - ELECTRIC RANCH. Canadian Hotpoint, good con : Wl > dition; £25_.—26. Kingsvlew Rd.. Mt. Eden. 1^ '°'i ELECTRIC RANGETTE. 2 elements and" oven -— perfect order; £25 or offer. —38, Rangiatea Rn. ? n I Epsom. xl ~ ELECTRIC RANGE (McClary), cream enamel J S. latest model, excellent condition. —Ring 26-75: |on (after 6 p.m.) l: !at' ELECTRIC STOVE, Jackson, good condition.r d j Phone 65-082. 1 '11 ELECTRIC STOVE, Magnet, perfect coudition.34. Apply 15a, Auburn St.. Khyber Pass. C.3. 1_ •;li ENAMELS, Paints,' Varnishes, Brushes, etc.— )ak Hi A : _Scott_and__Co., Ltd., 24-20, Albert St. xl xll ENGAGEMENT RING, Diamond. Solitaire, fo J£ sale. —S. 2081. Star. 1_: .— ENGAGEMENT RING, beautiful, 5-stone. clav. 11 setting; £60 or offer.—F. 1C94. Star. K di- ENGINEER'S SUPPLIES. Paints, Varnishes. Ccn!W, cral Hardware. Maxam Electric Light Globes ant 11 General Machinery Agents.—H. A. Scott & Co. m"- Ltd.. 24-26. Albert St. xll Id- " ENGINEERING WORKSHOP PRACTICE," 1945 ill 3 vols.. 1200 illus., complete; latest operations n _ all machines, jigs, templates, metallurgy, welding >6 calculations, etx:. Also " Motor Engineer " (5) 'll easy terms.—Book Specialties. Box 515, Auck. 11 je - ENVELOPES (SUO), good white. 9/ box.—Lockeli harts. Ponsonby Rd. HE >ly EXTENSION LADDERS, Barrows. Stepladders, ■ U Trestles.—Pelham, 156. Victoria St. W. 40-654. U :w. "FAMILY MEDICAL BOOK,"""with special hand3s, book on sex instruction for young; 800 illus.. 1200 •d- pages; 600 tried and tested remedies for all comII plaints; invaluable in home. Monthly subscription. ~ Write Health Assn.. 2087. Star. 17 :li FELT, Millinery, quantity good shades, suitable Hats, Flowers, Novelties.—Ring 05-110 (evenings). li L 1 jT~ FENCING POSTS, macrocarpa.—Andrew & Andrew. ,' t _ Phone 16-888. 11 U FIBROUS Plaster Ceiling!! and Walls. Quality _. unexcelled, large stocks.—Leman Bros., Ltd., 165. Its Balmoral Rd., Balmoral. Phone, 60-193. HS 15 FILLING, Clean Earth for immediate delivery. I 3 any quantity.—Price and particulars, Ring 44-840 11 jay, 27-635, evenings. 14 U FIKF. EXTINGUISHERS, Foam. Soda. Acid: also H Quart Pyrenes.—Manning Co.. 188. Broadway. HS jf g FIREWOOD—Dry Pine, 12-bag lots. £2 8/; immejl diate delivery.—Phone 63-805. 18 V I-IRE WOOD, tea-tree blocks, dry. arst class; ii immediate delivery. — Phone 26-977. D 4 -__ FIREWOOD, Dry Pine. Ton~lotsi" £2 13/ delivered. 11 Renwlck, phone 62-922, Monday to Friday. 11 -; FIREWOOD. DrF^a-t7ee""Blocks~£3''3Toer~ton" ! i c.o.d. orders, ton or more.—Phone 42-777. D 4 I FIREWOOD, Black Wattle Blocks, Immediate [j delivery, £3 per ton, C.O.D,—Phone 42-777. D 4 - FIREWOOD—Tea-tree, Rata, Taraire7~"lenlth.v II deliverert City.— Himua_Rd., Fapakura. 11 a" FIREWOOD—Try ua" for Mill Wood, long-lengths; .",' 2 tons £2, 4>,2 tons £4. delivered. — Phone i. 26-322. U Jl FIREWOOD—Dry Tea-tree. 12 bags (1 ton) or more. 6/ bog delivered; prompt delivery.—J 6. Duffy. Waitakere. xll '_ l FIREWOOD—Order your dry Tea-tree Blocks r; from J. DufTy, Waitakere; £3 per ton delivered; 11 satisfaction guaranteed. xll i. FIREWOOD—Mt. mE Eden Depot—Tca--11 tree, dry, £3 3/ a ton, £1 14/ half-ton.: p'ompt - delivery.—Phone 80-532. X l 3 11 FIREWOOD, Dry Tea-TreeTnd WatTie~Blocks — 5"'6 r bag, £3 3/ ton lots; mixed 4,6 bag, £2 10/ ton— ,n Phone 26-608 (8 a.m. to 2 p.m.) 11 11 FIREWOOD, Tea-tree""Blocks, j quality; ton lots or more; reasonable; prompt , r delivery.—l 3. Little Queen St. Phone 49-310. Dl 11 FOOTBALL BOOTS, size 5; Tweed Overcoat," Action - Back Coat, rust; Grey Pants, 5.—10,. Laxon Tee.. V Newmarket. xll li FUR, silver fox, like new; what offer?— 30, bell r Av £-._°ff_ Orakel_Rd., Remuera. 11 11 FUR CAFE, beautiful, new. - black; handsome gars' ment; £10.—Write 8.J.0173, Star. _xll n FUR CAPE, Beaver Coney, medium brown7~3B-40 11 bust, good length, hardly worn, and Crocodile p Handbag, English, as new, good size and comg partments.—Write S. 2099, Star. ' 11 - FUR COAT, white. flnger"~iengthi £6 6/.—Write 5J S. 2179, STAR. . 11 1 FUR COAT, white, hip length, good condition; h cheap.—Phone 16-972. 11 1 FUtt COAT, nor'hern flank musquash, swagger, ?, offers.—B4, Kiddell Rd.. St. Hellers. \ 11 i FUR COAT, Pesctianiki, full length, beautifully T styled; Imported, as new.—Ring 18-040. 11 4 FUR COAT, Canadian fitch, as new. golden brown. s.w.;_valued J180: price £60.—Phone 63-947.11 5 FUR COAT, Northern Musquash, s.w.. swagger! "t I"i I ,y_yandyked;__£2o.—Modern,_l72l,_Star. 11 n FUR COAT, coney seal, full length, skunk collar ;, and cuffs, perfect condition; £45.—Phone 40-371. 5 Xll f FUR COAT, s.w., %. dark brown, genuine marmot: 1 modern; bargain, £40.-27, Athens Rd.. Te Papapa - bus. 11 j FUR COAT, s.w., dark brown, genuine northern - musquash, modern; £00.-27, Athens Road (Te n Pa P"P a p 'is). 11 j GARDEN SEATS, Iron frame, good condition, for 4 sale.—Phone 63-245. 11 j~ GAS STOVE, Osborne, perfect: £16.-52, Hcrd- .' man Street, Watervlew, Avondale. 11 1 GIRL'S 'leddy Bear Navy CoatrTuTgirl 5 years: -, Boy's cream and navy pants, fit boy 2 to 5 years. 1 Phone 20-415. - n : GLASS, all kinds, cheapest; Motor screens titled" j Lewis Works. 44. Mt. Eden Rd. HS ," GLORY BOX. lined pink satin, good condition' ,' £2 10/; Folding Ironing Board, new, £I.—Phone - 27-463 (Sunday). 11 7 GOLF BALLS (',2-dozcn). Silver King. H/vT; - original wrappers; what offer?—S. 1873. Star. 11 ' GOLF CLUB* set of 7, with leather bag, 7 new , balls, 10 used; £24 or nearest offer. —Inspection. • 14, Duke St.. Mt. Roskiil. ll • GOOD Clean Building stone; cheap.—Bambury. 1 117, Owens Rfl, Phone_ 63-718. Xl 3 ■ | GOOD Waterproof Coat and Leggings, 32/0; Table J | Lamp, complete, chromium, 35/.— S. 1624, Star. 1 u J GRANDFATHER CLOCK, silver dial, chromium 1 fittings, modern walnut case; very attractive , appearance; £97 10/.—Write Chime. 2330 Star I , Xll i GRAMOPHONE, good condition; £5; also Records" I S. 1919. Star. 11 : GRAMOPHONE, La Gloria, oak cabinet, few Re- , cords; bargain, £s.—Ring 64-563. 11 t GUMBOOTS, size 8. perfect condition.—Offers to » F. 1636, Star. n . HEARING AID, British, condition as new.—Apnlv I Aid. 2030. Star. . n i HE/VTER FAN, with speed and heat control, good ■ order.—Phone .79-137. Gibbons Electrical. Taka- ■ puna. 13 • HIGHLAND COSTUMES, red.—l 9, Leone Terrace" i Mt. Albert. #H INCINERATORS, 40 gallon size, 12/6 each, • delivered.—Phone 54-364. H INVALID CHAIRS, new, second-hand; also for • Hire.—Thompson and Co., Wakefield St. HS JUICE EXTRACTOR, Solner, electric—Electric j Extractor, 2046, Star,. H kapok BEDS, iron Califont, Plaster ■ Fireplace.—264, Mt. Eden Rd. xll KEENLY Priced Dining Room Suites, many ; modern designs.—At Barnett-Barnett, Ltd.. 415- ■ 419, Queen St.. Auckland. rhs KITCHEN -Alcove. Radio Tables, Booksneives. stools • Chairs. Forms.—Mervyn Abel, 53. High St. HS t KODASCOPE. model L, 1.6 len.:. 400 and 750 watt lamps, carrying case, resistance, spare wheels- also 16mm Magazine Cine Kodak, leather case, screenbest offer over £85.—Write A., Star Runner. Otahuhu. 2 j ' LATEST AMERICAN IDEA.—Make yoilr own , Kiddies' toys, Scooters, etc , from Handyman Blue Prints; 2/ each.—Wiseman's. 156, Queen St., and Customs St. RHS LAWNMOWERS (2), good order.—Lawnmower Hospltal. 271, Parnell Rd. _ xll LAWNMOWER, good as new~£B 10/.—9, Mt~ Royal Ave., Owairaka Terminus. xli LAWNMOWER, good order, £5 10/; also Pushchair, £2 10/. —Apply 89,_Bassett_Rd. xll LAWNMOWER, Masport de luxe, in first-class order.—s6, Lucerne Rd., Remuera. 16-075. 11 LEARN DRESSMAKING at nome witn Ross Hynes :omplcte course, the Home Dressmaker: only 15/-.— Whltcombe and Tombs, RD4 LEATHER COAT, man's. 40in chest, price £10 10/. —24,. Mays Rd., Onehunga. xll LEXICON, Greek, large, L. and S., 1864, well bound, excellent condition; Academy Pictures, 1907-1915.—Phone 20-212. 11 LINEN and Crockery out of glory box. If interested please call 17, Wellpark Ave., Grey Lynn, xll LOUNGE CHAHti pre-war new! also Steel Rods, 20ft long, for reinforcing concrete. Phono 19-739. xll MAH JONG SCORESS, 9d each, obtainable at Auckland Star Offlce, "Shortland Street. \ WS4 ' MAH JONG SET, bamboo, brightly marked; also ' separate set Racks.—Phone 70-041. xll ' MATTRESS, Kapok, double size: absolutely new } cover.—Ring 26-121. 11 i MAXAM Electric Light Bulbs, Torch Batteries, ' etc.—H. A." Scott and Co., L'td., 24-26, Albert St. ( - xll ' MECCANO SETS, 1 large, 1 small, motors and ' instructions, coloured.—Phone 63-049. xll | MECCANO MAGAZINES, February. 1937. onwards; ' excellent condition; also Meccano; Complete Set i of War Illustrated.—Ring 63-243 or write S. 2086. { Star. . 11 J MILK POWDER TINS, 1121b, approx. size 16 x 16 x 16in; no delivery.—Bond and Bond. Ltd., 6-8. ' Commerce St. 11 c MILK SHAKE MACHINE, as new; inspection—ls", a Mt. Eden Road. 11 2 MILK SHAKE MACHINE, Gilbert, excellent condl- | tion, £23.-»Ring 30-022. 11 = MIRROR, perfect, 6 x 3ft, brown enamel heavy - frame, £B.—Phone 50-720. 11 = MODEL YACHT, 3ft 4in. three different rigs, g beautiful sailer.—Ring 16-028. ; U p "MODERN GROCER AND GROCERY DISPLAY,"' si 4 vols.. 1944 ed.. 700 lllust.; packed selling ideas: P. adopted by Grocers' Federation; every -modern R phase of grocery business covered; easy subscrip- S tlon.—Write Caxton, Box 907. 15 R "MODERN CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION," 4 vols., B 1944 edition (Glanville). 1000 illustrations', rein- 1 forced concrete, form work, sheltering, quantities rj and measurements, costing, precasting, resistant to „• chemical attack, basemene construction, roads and « paths; easy subscription.—Write Caxton. Box 907. S, : « g " MOTOR ENGINEER," Just printed, 5 vols.. 1600 vi illus.. complete, including electrical, all repairs, C overhaul, tuning, data, maintenance, winding,, v Diesel engines, garage practice, costing, etc.; F easy terms.—Book Specialties, Box 515, Auck. 11 o

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Page 10 Advertisements Column 3, Auckland Star, Volume LXXVI, Issue 189, 11 August 1945

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Page 10 Advertisements Column 3 Auckland Star, Volume LXXVI, Issue 189, 11 August 1945

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