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DAXCIKG DANCING _ TO-NIGHT TO-NIGHT NEW ZEALAND LABOUR PARTY -p. .- , TT ~ (GREY LYNN BRANCH) Druids Hail to-night and every Saturday, TOT OLD-TIME DANCE • (NEWTON) 7.45 till 11.30 p.m. NORM CROWDER'S ORCHESTRA MaSOIIiC Hall Monte Carlo. Spot Waltz. Supper. OTPER QtIEEN Sl-REET^ i,c FRED ENGEL'S ORCHESTRA. Admission 1/6. Direction, E. E. McLEAN. OLD-TIME PROGRAMME. NOTE: BACHELOR'S HALL on WEDNESDAY, Ladies 1/6. Gents 2/. 29th August. Management reserve right of Good Supper. 10/ Cash Gifts. admission. 4 4 H. JACKSON. Hon. Sec. ST. MATTHEW'S WELCOME CLUB BALMORAL DANCE CLUB AUCKLAND'S PREMIER DANCE CLUB Zealaildicl Hall For BALMORAL Uniformed Servicemen and Merchant Navy Men. TO-NIGHT TO-NIGHT Qf IVTof-fViQiTr'c. XT oil ROYAL MAKA & the SYNCOPATED ISLANDERS 01. lYld-LLiltsW C 5 Xlctli Matti Hita Playing Electric Steel Guitar. HOBSON STRE3T. Novelties. Monte Carlo. Lucky Numbers. THIS EVENING, 8 p.m. to 11.30 p.m. SUPP FOLLOW I1 THE n CROWD? A Hearty Welcome Awaits You. Come out and dance on the best floor in Auckland. EVERYTHING FREE. 4 Jitterbug Prohibited. 4 YOUR FAVOURITE NIGHT Manchester Unity Hall St. Mary's Hall VICTORIA STREET. * GREAT SOUTH ROAD TRAM TERMINUS. TO-NIGHT (SATURDAY) S P.M. TO-NIGHT AND EVERY SATURDAY Roll Up, Members and Friends, also Well-wishers. CONNON'S POPULAR DANCE CLUB Monte Carlos. Floor Specialities. SWING TO BERTIE MANN'S BAND. Modern and Old-time. Excellent Supper. 000(5 Prlzes ' Exclusive Catering Sponsored by N.Z. Samoa Society (Inc.). Admission 2/6. 4 H. M. YALLOP. Hon. Sec.-Treaa. 4 Westhaven Cabaret Pirate Shippe Cabaret (By the Sea) MILFORD BEACH. AUCKLAND MOTOR YACHT CLUB'S MODERN p AND DANCING POPULAR DANCE - TO-NIGHT (SATURDAY) Frankly Bun. Hisjiano '^cordlon^be Good Supper. Admission 2/6. Good Music. latest hits. TO-NIGHT AND EVERY SATURDAY. Everybody Welcome. Ample Parkins Space. Good Music by MARTIN'S MELODY BOYS. _ .. , _ .. Ac AAn a Monte Carlos. Spot Walts. Cubicle Reservations. Phone 26-447. 4 Admission: Double 2/6, Single 1/6. ___ Reservations Ph. 78-414. Les. Wood, M.C. 4 MANUKAU AMATEUR CYCLING CLUB. monthly dance. Alliance Hall TO-NIGHT TO-NIGHT EDEN TERRACE V TO-NIGHT AND EVERY SATURDAY. Crystal Palace Ballroom old-time dance. MOUNT EDEN. j FELLOWSHIP DANCE BAND. urr 1 Monte Carlo. Lucky Numbers. Excellent Floor. Music by Supper. EPI SHALIOON AND HIS ORCHESTRA. Come fQr a RmJ Happy Night. Excellent Supper. Subscription 2/. Ladies 1/6. Gents 2,. - 4 J. FOX. M.C. TO-NIGHT T O- N I G H T E V.E BY TUESDAY NIGHT Parnell Returned Services' Club Municipal Hall PARNELL. NEWMARKET "MAYFAIR CLUB" OLD-TIME DANCB MUSIC MAKERS BAND. Excellent Floor, Dainty Supper, Monte Carlo, Good Floor. Good Supper. Good Music. Lucky Numbers. Gents 2/, Ladles 2/. Old-time Tunes by Monte Carlo etc. CUNNINGHAM'S OLD-TIME RIO DANCE BAND. 4 Ladies 1/6. Men 2/. Come and Enjoy Real Old-time Dancing. 4 AVONDALE BOWLING PAVILION TO-NIGHT TO-NIGHT TO-NIGHT DANCE Hflll Special Prize, Monte Carlo, Waltz Competition, Lucky Spot. Entries Welcomed for Talent Quest. SURREY CRESCENT Bright Young Company. All Welcome. 4 — CRESCENT DANCE CLUB ONEHUNGA R.S.A. FORTNIGHTLY DANCE , , , TO-NIGHT TO-NIGHT Montes (Supper) Lucky Nombeaa Good Band, Good Prizes, Excellent Supper. Subscription 2/. All Welcome. Onehunga's Best Floor. Roll Up and Support the Diggers. Select Old-time Dancing. Ladles 1/C. Gents 2/. 4 4 ST. MARY'S HALL, ELLERSLIE. JOIN IN WITH AUCKLAND'S HAPPY CROWD OTAHUHU RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB OFourths) PjweP^DaS^B 1 IG nnR A DANCE WILL BE HELD "T - FINE DANCE CLUB ON WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 8, 8 P.M. PariSll Hall Good Music, fjf|^5 r 2^ nd Prizes * ' 4 Top Khyber Pass (near Miller's Garag*) Aamiseion */. HEAR TO-NIGHT AT 8 P.M. . THE MY-T-FINE DANCE ORCHESTRA ' LliiClUKijiS (six piayers) ' ~ ENTER TO-NIGHT FOR HIDDEN TALENT nprxjr BIBLE CONTEST. Special Prizes, etc., including Free Gifts, 10/. Stands for Justice, for Peace and for Righteous- Ladies ness, for Purity of Thought and Action, has a ■ ——— ! —~ special regard for the lower orders and denounces dance TO-NIGHT oppression of them, stands for Right as against AND EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT Might. It envisages the ultimate unity of nations A( _ tho and a stable universal peace. Catholic Services' Club Come and spend a quiet hour next four Sundays (Corner of Pitt and Wellington Streets) at 3 o'clock at the Freemasons Hall, Upper all aw 'put? q v xncawit Queen Street, and hear the following discourse:- ALL MKv^ 0 E |g lA 0 I P LY TH I^v S l |f^ CES ARE AUGUST s—Nebuchadnezzar's Dream and Its First-class Music. Splendid Floor Forecast of Present-day Events. 4 AUGUST 12 —A Mighty Military Power of the " T H E ~B ® ° TT A „ D WA X " North Invades Palestine: the Coming of Municipal Hall Christ and the Battle of Armageddon. Newmarket. D.L.P. AUGUST 19—The Coming of Christ a Certainty: THIS EVENING, 8 o'clock. Bible Signs: Conditions Among the Nations OLD-TIME PROGRAMME, an Indication that Christ is Near. Spot Waltz. Specials. Supper. OPERATIC QUINTETTE. AUGUST 26 —A New World Order and Peace to i n appreciative numbers under leadership of Carl. Come in the Millennium Reign of Christ on Ladies 2/. Gents 2/6 Earth: All Nations Secure and Happy. 4 Floor Management, CASEY RUSSELL. Speakers: MODERNAIRS DANCE CLUB. MESSRS. THOMSON, ALDERSON. YEARSLEY TO-NIGHT AND EVERY SATURDAY AND BAIN. » Modern and Old-time. A Cordial Welcome to All. No Collection. King George Hall (Old Mount Albert Tram Terminus) vz CROSS SOCIETY (INC.). "OSIO BY THE MODERNAIRS AUCKLAND CITY SUB-CENTRE. Ladies and Gents 2/ Double 3/8. Vocalist: Harold Wrighton. 4 INSTRUCTIONAL CLASSES. Members and Intending Members are advised DEVONPORT R.S.A. DANCE in a the^LectuVe"ha IP'at S Mercanll le £hamb£rs"Vl! TO-NIGHT 8 p.m. TO-NIGHT Customs Street East:- MODERN AND OLD-TIME. home nursing- Foresters' Hall fnterrnedlate i". Tuesdlyi AufSlt l\ at 7 P-m! lake RD., DEVONPORT. Proflcicncy .. Tuesday, August 7, at 7 p.m. Music by Wally Woolford and His Combined __ "' Services' Band. FIRST AID — o of i r* m Songs by Miss Lorna Williams. Elementary Wednesday, August 8, at 7 p.m. (Runner-up in recent Talent Quest) intermediate Wednesday, August 8, at 7 p.m. Good pl(x>r Supper . Monte Oarlo. Proficiency Wednesday, August 8, at 7 p.m. Come Along to the rorestersli Devonport. 4 HYGIENE AND SANITATION— - Elementary .. Thursday. August 9, at 7 p.m. DANCE TO-NIGHT Intermediate .. Thursday, August 9, at 7 p-m. Proficiency .. Thursday, August 9, at 7 p.m.. ip e Akarana Girls' Band NOTE: Enrolments should be completed at the Newton Post Office^ Society's Office prior to the commencement of U PP- wowwn ost umcej the Classes. . . EARL COLLIERS' SWEET SWING BAND. A. A. HAKK.iiiXv, :5 Organising Secretary. Ladies' and Gent's Lucky Number. Prize 10/ Each. AUCKLAND INSTITUTE Admission 2/. Servicemen 1/6. 4 The Next Lecture In the Series, "NEW ZEALAND SCIENCE AND THE WAR." Municipal Hall Will be given by DR. E. R. COQPEB. Director NEWMARKET of the Dominion PhysicalXaboratory, Wellington, every MONDAY NIGHT. „ TT at t K. Laurenson and His Samoan Gardenia UNIVERSITY COLLEGE HALL, Princes Street, Troubadors Entertain Everyone. ° n Montei" Carlo and Supper. MONDAY, AUGUST 6. AT 8 P.M. Swing Music by G. Pouesl's Gardenia Orchestra. The Lecture is entitled Definitely the Best Show in Town. "THE DOMINION PHYSICAL LABORATORY— OLD-TIME AND MODERN. ITS FUNCTIONS AND ACTIVITIES." La(Ucs 1/g Qents 2/6. « The Lecture' will be Illustrated by Lantern Slides, -t— The Public is CordiaHy TrUStep Studio 4 Acting-Director. ZEALANDIA HALL, Dominion Road. ASTROLOGICAL LECTURE MODERN BALLROOM DANCING. MONDAY. August 6. at 8 p.m. HIGHER THOUGHT TEMPLE. Wellington St. Beginners' Class Every Monday 8 p.m. "miss N IRENE Private Lessons by Appointment. Future C p\ U ans ?or th U>e M 4 WALK IN - DANCE OUT 4 N.Z. PEOPLE'S UNIVERSITY (Inc.). — ~ SUNDAY. 2.45 p.m. LEARN TO DANCE AT HOME. Sneaker' MR H H WATKINS 2t * stamp brings our Free Book "LEARNING Subfect' 6r ' OKLANiy^S ° P DR*i\IN^CHEME /*' ItuiTM S" J.UTS ?."& st! session. Friends Welcome._S Waltz. _ Tango, # g-kstep, r> 4 rTrTP RTT7T nivfi ROOM ZOO. Step, Barn Dance, Paul Jones, Log Cabin, PACIFIC BUILDING, KUOIVI zuu. Blues . Lancers. Three Step, Modern E. W. FRANCIS. Author. Lecturer. Veleta, etc. QUICK RESULTS. Moderately priced. "MORE ABOUT JAPAN. __ _ - • « -p» • Beautifully coloured slides, additional to those Lavelle Schools 01 DailCing Collection only. 4 DEPT. A.S., P.O. BOX 1060. AUCK. TS radiant health club "Rnllrnnm Danrinff UNITY HALL, 323, Queen St.. TUES.. 7th,. 8 p.m. tfaiirOOm The much-discussed Talking Film. LET US TEACH YOU. PuT ™ D > — First Floor. H.M. Arcade. KXA.MIXATtO.NS Aucklatld . PUBLIC SERVICE EXAMINATIONS phone 45-440. g FOR SHORTHAND WRITERS AND TYPISTS November, 1945. Patricia Public Service Junior and Senior Entrance Examinations for Shorthand-Typists will be he. SCHOOL OF DANCING, 203, SYMONDS ST. on November 10. Applicants may enter for both Phone 30-321. examinations. Private Lessons by Appointment. examimttiotvT centres^WHEßE MODERN CLASS EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT. THERE ARE SUFFICIENT CANDIDATES. P * ' w AU v ' ' INTERMEDIATE EXAMINATION—Shorthand 130 Prin^I J >^1 ®; p n i words a minute; Typewriting 50 words a minute. PATRICIA M. COOK (A.1.5.T.D., B.B.? Entrants must have previously passed the Senior EILEEN F. COOK (A.1.5.T.D., B.B.) Examination. SPECIAL EXAMINATION—Shorthand 150 words " a minute. Typewriting 50 words a minute. Martrarpt O'Connor otUCIIO Entrants must have previously passed the Inter- lVActl fc,cU CO mediate Examination. N Z's UNIVERSITY OF BALLROOM DANCING. Exception Is made only where the Commissioner ' ' crcrmri ,„j Third Counies in is satisfied that candidates who have not pas, First . Second and inira uoupies in any Public Service examination lor Shorthand- recent Peter Pan Competition trained Typists are up to the standard of the examlna.- exclusively in this studio. tion below the one entered for. Each cas'j . Studio: 95. QUEEN STREET. be dealt with on its merits. (Entrance Exchange Lane). SHORTHAND REPORTERS EXAMINATION— o Shorthand 150-180 words a minute, wi Phone id-lii. more than one per cent error in transcrip' tr^e^ £ su^it ca u d ; dat telt i rnia b is° Vto Modern Ballroom Dancing character. EPSOM. Applications close October 4. 1945. but Correct Style and Technique Assured, applications will be received at this office up to Private Tuition. October 18 on ADDITIONAL PAYMENT OF LATE STUDIO DANCES ALTERNATE FRIDAYS fEE. AT 7.30 P.M. Entrance fees:—-Junior 5/ (late fee 2/6): Senior classes formed for friends wishing to learn together 10/ (late fee 2/6); Intermediate 15/ (late fe Members H.M. Forces Half Tuition Fee. 5/); Special £1 (late fee 5/). NO ENTRIES * rmivvrm-uv WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER OCTOBER 13. MAVIS TOLLEMACHE. Fdll particulars obtainable on application to Ranfurly Road East, Epsom. Secretary. Public Service Commissioner, Welling- Phone 16-214. o . 4 AVIS HEDGEMAN STUDIO lIIE AUSTRALASIAN INSTITUTE OF ALL THE LATEST VARIATIONS. SECRETARIES (Incorporated). Special Attention to Beginners. The Examinations of the Institute will be he'd Make inquiries at the Studio; throughout the Dominion on MONDAY. Sep- phftno QUbEN street, c.i. tember 17. to FRIDAY. September 21. 1945. both rnone n-iM. a inclusive. FRED EDNEY'S STUDIO OP BALLROOM Candidates are notified that entries must reach n .,,. rir7 i. lrN ™ u.n iha Qpprptarv nnf tViflti Aiicrust DANCING, 319, queen ST., above Hall, the Secretary not late, than August <!0. Glye mg a £ew hours Q{ your Ume and x wm The Rules of the Institute now prescribe that teach you how to dance Candidates under the age of 18 years may present Weekly Practice Class Every Tuesday, 8 - 10.30 pjn. themselves. FOR INQUIRIES PHONE 41-615. s RCBY SHERRIFF, H.B. Building. Newton.-Prt^te are obtainable Irora the New Zealand Divisional Lesson _ 2 /6 (or 9 for £1). Modern. Old-time. Tan. n LEONARD KNIGHT. Three dances by post. 5/. WS 306-308. Dingwall Building. FOB WEDDINGS, Social and Club Functions. Queen Street. Auckland. C.I. Danccs, etc.. Sam Green and Dance Band. Call P O Box 313 4i or write 2, Wellesley Chambers, Lome St. 4

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