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WANTED TO SELL DOORS, Sashes, Windows, Grates, Ranges. Gates. Sam White and Sons. Market Place. N DOORS, 4. sliding, half glass, 2ft 3in x Bft 6in; suitable shop window back or verandah. —385, Remuera Road. 4 ENGAGEMENT RING, lovely diamond solitaire, claw set; Agfa Box Camera, 120, 3 films; H.M.V. Portable Gramophone. 40 records.—Ring 48-985. 4 ELECTRIC IRON. H.M.V., controlled heat, as new; offers.—S. 9621, Star. 4 ELECTRIC RAZOR, Shick; £6 10/.—Phone 54-183. ELECTRIC Hornby, good order, £6.— Phone 54-514. 4 "ENGINEERING WORKSHOP PRACTICE," 1945. 3 vols.. 1200 illustr.. complete, latest operations, all machines, jigs, templates, metallurgy, welding, calculations. etc. Also "Motor Engineer" (5); easy terms. —Book Specialities. Box 515, Auckland. x 4 ENVELOPES (500). good white. 9/ box.—Lockharts. Ponsonby Rd. HS EVENING DRESS SUIT (tails), In oerfect condition; cost 26gns; worn 4 times; fit man 6ft tall, approx. 15 stone; also Grey D.B. Suit, perfect condition; £20 2 Suits.—236. Great North Rd., or 26-739. D 4 EXPOSURE METER, G.M., electric, new.—Write S. 9618. STAR. 4 EXTENSION LADDERS, Barrows, Stepladders. Trestles.—Pelham, 156, Victoria St. W. 40-654. U "FAMILY MEDICAL BOOK." with special handbook on sex instruction for young; 800 ' illus., 1200 pages; 600 tried and tested remedies for all complaints: invaluable-in home. Monthly subscriotion.—Write Health Assn., ,8258. Star. xio FIBROUS Plaster Sellings and Walls. Quality unexcelled, large stocks.—Leman Bros.. Ltd.. 165. Balmoral Rd.. Balmoral. Phone, 60-193. HS FIRE EXTINGUISHERS. Foam. Soda. Acid; also Quart Pyrenes.—Manning Co.. 188. Broadway. HS MRE WOOD, tea-tree blocks, dry. Qrsr class: immediate delivery.—Phone 26-977. D 4 FIREWOOD, Dry Tea-tree Blocks, £3 3/ per ton. c.o.d. orders, ton or more.—Phone 42-777. D 4 FIREWOOD. Black Wattle Blocks, Immediate delivery, £3 per ton, C.O.D.—Phone 42-777. D 4 FIREWOOD, tea-tree, rata, taraire lengths; delivered City.—Birchley. Hunua Rd.. Papakura. 4 FIREWOOD—Dry Tea-tree, £3 5/ 12 bags; Wattle £3, Pine £2 5/. —N. Harrison, Phone 16M, Kumeu. 7 FIREWOOD, assortment of short-end timber and mixed blocks, 6 bags or more. 4/6 bag.—Phone 18-243. x 4 FIREWOOD, Millwood, long lengths, for better value; 2 tons, £2; 4 1 / 2 , £4. delivered.—Phone 26-671 4 FIREWOOD —Dry Tea-tree, 12 bags (1 ton) or more, 5/ bag, delivered; prompt delivery.—J. Duffy. Waitakere. x 6 FIREWOOD—Mt. Albert, Mt. Eden Depot—Teatree. dry, £3 3/ a ton, £1 14/ half-ton.; prompt delivery.—Phone 80-532. x! 3 FUR CAPE, N. Musquash, w.; offer.—Phone 45-262. x 4 FUR, Black Fox. good order, suitable collar; £4. Phone 17-165. 4 FUR, Stone Martin, double skins, as new; £10 10/.—Write S. 9243. Star. 4 FUR COAT, Northern Musquash, superior, excellent condition.—Phone 63-238. 4 FUR COAT, imported, excellent condition, W. large size; £15.—Phone 62-712. 4 FUR COAT, genuine. Marmot, imported, almost new, modern; s.w.—'Write S. 9579, Star. 4 FUR COAT, s.w., peschaniki, modern style; fur ' for hat; £20 or near offer.—S. 9598. Star. 4 FUR COAT, black coney, Russian style: perfect throughout; £15.—75, .Great North Rd.. Grey Lynn. x 4 FUR COAT, Peschaniki, full-length, w. or w.x., almost new; £25 or nearest offer.—36. Eldon Rd., Balmoral. 4 FUR COAT (Canadian Fitch), golden brown, s.w., as new, valued £80; best offer accepted.—Ring 63-947 (Saturday). j FUR JACKET, American Skunk Opossum, as new. i Phone 45-905. • 4 FUR NECKLET, Stone Marten, perfect order; £12 10/.—Write S. 9660, Star. 4 GAS STOVE, Champion. New World; rogulo, plate rack; £8.—86. Gladstone Rd.. Parnell. xl 4 GENT'S Diamond Ring, horse shoe design; £10. — Write S. 9758. Star. x 4 GLASS, all kinds, cheapest; Motor Screens fitted. Lewis Works. 44. Mt. Eden Rd. lIS GOLF BAG, Gent's Leather. 4 hickory clubs, 85/ or offer. —S. 9418, Star. 4 GOLF CLUBS (5), iatest. and excellent Bag; miscellaneous Clubs (5) and Bag, suit learner.— Pleacc Ring 51-226. x 4 GOFL CLUBS, 1 set. steel shaft; Lady's Bag and' Practice Ball, as new; £8. —89, Asquith Ave., Mt. Albert, back flat. 4 GUMBOOTS. size 2, perfect condition.—22, Aroha Ave., Sandringliam. 4 HEARING AIDS, absolutely perfect condition, j scarcely used; cost £35; what offer?— Phone ! 62-066. 4 HIGH CHAIR, strong, good condition; £1. —Ring I 20-572. 4 ; "HISTORIES OF THE WORLD," complete set of j 25 volumes; £1 each or offer.—Write F. 9120., Star. J 4 HOME DRESSMAKING! Learn at home. Complete instruction contained in Ross Hynes Home Dressmaker: only 15/. —Whitcomtoe and Tombs. RD4 HOT WATER BAG. English, new; Single Kapok Mattress. £1. —S. 9559, Star. 4 HUT, prefabricated, easily accom. 4; nice for seaside bach; reasonable price.—Write 0.5., 9454. Star. 4 ICE HOUSE, butcher's, 7x7, insulated; £20; cost i £90.-33, Bath St. 4 INCINERATORS, 40-gal size, 12/6 each, delivered. Phone 54-364. x 4 ; INFRA RED RAY Health Apparatus (Rombeem), ! floor model; oflers.—l69, New North Rd. x 4 INVALID CHAIRS, new, second-hand; also for Hire.—Thompson and Co.. Wakefield St. HS IRON DRUMS. 2ft. 18in diameter.—Apply W. F. Tucker and Co., Khybcr Pass. 4 IRONING MACHINE, Beatty. floor model, excellent condition; offer.—Phone 80-001. 4 JOCKEY'S SILKS and Boots, as new.—Ring 27-167. after 5 p.m. 4 JOY CYCLE, perfect condition, suit child 2-4 years; £ 2. —Phone 16-517. 4 JUICE EXTRACTOR, Solray, electric, vs new. £35.—Phone 31-117. / 4 KITCHEN CHAIRS (2) and Occ. Table, £2.— Apply T. G. Shaw and Co.. Kitchener Ft. 4 KITCHEN Alcove. Radio TafciesTßooxsneives, Stools. Chairs. Forms. —Mervyn Abel, 53. High St. HS KNIVES, TEASET—HaIf-dozen cach Stainless Steel Table and Dessert Knives; 21-Piece Decorated Bone China Teaset. all perfect: £8 the lot, or would separate.—Write 8.L.R., 9802, Star. x 4 KODAK Film Pack Tank, ~No. 2; 30/.—33, King Edward St.. Mt. Eden. x 4 LAWNMOWER, ball-bearing, good order; £6 10/.— Phone 64-452. 4 LAWNMOWER. good condition.— Ar*>ly 3. O'Neilf's Ave., Takapuna. x 4 LAWNMOWER, 14in, ball bearing; also Vacuum Cleaner, as new.—No. 6 Flat, 101, College Hill. Ponsonby. • 4 LEGGINGS, cyclist's, waterproof, as new.—Phono 62-717. 4 LOWBOY, full hanging space, 4-drawer, flrstclass workmanship.—s, Parkstone Ave., Mt. Albert. x 4 MACROCARPA Straining Posts for sale.—Ph. 99m. Otahuhu. x 6 MAII JONG SCORERS. 9d each, obtainable "at Auckland Star Office, Shortland Street. WS4 MAKE Your kiddies' Scooters, Furniture, Barrows, Tricycles, etc. Handyman's Complete Blue Prints. 2/ each.—Wiseman's, 166, Queen St., and Customs St. RHS j MANGLE, iron frame.—Ring 80-051. 4 ! MASONIC Apron, Tartan, Royal Arch Regalia and Case; offers wanted; Two Pairs Shoes, sizes 8; good as new, 30/. —S. 9402, Star. 4 | MATERNITY DRESS, S.W.; reasonable.—Apply 19, Marama Ave., Mt. Eden (daytime). x 4 MATS, lambs' wool (2), new animal design, sultable children's room: £2 each.—Phone 44-920. 6 MATTRESS, 3 ,4, horsehair, also Bed and Good Wire; Luncheon Plates, lettuce design; Joy Cycle. Ned, 9504, Star. 4 "MODERN AERO ENGINEERING," 7 vols., as new: cost lOgns; will take £4.—Write F. 9302. Star. . . x 4 "MODERN GROCER," 3 vols., 1944 edn.; a brilliant work, covering whole field of Grocery and Provision Trades; packed with money-making ideas; easy subscription.—Write Caxton, Box 907. . x 7 i MOVIE PROJECTOR, 8 m.m., 200 watts, for sale; or exchange for good Stamp Collection; cash adjustment either way.—S. 9475. Star. 4 MUSIC CASE, brand new, solid leather.—so, St. Vincent Ave.. Remuera. 7 OFFICE DESK, stand up type, 7ft 7in, 2 drawers; 37/6.—Phone 42-621. x 4 OFFICE DESKS —For a Superior Desk at a Reason-. able price, see Lelghtons, Ltd.. High St. B4 OFFICE FURNITURE, Filing Cabinets (metal and wood), with Indexes; also Trays and Letter Racks. Watson Printing Co., 444. Khyber Pass, Newmarket (four doors from Broadway). Phqne 44-428. x 4 OILSKIN COAT, suit boy 12-14 years; £2 10/.— Phone 20-556. 4 OLIVE OIL. —Genuine Cipren Hannah's; 16/6 large bottle.—Trubuhovich, 49, victoria Street. C OREGON SCREENS (3). heavy, each 7ft high, hinged, opening out to Bft wide: suitable for hall or partitioning; £20 the lot.—Apply Kiosk, Titirangi Beach. x 4 OVERCOAT, English make, double-breasted. brown tweed, size s.—Write S. 9244, Star. 4 I "PAINTER-DECORATOR," 1945, 3 vols., illus., everything complete: start your business. Also Profitable Sideline, Estimates, Mixing. Synthetics. Plastics, Spray, Motor Car, Silkscreens, etc.; easy terms. —Boox Specialties, Box 515, Auckland. X 4 PAUA SHELLS, South Island, good quality, 27 each. —Phone 36-019. 4 PEDAL CAR, good condition; what offers?-35. Marsden Ave., Mt. Eden. ' 4 PEDAL CAR, large, solid metal, real tyres, 12in; £"9 10/ or nearest. —112, Mokoia Rd., Birkenhead. | X 4 PEDAL CAR, chain drive; Scooter, steel; both new rubber, excellent condition. —Phone 44-084 (MonFri., 9-5). 4 PLAYPEN, also Leroy Car Seat.—Ph. 61-386. 4 PRAM, cream, wood, English style, £6. —Phone 44-445. 4 PRAM, cream cane; £5.-89, Victoria Street, Onehunga. ; PRAM, cream cane, good condition, £6 15/; also Dropside Cot, 30/. —Phone 60-658. 4 PRAM, cream. English type; Bassinet, Plurfket, mattress, new condition. —67, Atkin. Ave., Mission Bay. 4 PRAMETTE, cane, detachable body, folding hood, sponge tyres, good condition; £8. —41, Reimers Ave., Sandringham. x 4 PRECISION Engineering Draughtsman's Instruments, as new, complete, £15. —Write F. 9303, Star. *4 PUSHCHAIRS, steel frames. 93/.—' Thompson's Pram House. 313. Queen St.. above Town Hail. N RACING BIKE, good condition, new tyres and tubes.—3, Dundonald St.. off Symonds St. x 4 RADIATOR, G.E.C., 750 watt, perfect, 40/. — Phone 36-153. _*4 RANGETTE, with oven elements, good condition; urgent.—M-. Johnston, Massey Road. Manurewa. 4 RAZOR, electric. Monarch de Luxe, £5 10/. —56. Larchwood Ave.. Grey Lynn. > 4 RAZOR, electric, Packard, round head, with Hairtrimming attachment. —S. 9587. STAR. 4 BEFBIGERATOB, large, double door, Leonard, A.C., almost new. £170; Potato Cleaning Machine. £10. —Inspect 143. Hobson St., Auckland. 4 REFRIGERATORS —Ice Cream, Fish Storage. Shop Display and Milk Cooler types; also Units only.— Refrigerator House. 27. Wyndham St. L REVOLVING Frock or Coat Stand.—3Bs, Remuera Road. 4 RIFLE, light sporting.—2, Edenview .Rd., Sandringham, after 5 p.m. i 4

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Page 10 Advertisements Column 4, Auckland Star, Volume LXXVI, Issue 183, 4 August 1945

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Page 10 Advertisements Column 4 Auckland Star, Volume LXXVI, Issue 183, 4 August 1945