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£?-"«JS>h)ME.\-TS ' — I ROXY j LA " 2 nights rpnYv'i T-. « . ~~ — ' nuA * I Four Sessions Every Day Amalgamated Theatres lm i I SESSIONS CONTINUOUS: 11 -218 1' . \S| PT A7A , 2 - NEW FEATURES , > W\ *L.A£j ±± S / llfrT*!" - ! Tnom„ S 2 / =E SUEEN STKEET SS \ i-E2l-U BARTON MacLANB in Z Hi Phone 41-586. jg| N "A GENTLE GANGSTER" Direction: Amalgamated Theatres. Ltd. Dennis KEEFE _ SIMONE SIMON ln U a - m - 2 p.m., 5 p.m., 8 p.m "TAHITI HONEY" TnTriTrnw*™ ~ Both Anorovprt tor Univer,,, ,-„„• LrKAOIH. 1< IIi,LDS -===^TT^^- HilllS£i - GRACIE FIELDS AVON ISPFPTAT r GRACIE FIELDS corners L~ r Z GRACIE FIELDS Great North Ha TO-NIGHT & TUESDAY *.*-u-i^kj «= Ponsenbv Rd I At 730 With „ EP . M ° nty W °° lle y R ° dd y McD ° Wa " LITTLF " ' IN HER LATEST picture Recommended by Censo/icr Adults. "MOLLY AND ME" TJ?™?™ " RUTn HUSSEY "MOLLY AND ME" , • *™ J P, 7 RAID ERS" "MOLLY AND ME" • _ Aparc_._cd__lor Universal Exhibition . ~, _ STATE OEVONPORT. Phone ,0-101 R ° ai ' With Full finally To-night at 7.30 GiOriOUS With bOllgS Fast, Gay, and Charmingly special supports include RnminHi> I Latest Air Mail News from Everywhere. iVUlUtilltlC . PLANS AT THEATRE AND REGO'S To get her Man. she baits her trap with the Dsu: " Frices - No Telephone Reserves. Wrong Girl, to make sure he's the Right Man I Approved for Universal Exhibition. t « A^T^ ~ LARAINE DAY "' 5 C( ™ in * - Masterpiece, T BRIDE BY MISTAKE" Noel Coward's "THIS HAPPY BREED" & DENNIS DAY - ANN SHIRLEY -jr-fr^-^rZ ~ I , _ TTT/^T T * "MUSIC IN MANHATTAN" " OXFORD |J TIVOLI E °*l 0 ™ & TIVOLI UiiiiU mil.. „.. QUEEN ST. i. . Near Grafton Finally To-night at 7.45 , opp. c.P.O. I Bridge. BETTY GRABLE — GEO. MONTGOMERY ' Phone 42-274. | | Phone 44-136. CONEY ISLAND " Direction: Amalgamated Theatres. Ltd yPUTH RUNS WILD Tiyoli: Nightly at 8. PRINCESS ° OM ?" ON RD - Ph - «-«» Finally To-night at 7.45 CLAIRE TREVOE ANNE shi r lev LAIRD CREGAR. « GEORGE SANDERS — . LINDA DARNELL In tlle Thrill-Packed Murder Mystery: In Crime's Most Shocking Story ... « MURDER MY SWEET " * "HANGOVFR <3nTTAT?F"» i ivix swivel J.i-.n.l> \j\J \ JI,XV C5yUAJri.Hi Recommended by Censor tor Adults and & JOHN WAYNE — ELLA RAINES j Unsuitable for Children. ' "TALL IN THE SADDLE" I . ; ■- Thursday Next— T?EHAT PONSONBY RD. Ph. 26-940 J.HJ\jn.U Finally To-night at 7.45 United Artists Present ANNA NEAGLE - RICHARD GREENE , . - T „ T ,^ TT7 _ IT T * "YELLOW CANARY" I JANE POWELL -,-„. _;„i ' ! MORTON GOULD & HIS ORCHESTRA, . JACK ° AKIE BELLAMY - CONSTANCE MGORE * "SWEET AND LOWDOWN" arthur Treacher ADELPHI RICHMOND *V. Ph. 27-235 Great h est ie Msicaf° S Hi r t S .' I ill Fina;ly To . nlght at 73() „-.,. ~, .. _ • ginger rogers — Robert ryan .ueligntiuiiy Dangerous * "TENDER COMRADE" "Delightfully Dangerous" & GEORGE RAFT - PETER LORRE Recommended by Censor for Adults t "Background To Danger" Fun Set To Music! t Denotes Recommended by Censor for Adults. The Tale Of TWO Pl'ettieS ! * Denotes Approved for Universal Exhibition. — * ~ ~~ " DE TiTTYF, MT - ALBERT. Phone 36-204 LECTURES ■ L/X - 1 To-night. Tues. & Wed.. 7.45 x, ~ „„• „„„ Sonja Henie, "WINTERTIME" N.Z. BED CROSS SOCIETY (INC.). Approved tor Universal Exhibition. AUCKLAND CITY SUB-CENTRE. And' N.Z. PRISONERS OP WAR FILM. INSTRUCTIONAL CLASSES. ' — Members and Intending Members are advised REGENT EpS OM. Phone 60-142 that Instructional Classes will be held as under . To-night. Tues. <fc Wed. 7.45 -n the Lecture Hall at Mercantile Chambers. lOi, T ~,,,"~ TJ i Customs Street East:— ' . Hay Ward HOME NURSING- JOAN BENNETT - GEORGE SANDERS S™Se :: gaSS: iSSS ?:"g"?g£ "son of monte cristo" Proficiency .. Tuesday. August 7. at 7 p.m. Approved for Unlveisal Exhibition FIRST AID— "" —— : Elementary Wednesday, August 8, at 7 p.m. ■ .. . . .„' _ Intermediate Wednesday. August 8, at 7 p.m. r P ET E ft P A "NT ■ Pronciency Wednesday, August 8, at 7p m ~ ■ X XJ X■" ■" *«AN i -- HY^™^ D SANITATION- TO-NIGHT - 8 p.m. - Midnight - TO-NIGHT SSSS£B?f V. T h h U u r rsfa y y. SI" ft \ VSS "T? K ™«* «"«, styled Proficiency .. Thursday AUgSst 9," at 7p m" . " y a Ban(1 of Talented Anlsts - NOTE: Enrolments should be completed at the -' S PRE-EMINENT CABARET. Society s Office prior to the commencement of ladles 1/6. Gentlemen 2/6. Reserves Tel. 48-777. the Classes. OPEN NIG HTLY. : « Organistog Intoxicants Strictly Prohibited. HAVE YOU LOST YOUR GEIP? AUCTIONS Consultant „ ; L J^ M f S V/YLIB ' BICHABD ARTHUR, LTD., & RAYMOND EDER, """HfcSkSS 111655 ' 191 " QOEEN STOEET «»»■ p — Bo "" Bid,.). wm , r A s e B To p w m H . au) WiU Sell information re Lectures S 63-044 6 T °- MOBROW (TUESDAY), AT 11 O'CLOCK, 3-PCE. CHESTERFIELD SUITE, upholstered in ■ AUCTIONS tapestry; RIMU DINING ROOM SUITE, compris- = : — ing Sideboard, Drawleaf Table and 4 Chairs; Occ CARS TRnrKS rue „,«„ Table, Gulbranscn Console Radio, Oak Sideboard, 3 IRULKS — CARS TRUCKS Loose-covered Chesterfield Lounge, Light Oak On Behalf of Clients Modern Sideboard, D.S. Palmstand, Hand-painted TrrßTjirnc i™%,„„„™ Firescreens, Settee and Genoa Squab, D.S. Oak TURNERS AND GROWERS, LTD., Sideboard!, Oval Dining Table and 6 Oak Chairs Cisy Markets.'Auckland Upholstered Easy Chairs, Oak Tea Wagon, OverWill be Holdine a finio nf mantle, Sideboard Rase, Rimu Sideboard, Mantel u ue voiding a sale of Model Radio. 4 Rimu Dining Chairs. Red Couch OARS AND TRUCKS Seagrass Chair, Oak Bookcase Table. NEXT WEDNESDAY ATTfrtET •> «„ ~„», OAK BEDROOM SUITE, comprising Oak MirrorvniUAtCDAY, AUGUST 8, AT NOON door Wardrobe. Reflex Dressing Table, Double Bed This Week's Sale Will Inclndo-— a ? d ' wire and Pedestal Cup..oard; Oak Liberty 1839 BUICK <!TR«Tr-BT » t™-« Llncn Fress - ° ak Cheval Dressing Table, Rimu 5BUICK STRAIGHT 8 SEDAN - Good drawer Tallboy, Double Rimu Bed and Wire, D.S. Facto™ nVXn iffii condlt ' on J very good. Wardrobe, Single White Enamelled Bed and Wire. 1539 CHEVROLET malstto o^?? d , P alntwor t Single Mattress, Jacob Oak Double Bed and Wire, This Car i T ER SEDAN COUPE— Dressing Table, Child's Cot. throughout, with flrst e -cla"s ent rubb?r ndU an3 HOOVER VACUUM CLEANER. Stepladdcr, ;■ l has just been thoroughly ? et > lB Blke ' BoJ " s Bike ' Lino " La^nmo-ver 1940 VAUXHALL 10-Good rubber and in good Wr , ing S, r ,' Gol , f clubs . Ladles ' Costume, Gent's Suit, „ „„„„, • mechanical condition. Nice aSnearancp Pair Bin °oulars. 1940 VAUXHALL W-Healli good gBBf*S& AT l ' 3o P ' M " lflli iur?.DOT mec , h o anical!y - G°° d Paintwork. WILTON CARPET, 3ft 6in x lift 31n, brov IVM M ORRIS 12 — Good tyres, mechanically and bl "e tonings; WILTON CARPET, 9 x 12, gn sound. Newly 'painted and good and bla ck tonings. .... upholstery. 6 u 1940 AUSTIN 8 SEDAN-J-Very good tyres and in IVAN T. FRANCHI, Auctioneer and Valuer. excellent mechanical condition. First- " • 1937 MggSnlJfBSSSa rubber and in sound S^«IR AND c« ,„„ „ mechanical condition; Good WILL SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION AT THE! 1935 PARGO 30CWT VAN-Good tyra Body SALEROOMS, 54, HIGH STREET. Wo D o a N d ot m n e f, an , lC 'V onditlon flrSt -°' lass - TO-MORROW (TUESDAY), AT 11 A.M. .we Do Not Deal in Cars or Trucks—We Only Auction. on Commission x PAI R FRENCH CASEMENT DOORS. 7ft WATCH THIS COLUMN FOR DFTAith nn ?ft -2 ln ' a " d FRAME; 1 LEADLIGHT SASI FURTHER VEHICLE? ° P 4£t 3in xMt 2i « 8 4ft 61n x 2" CASEMEN' Any Trial »ii> hi ZT Vi^ CLES - SASHES. 2 PAIRS FRENCH DOORS. 7lt x4l *ny Trial <wili be given on .the Morning of Sale opening; 8 FANLIGHTS, 2ft x I8in; 1 PAD TURNERS 4ND GROWFR«! 't m CASEMENT SASHES AND FRAME. 4ft Gin aiMU GROWERS, LTD. 4ft 61n; 3FT O RB COAL RANGE. 1 FOUR OAK Phone 32-100. 6 FLAME THROWER. 1 DOMINION FLAM THROWER, 1 REFRIGERATOR UNIT, with TURNERS * GROWFK.Q tt-t. ' H ' P ' a - c - MOTOR (good order); 1 WHAB AlrrT * . .HEATING STOVE. 1 Ship's Pump and Hose.BAM —FRB ?£ ; McEwan Pump. 3in Bench Vice. Wall Lav. Cis 8 A.M.—FRESH VEGETABLES (Dally). tern. Trellis Laths, 1 h.p. A.C. Elec. Motoi FRESH FRUIT (Daily). 7f t Crosscut Saw. Posthole Digger. Hay Knife 9 A.M.—FRESH CUT FLOWERS (Tuesday and Barr ™ Wheels," Carpenters' Tools, 8 141b Eoxe Friday). ' Nails. Bxß Tent and Poles. 2 6ft 3-tier She, 10 A.M.-FRESH y CUT FLOWERS (Monday and gggg (^^SS^?^^ 2Je '' : ° ,U>St 10 A.M.—POULTRY (Tuesday and Friday). AT 1 O'CLOCK. 12 NO r°?t;9 A .s s AND TRUCKS, Each Wednesday. ' A.C.-D.C. SEWING MACHINE MOTOR. Oal LARGEST SALES IN NEW ZEALAND. :9 Sideboards. Dining Tables. Dining Chairs. Ham ii w . Sewing Machine. A.C. and D.C. Radio Sets. Eas — FRUIT — PRODUCE Chairs, Occ. Tables, Set Meakin's Dinner Ware J I r> w f <! t t"n Pictures. AUCTIONEERS CITY MARKFTq ~ OAX AND RIMU COMB. CHESTS, Chest! w.., e~' = . MARKETS, Drawers. Beds and Wires. Bedding, Children'; Will Sell By Auction, Cots. TO-MORROW (TUESDAY), AT 10 A M RIMU KIT. CABINET. M.K. Chiffonier. Kit POULTRY i p o rr t t n v ' Tables,. Chairs. Couches, En. Saucepans, Te; ROOSTERS HENS DUCK<? rnrvrvnvTa I Wa ,Bon. 2 Folding Camp Stretchers, Hallstands 50 CROSSBRED PULLETS in M™w '■ Snd Genßral Household Sundries. BACON, FARM PRODUCE. GROCERIES, ETC. j , TERMS CASH. J. 'JONES. LTD., FRED ZIEGLER . CITY MARKETS. 6 Auctioneer and Valuer. .<

THANKS TO PALMOLIVE SOAP GRACIE .FIELDS. GRACIE FIELDS WILL \ WILL" BROADCAST BROADCAST" Knowing that all New Zealand longs to hear Grade Fields, Palmolive Soap has arranged for two Gracie Fields' New Zealand Concerts to be broadcast through ALL ZB STATIONS and 2ZA in a National hook-up. .<1 * BROADCAST OF TWO GRACIE FIELDS' CONCERTS TO-NIGHT — T 0 -NIG H'T And TO-MORROW NIGHT Commencing 8 p.m. NOTE. THE STATIONS — IZB— V ' -—IZB — AND ALL ZB STATIONS tS?™U™~ , th6Se Broadcasts— PALMOLIVE knows you'll enjoy every minute.

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Page 8 Advertisements Column 1, Auckland Star, Volume LXXVI, Issue 184, 6 August 1945

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Page 8 Advertisements Column 1 Auckland Star, Volume LXXVI, Issue 184, 6 August 1945