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WANTED TO SELL WASHING MACHINE, electric; Power Wringer, rubber rollers, chrome-plated fittings; all class condition; price _£ 55.—Phone 88j-816. WATCH, man's, wristlet, good condition, £3-7" Fhone 19-696, Sunday morning. xij WEDDING DRESS, s.w.. embossed satin, large train; perfect condition. —Phone 54-057. WEDDING DRESS, white fl&tin, embroidered scalloped train: also one Powder Blue and Green Bridesmaid's Dress, georgette—S. 5123, Star. 14 WEDDING GOWN, white, silver brocaded; cost £16 16/: worn once; £12 10/.—Phone 62-550. x! 4 WEDDiNG GOWN, model, embossed satin, tulle trimmings; perfect condition; s.w.—Ring 60-703. 14 WHEELBARROWS, standard design, built with strongly bolted brackets and legs; lbin wrought iron wheel: cash price 55/; easy Lcrms, 2/6 deposit, 2/6 weekly.—Machinery Dept., Farmers' Trading Co.. Auckland. 134 WRISTLET WATCH, gent's, chromium with chromium strap: £3 10/.—140, Balmoral Rd., Mt. Eden. 14 3-PLX, l'imu, quantity, 7ft x 3ft, new.—l 9, Shera Rd.. off Portland Rd., Remuera. xl 4 £55 —FURNITURE for 3 rooms, complete; Garden Tools, 5-valve Radio, Rimu Dining Suite (modern) and Rimless Mirror Duchess, Glassware, Chinaware, etc.; value about £80. —Apply 19. Hoheria Rd.. Te Papapa bus. * 14 BOATS FOR SALE ABOUT BOATS —Buying. Selling, Exchanging, terms, Marine Insurance. —A. Donovan, Shipbroker, 217. Victoria Arcade. Office 44-534, Res. 81-574. HS ANCHORS (2), £12; pick, new.—4, Croydon Rd., off Titirangi Rd., New Lynn. 14 BO'AXb (2). 14ft and llf t6in; what offers?— 27,' Sherwood Ave., Grey Lynn. *14 CAR Gearboxes converted to 100 p.c. Marine Reverse, very successful; Manifold Water-jacketed, General Welding.—Carl Augustin Welding Co.. Ltd., 78, Federal St.. Auckland, C.l. Phone 45-088. HS DINGHY, Bft, clinker. — Apply J, Mira St.. Ponsonby. ; 16 DINGHY, 9ft Sin, Lane built, oars, Hi h.p., outboard; £60; separate, £32 each.—Speedwell. 14 DINGHY, new, 10ft, oars, rowlocks, anchor, Warp,"' perfect shape; £35.—Taylor, Omana Rd.. Milford (opp. boat slipway). 14 LAUNCH, 22ft, painted, Chev. motor, overhauled.— Selwyn, Green Bay. xl 4 MARINE ENGINE; Twigg, 3-cyl., 30 h.p., complete with reverse gear, battery and magneto ignition, perfectly sound and reliable; just overhauled and reconditioned. —For price and further details write Box 55, Upper Symonds Street, C.3. 14 RESIN BONDED PLYWOOD lor Boats and Caravans.—Wiseman's Outboards, 32, Customs St. E. L T CLASS YACHT, first class racing order; cash price £125. —Apply 38, Princes St.. Onehunga. 14 T CLASS Yacht for sale, gear, complete and in good condition; £65.—80 at at 29, Forbes St., Onehunga. ___ 14 YACHTS (2), 1411, Y Class.—s, Faulder Ave., Westmere. x! 4 YACHT, lift 6in; £17 10/ or near offer.—s4, Titirangi Rd., New Lynn. xl 4 14FT FLATTIE, new, double-ender, oars, anchor, warp rowlocks: £20.—17. Boyd Ave.. Royal Oak. IG-FOOTER, R. bilge, good sails, gear, bunks; snip, £60.'—Speedwell, 31-198, 17-843. 14 18-FOOTERS CUP Coming Back to Auckland —A boom ahead in this Class. I have several Good Boats.—Call Speedwell, Exchange Lane. xl 4 JOHNSON SEA HORSE OUTBOARD SERVICE BY EXPERTS—SmaII Propellers, Bronze Shafting, Stern Bearings, Gear Pumps. Briggs & Stratton 4-cycle air-cooled Engines, lVz to 6 h.p. Resinbonded waterproof Plywood. WISEMAN'S OUTBOARDS, 32, Customs Street East. Auckland. S A, B, C and E CLASS KEEL YACHTS, 18ft V Class, 14ft T, X and Y Classes, Z and Frostbite Classes, Pleasure Launches, 22ft to 54ft, from £175; Diesel Fishing Launches, licensed. 33ft to 48ft, from £550; Runabouft, from 12ft to 22ft; Marine Diesels, 10 to 120 h.p.; New Marine Engines, 46 to 143 h.p.; 10ft and 12ft Kauri Dinghies. Terms, Marine Insurance arranged. A. DONOVAN, 217, Victoria Arcade. Phone 44-534 (office). 10-075, 81-574 (residence). LAUNCHES, 38ft, 32ft, 2MI, 28ft; Fishing Boats, 35ft Diesel, 28ft; Keel Boats. B, C, E Class, T and Y Class; Towing Boat, 40ft, oeam Oft, draught 4',ift, twin Kelvin engines, 70. h.p.; engines ard hull guaranteed; Propeller. 22 x 22, right hand; 2 L Class Boats, good; 14ft 6in Kauri Runabout, 25 h.p. Johnson; 60ft Motor Barge, 30 h.p. Robey Diesel engine, carries 55 tons, £1250; 24ft Aux. Deadwood Mullet Boat, very good, £340; Oft V Bottom Dinghy, new, copper fastened, £16; Sextant, £20. Want lift Dinghy, Silver Fern, Tauranga, Idle Along, Z Class, 16ft Clinker Runabout; want all classes of Boats.—R. H. Wood, 201, Dilworth Bldg. Phone 44-764, private 45-806. xl 4 rt BOATS WILL BE DEARER NEXT SEASON. BUY NOW AT OFF-SEASON PRICES. DEEP WATER CRUISERS, well found, mostly with engines, 31 x 9 x 7, Diesel (been to islands); 38 x 9 x 6 (been to Sydney); 36 x B',a x 5',&, Marconi Yawl, £500; 30 x 8 x 5, Rugby 4, £330. FAST KEELERS—2Sft, £290; 32ft, £400; 37ft, 2 suits, £650. Each boat well found. 16FT R.B. CRUISER, £140; 18ft Racers. £130, £160: T, X, Y and Z Class Boats from £45. CABIN LAUNCHES—3Oft, well found. £000; 34ft, 8.-decker, £750; 35ft Diesel Work Boat, £600, good buy; Runabouts from £6r: 18ft Speedcraft, mahogany. £100; 8, 9, lOlt Clinker Dinghies; with Hi h.p. Outboard. £60; Hi, and 3',i Outboards. £30, £45 and £60. HEAVY MOORINGS, 90ft chain, £25; 12ft Launch Hull, for inboard or outboard, oars, etc., £35. Spare Sails. Chain, Blocks, etc;', cheap. PLANS IDLE ALONGS. complete, 10/-. 16 h.p. SCR IP PS MARINE, built-in reverse. £65; 6-8 h.p. Marine, cult yacht, £20; 3',2 Zealandia, £22. ANNUAL PRIZE NIGHTS. Etc. July 17, R. Akarana, Members' Night; July 13, Richmond Y.C.; July 19, Pt. Chev. Members' Night; July 21. Takapuna Club; July 25, Blockhouse Bay Club; Sept. 29, Tamaki. For Any Size or Type of Boat not listed, to Buy, Sell or Exchange, call or write. Car to view. SPEEDWELL YACHT AGENCY, (W. A. Wilkinson), Exchange Lane. 95, Quern St. (opp. Foflt St.). Phone 31-198. Residence 17-843. 14 BOATS WANTED DINGHY, 9ft 6in-12Xt, with oars; state price for cash.—Phone 51-250. xl 4 LAUNCH HULL, 20 - 22ft.—P.O. Box 923, or Phone 43-343. 14 LAUNCH, small and sound, medium-duty marine engine preferred, or will buy hull only.—Write T. 5258, Star. xl 4 MULLET BOAT, 22 to 26ft, good boat preferable. Phone 60-921. L 4 T, Y or Z CLASS, good gear; must be reasonable. Write Gear, 0311. Star. 14 M-FOOT Cruising Launch or Auxiliary. Marine Engine: cash.—Scats, 30, The Parade, St. Helier's. Phone 50-522. 14 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS FOR SALE AMPLIFIER and Loud Speaker, suitable for pick-up, mike, guitar,—Phone 70-410. 14 BANDSMEN—Brass Instruments Repaired, Instruments for sale. —Burnand, 236, Queen St. 42-430. lIS CORNET, B Flat, Boosey, nice tone, well kept Instrument.—4, Geddes Terrace, Avondale (near Primary School). 14 ELECTRIC, steel, without amp.—4l, Brown St.. Ponsonby. ____ 14 GERMAN PIANO, iron frame, overstrung, excellent condition: urgent sale, £85. —la, Mont lc Grande Rd.. off Dominion Rd.. after Saturday. x! 4 GIBSON Mandolin, cost £18 5 years ago. very little used: £14 or near offer.—Phone 19-982. 14 GRAMOPHONE MOTOR, electric; Crystal Pick-up, 12-watt Amplifier.—Phone 63-720. Xl 4 Columbia, good condition; £10 cash. —56. Airedale St.. City. 14 HARMONICA. Hohner, Professional, 4-octave, chromatic shift, walnut case, condition as new: £4—S. 4839. Star. 14 H.M.V. Portable Gramophone, good order.— Apply 41. Esplanade Rd., Mt. Eden. 14 INDUCTA DYNAMIC SPEAKER. 10-inch; also quantity modern Records.—2s, Maxwell Ave., Grey Lynn. 14 MANDOLIN, , genuine Italian, in perfect order; £6.—5,_5072, STAR. 14 ORGAN, 8-stop, nice instrument, powerful tone; cheap.—l 69, New North Rd. x! 4 PIANO, Bluthner, excellent condition, as new.— Write S. 5249, Star.. xl 4 PIANO, good," English, full iron frame, overstrung. Apply 25, Cooper St.. Grey Lynr. xl 4 PIANO, full iron frame, overstrung, underdamper, hardwood case;'£9s. —Phone 16-725. 14 PIANO, iron frame, as new; offer; terms, trade radio.—7o. Sackvilie St.. Richmond Ave. x! 4 PIANO, Merton. new condition, iron frame, light oak finish.—Apply 8, Rona Ave., Surrey Cres. x! 4 PIANO, modern design, iron frame, overstrung, excellent condition; owner leaving, must sell.— Phone 62-882. xl 4 PIANO, small, German, modern case, as new inside, overstrung, iron frame, nice tone and action; £67 10/.—435. Manukau Rd., Epsom. 14 PIANO ACCORDION, 120-bass; £55 near offer.— 12, Morton St., off Cook St. xl 4 PIANO ACCORDION, new, 48 Dass. Soprani: never played, brought from Italy; want best cash offer..— F. 4623 i STAR. 14 PIANO ACCORDION, Galantl, 4-tone, 3 couplers, new condition; £100. —P.O. Box 1449, or Phcne 32-637, business hours. 14 PIANO - ACCORDION, " Guitars, Saxophone, Clarinets, Portable Gramophones, Trombone, etc., etc. Get started now on one of our Easy to Play Instruments. —Harmony House. 466, Queen St.. Auckland. Phone 48-413. 16 PICK-UP, suitable for gramophone; what offer? 32. Formby Av., Pt. Chevalier (week-end). 14 PLAYER PIANO, American, excellent condition; best offer.—S. 5125, Staßi. xl 4 SAXOPHONE, C Melody. Case, new "reed; cheap, £30. —154 a, Great North Rd. 14 SCHUMANN, £87 10/; Goddard, £125; Allison, £135; Broadwood, £130.—Sly's, 144, Symonds St. HS SET BAGPIPES; apply after 6, Monday or Tuesday—Wrlte_^:__sls7 1 14 FREE SERVICE DELIVERY ON ALL PIANOS OVER £85. And Guaranteed Ten Years. BRITISH AND FOREIGN PIANO CO.. Strand Arcade, Queen eStreet (Opp. Majestic Theatre). Phone 44-449. H8 OVER'S MELODY HOUSE. 186, UPPER SYMONDS STREET. Phone 48-392. 100 HIGH-GRADE PIANOS OF ALL MAKES AND PRICES, Including Broadwood, Baby Grand, Brinsmead. Rodgers, Haake, Allison, Addison, Werner, Jensen Moore, Williams, Walter etc., etc. Also SIX FIRST-CLASS PLAYER PIANOS. Cash or Convenient Terms. H3 ATWATERB OFFEB PRACTICE PIANOS from £35 MEDIUM GRADE PIANOS from .. £75 "A"' GRADE DE LUXE STREAMLINED MODERN PIANOS from £125 SMALL MODERN FIRST GRADE PLAYER PIANOS, with Rolls. from £ 145 CALL. PHONE OR WRITE. Also PIANOS FOR HIRE at 7/6. 10/ weekly. For Not Less than Three Montha. ATWATERS, CIVIC SQUARE. AUCKLAND. Phone 18-017. l

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Page 10 Advertisements Column 5, Auckland Star, Volume LXXVI, Issue 165, 14 July 1945

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Page 10 Advertisements Column 5 Auckland Star, Volume LXXVI, Issue 165, 14 July 1945