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, MOTORS (Miscellaneous) MONTGOMERY J.A.P., 2?i h.p., paint, chrtme, tyres perfect; £68. —Howe and Western, Pukekohe. f? MOTOR CYCLE, 2>,i, s.v. wanted; good tyres; condition immaterial. —Cash, 8280, Star. xZB MOTOR CYCLES, reliable.— Repairs s P* r "' country —Goldberg. 19. Wakefield St. 43-206. MS O.K. SUPREME, 1935, 2 3 ,4 h.p.._ J.A.P. motor, tyres' perfect; reg.; urgent sale; £50 cash. 6, Selkirk Road. Mount Albert. ±H REPAINTS for Sellers at Special Prices. Phone 19-629. ■ _____ ROYAL ENFIELD, 1936 h.p. 2'.i 2-stroke; ride it away. £35 or offer.—Phone 51-301. ROYAL""ENFIELD, 3>, 2 h.p.. 0.h.v.. good running order, rubber good; price £55 or near offer, urgent sale.—s. 8021. Star. f a SIDECAR, good tyre and tube. 3.25 x 19; £ 10 -— Apply 9. Kailahi Rd„ Mt. Eden. x2B SIDE CURTAINS and Wheel, Morris 8 Roadster. urgently wanted. —169, New North Rd. 28 SPARE PARTS for sale for Model A, Chevrolet, 1924-31, Car and Trucks; Whippet 4, Buick 6, Oakland Essex, Morris Minor, 1929-34; Erskrae, Chrysler 4, Nash 8, Singer 9, Graham Paige, etc.— 47. Bond Street. Grey Lynn. SPARE PARTS for Ansaldo. Cylinder Head, Crankshaft, Differential, Front Trailer Assembly complete with tyres; also Few Spares for 5 h.p. Citroen; Two Tyres, 3.85 x 20, beaded edg?, one practically new.—T. R a ye, Glen Afton. £1 THOUSANDS OF MOTORISTS Have Proved that MILEX gives the Extra Mileage so badly needed. Added to your petrol it has no narmiul effect, actually improves performance. is priced. Obtainable at all Garages and Service Stations _* tL,w TRAILER wanted, Takapuna buyer will pay cash for strong Triiler, with good rubber and springs. Phone 79-255. TRAILER, 4tt long. 44in wide. 19in deep, one-wheel type, green canvas hood, as new; £35 10/. riat J, 345, Tamaki Drive, St. Heller's (Sunday morning). TRAILER ATTACHMENT (Fulton patterns), 3 / 4 -ton, 27/6; postage free.—Paine Bros., Otahuhu. TRAILER, extra strong, size 7ft x * ft * deep 16in wheels, tyres and tubes, also Coupling, complete, and Green Waterproof Cover; reg.; price £38 10/.—Phone 50-538 (eveningr). x2B TWO 16 x 6.00 Covers wanted, exchange lor two 19 x 4.75-5.50 Covers—Phone 45-119 or "0-8-8. R. H. Mcßae. King Edward Avenue. Bayswater. 2a ■jIVUK wanted. 30 x 3>/, x 4>fe urgently .-Reply W J. Hall. C o. Ward Bros., Airedale St.. City. 28 TYRE 21 x 5.25 or 5.50. good condition.—Phone 20-348', James._ 39, Maungakiekie Ave.. 5.E.4. 28 19 x~4OO, new condition; Exchange for 19 x 450 or 475. similar condition. —Phone 54-890. TYRE and Tube wanted, second-hand. 400 x 18.— Phone 61-707, Mr. P. Cleal. 196, Sandringham Rd. ; ■ TYRE wanted, 17 x 4.50, in exchange for I6in.— Mayhill, 18, Robert Hall Ave., Remuera. Phone 20-644. -f? TYRE, 5.00 x 16, suitable retreading; exchange for 5.75, 6.00 x 16, in good condition. —Ward, -04, Dilworth Building, City. — TYRES (2) wanted, 5.50, 5.75 or 6.00 x 16. Ward, 204, Dilworth Building. City. —— TYRES (2), 3.50 x 19, wanted. —W. Reed, 31, Boi jd Street, Devonport. Phone 70-598. 28 TYRES, 30 x 3>2, or fit T Ford, good tread not essential.—Write B.G. 0602, Star. TYRES (2) wan'ed, 6.00 or 6.50 x 20, good order.— Maxwell, 4, Fowlers Ave.. Mt. Albert. 28 TYRES 1 or 2 4.50 x 17 urgent returned soldier.— H. Foster, 39, Wairiki Road, Mt. Eden. 28 TYRE, 6.50 x 16; exchange for 4.50 x 17 or sell.— 31. Clarence Street. Ponsonby. TYRES and Tubes wanted, 3 x 50 x 19.— Apply Mitchell, 310, Jervois Rd., Heme Bay. pho "£ 26-098. — —^ TYRES (2) second hand, suitable for retreading. 5.00 x 20 or 5.25 x 20 or 5.55 x 20 — Reply T. H. Brooke. 13, Ruapehu Street, Mt. £« TYRE AND TUBE wanted, 18 x 500 or 550, one or more; urgent.—Write F. 7782, Star. 28 VELOCETTE Mac, 1937 or later for cash.—72, Taylor's Road, Morningslde, week-end. 28 VELOCETTE M.A.C. 1938 0.h.v., excellent condition and tyres—Phone 45-164 (Sat. or Sun. * morning). - - x — VELOCETTE, 2\b hTp. motor and tyres; in good order; £65 or "near offer. —10, Laxon Terrace, Newmarket. 28 "WILL EXCHANGE 600 x 16 Tyre, in good condition. for a 300, 350 x 19 suitable for retreading or otherwise. —McKinnon, 4, Cooper St., Grey Lynn. x2B 1 V 8 GENERATOR, 4 Wire Wheels, 17in; 1 Plymouth Self-starter, Set of Brake Lining fit 2-ton Ford; all in good order.—Apply 69, Virginia Av., Eden Terrace. x2B 150 CHARGED BATTERIES, reliable, from 68/9. Australasian Batteries. 105. Customs St. East. WS BOATS FPU SALE ABOUT BOATS—Buying, Selling, irxcnanglng, terms. Marine Insurance.—A. Donovan, Shipbroker, 217, Victoria Arcade. Office 44-534, Res. 81-574. PIS BRIDGE-DECK LAUNCH, 38ft X 9ft X 3ft; good D.agnet.—42. Cook St. x2B CAR Gearboxes converted to 100 p.c. Marine Reverse, very successful; Manifold Water-jacketed, General Welding.—Carl Augustin Welding Co., Ltd., 78, Federal St.. Auckland, C.l. Phone 45-088. HS DIESEL ENGINE, Perkins, 4-cyl., Leopard model, electric starter, suitable marine conversion; completely overhauled. —Phone 42-766. 28 DINGHIES~aII sizes; kauri. —Sewell, Bartley Ter., Devonport. 28 DINGHY, 12ft, kauri, clinker built, excellent order, all gear.—Grand Vue, $t. Heller's. Phone 50-650. x2B JOHNSON, 3>,2 h.p., Outboard, perfect motor; £50 cash.—Box 1433, Auckland. 28 KAURI HULL, 15ft, V, double skin; sound, but. rough; £25.—Smith,_36, Glcndowie Parade. 28 LAUNCH, sound7"32ft; will trade or exchange Car. Phone_ 63-660; OUTBOARD, Evinrude Sportwin, 3.3 h.p., late model; £55.—Phone 70-426 or Write B.G. C 713. Star. x2B

iiUi\i>c.ii I'HWOUU lor Boats una c.luhvans.—Wiseman's uutboards. 32. Customs St. E l _L RUNABOUT HULL, latest design, professionally built, 6 months.—l 3. Limn Ave., Mt. Wellington; inspect week-end. - 3 TAURANGA, needs repair; offer.—Phone si-142^ YACHT, 14ft; what offer?— 73, Peary Rd., off Dominion Rcl. x2B YAUHT, 12ft 6in, all gear, good condition; £25.— sa, gawllngs St., 28 2 NETS, good condition. — Apply Manukau Fisheries. Onehunga. BKIDGEDECK and Cruising Launches from £ 1?5. 22it to 54ft; Diesel Fishing, towing, cargo and passenger Launches from ££50. 22ft to **Bft: 2 auxiliary Scows; auxiliary cruising Yachts. 22!t, 38ft, 4011, 46ft, 102 ft; Cutter. Ketch and Schooner rigs; 70it Motor Sailer; Runabouts and Hulls for £65, 12ft to 22ft; new and used Marine Engines, Diesel and Benzine. 5 h.p. to 143 h.p.: 5 h.p. latest Johnson Outboard; 12ft kauri Dingh.es. Terms. Marine Insurance arranged.—A. Donovan, 217, Victoria Arcade. Phones 44-534 (office); 16-075, 81-574 (residence). 28 KEEL BOATS, B, C. E.; T, Y Class, 24ft Auxiliary Deadwood Mullet Boat; Towing Boat. 40ft x 9ft x 4ft 61 n draft, twin Kelvin engines, 70 h.p.. engine and hull guaranteed; 22ft L class, two suits of sails, dinghy and moorings, Logan built; 14ft 6in Kauri Runabout, 25 h.p. Johnston Outboard; 9ft V-bottom Dinghy, new. £16; Launches, 38ft, 32ft, 29ft. 28ft; Fishing. Boats, 35ft Diesel. 28ft petrol, Motor Barge. 60ft x 15ft, Robey Diesel engine, carries 55 tons; ' 12ft Heavy Galv. Cham, -Uin; Two Yachts' Moquette Cushions. 6ft. 23in. also a pair of 6ft x 2ft 3in; Pair Bft Oars Small Compass, Benzine Lamp; 16ft American-built Runabout 22 h p Grev Marine, good. Wanted: Bridge-deck Cruiser, 24ft or 26ft Mullet Boat All classes of boats wanted. —R. H. Wood, 204, Dllworth Building, phone 44-764; private 45-806.

SMitH & BROWN'S MID W INT E RSAIE >n.-W fmwrs TUWMAY fjtlKiE mm CASH OR "NO DEPOSIT" TERMS! BEDROOM SUITES . . . THREE Only! 3-Piece RIMU BEDROOM SUITES. £16/16/0 | Usually £35/10/ONE Only! 3-Piece TWIN BED SILKY OAK BEDROOM SUIT*. £26/15/© Usually £33/10/-. ONE Only! 4-Piece WALNUT FINISH BEDROOM SUITE. £29/10/0 Silfrliil.v lmpcrrcct. Usually £15/10/-. ONE Only! 4-Piece WALNUT FINISH BEDROOM SUITE. £32/10/© Usually £50/10/-. ONE Only! 4-Piece SILKV OAK BEDROOM SUITE. Slightly £35/10/0 imperfect. Usually £15/10/-. ONE Only! 4-Piece BEDROOM SUITE. De Luxe Natural wood £55/10/0 nnlsli. Usually £69/10/-. DINING SUITES. •• ONE Only! 6»-Piece DINING SUITE. Walnut finish. Slightly £16/16/0 imperfect. Usually £21/10/-. ONE Only! 6-Piece DINING SUITE. Walnut finish. Slightly £19/19/0 imperfect. Usually £20/15/-. ONE Only! 6-Piece DINING SUITE. Walnut finish. Extension £27/10/0 Table Usually £37/10/-. SIX only! CEDAR VENEER DINING SUITES. Bow-end Side- £28/19/© boards. Usually £30/15/-. ONE Only! WALNUT VENEER DINING SUITE. Unmatched £22/10/0 chairs. Usually £30/10/-. SIX Only! 6-Piece WALNUT FINISH DINING SUITES. £36/10/0 Extension Table. Leadliprill door. Usually £45. LOUNGE SUITES . . . ONE Only! 3-Piece FIRESIDE SUITE. Green and Fawn £12/19/6 Tapestry. Usually £17/17/-. ONE Only! 3-Piece LOUNGE SUITE. Brown and Fawn figured £24/10/0 Tapestry. Usually £39/10/-. ONE Only! 3.-Piece LOUNGE SUITE. Floral Cretonne. £26/10/0 usually £37/10/-. ONE Only! 3-Piece LOUNGE SUITE. Green and Fawn figured £28/10/0 Tapestry. Slightly imperrect. Usually £39/10/-. ONE Only! 3-Piece LOUNGE SUITE. Green and Fawn figured £29/17/6 Tapestry. Usually £45/10/-. ONE Only! 3-Piece LOUNGE SUITE. Blue and Fawn Tapestry. £35/10/0 Usually £54/10/-. 9 \ORRY, NO PHONE OR MAIL ORDERS ON LISTED GOODS SMITH & BROWN LTD. SYMONDS STREET AUCKLAND, C.3

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Page 3 Advertisements Column 4, Auckland Star, Volume LXXVI, Issue 177, 28 July 1945

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Page 3 Advertisements Column 4 Auckland Star, Volume LXXVI, Issue 177, 28 July 1945

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