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ISSUED BY THE *§fs||||g|L DEPT. OF HEALTH; GUARD BABY TEETH LIKE THESE TO GET ADULT TEETH LIKE THESE In our last dental message we empho- • Baby needs all his teeth to chew properly. sised the need fo provide, in the ante- Good chewin s p«"»«m s°° d d 'sestion. natal Stages, for sound teeth for baby. • Sore teeth prevent the proper chewing of NOW we take the advice a Stage hard food, which strengthens the jawbone, further. ° nd makes '* srow. * Children with their baby teeth missing Why should the first teeth these tend to lisp or speak indistinctly. (Even "milk" teeth require Special care? stammering may be developed). Here are the reasons:—? The first j, aD y tee H, to oppear (the two front incisors) should normally last until six or • They act as guides to the permanent seven years of age, and the others up to II teeth. If baby teeth are lost too soon the years of age. spaces close and the permanent teeth, having less room, come through crooked EVERY CHILD SHOULD RECEIVE ITS FIRST and ugly. DENTAL EXAMINATION AT 2-3 YEARS OF AGE. ENROL YOUR CHILD AT A SCHOOL • Decay in baby teeth will impair the child's DENTAL CLINIC OR WITH YOUR DENTIST, health, and may damage the permanent THE PRE-SCHOOL DENTAL CLINIC TAKES teeth next to them. CHILDREN UNDER SCHOOL AGE. FOR A HEALTHIER NATION 26a Once extremist Labour politicians get under way, they Produce Agency, Fish Supply, Cold Stores, Cannery, press on with State ownership in all directions. We are Cattle Stations, Smelter and Mines, and Other Ventures. • seeing this develop in New Zealand now at an alarming The actual losses (including "■^."WiJS rate. The latest instances are nationalisation of banking £4,447,216, which had to be found by the tax-paying and the airways. public. The Queensland State trading experiment was J .such a shocking failure that it was discontinued, but not Not merely large financial institutions, but the small men before the people had had their bitter lesson. also, are regarded as fair game by the State-ownership extremista afe the same me world pv er. Nationfanatics. Nobody is Safe. .... allsation of banking and the airways in New Zealand A typical experiment was the State-owned undertakings is only a start, and no one can look on disinterestedly of the Queensland Socialist Government—Butcher Shops, and say it does not affect them. — Inserted by the Associated Chambers of Commerce of New Zealand. Pj_ made this wonderful range possible. But in war as in peace the great British textile industries rely important for battle dress than for peacetime clothes, on the chemist. The raw fibres must be cleansed and But many raw materials on which these formerly dethen treated with oils specially selected for each type pended are no longer available, and so the chemist has of fibre. If this were not done, the complicated ma- had to discover new materials and invent new processes, chinery through which they must pass would tear them Many of these have novel properties which will secure to shreds. Then the fibres, whether they are wool, them a place in the post-war world. It is the chemist's rayon, cotton, or a mixture of any of these, must be privilege that, in solving the problems of Today, he dyed and finished. These treatments are almost more often finds the key to Tomorrow. No. 4 of the "Services of an Industry series inserted by IMPERIAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES (N.Z.) LTD. V^7 STAR CROSSWORD PUZZLE j not dry. . + §| V \ 6-Useful it J'OU want W . : .:: : :,: : , ■,:,:■■: ;■■■;.;,.■, 1. ■■■■.■ l_ __, || I make a greasy suit? r ' || § 7—Turner has a vessel. Q s| 8—" Joining up- on the |> Make Good Things to Eat \ home front. „„„„_, . _»_ — ___ . r ~, ——* I m I 9 —The sauce is so yellow ■ —"— rj m | n-PotS>iy Wlth a natf-brokm 1 Make Sure of the Name- | uilKnd in a w.U. not in »&* ™ *** TO I "MORTON" a piece of string. 0 v J §§ 16—Robin Hood's ms*ie V : mj, |j Your Guarantee of Quality sash. w«sss»i mk mmmmm mmmr* t^'* - " |& 17— Dirty sentry on a, $10 § MORTON Foods came out to New bicycle? . Zealand in sailing ships with the first lt T2i * ChaaW »■ ~2 1 »" Ie "- For nearly ico years MORTON DOWN 77""* """" IT**" "'"' *IX """ '"' " M has been world-famous. Now many of «• ft, ■ \J || those delicious pre-war delicacies are on I—The first man. ' j |fc active service in the 4 corners of the Globe. 3—He has a mascot, but no mm — „ M , ~ , riVnTiVi —_ ■•-i«Vi. ■w.-r,,, ,■■■■■-• Yiv. , ! ■ miW || But after the war there'll be plenty of mrkfier. *\A & ]*J 1 MORTON Famous Herrings & Tomato 3-Describe* only frozen mm >t « '<- | Sauce and MORTON Salmon, and the Sive you more ■ rf W mmm mm^rm mmmm _. 1 i^l!?.^-, 0^ 1 " delklous foods P«ked by than a hue—the UUers. ifi P MORTON. s—Afraid of being blown l» : v || Meantime limited supplies of MORTON ! about? * * 1& Indian Curry Powder are still available. I 10-rThey »e« that thinw run ~, wags: '■'"'' '''•'• »-t in —— '" <"•'• — ' g Other MORTON lines to ask for are:— which a perfume may «' I I K MORTON Castor Oil be detected. Mm . | \ \ I MORTON (B.P.Standard) Epsom SalU 12—The colonel's more than — ,',, ,■■■ hmh.v mm jm.i. »■ 1 .'.'.in..! 1..t,.. i.l u „„. u -.., J"„ limp. , (8 t I I MORTON OIW. OH 13-Temp*ramental people IV .1 + J t 1 1 MORTON Cod Liver OH a burtlar Uk« I—i ' ff mW: j »■ l mm I MORTON Paraffin Oil a good on«. THTmBDAT'S (JULY 19) SOLUTION i Kew Zealand Distributors: ACROS&-1 Morale. 4 Spot. 7 flapjack, 8 DOWN-1 Mlasfna 2 Rejoin. 3 Locket 5 IJ. R. BUTLAND (Pty.) LTD. GreaseTlT Combines. 13 Cluteh. 14 Natural. Parallel. 6 Traction.! Face 9 Echoes. 11 Naphtha. i J Dilworth Building. 15 BeVoke. 18 Shy girl, 19 Catgut. 20 Phantom. 12 Surging. 13 Carrion 16 Scarce 17 Studious. | Queen street Auck and. M - 29 6 - ""* C " 2* Fet P e 2 \ ™ **' * ' '

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Page 9 Advertisements Column 3, Auckland Star, Volume LXXVI, Issue 170, 20 July 1945

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Page 9 Advertisements Column 3 Auckland Star, Volume LXXVI, Issue 170, 20 July 1945