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WANTED TO SELL ATTACHE CASES, Hat Boxes, suitcases. Golf Clubs.—Meltzer's. 61. Victoria St. Vf. ■■<. " AUCKLAND FURNISHING CO. lor Exclusive Furniture, cash or terms; jßedroom £26 15/; Dining Suites, from £26 17/6.-£nr. Karangahape Rd. and Queen St., "next McCabe s Radios. ' •-•"■'•■ '•*" BACON CUTTER, automatic, boUow ground, peir feet. £55.—Miljs. 133, Ponsonby Rd. 2H BARBED WIRE and No. 12 Plaiii, prompt delivery^ J. Jones, Ltd., Auckland. ■**** BATH, Poreclain. used.—2sl, Ponsonby -Road?— 26 BATTERY CHARGFR, G-amp., perfect condition; Kiwitea St., Sandrlnghom. •■■- al ; BED. %, panel ends, wire wove, as new, J £sj." also bropside Cot. 30/.—Phone 79-008. evenings. 25 BICYCLE BARGAINS.—Best Values in Auckland. Goodman's Cycles, 267, Newton. . 55 BICYCLE, gent's, new tyres and tubes, newly painted, good condition; £8 10/.-—25, Francis St., Grey Lynn. _ ?£? BLANKETS. Feltex, Wire Mattresses available to home and ex-servicemen.—Phone 61-774. Abbey Furnishers. 424; Mt. Eden Rd. x3l BLINDS—AII sizes kept in stock. We measure and fix.—Auckland Blind Co.. 184. Symonds St. HS CANTEEN CUTLERY, all new, stainless knives, 6 each, soup, forks, spoons, etc., carvers, lovely cabinet; £24. —Write Moving, 7622, STAR. 26 CARPET SPEClALS—Axminster and Wilton Carpets from £13 .10/.—25, Ponsonby Rd. MH CARPETS, Mats, Chiming Clock, Solid Oak Occ. Furniture. Antiques, Imported Vacuum Cleaner, Cane Back Fireside Suite, etc. See us before you decide.—336, Dominion Rd,, near Prospect Tee Open Friday nights and Saturday mornings. 26 CHILDREN'S PATTERNS! Cut your own from new Ross Hynes Multiple Patterns: equals 72 paper patterns.—Whltcombe and Tombs. RD4 CHINA CABINETS, £8 10/6; Glory Boxes, £3 19/6; Tallboys, £5 19/6; Gent's 'Robes. £9 17/6; Dressing Tables, £6 19/6; Pillows, 6/11; All-wool Mattresses, £4 19/6.—Auckland Furnishing Co., cnr.- Karangahape Rd. and Queen St, next McCabe's Radios. ; ?« CIGARETTE LIGHTERS, English,..; plated; 8/6 each.—Reach. Tobacconist. 294, Queen St. 27 CLOTHES LINES, revolving, steel pole and spindle, erected in \ concrete, complete, £« 24, Waterview 3d., Devonport. Phone 71-411. is CLOTHES LINES, revolving: galvanised steel pole and spindle; wired, painted, erected in concrete; quality, appearance assured; £6 10/. —Pn, 54-9JJ. CLOTHES DRIERS, Revolving, 160 ft wire, painted; £4 15/.—Phone 60-453. £» CLOTHES LINES, revolving steel spindle wired, painted, erected In concrete, £6 10/.—Godkin, 5, Esplanade Rd. : Mt. Eden. Ph. 60-255. _D CLOTHING —Wedding Dress, Costume, various articles of Clothing; offers wanted. —H. 7573. STAR. ZB COAT, swagger, full length, genuine northern stranded skunk; practically new; s.w. or w ; can: be seen at 110, Queen St. —G. Hays and Co.. Ltd. , COMBINATION WARDROBE and Dressing Chest. practically new; £6.—Ring 80-389. 26 COSTUME, s.w., Brown Worsted, pin stripe, beautiful cloth, £3; also Fur Fabric Short Coat, sw. new £2; Fur Necklet. £1; all excellent

condition.—Phone 26-081. ?j COTS, Dropside, panel ends; £3 15/. —Young, 1 Osborne St., Newmarket (behind Bank N.Z.). x2i CYCLES, ladles'. Gents', also sports; bargains.— Goodman's Cycles, Newton. x 2( DAD'S SHOP lor All Dsed Furniture and Carpets Write, Call or Phone 43-568, 464, Queen St. Tak< Town Hall tram to Myers Park. HS DIAMOND RING, 2-stone, also Juniper Julcf Extractor.—Phone 42-243. _. x 2( DIAMOND RlNGS—Exclusive styles, priced Iron £20: limited stocks of Imported Crystal anc China or. view.—Christie's. St. Kevin's Arcade, t DINING TABLE oak, extension; cheap.—Bs, Nev North Road. * DINNER SUITS, Gent's, as new. splendid selection—Meltzer's. 61. Victoria St. W. lj DINNER WAGON, oak, dropside; Single Hostesf Bed Settee, Double Hostess Bed Settee, Green Tapestry Chesterfield Suite, pre-war, good order Double Kapok Mattress, as new; Carpet, 12 x 9, good; Vestibule Carpet, Electric Toaster. —Room 61 Brunswick Bldg., 174, Queen St. x 2£ DISPLAY STAND, either lull or half circle, diameter 13ft; solid Oregon frame, polished Canadlar birch deck, oak facings; suit showroom or danct hall.—John W. Andrew and Sons, Ltd., Phone 32-340. , 2f DOORS, Sashes, Windows, Grates, Ranges. Gates Sam White and Sons. Market Place. N ENGAGEMENT RING, 3 diamonds; £22 10/.—Foi particulars, Phone 79-139. ■ « ENGLISH Cigarette Lighter, plated, 8/6 each.Reach. Tobacconist. 294. Queen Street. 2_ ENVELOPES (SUO), good white, 9/ box.—Lockharts. Ponsonby Rd. _§5 EUGENE Permanent Waving Curlers and Clips (spiral).—Phone 40-360. ?J EUGENE Perming Machine, latest, and Hand Djierj_what offers?—T. 7153, Star. 26 "FAMILY MEDICAL BOOK," with special handbook on sex instruction for young; 800 lllus., 1200 pages; 000 tried and tested remedies for all complaints; Invaluable In home. Monthly subscription.— Wi2te_Jlcalth_Assn ll _73s2, _STAR. 27 FIBROUS Plaster Ceilings and" Walls. Quality unexcelled, large stocks.—Leman Bros.. Ltd.. 165. Balmoral Rd„ Balmoral. HE FIRE EXTINGUISHERS. Foam] Soda. Acid: ajsc Quart Pyrenes.—Manning Co.. 188. Broadway. HS FIREPLACE, new, modern, concrete, c»am, 18in x 23m; £-5.— H. 7515, Star. 26

FIREWOOD," Millwood, 15 bags £2; delivered — Phone 26-671. 28 FIREWOOD—Pine Blocks, dry, 5 bags for £1. Phone 54-227 (evenings). x 26 FIREWOOD —Wattle and Bluegum. delivered, 6bag lots, £1 10/.—Phone _x2_B FIREWOOD —Tea-tree Blocks, ton lots or more, 63n^ r .Jl?gl^^ eI !X? r - d^^ h h e '? Waitakere - 27 FIREWOOD, tea-tree blocks, dry, first class; Immediate delivery.—Phone 26-977. D 4 FIREWOOD, Tea-tree, dry, £1 14/ half-ton: £3 3/ ton; prompt delivery.—Phone __80-532. XZB FIREWOOD," Dry Tea-tree" Blocks, £3 3/ per ton. c.b.d. orders, ton or more.—Phone 42-777. D 4 FIREWOOD—Dry Tea-tree] 12 bags (1 tort) or more. 5/ bag, delivered: prompt delivery.—J. Duffy.. Wnltnkcre, , , 52 FlßEWOOD—Splendid line Dry Pine Blocks; £2 5/ a ton, c.0.d.. while it lasts.—Phono 42-777. D 4 FIREWOOD—Tea-tree Blocks, mountain-grown; 3 guineas for 12 bags; prompt delivery.—Bedford. Phone 20-753. x3O FUR COAT, pure Musquash, valued at £90. — Ring 48-OCO, 28 FUR COAT. Dark Musquash, good condition: reafonablr-,—Phono 71-527. 20 FUR COAT, southern musquash, topper, good coni l 4?" i _£4s.— Phone 24-618. 28 FUR COAT, Lapin, finger-tip, new lovely style; bargain at _£J_o.—Box_ 1168, 28 FCK~c6AT, black, genuine American badger, like fox. perfect, full length, latest design; £90 ensb: no offers.-Phone 61-829. - x_26 FUR COAT, musquash, s.w., £22; Fur Cape, £10 10/; Goblets and Decanter, Coffee Pot, Entree Dish, Bedside Table Lamp, Single Embossed Bedspread, Electric Revolving Fan, Unit Chesterfield Suite. Oak Filing Cabinet, and Dining Chair.— Room 61. Brunswick Bldg., 174, Queen St. x 26 GALVANISED INCINERATORS, reasonable.—la, Troonvllle Ave., Sandringham, 26 GENT'S 'ROUES, built solid heart rimu, hand polished in walnut shade, best value in Auckland. Young 1 Osborne St.. Newmarket (behind Bank N.Z.).' 52.6 GLASS, all kinds, cheapest: Motor Screens fitted. Lewis Works. 44. Mt. Eden Rd. HS GLORY BOXES, polished walnut shade.—Young, 1 Osborne St., Newmarket (behind Bank of N. 21.), ■ 5?6 GRAMOPHONE, H.M.V., oak cabinet, as new, cost £•15; also good .selection of Records, suitable hall, etc., and large Electric Heater; no dealers.—l2B, Jervols Rd., Heme Bay. 26 GREEpT PAINT - for Roors and Facings.—Macneill. 7J>, _Wyndham Street '. . _V HEARING—AIDS; (2), In perfect order, makers Western Electric and Sonotone, complete; reasonable offer accepted.—See Mr. Donnelly. Colonial Ammunition x 26 HOBART MIXER, 5 quart, excellent condition; £55.—Apply evenings, 185, Jervois Rd., Heme Bay. ; 23 HORNBY Electric Trains (2). good order; also 5valve Broadcast Radio.—s, Renton Rd., Mt. Albert, nights. '■ , : -' 26 HOME DRESSMAKING! Learn at home. Complete Instruction contained in Ross Hynes Home Dress--naker: 0n1y,15/.—Whltcombe and Tombß. RD4 INVALID CHAIRS, new. second-hand; also foi Hire.— Thompson ■ and Co.. Wakefield St. HS IRONING MACHINE, Be.ntt3\ floor model, excellent condition; what.offer?—Pjione 80-001.____26 KITCHEN Alcove. Radio Tables, BOOKslieives, Stools, Chairs. Forms.— Mervyn Abel.- 63, High St. HS BEST QUALITY HOLLAND 3LINDS John King's Guaranteed Holland now available. Estimates Fr^e. TYLERS, The Cash Furniture PeopH, - Anzae Avenue. Auckland. L

BICYCLE FRAME REPAIRS. .Wheels Trued or Rebuilt. Porks Repaired. Stove Enamelling. Any Job. large or small, promptly done. SKEATES AND WHITE. LTD..' 48, Fort- Street, Auckland. ..-. L CYCLE A C C B S S O R TB S. Phillips Calliper Brakes, front and rear, 13/6 each: Saddles, Lady's and Gent's. 19/6 each; Pedals, rubber 13/6 pair, rat-trap 11/6 pair. Complete range cycle accessories always in stock at WISEMAN'S SPORTS STORES, Authorised Cycle Dealers. HS FARM DRAINAGE rARM DRAINAGE FIELD TILES —Stocks are low. Order well in advance. GLAZED PIPES—MiIk, acid resistant. Price List on Application. CRUM BRICK, TILE AND POTTERY CO.. LTD., New Lynn. Phone 88-214. 88-610. HS GOLF GOLF CIOLF FULL RANGE SUPERIOR GRADE CLUBS. '.. ."". •'-" AUCTION PRICES. .GEORGE WALKER. LIMITED. L NEW CYCLES "FOR CASH OB TERMS. From 5/ weekly. Trade In your old machine. CLARKE'S CYCLE WORKS. LTD.. Newmarket. Phone 17-104. Y PAINT OF QUALITY TELLS—Use tne nest for that House Job. TAUBMAN'S have Paint for All Purposes. SECURE YOUR REQUIREMENTS while stocks -•'■ -are "'available. Prices are reasonable.PRIME AND CO., Karangahape Rd. HS SEE THESE BARGAINS. 5-ORAWER TALLBOYS From £5 19/6 GLORY BOXES, Us. £6 13/6 ... Now £3 lfl/6 TYLERS. The Furniture People. • ' " ANZAC AVENUE. AUCKLAND. L THE FAMOUS "C. AND C." SLEDGES AND KONAKIS. Built of steel arid hardwood, they are light and strong and easy to pull. A flat frame for "feeding out" can be fitted. Please write for Illustration and - details. COOPER & CURD. LTD.. Box 70. P»fcekohe. HS WINE WINB WINK RICH PORT AND GOLDEN SHERRY ? £4 per Case 12 Bottles. Also SPECIAL MIXED CASE, 4 Ports. 4 Sherry. 4 Cocktail—£4 10/. Rail Paid. Delivered. Satisfaction Guaranteed. VALPORT WINES, 456, Karangahape Rd. KS

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Page 2 Advertisements Column 5, Auckland Star, Volume LXXVI, Issue 175, 26 July 1945

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Page 2 Advertisements Column 5 Auckland Star, Volume LXXVI, Issue 175, 26 July 1945

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