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Commercial News

ON 'CHANGE MARKET STEADY B.N.Z. AGAIN WANTED Price movements were few on the Auckland Stock Exchange to-day when business was of moderate dimensions, easing off during the morning. Persistent inquiry for Bank of New Zealand shares took the price back to £2 9/G with more sought at that. Recent advances were well held in several leading industrials and in the gilt-edged section the tone was again strong.

SOUTHERN EXCHANGES Christchurcli, this day.— 1960-63, 3 p.c.. £98; N.Z. Farmers' Co-op., 4}ai P.c. Stock, . L 2/7/49, £99 15/. Reported: Stock. 1947-49, 2J.2 p.c., £98. N.Z. Insurance (cum div), £5 0/6: JSfill s—~ nnfp vpsterdav). £1 4/9; Fletcher Holdings ("ate yesterday) ,£1 12/; Woolworths (S. Africa). £1 12/9. Duncdln, this day.—Bank 0(N.Z.,£2 9/6; N.Z. Breweries, £2 6/6; Bruce Woollen. £1 "/. National Bank of N.Z., £2 17/.

CONSOLS AND STOCKS Bee. noon. LONDON, July 28 Quotations for Consols and colonial Inscribed stock, with variations compared with those or July 19, are:— Variation £ s d ad Consols. 21/2 per cent 83 2 6 —3 8 Funding Loan, 4 p.c.. 60-90 114 0 0 Same War Loan. 3M p.c., 1952 .. 104 0 0 Same Conversion Lean, 3',2 p.c. 52 106 5 0 Siame Victory Bonds, 4 p.c «113 13 —18 9 NZ. 4',2 P.C., 1948-58 106 2 6 +2 6 N Z 3 P.c.. 1952-55 100 8 9 Sams ' ' "Ex dividend.

in THE NUDE 'OVER. POWER LINES! . Mrs. Attlee's War Work ' . | ~ "-TFT" NEW SYDNEY league telephone talks /> , WOMEN S SUCCESS LETTER RETURNED Commercial News wahine M5ii^c^^ NG 7 T 3 O 0 w p m ' ELECTION SURPRISES AFTER FIVE YEARS rkXT ,mS/' cton ' FR M ! on w^ L H IKG F Ti p, m , exerc 'SES TO KEEP WARM REMARKABLE NEW SYSTEM ' CHANGE WELLINGTON DUNEDIN, BLUFF 0 C ~„ FV v v< -. v /„ mm. more seats gained discovered in Germany I v KrS A r RD: 'svrino,, v, »•. S1D>,EY > Ju'V 2o. Visions of more economical tele- - * MARKET STEADY MARGARET w. GliBORN £i es .. juw n, ini* afford 'If' V- a sccret r ' ieE j t " Phone service for farmers and other & * . * ; :.-'k Fiver since the vote was won for a letter and photographs posted the New'lu h T women, Britain has been progres- to a member of the Second N.Z.E.F. «.* AC^WA^D and an other Principal Air Lines. ways Wales Hpalth arir1 c K .u opened up by tne results 01 success , #s |§* ?\ r ' sive in her attitude toward women fi ve years ago have been returned Pr | C e movements were few on the AuckUAIN TeiepS 4?- U 43 y o. Street Ea!U League and decidedto holdiS whereroweAiSl : •' politicians—far more progressive to the sender in Auckland under land stock Exchange to-day when bustart passenger ofpi CE: 103 . Queen Street . fi t meeti j the n ?de ?i have been harnessed to c-rry tele- . £$ . SMBr- * than the United States, New Zealand unusual circumstances. n « s /7 s of moderate dimensions easing — halt oTthe night 3 * Phone currents. By the use of'power , MfefaBB and many other democracies A note enclosed with the returned £ a £«E 5 noethebn steamship compant LiMiTPn a it nignt 01 August 3. Imes to link up settlements in , < . Though the number of women in « T a naval Z • o, s ?™ sailings, circumstances permitting • „ A sol^ ier nudist will direct physi- sparsely settled country areas _<• , - „ ' Parliament in Britain has not been documents states: I am a naval the price back to £2 9/G wlth more sought caego culture exercises to enable farmers are being provided with \ > * " ' j-jis large, in comparison with the num- officer ashore in Germany and tnis at that. Recent advances were well held csuai services to aii coastal porta. members to keep warm. telephone service without the work - w v > ber of men, it has been much higher morning, while going through some in several leading industrials and in the passengers, great barrier. The nudists will meet fortnightly an d cost of building telephone lines. „ *-- than in many other countries, and Qerman papers, came across this gilt-edged section the tone was again £l 1 2- p Si t !Ei ,8 F?. and Bookings. in the city hall until the end o> the Conversations are carried along *;:.»* SR.. .* in the present election the total num- ,„ ith attarhwl As this strong - Phone 32-730 (three lines), also 40-760 winter, by which time they hope to p° w ?' hnes whlch i ing ,^ lth , the * > A 't BPl ber of candidates was 88, the highest Jitter ■ w t p • nss company have acquired an isolated rendezvous mu sic of current used to drive farm i-.. >>■ ever recorded, and 21 more than the was the only English in a positne sales completed N.s.s. comply LUiiTED. In the bush near Sydney. machinery, cook meals and lightsand vi# number which stood in 1935. sea of German possessions it struck At the s pm caU Jesteril , y ._ R^ n or — 1 The meeting decided that married ? eat °. 17 ?. es ", e ither current inter- According to the latest results, 23 me as odd." Bank of N . z . ( 65) £293 — pupils WANTED and unmarried couples families f , eres WItl ] the ° ther - and r , is t ?° ' ' women have been elected—21 The officer adds that after debat . 5 ? ? z ABOl) i T nri K e l rVn I^Strn{i pol ? t i mems-Leani Pro! "- single girls and single men should a . n Scr to the person at the Labour candidates, one Conserva- . w j t h himself for what seemed Northern steam (cont) (200) .. 34 — be eligible nn tlip telephone. live and one Liberal candidate !jif e Srs Kk the letter up to HI - Dockland school of motohing, estab 193s basis that there was never a ore- As the farmer sits in an easy | i Some big surprises have occurred. hj ca bin The story behind his ciaude Neon (joo) i 19 3 +3d Thoro "r g n^ rt^ p -Po'te ,i r ?® c " Latest ponderance of males chair, with the telephone receiver to '--Wt'Sf W/F** The Conservative stronghold of discovery might be sad and if he g"™®"' ( /l 0 0 0 \ Inn tid htTomobile driving-Expen Ranid't, ...Annual membershin fpps arp £2 his ear - an extra " lai *g e wall-box &. jtrm. ' f * W'7- Plymouth (Sutton Division), held for opene d wounds he asked for forgive- Re id Rubber (300) 1 12 0 - cars "provided—consult" k!Si Motor M,t« 2/ for couples £2 2/ For Ifnell men ec l ui PP ed with a unit which gener ; 25 years by Lady Ast9r, though she ness Much mig ht have happened wamijnvestments (3oo) 6 2 +id Academy. Phone 20-940. D4 an d £1 1/ for sinffl/wnmpn ates hlgh frequency carrier did not seek re-election this year, s i nce the letter was written so long 1/10/53. 2>i P .c. (£500) .... 95 is 0 +2/8 barn e X T B A MONET „ , , . , bingie " omen - currents, brings in the voice of the \ M M- has been won by a Labour woman, ag0 15/2,55-58, 3 p.c. (£ 17.000) making toys AT HOME sen u s Your work. Kules laid down were: person at the other end, or trans- \ M rs. Lucy Middleton, who defeated V* lirk , and t noticed was the 3o'H/« 4" P !c "Ueoo)' "■::: 1 0 +v write Toy Making S 3 prlfe~) n or So " " (1) Ladies and gentlemen shall mits his words. Out on the street Brigadier L. Grand (Con.) . address" he continues ''Many long woojBonds. P i/2/ 8 (£230) .. i 1 0 +« macmaster'stoy supply conduct themselves Is such. pole near his home the carrier \ Viscountess Davidson, O.B.E., is ad «ress he continues, jMa* w/u (£») .. 1 0 1 + id p.p. box 183. wanganui. ' tp "(2) No intoxicating liquor shall currents are guided to the power ipl ?\ the only Conservative woman mem- j. ath ,, r ran d days in Auckland as whakatane Paper uso) .... 7 o — make money quickly—making art craft nud i s t meetings. line by a carrier coupling device. 'j ber so far elected. She has held the an a pp r 1 n ti ce j can't remember the At the 9.45 a.m. c«u to-day:— Novelties in spare time at home. (-3) Only nudists, and not semi- Outside the district telephone office Jgl|||< jBgi seat at Hemel Hempstead (Herts.), people's names with whom I had National Bank of n.z. (100) .. 2 17 6 -sd R w1 M now to PrS u, p a L nudists, shall be admitted to mem- another coupling device leads the -< Sipl J(JL since 1937. rather fun. I do remember though a f«|[ 0 0 / ;;; 3 J l J g art craft carrier current off the power line The Liberal woman member re- steamer in which we used to steam Bruce woollen (us) 1 n 0 - * P.O. BOX 264, wanganui. ° 8 * A , (4) Photographs shall be taken an d down to a piece of mechanism " AT tiff w if. of Britain', new Prime Minister, washing up turned is Lady Megan Lloyd George around the bay and dance in the I i 2 = — only with the permission of the sub- which changes the waves of sound to MRS.,C. R. ATTUIE, wife of Britain % new' rnme minmer wasning up (Anglesey) . moonlight. Srftish Tobacco uoo) 2 s 6 -3d FOR men ject, and developed and printed only voice freauencv before connection is while on duty with the Y.M.C.A. Oneor herwarjobswad mg a interesting victory by a T V n,,r letter. ( M ( iii''(i«i - — — by a member of the league. made with the switchboard. The car to serve troop, at gun sites and searchlight posts. woman is that of Mrs. F. Paton nho f 0 Shs and the envelope 1 " to a ?, ™ . (5) Discussion on a11 t0 P ics sha11 operator links up calls to telephones ——. (Labour), who has defeated Mr. PoUc e the stamps have been snipped "f (| 6 7 gS (2) H & ° 6 +^ 8 s™phot™ be permitted, but no member shall within the circuit, whether power * • Ra l ph Assheton, chairman of the off and fo KirOra and other , « , ? ! 322. Queen street (opp. Amuseme'nt Park, the league to propagate any aim lines or telephone lines are used, so jqtt N JJOGAN FINED MANPOWER CONTROL Conservative Party. The seat is Not- "ds of greetings, if Kia Ora be (Too) . ... 1 « 0 - phone 43-370 v or belief." that a conversation may trave JUXir* 1 . tingham (Rushcliffe Division). Miss gree tings —Norman J. Linwood, Iff cioo) .. ........ 270 - —========= partly over a power line and —— nuAMrc im »ttiti 1 nc Alice Bacon (Labour), with a major- Lieutenant, R.N.R." st ° c !<- „ , „„ „„ 10 0 „ youb portrait by jackson rWARPFCJ nFNTFTl partly over a telephone line. DIRECTION DISOBEYED A CHANGE IN ATTITUDE ity of 8464, gained the seat of North second Echelon soldier con- ' ' pc -. (£300) ' ' eventually. CHARGES DENIED Power lines would not, of course, mncu IIUW - East Leeds, where the Conservatives WHY not NOW? mtsstvt rtvopttt ars ?rW<f^thl 01^! the soecial vwvat tv nu IMPOSED COMMENT BY MINISTER at the last by-election had a majority who was in Englan d at the time his Buyers sellers at .. MISSING BIN OCULARS tricts, as the cost of trie spGciai OF £2«> IMPOSrii) of 23,16(L wife wrote to him but was later Bank of Australasia 9/2/6 9/6/0 youK doors theatrb. The trial Phillips, ssrsawsriw" greae '' P.A. • WeSSgt'on, Thursday. .. Wellington, this day. *** SSanv o¥Slle«e? 85 SS 5 ROV „. »orso». p.r.s.a. apd 28 (Mr^ckw|ll] I or, a charge —— Reserved lament was given by J l,w , haTbeSnSSt postal ce„- "::: "ffiS :: SSS » valued a ° MUSIC IN BRITAIN Mr. A. M. Goolding, S.M.. in Petone after a long absence from Parlia- sorship. ISSS.-JS5 SKS " KS ~MiJS,CAn INSTRUMEMTS ron ' tZ » eomp fw® a manpower D1D T. V „r C TA BI?ll <!SS " OS all classes Musical instruments Bought, sold, them to have been dishonestly ol> NEW ZEALANDERS SUCCESS f ailin g. t0 PJ „ - , power, Mr. McLagan, speaking in One of the most outstanding Liberal PARTLY RESTORED south British insurance 4/9/6 .. 4/10/9 Exchanged. Lewis E ad y . Ltd.. 192. Queen st. y wal contlnued before Mr direction. He was fined £25. the Legislative Council. candidates, Lady Violet Bonham- Dominion investment ' ■■ - Ma"antod PI p A eriret/ 1C £95? n oiier m -ur|rar ra 7 n 3 C 05 ; , Justice Callan to-day. Mr. Cleal ap- tf\ t OR a\1) COMPOSER he mi rOrrmlv He said that some time ago there Garter, a governor of the B.B.C., and ° ~ _ Traders' Finance '(cont)'".!!!!! 6/4 !! — It An P | ' "27 nearer! for the Crown. TEA OR a!IvD_COMPO!5EK h ad consistently comply had been great agitation by 6 employ . president of the Liberal Party, has BRITISH WOOL TRADE united Buiiom. 1/3/0.. - clarinet, Albert. —phone 64-oi4. x27 The binncnlars wprp fonnrl tn hp ...... , , with direction, ne naa exeicibtu prs aEr ainst mannnwer control. Soon been defeated. . pukemiro coal 19/0 •• — electric steel, without Amp.; £12 io/, or m jg s ing from an American shin In 1)0111 the concert and lecture very fully and with some success his a f+ erwar ds he was able to announce The long-established and ardent Auckland oas ye ■■ nearest offer-4i. Brown st.. Ponsonby. 28 Xchhad bee:n at Auckland on Mav worlds in which 1 m0VG - the pros ; rights w ithin the law against his 3 Measure of relaxation of man- feminist, Miss Ellen Wilkinson, has relaxation OP CONTROL Auckland (cont) J/3 ORGAN lovely instrument, nice tone and appear- wn! C n naa been at Auckiancton May pects ahead are most encouraging." directions and against prosecution, those been returned, having held her seat 1/3 " n/9 Srested when L collected a SS %S?££i employers who had been opposed to for Labour In Jarrow since 1935. She N.Z.P.A. = | = (tona ";;;;;;; ,,, ;; „ Piano Accordion. 120. £ 5 5 .-i69. New North Enclosed m thei letter. which merit's side a sense of frustration of ' t0 tak | advantage of the opportunity, since 1944 chairman of the National they have not been allowed to own a ™ Totaocpreo «/• .. - 'fTXno Dice tore appearance; £39 1K/.-12, Mor- Accused, in evidence, said that he direction and the regulations, however, those very employers Executive of the Labour party. single bale of wool owing to the nature WellinBton Woollen 8/10/0 .. _ ton st!, off cook st. *27 had collected the case on behalf of giamme of his recent London ie A c i ta > Guarding against anything that began to make excuses for not doing In the 1935 general election, 13 0 f wartime control, wool merchants and Welling ton (preo s/is/o .. — piano, nice condition, English, overstrung. "Darkie" Miles, whom he had met held in the wigmore wan. apa would permit either view to prevail. so and not one employer had asked of the 67 women who stood were topmakers in Britain to-day are acquiring Dominion Breweries (ord) .... 2/11/6 .. rosetvood; £95 cash.-H. 7742. star. whi]e on a visit to Auckland. He fr° m the hst of works performea, and treating this as an initial prose- f or his declaration of essentiality to elected. their first supplies under the scheme innes Breweries (ord) " a'7/0 «rH?n°' unde'rdamDer lvory keysy'noTorer. had purchased whisky from Miles th is discloseid that Mr Ciarter nas cution un der the new regulations, be removed. The others had all said These women's party affiliations which partially restores their ability to * UB t. C onsoi. industries"2/17/0 .. 2/18/0 condition; no agents; £iio.—27, Wembley Rd., previously and thought the case con- adopted the professiona aflrr| . „ the magistrate_thought an adequate they thought they should all be represented the balance in the trac ie as commercial units. This does not I British Tobacco 2/8/3 .. 2/3/9 Mt. Roskiu. so tained whisky. He had no knowledge Carta; tnat tne Prices; 01 auniibbiun pena ]t y was a fine of £25. released at the same time, but man- House —seven being Conservative, imply relaxation of control, but makes Broken hiu pty. 2/7/0 .. 2/7/6 MANO accomion, Daiiape. 140-bass, 7 coup- of the binoculars . since his arres t ran g ed f rom 9/to.3/, that the recital power control was not administered f our Labour, one an Independent- raw ° a f°'1 , ( °« d L; eo/is/o " - - e accordions Guitars^ —saxophones, he had endeavoured to get into touch f°^hp 0 oDeratLn o^double summer- in the course of a statement issued in that way. As to workers who Liberal, and one Independent. Their m d a e t 0 the industry and allows them Suniop Rubber 1/7/3 .. 1/9/0 clarinets portable Gramophones. Trombone, etc.. with Miles, but had been unable to to the operation oi clou after , the magistrates decision, Hogan were supposed to have been tyran- number was increased by one m a permitted profit within the structure Paime rs' Trading 1/7/9 .. 1/8/9 etc. Get started now on one oi our Easy to Play do SQ _ time); anQ tnat tne main iediuie was said; .« The ques tion is; Does the Depart- n j se d by manpower control, the 1941, when Mrs. Beatrice Rathbone of strict price control and quantity ration- Hadftelds stcil Works 12/6 .. 13/6 instruments.— Harmony House, 466, Queen st (Proceeding ) a work by a fellow New Zeaiancier, ment intend to continue Its efforts to pre- t ma j 0r j ty 0 f them were satis- (Conservative) the American-born ing. They take over part of the duties i .q >i a. and n.z. (pref) .... 1/6/3 .. 1/7/9 Auckland. Phone 48-413. ——tttt— u roceeoingJ Mr Wainwright Morgan. , vent me from carrying on my,own. paper Spr ] that J^h at had been done was iSan P A F entered the which since 1939 have been solely dis- K ° D .v. Boxes 10/6 .. 11/0 SgygiB. " ■" ~ MACH.NERy FOR balb 1 . S Se'in'tbeifinterests, as well as S' 0 ' u e s ° f ? 0 n "tKeltt"of" her * mda.w in ™ " «»• ""i,, Y »° ANO - thls 'S'SS r %u!iA"yTt"iy E'El n = P Hi &tS« „ enmmstood i» % syrsssII; TOB the mornjr sfot cash «o>. i5»™MKaia S wmk. Takes 15 minutes to perform. i°;£S ton ofwSker?'had'told we% el Labo" r^plrtj 0 'Ternbl"'.' The wSTl Str'rT t h™th«mrSS'.h5 ' 11 i::::::::::::::: »/../» ™ - 3SS si?SSK=;W: aSsS= £ H £ bavFsaw aoin Kirohner modern-Dunsheath difficult (aithpugh far from _ difficult the Gover nment. The Government was some case s, there was a desire for 14 Common Wealth four, Indepen- quirements are supplied through trade wooiworths Properties 1/9/9 .. - ..r..... „ -sssL ful melodies and the t0 be retained in S SiZW. 11 ' P ™ 8re "" t — S « " «« paAcncE pianos Jrom «s» ™"™ aSt-om."''TVrn 'UK! 1 who'Tc vo^know''i£ !i"»"lJeB.?OTent. ih«-"whoIe of The increase in the number re-1 ™?h*".""''!he re mi!f£ifl" p°asslns' mro'ulh S3S SiTma -■ •'!'« tzzi:rr •" A nuisanc 2_^£. a menace "" "»~ ■« lined modern pianos from £125 — Dunaheath —'49 S f his Diano part been aS prosecuted four times, acquitted Sometimes one has a cold for so long of the women reflects the feeling There is reason to believe the wool firms stock— 07/i7/ fi — «au. MO»,». rmsT-oaaoE igS°S ■ """" ' a ' 1 " SeTiano Wfimporttnce ggUSSXSSES'SSTSUZ fna T menare' 5S"1»S«nt* eoSwni fave Tamed trcSeT reSgnhton SSSS m X ■"■■■■■■ ■ »»« " »« player PIANOS, -io. J. ta'prSse™ 0 zSlSl and"iu .S.5 "r"Saa"on,"°and ,e lbSm, Women Parliamentarians have in SitigSSt S'Se o?SSnS Th™.biur 5SISS J K : — Horn £U5 grabs for Coal. Shingle ete.; first-class order.- in piaise Ot INew' me, remember Lung .p reserver medical advice should be the past played a prominent part 111 shortage represents a serious problem to Auck. E.P.B., 15/6/59. 41 P.c. . 111/0/0 ..111/10/0 ' call, phone or write. —g beauties) IS lofty in'concept ana m Baxter.. Ltd, 602, Colombo St.. t he House and have always been in firms which have had little or no com- •

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Commercial News, Auckland Star, Volume LXXVI, Issue 176, 27 July 1945

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Commercial News Auckland Star, Volume LXXVI, Issue 176, 27 July 1945

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