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APARTMENTS VACAJTT BED 6 AKD BREAKFAST, or Be^T^ BED SITTING ROOM, double sin-w^n —i: —U fast; men friends or business couple.-nf A 8 * 1BED SITTING BOOM, fireplace; suitable 2 business girls or I 'I""gSSferihJS! st - of L Grafton «-• ■ >*b assr Birlß or coui>ie - 6 ' wi.i C o« n5 s p t?si, ss MAN", shore ~ company semi-invalid. 35 years; smith suburban: sober.—s. 2120. stab PONSONBY— 2 Single Film. ~ Ing tray and conyg.— B.J. 0138. star. morn - ROOM, clean, quiet man; Ist s"eetion~ir ; ?»~s ~ Rd. »reiiun.—3B, Parneii ROOM, single, unfurnished, handy Citv cooking.—Write S. 2240, Star w, man : no SINGLE BED-SITTING BOOMriiSrSSCSj AIR FORCE OFFICER, gK£ "«" _ GraftO " *™- "!l e §. BED SITTING ROOM, sunny, %»'« '"""'■ C '"" a - CIC - ; "»« ££$% 01 " 2 R ° OmS f ° r 2 "'"'^^Seiii^We FLAT or Double Bed Sitting Room, Tuln"—; unfiirn.. cooking convs.—F. 1754. Star 'JJ FLAT, furnished, 2 bedrooms, by 2 rounir B,,«"~Mcn, handy_Clty.-S. 2095, Starl 7 8 LADY, retired "school Scanner, 63" 127. B - S - R - EPS ° m d ' strlCt ° r "S-SSS LADY, good position, Purn. 8.5. R., with or wi^T MARRIED COUPLE, working, seir-contalneoTST 2 bedrooms, own entrance.—S. 2153. Star A RETURNED ARMY DOCTOR, 5 years MlddS East, seeks Furnished Plat.—Write s JSSI Star. " j^ ROOM, unfurn., fireplace, lady.—S. 2161, BtarT BOOM or Sun Porch, gent, Kemuera or Meadow" bank.—Write 8.0. 0978, STAn. "*«wow. ROOM, handy City; must be reasonable- restxrT able working girl.—Write s. 1521. Stab. ij ROOM required, woman, respectable, light duttei for part rent; City.—S. 1977, Star. " ROOMS (2), unfurnished or partly and kitchen", ette, by 2 adults urgently.—Write L. 8., ISM/Star . '' 2 ROOMS or 1 Room and k'ette, turn nreforn?' vicinity Onehunga.— B.J. BOARD OFFEKfciD BED AND BREAKFAST, shares only; sult&bii males; comfortable and quiet; close tram.—Po n ! BOARD OFFIJBED Refined Men.—s3, King Edward Street, Dominion Road. jjj COMFORTABLE HOME. Remuera, offered "iuddii aged lady In return light duties and comranv Phone 25-512. ___iij EXCLUSIVE GUEST HOUSE, Remuera, — vacancies for permanents or casuals; excellent cuisine.—Mrs. Hall, late Darling Point, Hydney P_hone_2o-138.__ _ jjj HOME offered by Ijderly Woman to Companionable Woman willing share living expenses and work in high, healthy country town, 200 miles Auckland; . 1 month's trial free of expense — Reply particulars to B.J. 0163. Star. jll twin beds; minute bus; early breakfast, cut lunchF. 1609, Star. 13 RESPECTABLE working Wan, second section! minute tram stop, Ponsonby.—Write S. 2250, Star iii ROOM, double, Full Board, select private hotelPhone 48-521. 114 VACANCY for Ex-Serviceman; good home.—623 New North Ror.-i, Kingsland. xlj BOARD WANTED BOARD in refined private home by elderly lady s. 2010, Star. l£ BOARD required, Devonport, Takapuna preferred Write B.J. 0140, STAR. 14 BOARD wanted, with renned family, by business woman.—Write S. 2012, Star. U BOARD or Room, August 20-31; handy University if possible.—W. 9862, STAR. ;15 BUSINESS GIRL, private home. —S. 2249, Stab ai BUSINESS GIBL requires board in private home. Phone 60-837. U BUSINESS GIRL, superior board, private home.— P.O. Box 455, Auckland. U BUSINESS LADY, quiet living, requires Board in ngenial home; own furniture supplied if reuired; handy to City preferred; phone essential.— Phone 41-654 (8 a.m.-5 p.m.), or write F. 1674, 11 GENTLEMAN, respectable, requires Board, vicinity Olahuhu.—Write B.J. 0107, STAR. x! 3 GENTLEWOMAN, board in refined home, own linen and blankets; Mt. Eden preferred.—H.C. 1707, Star. 11 rciSLIC SERVANT requires full board, single room; no cut_l unch.—S. 1869. STAR. 11 REFINED Business Girl seeks Board; telephone essential;—S l _2274,_Star. xU RETURNED MAN, young, clerical position, requires Eoard. single room, convenient to Pamell; lunch out.—S. 2237, Star. . M SINGLK KOOM by Public Servant, returned serviceman: permanent.—S. 2267, Star. xll YOUNG Business Girl requires Board.—Write B.J. 01C9, Star. . *U WANTED TO REXT COTTAGE at Tilirangl on bus route, unfurnished; middle-aged couple, keen gardeners.—Gardener, S. 1777. Star. 11 FLAT, unfurn., married couple, quiet, without children.—Phone 63-673. xU EX-SOLDIER, owner of Farmlet, desires possession own home, would be grateful to any person who could supply 4 Rooms and convs. for his tenant. Grateful. 0174. Stab. xU FLAT, s.c, furn., wanted by refined Business Couple.—Write S. 1984, STAR. U FLAT, s.c, or 2 Rooms, cooking convs., for 3 business girls; urgent.—S. 2167, Star. » FLAT or Cottage, furnished or unfurnished; Air Force officer and wife; North Shore preferred.— .s. 1913, Star. j> FLAT, furnished. City or North Shore, required during September by business couple. Excellent references; rent in advance.—Replies to W. B. Fitchett. Ltd., P.O. Box 617, Wellington. 14 FLOOR SPACE, approx. 500 sq. ft., with power supply, outside City; urgent.—Phone 63-110. H HALF-HOUSE, Bach or 2 Rooms, convs.; references.—l 2, Albert St., Otnhuhu. Ji HOME or Flat, furnished, desired by Naval offlcer • and wife, for approximately 18 months.—Write F. 1662, STAR : ___ii HOUSE or" Flat, furn,, unfurn., quiet, Returned ] Airman and Wife, no children.—Phone 18-048. It HOUSE, by married couple, respectable, clean, in any handy suburb: fond gardening: care of property guaranteed.—Write F. 1730, Star. II HOUSE, Flat or Rooms, urgently required by « returned soldier: 3 months , rent in advance.—H--1504, Star. S HOUSE, unfurnished, wanted by returned servloeman, who will renovate at own expense: substantial rent in advance.—H. 1408, Star. " OFFICES, temporary, water, phone connected, close Queen St.—Write S. 1922, Star. 5} ROOM, to seat 25. required once monthly for meetings; must be in or near City.—Professional, 1987, _S TAB. li SHOP or Rooms, suitable dressmaker, wanted by returned serviceman's wife. City, Newton.—Write H. 1430, Star. u fwo "ROOMS or Flat, handy Newmarket, by ■ouple, both working; urgently.—Write S. 213 J. Star. i! fOUXG COUPLE, refined, husband Returned Ser■iceman. wife school teacher, no children, desite louse. Flat or Room, vicinity Neivmarket or ?nsom.— B.J. 0131, Star. ii £20 RENT In advance—House, Flat, or 3 Unfurn. looms, with k'ette; 3 adults; any suburb or in JUy.—Phone 40-378. sir :20fl Rent advance, House, 4 adults, handy.— ;. 2068. star. ii EXCHANGES irARTMENT HOUSE, small. 7 rooms, part furn., lice locality, as deposit for 2-bedroom Modem -loroe, Three Kings.—S. 1722, Star. ii ■OTTAGE, 4 roomsTltitcWncttc, gas. coal iachor Old House'to convert!—S. 1875. STAR, jj r AR!HLET, 3 acres, modern house, for House. :llerslic. Otahuhu.—4l, Wallace Rd.. Papatoetcehone 142. _ .: LAT, Wellington. i"bcdronm. living room, kitchen nd balhroom, private entrance, rent 30' weeWJ. >r_slmilar. Auckland.—Write_Flqt._l69l, STAR._Ii» IOViriiOUSE, Lower Hutt. 3 bedrooms, "for same .uckland.—Business Phone 40-172; Private sB - 9 -j-j :ODSE, rental. 5 "rooms. New Plymouth, same in ucklanri. rc-.isonnblc rcn!.—Write S. 15G0. STAJI.Ji OUS~E, 3 bedrooms, 2nd section," Richmond Rd.. 5/ week, want similar within 1 mile Newmarket, illing pay higher rent.—Write Home. Box ih ewmarket. li IT. EDEN, 2 bedrooms, garage for 3 bedrooms, onsonby. Balmoral. Westmere.—S. 2155._STAR.__ij O-JMS (3), on - trarn" _ iine. near Symonds St.. ir same in Otahuhu.—Write B.G. XATE UXIT, bandy City exchange North Shore; orthcote preferred.—S. 2186. Star. '* FATE UNIT, 2 bedrooms, close shops, tram, vndringham. for 3 bedrooms, must be near school id tram.—S. 1893. JSTAR; _ii tate HOUSE, Hawera, for similar, Auckland.— . F. Murphy, c/o C.P.0.. Aucklan <L ___Hi rATE UNIT, electric, water view, bedroom an* jnroom, exchange House, 2 bedrooms, City areo- . 2003, Star. ]j FATE HOIJSE, all electric. 2 bedrooms, good ction, opp. Dominion Rd.. for 3 bedrooms. 01a new, same district.—Write 0124. STAIt,_U TATE HOUSE, Harp oT Edin. 2 bedrooms, nice Duse and locality; exchance for 3 bedrooms or and sun porch. Remuera. Epsom, Mt. Eden.— he no ____——i--rATE ADVAXCtS, Mt. Albert. 3 bedrooms sun >rch nll-otCctric for same or r.nywner". !r.-.Rc_if jjOEsiblc.'— Write B.J. o!sfi, STAR. ___ill rATE UNIT, 2 bedrooms, y'mln. trams. lor 3 droems or 2 and sunperch. \ otahuhu or ipator'.oc—Baker. 5. Hr.rriley Avc-.. Mt. Rosin I_LJI FATE I'XIT, 1 bedroom and sunporch, handy nil and .shops. tSandriiinhum, for house. 2 bedoms, anywlieie; Papatoetoc preferred.—Wi ■« J. 0149. Star. _ x ii KNANT, StMte House. 5 "rooms. Earage. biinedin, sires Exchange lor similar iacillties, Auckland.— (change, Box 80G, Dunedin; Phone 78-963. Auck.icL ii 2NANCY Modern BnnKalow. 4 rooms, all ej""- , ce locality, for similar, vicinUy Railway WorKops. Otahuhu; fair rent.—Apply L. Harlick, 3. eland Street. Palmerston North. *'* NANCY, large furn. 2-bf<iroom Flat, telephone, >unds. Owen's R<i.. E)>som, handy City. °»erea exchaiiKe for 3-B?droom House, bench suburn ;ferred.—S. 1910. Star. ":.

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Page 2 Advertisements Column 3, Auckland Star, Volume LXXVI, Issue 189, 11 August 1945

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Page 2 Advertisements Column 3 Auckland Star, Volume LXXVI, Issue 189, 11 August 1945