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SITUATIONS VACANT , SITUATIONS VACANT HOMDAY ACCOM. VACANT - : — 1 Z — .nrKLAND. ACCOM.. Queenscllfl Hotel. 1. Scotia Place. Que- «. ACCO UNTANT ACCOUNTANT. ££££ £A£l An old-established and Progressive Aucklan LIBRARY. Bed find Bre akfast. tray. Phone 48-054. _x Firm requires the services of a Male Accountant Applications, with testimonials, will be receivee; AR| , NPEL hqtei. Waterloo Quadrant. Auclclan on for its City Office. at the Office of the Town Clerk T°™ S|"- *f™° E £ ki ™ l £ O ohngs tor Casual Guests. Roo 3 The position is one oil-able to a married man Auckland 0.1. up to 12 Noon £«dn«i«£ I cd up to say 35 years of age and offers excellent 1». '« l "e "oove pos Corn wa]li s . January; new; sleep 4-6; re: n- prospects to one possessed of ability and initla- n c n ° l ™ mE ma .°, m^ 11 £261 per annum, both plus i" advance—B.J. 0130, Star. S To the right man the position of a general may be obtained at g^^^.^^c.comnfJd'a^nJphon^^-oa?. 7 " 11 bU A p n pTy S , 'SSSf , US? OTSmSr-JSrSialinSi: g™fr a r f Ll l brar 5 T .°w n eires!ey , Street Eak' Auck- HOTEL GLENALVON Waterloo Quad Ist class. - tions, also enclosing copies of references, to 0,, d c l mln. walk Station or City—Phs. 40-678. 42-214 L ■s ACCOUNTANT. " T. W. M. ASHBY, KOHIMARAMA Waterfront-Large Front Doub S, PO Box 487 C.P.0., Auckland. 11 :xll _ Town Clerk. Bed sitttn(? RoO m. fireplace and kitchenette: ! L — — 1 ladies.—Q,uict,_ol76,_ Stak.__ x_ CARPENTRY' INSTRUCTORS. FOOTWEAR TRADE FOOTWEAR TBAPF LyNTON n symonds St.. always a vacancy. LAKIKNTKY I « B * » v v x Factory producing Women's High Grade Footwear mln _ t0 park—Phone_43-e6s^Ff To assist Ex-Servicemen in training for th Requires the following Female Staff— MARITAL —Bungalow furn.. vacant for Augu Carpentry trade, Assistant Instructors are required 4 first-CLASS MACHINISTS. school holidays.—Phone 48-550. x_ » at AiicHonrt Armointpp* will be required to 2 EXPERIENCED EEADERS. nNrriHRI PRIVATE HOTEL for Your Winti • ;lrk AU :r he, ' ™™™- "" Sff« !!k &»SS!&£p- " in training Ex-Servicemen upon erection of State 1 SKIVING MACHINE OPERATOR. 1t,., M.i.Bnta-Ideil School Holld'a _ Houses. Remuneration will be £7 15/ Per week 3 CLEANING ROOM HANDS, experience not OPAL. Holidn ? (wet or dry) for 40-hour week; other conditions Tl £™ Starr will be paid high wage.and, grm, moderate-131M, Matamata. F. V in accordance with award. ~t , bonuses car, Ftets, superior, fully ftg Applications close with DISTRICT REHABILI- a part-time basis. Good nished. heated—Phone 780. M TATION OFFICER, Auckland, on August 29. 1945. conditions ROTOBUA—Thlrwell House, 12/6 day. or Be 1 Armly—' and Breakfast, 8/6; central; popular. 1 ip . GADABOUTS. LTD., ROTORUA—Hlnemoa Private Hotel, near, grounds - KAIPARA HOSPITAL BOARD. 408,10 NEWMARKST. it DIETITIAN — NORTHERN WAIROA HOSPITAL. Phono 25-422, _ ™ ear roimde Lovely walks and log nres.—Phon 3A or write WS wLrr hS? T°e O I » L S G l B L S G * * L S equated o: U Kopurti. Applicants should bo Registered Nurses We have several openings suitable for those who the North Shore. 5 mln. ferry, casuaj accom.- - holding the Home Science Diploma of the Otagro . . rt ]|m experience in industry. Phone 70-46b. N University. Registered Nurses with dietary experi- hav<! had lltn ° or n0 ex P" lmce industry. ENLANDS Waltake re Ranges-Children an, ence, or Home Science graduates. The work is light and dainty and we feel sure {heir parents welcomed during the school holi Apply in first instance to MATRON, Box 7, we can o fl er you something really interesting at days; all-weather walk, lake with boat, extensivi Te Kopuru, stating age, qualifications and salary . lawns charming views and fine telescope; spaclou 1 required. very BOOa wa « es - lounge with wood fires, sunny verandahs.—Phom WALTER A. HADEN (A.C.S.N.Z.). Por thos3 wlth domestic rcsponslbilitlee wo can 64-561. ii 11 Secretary to the Board. , , . „ -. .„ —~ ™~" a ■ — — arrange hours to suit your home duties. GREAT BARRIER ST. CLAIR HOSTEL LADIES' COATS AND SUITS MACHINISTS, Call and talk it over or telephone for par- NOW OPEN FOR GUESTS. FIRST CLASS. FOR OUR COAT AND ticulars. «s&.*«£?»£& T P ariD Excellent wages and bonuses. Good working NO VENUS FOUNDATIONS, LTD.. lo £, o ° 1 conditions. Permanent position. If requiring a Foundation Garment Manufacturers, PHONE 26-529 D 4 - change of employment, this i 9 your opportunity. 38 Fanshawe stroet near A i be rt Street. __ . : EXPERIENCED FINISHERS, ALSO APPREN- p., ' , Q dIB TR Y MACK'S PLACE, y TICE3, urgently required. Paxt-timo work ™ one «»-»'»• w&4 WAIHI BEACH GUEST HOUSE. arranged for Seniors If required. : For complete rest. First-class table. Call, phone or write to e .T-e M «nr Tariff, £5 5/ week, 17/6 day. Returned Sen-ice; B. F. CAMPION, SPECIALITY SALESMAN. ta uniform, 10 per cent reduction. : Ladles' Clothing Manufacturer, Old-established Wellington Firm handling epm- Prop. 4 4, Kingston St., City. prehenslve range of Office Equipment, Machines ™° **" H Phone 41-654. XU and I N " CHRISTCHURCH-DNITED SERVICE HOTEL. ines preferable but not essential. Comfortable, dignified atmosphere. United Service, N.Z. GLASS MANUFACTURERS CO. PTY., LTD. successful applicant will be given thorough the Premier Hotel, Christchurch. Situated in 1 SEVERAL VACANCIES FOR FEMALE WORKERS, training Liberal remuneration, either ealary Cathedral Bquarc, heart of City; 100 bedrooms 90-4*; v#»ai-R Af nffft n , Kn i nr ,, nri rt each with private phone and not and com run--20-45 years or age, or salary and commission. water. Rooms with private bathrooms avail- • Por Packing Bottles into Corrugated Cardboard Reply in confidence, in first instance. abl g a 1, .0 i nc i US ive tariff. 22/6. , Containers. enclosing COPIES ONLY of references and full N> " WRAY MILLNER, Proprietor. RTS f Wages £3 10/9 for 40-hour week. For several details of commercial experience, to __ _ __ ; months Saturday work will be available if desired, •• nmn* ivminmonf" nnrinAV aPfWlf WAIVTTCfI J bringing earnings for 48-hour week to £4 15/. om,:e EQMpment, HOLIDAY ACCOM. WAINIIJiU ' Work la of a light nature, and working condi- Oaxe w - B - FITCHETT. LTD.. BACH, , sleep 6, Decemoer 22 to January 10—Phone ! tlons are excellent. Advertlslnß Agenta. 80-530. 11 i Apply Warehouse Foreman, Box 617, Wellington. » U Labour week-end.- • N.Z. GLASS MANUFACTURERS CO. FTY.. LTD., OTAGO lIOSriTAL BOAED. small. Walheke; 3 persons. 2 weeks from Great South Road, Penrose. 11 b u u Dec. 24—Write 3. 1874. Stab. 11 Applications (with copies of testimonials) wiU bach wanted ' urgently, to sleep 4, for 2 or 3 be received by the undersiKned until 10 o clock f Tfim rtpr ii Writp Ft Ifloi star 11 ; PEKSTIGE «.tII >I■ I. MB.. JsjSSwfe gg g£f 4' 73 LORNE STREET. SCHOOL OP PHYSIOTHERAPY. W^ek^._^ejj^l_prejcrred^—Phqne_63-M3 : ___ll EXPERIENCED MILLINERS, Medical Electricity Certificates. Duties to com- ■ J£' ~r i — jr~ iT - Vt, T And VOUNQ OI RI.S AS APPRENTICES. menco May. ,948. *g^ wecLa Ideal working conditions. Morning and Candidates to forward health certificate with Bettuely. 16. Vlnter Ter., Mt. Albert. 11 Top wages. Saturday work. ™ M * M ™- BACH OR HOME any E ood East Coast W^ Permanent Employment. Salary to commence at «» ~te of £«Ui per J™ I £%2£* r ot M 'J L Z ill Broadway, APPIy ~ M ISS PARKER Second Floor TSF&ch'tS'ti£ rSSTot "2 per "a" Ol Wt »"»»kk , U Phones- 42 208 and 42'209 xll HOUSE, 6 adults, any mainland beach. Dec. 27 Phones. and 4Z-ZOJ. xu JOHN JACOBS. to Jan. 27; every care taken.—S. 2169, Stab. 11 ~ _, .. . . . .... Secretary. HOUSE, near beach; four weeks Christmas. — QUANTITY SURVEYOR. . Wodncsday, August 8, 1&45. rls Phone 80-196. 11 An assured posiilon with a .eadlng flrm 'a THE OTAGO HOSPITAL BOARD HOUSE, sleep 6, Mllford, Brown's Bay, Takaavallable to a puna; all electric; near beach; 3 weeks from FULLY QUALIFIED QUANTITY SURVEYOR. ™ iv ™m -OF OTAGO AND DUNEDIN Dec. 32,-Write B. 1651, 6TAB. 11 The position carries a salary of from £850 to HOSPITAL, NEW ZEALAND. ' weekf 0^ a n m^ on S rh y ool°h P oi e tda" d £900 per annum, plus liberal bonus. Application, are Invited for the following ShSJShSSi. *«£s?' NecTo^'De^onportl-Wr^e Applicants must be widely experienced and able i'i»i"oiii>, viz.. B j oiis stab. 11 to take complete control of ■•Dice and staff. ) FULL-TIME TUBERCULOSIS OFFICER, at a BP nm«tn Arrnwam m lf . ■, ~. —r ... . , .. ~, snlnrv it tii ß rat» nt punn n»r gnmim r>l,lo HEITJKNED AIRMAN and Wife would like house Applications, which should detail fully age, s « la| y j>t „'„,," £L«J* h» t?l,i ltl vicinity of Brown's Bay or North Shore from qualifications and experience, should be addressed verslty CouScil ; ot? teaching dutie? September U to 22—Write S. 2270. Star. x! 3 in first mstance *».„,. FULL-TIME PSYCHIATRIC PHYSICIAN, at Si's? taS' inY'bly T yelr?" , in"or'Vrou^d C/o J. Ilott. Ltd., Advertising, a salary at the rate ot £ 1800 per annum. A ue&-g 7 iai£? Star 9 '""' '°" 1 ' P O BOX 1491 WELLINGTON. 11 P lus £ 10 ° P er annum, payable by the Otago — ■ ii ' ' nCILJU " ut "' University Council for teaching duties. SEASIDE BACH OB HOUSE, Further Information in regard to these appoint- Eastern Beach Buckland's, or one easy reach to ments can be seen at the Office of this Newspaper. _ City August Holidays. CITY OP AUCKLAND. ,_„„ „ Two adults, one girl 12 years. APPLICATIONS FOR POSITION OF bSSSS*,. "" ™ nt f "nmatertal. SANITARY INSPECTORS (4). B Du nedln, Write BECA. 18, Moa St., Otahuhu. 13 Asejgjd.^p e So : i» m« lAijß {or bv*i m a* position of Sanitary' Inspector o'n the' staff ol BEGINNERS URGENTLY REQUIRED. FURNISHED SEASIDE HOUSE OR COTTAGE the Auckland City Council. Come (Q j STEELE LTD Rnd you wln always to slee P 5 > within 150 miles of Auckland. The commencing salary will be at the rate of pride yourself on your wise' choice. Every Girl Advertiser will pay substantial rental for a £368 per annum (gross £397 6/), rising by two owes it to herself to choose a congenial job suitable place, or would be prepared to exchange annual increments to- £418 per annum (gross one which will result in furthering her knowledge House, all electric, telephone, garage, Remuera, £449 16/). of Machining, and of which she will be proud. I Auckland, for same period. CondlMons of appointment may be obtained at , t , ,IU A , , . I F" 11 particulars to the office of the Town Clerk, Town Hall. Just a fcw ol lnD a = vanta K« we mention here;— HOUSE. Auckland. Expert t0 Ins(ruct Beginners. p -°- Box 644 - Auckland. 11 ■22 Town Clerk. Central Heating. rj.Q I,ET Htehoet Wages. garageT B, Jubilee Av., Devonport.—Phone FOREWOMAN FOREWOMAN. liberal Bonus System and 40-hour Wee*. 71-165. N xll mm oiTR nNnmwPAH nppABTUPNm Interesting, Light Work. GARAGE, large, lock-up.-401, Manukau Rd.. POR OUR UNDERWEAR DEPARTMENTS. Modern Cafeteria, Morning and Afternoon Tea. gP™"": 11 Lady, 30-40 years of age. who has had a „_ h,,t n «.„ on,,r«»if STORAGE, nrst section.—Storage, s. 1820. Star. 11 thorough grounding In the supervision of Frocks No obligations, but come and see yourself. S TOKAGE--'Firs't:'ciaTs"sloT-a"i¥"avaTiTbV at i and Underwear Manufacture, with ability to Fac Man j lor" elates of " control stall. 3 STEEL EL T D ' A PP'y «• W. Couldrcy and Co., 13. Little Queen I The position offers an excellent opportunity for .., „.„.„„.,,*„-, „„.„ „"„ ' St. Phone 49-310. :1 advancement, with plenty of scope for a person *«. KARANGAHAPE ROAD oppposite Ke wton ■ "g- -^ u - j^\ £ with Ideas and sound technical knowledge. * u;! " "•"«• t a< j vanci , rent 30/ Der week fnrtiicr rout u-iii i^. Remuneration will be of the highest and a per- Or rhone 43-829. 43-920. ' charged aeainst renovations iSv r linrth ornnent position to a capable woman. _ WS4 R d .7 HendMsm. handy tS'bui? only Apply personally, phone or write ~ applicants will be considered.—Write B.J. 0171. Staff Manager. CITY OF AUCKLAND. ~^^~ca STZtt Corner Lane *" NAOELS CREATIONS. LTD., Applications will bo received at the office ot High Street—Complete Service for your Wedding 79-81, Lome Street. Phone 49-717. 11 ' he To « n c i ßr £; Town Hall . Auckland, up to Reception, Comlng-of-Age, Private Parties. 4 P- m - °" FRIDAY, August 31, 1945 for the Dances, etc.; new beautifully appointed room; undermentioned positions en the staff of the Exclusive Catering, excellent dance floor—Phone GUEYTOWN HOSPITAL. Auckland cl 'y Council:- 41-392. xll »mp»m» <STSTFH ' INVESTIGATOR DRAUGHTSMEN (2) — Salary „„ T -, T AFTERNOON SISTER. for Ppp i lcßnts with specifled academic qualinca- , FIIATB TO ÜBT Applications, addressed to the Matron. Grey- » ons £351 P e f annum (gross £381 11/), rising FLAT, 2 large rooms, iinfurn., with kitchen, share town H«p.Ul. are Invited for the position of \U^z%nh"™?jJ\v"lL??.™w sUit bUS ™ll Afternoon Sister at the Greytown Hospital, of £338 per annum (grosr, £367 18/). ; w'tfTa ' Greytown. Salary at the rate of £200 per annum, CLERKS (2) — Commencing salary £338 net . TU liET OK liKASfli rising to £220 aiter 12 mmths. Eight-hour duty. <? ™, s ,t £^' 7 _ l i. 8/) ' LEVEL SECTION. Dominion Rd.. 2nd section; good One day off per week. Live in and free uniforms. t —'-""""* g" den --Wrlte S. 2298, Star, xll Apply, stating age, and forward copies of recent net (gross £103 13/). WANTED TO BEXT OR LEASE testimonials not later than August 24, 1945. of appointment relating to the FLOOR SPACE wanted to rent or lease , approx NORMAN LEE a ? ov £ Positions may be obtairM from the office ZCCO square feet, close to City; suitable clothing Maraglns sicreUry. of the Town Clerk. Town Hall, Auckland. factory.—Phone 43-716. C 4 P.O. Box 96. Masterton. " T . w M A SHBY. I/KASE WANTED '-- .— Town Clerk. BEAUTY SALON. City or suburbs; permanent— JUNIORS! JUNIORS! JUNIORS! FREE ILLUSTRATED BOOKLET. BL22S!LJ™Si . H FOR YOUNO GIRLS. BOATS FOR SAJLiK The minute you step Into this Modern Building R d h t , N 2ea i and ' S mo , t nn .. rta .. ABOUT BOATS-Buying, Selling. Exchanging, ££T£ '" fl^T^ light, delicate materials is a pleasure, and each | ,„„„,. , h . »>,.„ „ ~ 7 Z,., General Welding-Carl Augustin Welding Co. operation is flmplin*! with up-to-date machines. Zntion are free O J rt m Ltd., 78, Federal St., Auckland, C.I. Ph. 45-088. HS attention are free. Our production methods assure DINGHY, clinker, lift, needs repairs £ i - also GOOD WAGES PAID handsome bonuses. Bft Dinghy, good order.—B7. Grey St.. Onehunga. Wr ' te °' rLeVrrsororer- " '*" £45; 9 h,. Outboard, £65.^ Corner Wellesley and Nelson StreeU. 11 APPRENTICES. IMPROVERS AND FISHING LAUNCH for Sale—The date for closing ■ JOURNEYWOMEN FU^^c^W^nSS ,, SSSTftSi SENIOR TYPISTE required for leading City Ofßce. *" tamfdlat f f Machining. Finishing 2^^|_3^Ln^^^_xll Knowledge of stencil work an advantage, though and Passing, at on harbour—4* Cook Ir cheapest boat not essential. Successful applicant must be quick, CHILDSWEAR LTD L,Jzf — accurate and essential in her work. Commencing mibuawßSß, LTD., ™* BINE ENGINE, reverse, 12 h.p., twin, £28 — salary £4 per week. CHILDSWEAR BLDG.. 166-176. ALBERT ST.. C.I. Phone 2565. xll „_,--._ _,„. , Phones 4a-636. 40-308. xU OUTBOARD. Johnson, 10 h.p. perfect order; £65 JUNIOR GIRL, for general office duties. Com- ~- — li- S. 1720. Star. •»*««*. *-v^ menclng wage 35/ per week. Good position for miTßninn M nTnn —IP — T"7 1~, ;— keen, intelligent girl. . LADIES" COAT MACHIN IT S S. Ne?"?** ?elT' eiftar TepaVate'^ Excellent prospects for advancemrnt. good working Inspect 56, Scverne 16-075. x! 4 condtUone, five-day week. Auckland's Leading R.-tail Manufacturer Requires RESIN-BOUNDED PLYWOOD for Boats and Caravans —Wiseman's Outboarde. 32. Customs St. E. L Apply, enclosing copies of recent testimonials, to TWO COMPETENT MACHINISTS RUNABOUT, 16ft hull, latest design built —6 nv-pxrv ~ , ■ months.—l 3. Lunn Ave.. Mt. Wellington. 11 Co SPANJER AnvPRTI Tlir Ar-FNrv , Tn °, , Set o,lt ° f the "* Of ma!s RUNABOUT, ieftTlnlrine~"»Sginer consider~7x: CO SPANJER ADVERTISING AGENCY, LTD., production and become Specialists in High change Car or Smaller Boat— 0136. Star xl 4 P.O. Box 1473, Auckland. 11 class Model Work under the supervision of RUNABOUT. 12ft. good" conditioii; - £ so7~trtde —— overseas dFsiffncr and expert manufacturer Car or Motor Cycle—Bo. Atkin Av.. Mission Bay. AUCKLAND HOSPITAL BOARD. ™ S P 'i*'"' '"'"' """* TACHT - "» -"" Locker, for S^l"- „ . sets lho standard of model work in Auckland. offer—73. Peary Rd.. off Dominion Rd. xll ! . Applications, addressed to the undersigned ana ttttt™ — TZ7T~i,^ —TTi 7; m; — I :loslng at Noon on MONDAY, September 17, You must be "cat and interested in your work 5a It Edin xrU B condition; £25. 1945, are invited from Registered Medical and keen to progress l^RaviUngs_st ;i _Eden_Tce. U Practitioners for Two Appointments as SENIOR I*JT 1' CLASS HULL, new, ready for decking— aALIOLOGISTS ot the Board's Institutions, at Wages above award Phone 20-032. 11 . :ommenclng salaries of £1000 per annum, rising 26FT LAUNCH HULL; up for paintlne- £100 nr jy two annual increments of £100 to £1200 per near offer; cosh. — Call 295 a, Church It Te ; annum, living out. B.J- 0113, STAR. Papapa (Sunday). ol " jj ( applicants must hold a Diploma in Radiology. The *-* s!Twh!?f U Rd E I ippolntments are wnole time and are for Diagnostic BOATS FOR SAT/R ~ ' — ■ —- > rhe Board's Institutions include: (1) The Auckland nh«_iii nJ_l! aiaught 2ft 6m; powered with order. 2 mainsails. £280; 40ft Twin Engine Tow iospltal, of 1000 beds (with a Director of V. !| : * i" r r • "?«,S!!fiV?Si, ° St . ?£?' : i 1"" S". W , orlc Ln ' unc n- £1650; 60 xl 5 Motor Barce F iadiology and an Assistant Radiologist already B___Sm tt«_sh£_¥■ Si™hi» a WV ted '- teak Dlfcse1 ' carries 50 tons. £1300; 2 14ft Skimmers ? appointed); (2) the Green Lane Hospital of COO °? Wnrtemota i?£ I? sulted t , fo F Tau P<> cl 5: »«t Ri-decked fast Launch (15) line- l >eds. Including a Chest Diseases Department; (3) lorn tion nimbi to owne7 Bnv P 2ns?' 2™ ?, Ull n' £21 0-~Sr>eedwell. Exchange Lane Phone < he Middlemore Hospital of 300 beds. Including an IQrn " Rn . "PP^ , to owner. Box 282, Auckland. D 4 31 Z 198 : * ■ ' Orthopaedic Department. CRUISING AND BRIDGEDECK LAUNCHES, CHRYSLER MAEINE ENGINES Jew X-Ray Departments are being opened in the m ° m rfunches 2 "-,!! 0 Itzel t^? 1 Tu Sh ' DiScl wiT aS_ Petro ' " two latter hospitals this year. oSagfiF%stoM? 5' 28ft, Now' aVitab" V'SSSSitta^SSSrl ,1 Ii =:«tsshs«s mmmmm i (OtTSING CONSTRUCTION DEPARTMENT. ph .. „, ~|, 17 v ™» r l» Arcade. bonded Waterproof Plywood. P " Mln " c Tenders, closing at the office of the Housing ph - "-534 (office), 16-075, 81-574 (residence). 11 WISEMAN'S OUTBOARDS ! instruction Department. Auckland, at 1 pjn. KEEL BOATS, B, C. E, T and Y Classes 32. Customs Street East. Auckland S c n the dates shown, are Invited for the under- Launches, 32ft, 29ft, 28ft, 26ft 22ft Mullet boat vp day tk wat ~Z7Z — ~ : • %. .entioned works. Tenders must be lodged in two suits of sails, dinghy, moorings; 24ft Aux T FAB AWAT BUY NOW. f Baled envelopes marked "Tenders for Contract Mullet boat, guaranteed sound; 26ft Launch 7ft * KEELERS—3B x BVs x 5 Keeler; marine - to. ," and separate tenders must be lodged 6in beam, full headroom, 6-cyllnder converted r^ : t>- . ever y t hing; Balley-built; £750 36 "x s s 5r each contract. Chrysler marine reverse; Good Dinghy, engine | 4f S f K % e }% T ,i, Marconi yawl; 8 sails as new; £500 J . ROADING. DRAINAGE AND WATER | nd . h . u " new - CTOISInO lllT Ift^ 10 ' , 36 f' ™*£**** S RETICULATION. NEW LYNN. ££*$' £ n "*S$ L IT\ £ ££ Scraps Sffii'S I Closing date August 27, 1945. Contract £145; 16ft V-bottom RralSiut, hulTkaurt prof' "?T!^ e; e , £55 - De6 P Water cfuTser; Diesel engine" I 7/17/1330—5 chains (approx.) of Roadlng, 483 ft job, £75, good; Towing Boat 40ft x 9ft riVaft £ .lt°°- Bft and 9 « Dinghies; £24 dW- S„; s r 9in Drains, 618 ft of 6ln Drains, and 5 chains 4ft 6ln Twin Kelvin Engines 70 h\ Dinghv w " h ° ut outboard motors ' Z1 ' Wlth or « ipprox.) of 41n Water Mains with Auxiliary hull and engines guaranteed'• Whin? boat fw .f AST KEELERS—32ft. £475. 36ft £675 Wt - Cains and Fittings, on the Davis Block. Diesel engine, all nets; Motor Bafge 60ft x f?« 2 i f , l S n £sso (auxiliary). 18-footersV class' s ClostnT™ * rß?£^iß&B^™ 1 D H^£EFl~^- P S li|# P^|h^w^!« HOUSE DRAINAGE. 45-806. 44 764. private. HO C «pn, an ,£,„, , h - „ „ >«. P «OATB WANTED ™- ™ L S lat Onehunga. BOAT, lease with rignt to purcnase. suitaolc lor "£6O- ' Planks, has cabm SINGLE CONCRETE TOOLRHEDS. s"° Bcnrrtiu-iT'su l , l:ir i il -, u ' ars " M Parac. 16, MACT OR BOOM. 4in. 25ft, £4. 3in c 3 51n S 0-11. 715-17. 731-2 and 758-71 Slieds at Orakei. Immediate cash; Ex-Serviceman— F. 1476. Blocks 3 4 and 51n £la. For 14-footer, B TRELLIS AND TYPE J FENCING. ITIiTi>IAN Be Luxe IW r-Ti, ~f i " K - W , AIiT H C S. UISIN o' LAUNCHES, all sizes Also I %>^^^™:S2XS£&&S? X JK $S n .'# o?1i, n Yachts ' Prompt cash - «~«»S » J& l^'lg'e£ 1, -m?&.™i.& "gymr. 8 - lOft; llghtT state price, condition- gg£g*g^ »»>• «* 8o«L etc.. FREE. '- a /459| -.19, in. 8r;-4 853-&. 875, Ne» Lynn—loß Ring 25-355 or 49-455. lj SPINNAKERS for 18 and 14-footers, £15. T ilta. MARINE ENGINE about 45 h.p., or Light 6 Car For Any Size or t™s of B~,f 1. «. , nl Contract 11/649. 066. 847, Grey Lynn; 11/579, E "g'" e - s "'toble conversion—Phone 64-625. 11 Buy? sS" y O r Exchan(Sf?al Car^view 0 S 5, Westmere; 11/J6O, Ponsonby-39 units. OUTBOABD MOTOR, 3fc h.p., magneto ignition. SPEEDWELL YACHT AGENCTT S Plans, etc.. are available at the office of the Write B.G. 0975. Star. 13 (w A wnijlnson) Tl musing Construction Department, Paykel's OUTBOARD MOTOR, 1-5 h.p.; 10 - 12ft Dinghy" Exchange lane oi a,, n = ot , K r ildlniT, Anzac Avenue, Auckland. -11 'buy separate any where.-U4-534, 16-075 XI 1 B phJnl' 31-1D8? Sdence ?7- P 843 st >£ j "

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Page 2 Advertisements Column 2, Auckland Star, Volume LXXVI, Issue 189, 11 August 1945

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Page 2 Advertisements Column 2 Auckland Star, Volume LXXVI, Issue 189, 11 August 1945