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WANTED TO SELL Jtal AGFA PROJECTOR, 8 mm, 200-watt; little u one best offer over £40.—s, 2160, Star. _ AIRGUN and Parts. Ladies' and Gent.'s S] or Cycles. 2 Tennis Racquets. 4 English Balls. He xll Slick, Crystal Set, Books, Magazines, Stamps, c rn Ring C 3-243 or write S. 2090. Star. X IX ATTACH*. CASES, Hat Boxes, suitcases. ;j-j- Oiubs.—Meltzer's, 61, Victoria St. W. ;en AXMINSTER RUNNER, fawn and blue, 2 5-6 HS good condition.—Phone 64-823. AXMINSTER CARPET, floral design. 13£t 61r MS lllt; 6in , as new; Crochet Tablecloth, new, 5f — sft Bin.—Phone 26-009. xl { BABY CLOTHES, small lot, suit girl; slight m jox chea P— Write S. 2017, STAR. jl BABY PRAM Covers, Quilts, white satin. 1 — embroidered, original design; stocks availab "li ' phone 31-139. — J BABY'S" Go ■ Smocked Frocks, Pram Covers, made to ordf — I Phone 31-139. J" I BALLET" SHOES, child's, size 11, new^-Pl HJ i 42-G76. DAE BELL, Equipment, first class; price £5 55 Phone 17-881. •h<J I BASSINETTE, draped, matching eiderdownTkl _ii mattress, pillow, never used.—S. 1972. Star. We | BASSINETTE", Sunshine" de luxe, never - u Mb enamelled cream. — Flat 3, 22, Claude R et, Epsom. J} BASSINET, Mattress (Plunket). English Sh ice Cream Pram, English style; all as new.—Supei J3 1892, Star. >n; BATH, oft. porcelain, perfect condition; Ba .— .Morris. Ch_ai_—2s._ Livingstone St., Richmond. _Ii BEAUTIFUL DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT~~RIN 64. All styles to choose from; also a large selec US of fine English China, Crystal Water Sets, Lock ~ etc.—Call or post your order to M. J. McF ■ . Walchmnker and Jeweller, 398, Karangahape 1 - 11 next Bank of N.Z. Phone 40-515, Newton. _ **• BEAVER, COAT and Marmot Cape.—Ring 61- '?; BED, Single, new, and Wire Wove, £6; Solid i - Pressing Chest and Double Bed.—Phone 60-502. ■ne BED, rimu. 3 ,' t , with Wirewove and Wool M 11 tress; Duchess Chest, with mirror; Pedesta 71. Phone 20-212. i 1 BEDROOM SUITE, solid oak. 4-plece, new cor lso tion; what offer?—2o, Oakley Ave., Watervi nt Avondale. |ii BEDROOM SUITE, modern, new condition, cc n- Plete with Mattress; £30.-3, Kiwitca St., Sa :11 ringham. ft. BEDROOM SUITE, 4-piece, dark, solid oak, co ~ plete. with non-sag Wire; price £45.—Apply — Donald Crescent, Mt. Roskill, 5.2. ; 34 BEDROOM SUITE, oak~reflex mirrors; Wardrc — with mirror; Cot and Mattress; Wringer; Kite) ba Furniture; Dressing Table; Lawnmower.—Ap 51 64, Lincoln St., Ponsonby. : ?• BEDROOM SUITE, walnut veneer, almost n 11 including Tallboy, Dressing Table, Twin Bt — 2 wire-wove Mattresses, 2 Mattresses and Wa N robe; no dealers—Phone 61-375. week-end. es BED SETTEE, good condition.—2o, Vinter Terra Y Owairaka. .; — BED SETTEE, fawn, good condition; £15.— >!■_ Abbotts Way, Remuera. /S BED-SETTEE, Lady's Cycle, both perfect con l so tion.—Harris. 18, Westmere Park Ave., We or mere waterfront. Xl* BEWARE of the Cold! Your chance to order t1 e tree Firewood; my pleasure to deliver, ',2-ton 1 13 or more.—Phone 88-686 for cash price. BICYCLE, gent's, good condition.—Phone 18-1 13 . in BICYCLE, man's, b.p.b.; ride it away, £3 10/ r. Phone 50-720. IS BICYCLE, Royal Enfield, man's, £9 cash.—Ri H 25-120 (mornings). — BICYCLE, gent's, in good condition. £6 10/.,j! Chester Ave., Westmere. 34 BICYCLE, lady's. Phillips Sports, as new; £15 fj 43. View Rd., Mt. Eden. 11 BICYCLE, good tyres and running order, oxct ;; saddle; £3.—Phone 70-083. 11 BICYCLE, lady's, as new; reasonable price.—l !. Seafield View Rd., Grafton. _ ;4 BICYCLE, man's, good order, good tyres.—Ma p son, Aberdeen Rd., Milford. .1 BICYCLE, lady's, good order and tyres; £5.- — Tyburnia Avenue. Mt. Albert. 1 BICYCLE, Sports model, new tyres, dynamo, go '- order, £7.—462, Mount Eden Road. n BICYCLE, Gent's, good condition, tyres good, £ _ 2a, Hazel Avenue, Dominion Road. r* BICYCLE, gent's sports, good condition and rubbi _: £10 10/.—38, New Bond St., Kingsland. S BICYCLE, gent's, Monarch Special, good conditio ._ £8.—16 a. St. Luke's Rd., Morningsidc. X 1 BICYCLE, boy's, %, new tyres, perfect conditio 0 £8 10/.—9, Mt, Royal Ave,, Owairaka Term, x !4 BICY'CLE. —Men's Leader, Sports, new rubbi 1_ perfect condition, £10.-97. Aotea Street, Missii te Bay. |3 BICYCLE, 8.5.A., semi-Sports, plated parts, litl r, used tyres, condition excellent; £12 10/.—5, Wat 1 St.. Otahuhu. ~ BICYCLE, Lady's, good condition; good tyr< 1 £9 10/.—Apply (week-end), 6, Epworth Avenu — Royal Oak, Epsom. L BICYCLES, - two~Ladles' English; excellent cond — tion.—Phone 44-054. Z BICYCLES for Sale (Saturday only); ladif n Bicycles; two.—lnspect at Macdonald, Halligi n Motors, Ltd.. 24. Cook Street. — BICYCLE BARGAINS.—Best Values in Aucklan _ Goodman's Cycles, 267. Newton. E e BICYCLE TRAILER, sturdily built, well sprun 4, rubber tyres, light weight; what offers?—Fhoi I 6±923- x. ~ BINOCULARS, new condition, complete wil case: £18 10/.—Phone 17-163. x 1 BINOCULARS, German, long ißnge. clear visio p 6 x 30; best offer.—Write S. 2027. Star. r - BLINDS, all sizes, guaranteed fadeless Hollani £ best prices.—Alexander's, opp. Town Hall. £ — BLINDS—AII sizes kept In We measure ar i fix.—Auckland Blind Co., 184, Symonds St. E d BLINDS—Yes! We make Blinds" Sell and Ci I, • material to size; make your own—Send Venetia 1 Renovations to "K" Blind Co., S. and C. Buildim J I Newmarket. s BLUE GEORGETTE over Taffeta semi-even in 1 32in bust; new.—F.H., 1708, Star. — BOWLS, set Taylor's wood, good conditior i. stamped; £7 10/.—Phone 17-610. j ? BOXES, pinus, made up on~shooks, planed i i, rough; continuous supplies guaranteed.—McMllla e & son, Sawmillera, Rlverhead. Phone 27* 1 Kumeu. ] — BRIEF BAG, Morocco, £1; Gumboots. Red Bal I as new. 30/; Hedge Clippers, new. 15/; Scvth j 12/6.— S. 1950, STAR. " l 1 CABINET (kitchen), Settee, Wirewove, Kitche ' Chairs, as new; cheap; City.—B.H._l____,_St_\___] t CALIFONT, Fletcher" Russell, nickel, good ordei r best offer.—Phone 78-547. I 1 CAMERA, Reflex, y 4 plate. Zeiss, 4.5, good orde — Rin S 44-102 (after 7 p.m.). ] 1 CANARY CAGES, double" breeding: show Cages.- '. Avery, 21, Lawrence St.. Heme Bay. 1 1 CARPENTRY TOOLS, for carpenti j. trainee, Dlsston Saws, RIOO Steel Square, etc.I Phone 19-769. 1 j CARPET, Super Wilton, 9 x 12, slight mot! 1 £40.-11. coyle St.. Sandrlngham (evenings)._J t CARPET, Imperial Axminster body; English."wTT , Underfelt, good condition; no dealers; approx. 21 I 12.—Phone 61-375, week-end. 1 , CAVITY BLOCK MOULDS, all sizes.—2, Edc . Terrace. 1 CHESTERFIELD SUITE, moquette, new, £45.—1 c Cradock St.. Avondale. xl CHESTERFIELD SUITE, English tapestry; Rirnl • Dining Table; 6 Chairs.—Phone 20-212. 1 CHESTERFIELD SUITE, pre-war. autumn tonlngi > also Man's Overcoat, brown, 381n chest.—S. 2122 . Star. _, [ CHESTERFIELD SUITE, Woollen Moquette; Fiv Loose Cushions; excellent cond tion.—Phone 61-375 week-end. 1 CHESTERFIELD, 3-piece, fully sprung, fawn an< blue, superior; £35; leaving.—lss, Grey St. East, Onehunga. 1 children's CLOTHES problems solved I Ose won derful Ross Hynes Multiple Pattern: cuts all child • ren's garments.—-Whltcorobe and Tombß. RD CHINA CABINET, almost new.—29, Mays St, Devonport. Phone 71-016. xl CHINA CABINET, excellent condition; no dealers Phone 61-375, week-end. 1 CLAMP, Builder's Floor, 3ft 6in; Plate Glass Bx2; both new; otters.—S. 1848, Star. 1 : CLAY SPOIL, 50yds. available free, St. Heliers.Phone 50-412. xl CLOTHES DRYERS, revolving, all complete, un beatable for value and wear; £4 15/.—Phom 60-453. l; CLOTHES LINES, revolving steel spindle, wired painted, erected In concrete. £6 10/.—Godkln. 6 Esplanade Rd., Mt. Eden Ph. 60-255. I , CLOTHES LINES, revolving, steel pole and spindle erected in concrete; complete, £6 10/.—McPheat ' 24, Waterview Rd., Devonport. Phone 71-411. l; CLOTHES LINES, revolving, galvanised steel poh and spindle, wired, painted, erected in concrete quality, appearance' assured: £6 10/. —Phom 54-933. i; COAT, girl's, bottle green, good condition. 17/6.— S. 1806, Star. 1] , COAT. Tweed, fit boy 15; In perfect condition £2.—Phone 20-343. 1] COAT, new, £107 sell £7; also lovely Marmol Fur Cape, s.w.—Phone 62-071. 1] COAT, navy, all-wool velour, full 1 ; silk lined, nevei worn, x.0.5.; no coupons.—Phone 16-492. 11 COFFEE MILL, perfect, suit hand or power, £3 10/.—Phone 50-720. 11 COFFEE PERCOLATOR, glass, new.—Phone 42-876. COFFEE SET, 15 Pieces, Royal Doulton, perfect order.—Phone 60-453. xll COLLARETTE, new, white and black beaded, with large motif, 27/6. —S. 2164, Star. 11 COSTUME, dark grey, W. size: £5 10/.— S. 2049, STAR. XI COSTUME, Wine, teal cneck, S.W.; Coat black flare, S.W.—Write B. J. 0157. Star. I_l COT and Bassinette, £5.-32, St. Albans Ave., Dominion Rd. xll COT, dropside, panel ends, enamelled, new.—7l, Prospect Terrace, Dominion Rd. 11 COT, rimu, dropside. wire wove and mattress; offer.—2l9, Jervols Rd., Heme Bay terminus, xll COT, dropside, and High Chair, Laloli make, excellent condition,—Apply Ba, Simmonds Ave., Mt. Roskill. 11 COT (Lajoli), cream, wire wove mattress, good condition; also Oak Wardrobe, modern. — 1344, Dominion Rd. Extension. 11 COW COVERS, 240z, heavy brown jute, 12/ each net, f.o.b.—J. Jones Ltd., Auckland. S CROQUET SET; what offers?—S. 1886, Star. 11 CRYSTAL JUG, Stuart, and 6 Goblets; really lovely set, new; £15 15/.—Write S. 2028, Star. 11 CUT CRYSTAL. Silver Mounted Vases, a pair; what offers?— Write S. 1778, Star. 11 CUTLERY, 55 pieces, Mappln and Webb, in walnut canteen; hardly used; what offers?—S. 2125, STAH. II". CUTLERY, complete 34-piece set, cemprising genuine stainless knives and E.P.N.S., new, £10; Teaset, 21-piece, Bell fine bone china, floral decoration, new, £5; Vacuum Flask, quart size, 10/.—Write Argus, 2322, Star. xll CYCLE, trade, small" wheel.—Phone 17-966. xll CYCLE, Gent.'s, good order; £s.—Phone 27-527. . xU CYCLE, lady's, good order; offers.—s, Captain St., Onehunga. xll CYCLONE GATE, divided, sft by sft; cost £8; sell £4.—Phone 60-252. H S, A R' S S a ,? v lor AU Uscd Furniture and Carpets. Write, Call or Phone 43-568. 464. Queen St. Take Town Hall tram to Myers Park. *""=*" *"• "^ Prom £B H i7«T'i , ? l "'S ys ! VO"* £i 19/6: Wardrobes," K rh.L n."^? 1 Mattresses, from £3 18/6 |K. Chairs 10/6; High Chairs. 31/: Glass-fronted £S 10/ : Chesterfield. Dining and Bedroom Suites, Gents' Robes, Bookshelves Cots I Playpens and Carpets always tn liSd. S4

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Page 10 Advertisements Column 2, Auckland Star, Volume LXXVI, Issue 189, 11 August 1945

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Page 10 Advertisements Column 2 Auckland Star, Volume LXXVI, Issue 189, 11 August 1945