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Atrcnoys . GEORGE WALK E*Et, L T IX* WILL SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION AT THE GREAT SALEROOMS, 249, QUEEN STREET, TO-MORROW (FRIDAY) AT 11 O'CLOCK* SUPERIOR HOUSEHOLD FURNISHINGS 121 OAK. RIMU AND KAURI. CHESTERFIELD SUITES. AND AT 1.30 P.M. PIANO BY ROSENER, 3 A.C. RADIO SETS. MOFFATT ELECTRIC STOVE. as new; Refrigerator Unit. Electrolux and Eureka Vacuum Cleaners, Pair Field Glasses. Details Include:— IP.ON FRAME PIANO, by Rosener, small model; Radio Sets. Oak Sideboard, Oak Dining Table. Oak and Rimu Tea Wagons. Palmstands, Oak Panel Settee and Squab, Good 3-Piece Chesterfield Suite in Tapestry, Fireside Chairs, Oak and Rimu Occ. Tables. Leadlighted Buffet. Pictures, 3-Piece Chesterfield Suite in Genoa. Odd Sideboards, Dining Tables and Chairs, Mirrors, Easy Chairs, Vases and Ornaments, S.G. Chairs, B.C. Firescreen, B.C. Kerb. O.R. Gateleg Table. Rimu Settees and Squabs, Escritoire, Electric Vacuum Cleaners. Carpet Sweeper, Footstool, China Glassware, and all Living Room Furnishings. HANDSOME OAK BEDROOM SUITE, comprising Mirror-door Wardrobe, Reflex Dressing Table and Full Panelled Bed and Wire; Kapolc Mattress and Pillows; Occ. Tables; Oak, Rtnm and Kauri Dressing Tables, Single and Doubla Bods and Wires, Bedding, Chests of Drawers, Oak and Rimu Wardrobes. Pedestal Cupboards, Pictures. Ornaments, Cushions, Bedroom Chairs, Bookshelves, 4-Piece Oak Bedroom Suite, Easy Chairs, Hostess Bed-Settee and General Bedroom Plenishments. KITCHEN TABLES AND CHAIRS. Crockery and Glassware, Pots and Pans, Water-jacketed Copper Pie Heater. Lady's Bicycle. Odd Tooia, Stocks and Dies and Hosts o£ Sundries. LEONARD COAKLEY, T. A. GOULDING, Auctioneers. 10 GEORGE WALKER, L T AT THEIR SALEROOMS, 249, QUEEN STRKET. MONDAY NEXT, JULY 23. AT It A.M. LADIES' AND MEN'S CLOTHING, FUR COATS. AND AT 1 P.M. 50 USED HOCKEY STICKS, 40 CRICKET PADS AND BOXING GLOVES. Details:— « 34 MARMOT COAT, Fur Coats, Cape 6, Stoles, Men's Suits, Overcoats, Sports Coats, Flannel Trousers. Dressing Gowns. Leather Coat, Pullovers, White Coats, Ladies' Costumes, Dresses, Frocks, Skirts, Smocks. Evening Dresses, Handbags, Jumpers, Shoes, Hats, Gloves, Scarves, 15 Pairs Blankets, Sheets, Pillowslips, Bedspreads, Marc. Quilts. Towels. Doyleys. Tray Cloths, Supper and Table Cloths, Runners. Curtains. • LEONARD COAKLEY, T. A. GOULDING, Auctioneers. 19 AUCTION SALE AT INNER DOMAIN CAMP* AUCKLAND. GEORGE WALKER, LTD., Instructed by WAR ASSETS REALISATION BOARD, We will Sell at the Camp, Inner Domain, (Carlton Gore Road entrance), ' TUESDAY, JULY 31, 12 NOON. (On view for benefit of intending purchasers, Monday, July 30. from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.) THE UNDERMENTIONED CHATTELS. SHELVING, WARDROBES, TABLES, REFRIGERATORS. Details: 50 BUNKS with WARDROBES attached. Bunks 6ft 6in x . 2ft 6in, Wardrobes 6ft x 2ft 6in x lft 9in; 70 WARDROBES, double doors each end, 6ft x 2ft lOin x 2ft; 38 BUNKS, double, wood slats, 6ft x 2ft 6in x sft; 89 WARDROBES, 6ft x 3ft x 2ft; 4 DESKS, 10-drawer, 6ft x 2ft x 30in; 5 TABLES, 6 legs. 9ft X 3ft 6in, Bft X 3ft 4in; 12 4-LEG TABLES. 9ft X 3ft, 6ft 6in x 2ft; 5 CUPBOARDS, 4-door, 7ft X 4ft x 2ft; 3 BUNKS, combination, 3 drawers and 1 cupboard; 1 DRESSER CUPBOARD. 8 doors, 7ft high x 9ft x 21in; 30 WARDROBES, single, 6ft x 30in x 21in; 3 Sets Assorted Shelving, 4 Single Bedsteads. 6ft 6in x 3ft; and Assorted Size Wardrobes, Bunks, etc., etc. Also. SPECIAL LOT. 17 KELVINATOR REFRIGERATORS, A.0., in working order. 7 4.5 cubic ft, porcelain; 10 8 cubic ft, heavy lacquered. On view for inspection Monday, July 30, 1 pjn, to 4 p.m. TERMS CASH. LEONARD COAKLEY, T. A. GOULDING, Auctioneers. 1$ RICHARD ARTHUR, LTD., & RAYMOND EDER, 191, QUEEN STREET (next Power Board Building), WILL SELL TO-MORROW (FRIDAY), AT 11 O'CLOCK. OAK BEDROOM SUITE. BED SETTEE. UPHOLSTERED TAPESTRY. RIMU DINING ROOM SUITE, Drawleaf Table, 4 Chairs and Sideboard; Chesterfield Suite, uph. Tapestry; Occ. Tables, Cabinet Gramophone, 2 Fireside Chairs, Fire Screen, Hall Seat, Pot Stands, Uph. Easy Chair, Fire Screen and Kerb, Rimu Book Cabinet. Oak Sideboard, Oval Oak Table, 4 Chairs, Gulbransen 6-valve Radio, Chesterfield Lounge and Chair, Rimu Sideboard, Glass Case on table, 2 Lister Uph. Easy Chairs, pillow arms; Gak Sideboard, Rimu Sideboard, Hall Stand, Singer Hand Machine, Rimu Settee and Squab, Overmantel. OAK BEDROOM SUITE, Wardobe, Reflex Dress. Table, D. Bed and Wire and Gent's Rcbe; D. Mattress, Rimu Wardrobe, Rimu Comb. Chest, S. Bed and Wire. 2 S. Mattresses, Oak Comb. Chest. Cream Enamel Chest Drawers, 3ft 6in Bed and Wire, D. Rimu and Oak Beds and Wires, Marble Top Washstand, D.S. Wardrobe. CHILD'S COT, green enamelled; Pushchair, K. Tables. Kit. Chair, Step Ladders, Plate Rack, Trouser Press, Electric Radiator, Gent's Suit, Gent's Bike, Boy's Bike. 2 Pieces Lino. AND AT 12 O'CLOCK: BROWN CONEY FUR COAT, full length; Brown Fur Coat, White Fur Coat. Diamond and Ruby Ring. Diamond and Sapphire Ring, 5 Gold Band Rings, Gold Bracelets, Gold Fob Chain, 12 Gents' Pocket Watches, Popular Pressman Reflex Camera, Rolls Razor. AT 1 O'CLOCK: PAIR BINOCULARS. "Luxrop," Deraisme, Paris, 20x. IVAN T. FRANCHI, Auctioneer and Valuer. 19 SQUIRRELL AND CO. WILL SELL BY PUBLIC! AUCTION AT THEIR SALEROOMS, 54. HTGH STREET, TO-MORROW (FRIDAY) AT II A.M. 1 SKILSAW, 1 H.P., A.C.-D.C.. Volts 250, Model 3 (perfect order), 3 6FT PORC. BATHS. 1 ELEC. WASHING MACHINE. 3I*T ORION H.P. COAL RANGE. 17 COILS TOMATO WIRE. 1 POWER MOTOR MOWER. 10 BAGS TEA-TREE FIREWOOD. 2 H.P. and 2'i H.P. A.C. ELEC. MOTORS, 1-3 H.P. D.C. ELEC. MOTOR. 1 O.M. Saw, Slashers. 1 Set Pipe S. and Dies, '.fein to Cin (Virax): Sashes. 3 Mantelpieces. 3 Register Grates, 1 Copper Sink and Bench Top. 1 Pair French Casement Dcors. 4 Panel Dcors, 2 Corner Pore. Basins. 1 IXL Incubator, Moore Eelec. Stove. 1 Case Strapping Machine. Ro9ft Totara. Trellis Laths. TRIUMPH 3'i H.P. MOTOR BIKE, 1930; 2 H.W. Incinerator Stoves. 2 Wood-turnins Lathes, 1 Gas Toaster (6-bay).

AT 1 O'CLOCK. 2 TREADLE SEWING MACHINES. 3-PIECB CHESTERFIELD SUITE, Sideboards. Dining Tables, Dining Chairs, Easy Chairs, Elec. Reading Lamp, Pier Glass. 4-PCE. BR. OAK BED SUITE (comprising Wardrobe, Dressing Chest, Lowboy, and 4ft Sin Bed and Wire), Chests Drawers, Comb. Chests. Beds and Wires. Bedding. KIT. CUPBOARD. Tables, Chairs, Glass Case, -Crockery, Folding Screen Frames, Flcor Rugs, Deck Chairs. Rocker Chairs, Sp. R. Blinds, Pots and Fans. Shaving Cabinet. Push Chair. Settees and Squabs. Card Table. Curtains, ARISTOCRAT COMB. PORTABLE AND ELEC. ALL-WAVE RADIO SET. Tea Wagons. Clothes Airers, Radio Sets, Pictures. Stand Mangle, and General Household Sundries. TERMS CASH. FRED ZIEGLER, Auctioneer and Valuer. 19 UNDER CONDUCT OF THE REGISTRAR OP THE SUPREME COURT OF NEW ZEALAND AT AUCKLAND. AND AT THE REQUEST OP THE MORTGAGEE, in exercise of the Power of Sale contained in Memoranda of Mortgage Numbers 289240 and 290211. FRIDAY, THE 20TH DAY OF JULY, 1945, AT 2 P.M. SAMUEL VAILE AND SONS, LIMITED, Will Sell by Public Auction at its Auction Rooms, 83, Queen Street. Auckland, C.l.:— FIRSTLY—AII that piece of land containing 26.7 perches, more or less, being Lots 101 and IC2 on Deeds Plan Number 26 (blue), being part of Allotment 17 of Section 7. Suburbs of Auckland. and all the land in Certificate of Title 577/13. This property is situated at the corner of Cooper Street' and Dale End. and there is an uncompleted dwelling on the property with all the framework, including the roof framework. partly weatherboarded, floor joists but no floors. This property shall be sold as Lot 1. Limited as to parcels. SECONDLY—AII that piece of land containing 1 rood decimal 7 perches, more or less, being Lot 12 on Deposited Plan Number 20748. being oortlons of Allotments 153 and 154 of the Parish of Waikocniti. and part of the land in Certificate of Title 816/135. The property is a vacant section situated in Arawa Street West. New Lynn, adjacent to the Fruit Vale bus stop and one minute from the Great North Road. This property •*hall be sold as Lot 2. THIRDLY—AII that piece of land containing 1 rood 2.6 perches, more or less, being Lot 13 on Deposited Plan 20748. being portion of Allotments 153 and 154 of the Parish of Waikomiti. and part of the land in Certificate of Title 816/135. Appurtenant is a right-of-way over part Lot 3 on Deposited Plan 20748 and subject to a right in tavour of the Borough of New Lynn to drain water from Arawa Street West. The pr«-pei y is a vacant section situated in Arawa Street West. New Lynn (next to the Lot 12 described as "Lot 2" above), adjacent to the Fruit Vale bus stop. This property shall be sold as Lot 3. The Mortgagee's application, containing his estimate of the value of the said lands, may be seen at the office of the Registrar during office hours without payment of any fee. and a copy may be seen at the Auction Room at the time of sale. For particulars and conditions of sale ann v to the Auctioneers or to Messrs. Buddie. Richmond and Buddie. 6. Wyndham Street. Auckland. Solicitors for the Mortgagee. :19 HOUSE INVESTMENTS. PONSONBY AND GLENMORE. FRIDAY, JULY 20, AT 2 P.M. SAMUEL VAILE AND SONS, LTD., At their Rooms, 83, Queen Street. I—THREE HOUSES, situated No. 1, Runnell St., Nos. 8 and 10. England Street, off College Hili. Total rents £2 16/ per week. Freehold Corner Section 80 x 80. Good letting locality, handy trams and within easy reach of City. Trustees selling to wiad up estate. 2—GLENMORE, MT. ALBERT. Two Houses, situated Nos. 22 and 24. Buchanan St., off Aitken Terrace. Each 4 rooms, kitchenette, bathroom and laundrv. Insured £ 4CO each and let at 13/ week. Freehold Sections. 40 x £i. Within second tram section, Own""* realising on account ill-health. :U

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Page 2 Advertisements Column 8, Auckland Star, Volume LXXVI, Issue 169, 19 July 1945

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Page 2 Advertisements Column 8 Auckland Star, Volume LXXVI, Issue 169, 19 July 1945