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WANTED TO 5E1.,1. ; REFRIGERATOR, Domestic, 4 cubic feet. Prescold: as new. £75. —Ring 26-269. 14 REFRIGERATOR, household size, 4 cubic feet; 1 £85.-52, Ladies' Mile. Phone 24-615. 14 ' REFRIGERATORS—Ice Cream, Fish Storage. Shop : Display and Milk Cooler types: also Units only.— Refrigerator House. 27. Wyndharo-St. L RIFLE, .22, Winchester Repeater.—B7, Grey St., 1 Onehunga. _____ *14 RIFLE .22 calibre, light sporting model.—Apply ■ 32. Cambria Ave.. Mt. Rosklll. ; 14 ' RIFLE, .303, sporting type; also Telescopic Sight, Collins; £10 each.—rhone 18-232. xl 4 SAFE, English. Sentry, 35 x 24 x 22.—C. E". Lawford, Ltd.. 24 - 26. Anzac Ave. U SALAD BOWLS, crystal, beautiful.—22, Tui St.. Pt. Chevalier. ____ x! 4 SCOOTER, as new, large iron frame, new rubber. 65, East St., Saturday afternoon. 14 SEQUINS, small, quantity, all"colours; what offers? ID. Newell St.. Pt. Chevalier. 14 SEWING MACHINE, treadle; £10.— S. 4844, Star. 1' SEWING MACHINE, tailor's, Wertheim; £20.— 437. Dominion Rd. 15 SEWING MACHINE, Drophead. good order; reasonable.— 609, New North Rd., near Council, Morningside. if SEWING MACHINES, or will excnange. electric.— Globe, 154. Queen St. Phone 40-295. N SHAWL, lacy, 2-ply, hand knitted, new; £6 6/ or t near offer. —5G2. Mount Eden Road. I_4 t SHEETMETAL Pattern Cutting Books, Nuebecker, . 1936 issue, vols. 1 and 2, never been used; offers.— I S. 4859, STAR. 1* ( SHOES, 2 Fairs Girls', size 4, excellent condition; 1 cheap.—Phone 16-073. *14 ■ SIDEBOARD, r ; mu, "first-class order, cheap.—3B9. < Nikau Rd., Otahuhu. 14 * SILVER FOX FUR; fair condition; £8 10/. — S. , 5120. STAR. — SILVER FOX, beautiful, and Hip-length Northern f Flank Musquash Cape, as new; private.—4o, , Halston Road, Balmoral. « SILVER - FOXES, 1 pair, good condition. —Write j S. 4937, Star. __ 14 SILVER SHOES, 4'/ 2 ,"worn once; £I.—Apply 79, , Lynwood Road, New Lynn. 14 j SINGER SEWING MACHINE, electric, good motor, j light etc., attached, suitable dressmaker or tailor. £ no dealers, call evenings.—la. Karetu Rd.. Green - Lane. L 4 1 SINGER SEWING MACHINE, power, suitable J factorv, Dressmaker or private use, .mounted on j Workroom stand, perfect condition, price £50.— ' Apply 58. Sussex St.. Grey Lynn. 16 SINGER SEWING MACHINES and other reliable J makes from £10 10/; terms from £5 deposit,— 1 454, Karangahape Rd. 14 SINGER and Other Reliable Machines. £2 to Cl 5. written guarantee, nee trial, prompt repairs, i Master. Sheriff's Hill. Phone 78-450. N f SINGRK Sewing Machine, otner makes, all prices. C Motors fitted. Expert Repairs. Parts.—Phone 63-499. Andrew. 11, Greenfield Rd„ Epsom. L i SINGER SHOP, Newmarket. — Specialists in Repairs. Reconditions.—Next Post Office. HS . SINGER SHOP, Newmarket, for Osed Machines. : Expert Repair Service.—Next Post Office. HS SINGLE BED, Wire Wove; £2.-2, Alexander St., ' Glenmore. 14 SINGLE Panel Bed and Wire Wove, £5 10/; Wool : Mattress, new, £4; Combination Wardrobe Duch- , ess. £7 10/. —10. Euston Rd.. Sandrlngham. 14 j SINK AND BENCH, stainless steel, all one piece, almost new, sft; £23.-23, Rookfleld Rd., Ellerslie. 17 1 SKUNK STOLE, new; Man's Navy Suit.—Apply j Flat 5, San Marino. Sarawal St.. Parnell. 14 | SOIL, good, heavy, free from stone, any quantity, cheap, delivered.—Phone 63-057. HS STAMPS, Health, * 1932, Mint blocks of four. What ■ offers?—S. 4963. STAR. 14 STOCKINGS, . fully-fashioned, all-wool, black ribbed.—Roslyn House, 446 a, Queen St. 14 STOVE, AtiasT~with stand, plug-in, perfect order, highest offer. —18. Jelllcoe Ay.. Mt. Rosklll. 14 STOVE and Oven, kerosene, Perfection; good order; £8. best offer.—lol. Taylor's Rd., Mt. Albert. 14 STOVETTE, electric, plug-in, 1 element and oven with griller, perfect order.—Phone 60-975. xl 4 SUIT, navy serge. Boy (12-14), nearly new — 4, Torrance St., Epsom. 14 SUITS, good"condition, size 5; £11 and £B.—Phone ; 40-317 (from Monday). 14 TENT, square, 8 X 8 x 5, green top. mildew proofed, never used.—39, Windmill Rd., Mt. Eden. 14 i TIMBER. 4 x 2, 6 x 2 und 4xl flooring; Large Patent Slide D00r.—247, Parnell Road (week days). 14 TIMBER, uncontrolled" for Sale—Large supply 5f treated tawa flooring for immediate purchase; first grade timber; treatment guaranteed for 22 years.—Apply T. M. Taylor and Sons, Ltd., Astley Ave.. New Lynn. 14 1 TRAILER for Sale; 161n wheels, £20; also Camshaft Velo., needs assembling; 1929 model; £15.— Apply 406, Dominion Rd.. Mt. Eden. x! 4 TRAINS Lionel, electric, complete with transformer, rails and accessories, light on engine; £15.—Phone 48-177. xl 4 TRICYCLE, medium size, in excellent condition; ! all new tyres.—277. Sandrlngham Rd. x! 4 ' TYPEWRITER, "Royal Standard, good machine; £25.—Dollimore, 124, Victoria Street. Phone 40-270. 14 TYPEWRITER, Imperial, portable, as new; original ribbon.—Phone 42-624 (12 - 2 p.m., Monday) o,- Call Room 4a, National Mutual Bldg., 41. Shortland St. 5L 14 ÜBN, electric, 3 gallons boiling water under half hour; element guaranteed.—Phone 63-245. 14 VACUUM CLEANER, National (notv Silent); new condition; £15.—Apply 56, Lcmington Rd., Westmerc (after 5.30 p.m.). ,14 WARDROBE, as new. medium dark cak; £12. — 21. Wilkinson Rd.. Ellerslie. *14 WASHER, Thor (Canadian),, Rotary extractor model, as new; stored last six years; £65.—80 x 99, Whakatane. 15 BEDROOM SUITE SPECIALS this week—l 2 Designs from £26 IS/: also Tallboys, £5 19*6; Gent's 'Robes. £9 17/6; China Cabinets. £8 19/6; Dressing Tables, £6 19/6; All Wool Mattresses, £4 19/6. Cash or terms. —Auckland Furnishing Co., corner Karangahape Rd. . and Queen St. (next McCabc's Radios). *16 ' CHINA CABINETS. Writing Bureaux. 4-Drawer Tallboys. £4 17/6; 5 and 6-Drawer Tallboys. Note: Prices from the maker direct to you and we arrange terms. —R. J. Rosen, Ltd.. Cabinetmakers, 226-228, Dominion Rd. (corner Valley Rd.). 1 section Symonds St. Open Friday nights, Saturday . mornings. Rehabilitation, orders, special discount. 14 : DINING ROOM SUITES*, China Cabinets, in beech, tawa, tarairc, walnut, l'imu, polished In rosewood or mahogany to match. Note: Wc do make our ' own Furniture and sell direct to you and arrange terms.—R. J. Rosen. Ltd., Cabinetmakers. 226-228. 1 Dominion Rd. (corner Valley Rd.). 1 section Symonds St. Open Friday nights. Saturday morn- > lngs. Rehabilitation orders, special discount. 14 DRESSING GOWNS —A uniqiie opportunity,to buy ; a High Quality Winter WeTght Dressing Gown : in, warm brown, or light grey, piped and with Girdle. They look dressy and feel warm and cosy. The price, only 67/6 each (6 coupons). No value like them in Auckland. —At 48, Victoria St. ; West. : 17 FUR COAT, Musquash, S.W., skins perfect, £22; : ■ Fur Cape. £10; Goblets and Dscanter; Electric Toaster; Easyrest Fireside Chair; Chrom. Stan- | dard Lamp; Picnic Hamper; Bedside Lamp; Coffee • Pot: Entree Dish; Smoker's Stand; Single Embossed Bedspread.—Room 61, Brunswick Bldg., ; 174. Queen St. *14 HOSTESS BED SETTEE, green tapestry Chesterfield Suite, pre-war: Reversible Bedroom Rug, Black Mohair Rug. Oak Coffee Table. Occ. Table, Kidney Dress. Table and Stool, Electric Revolving Fan, Single Hostess Bed Settee.—Room 61, Bruns- ' wick Bldg.. 174, Queen St. xl 4 PANEL SETTEE and Squab; Single Bed and Wire; Sideboard; Unit Chesterfield Suite; Glory Box; Ottoman; Verandah Lounge Chair, with - Squab; Walnut Tallboy; Oak Dropleaf Table; 3ft 6in Bed and Wire; Double Oak Panel Bed and Wire; Double Mattress; Wall Mirror.—Room 61. [ Brunswick Bldg.. 174. Queen St. xl 4 . SINGLE BEDSTEADS includ. Wire Mattresses. £5 17/6: Kltchcn Dresser, several designs; Kitchen Tables, Kitchen Chairs, Occasional Furniture. • We do make our own Furniture and sell direct to ' you and arrange terms. —R. J. Rosen, Ltd., Cabinetmakers, 226-228. Dcminlon Rd. (corner Valley P.d.), 1 section Symonds St. Open Friday nights. Satur- ■ day mornings. Rehabilitation orders, special dis- ; count. 14 COT, OAK, MATTRESS, HIGH CHAIR, £5 the 1 lot: Dining Suite, dark: 2 Fireside Chairs: Settee and Squab; Solid Oak Double Bed, wire wove; Tallboy; Kapok Mattress and Pillows complete, ; as new; reasonable. Urgent sale, i 30, ALBANY ROAD, HERNE BAY. Xl 4 FARM DRAINAGE FARM DRAINAGE FIELD TlLES—Stocks are low. Order well in advance. , i GLAZED PJPES—MiIk, acid resistant. Price List on Application. . CRUM BRICK, TILE AND POTTERY CO., LTD.. New Lynn. Phone 88-214, 88-640. HS BEAUTIFUL DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RINGS. A LARGE SELECTION TO CHOOSE FROM. Also a Good Stock of DRESS, SIGNET and WEDDING RINGS. Call and Inspect Our Stock. M. S. McFEAT, N.Z.H.1., , Watchmaker and Jeweller, 398. Karangahape Rd. (Next Bank N.Z.). Phone 40-515. 14 ".SUPREM-AC Y," THE NEW AND FASCINATING WAR GAME. Played with aeroplanes, tanks, forts battleships, guns, etc. A never-ending delight for the whole family, "Supremacy" can be played by two to seven players. Obtainable at— > WHITCOMBE & TOMBS, LTD., | And All Booksellers. RTS ' ELASTIC R U B B E R. ' We are still - carrying stacks of our popular Imported Elastic Rubber. Many Hundreds of Satisfied Users. Material 6in wide. SOLD AT 2/9 PER YARD, postage paid. TWO YARDS FOR 5/. Purchaser can cut to width desired. Write NOVELTY SALES CO., C.P.O. Box 508, , Wellington. 14 OAK DINING ROOM SUITE, Drawleaf Table, Chests of Drawers, Commodes, Tallboys, Office Tables, Settees and Squabs, Double Mattress, Seagrass Chair and Lounge. Rimu Sideboards, Tea Wagons, Kapok Quilts, Bookshelves, Oak Piano Stopls, Coffee Percolator, Hand Milk Shake Machine, Tricycles, Kapok Pillows, Cradles, Sprung Prams. Buy From a Returned Soldier. Ring Me Your Requirements. 238, DOMINION ROAD, Corner Valley Road. | Open Friday Nights. Phone 60-568. 14 | SALE OF SURPLUS WAR ASSETS. The War Assets Realisation Board. Defence Ser- . vices Building, Bunny Street, Wellington (postal address, Box 5080) Invites offers for:— • (1) 2777 PAIRS JUNGLE BOOTS, new, with 1 heavy rubber soles and canvas uppers. Sizes 4 to 12. In lots of not less than 50 pairs.' 1 (2) 170 TYPEWRITERS, used, various makes ar.d models, located at Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. - (3) 260 DUPLICATORS, new and used, rotary and flatbed types, for office use, various makes; located at Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. (4) 1 ONLY ICE CREAM CHEST, used, McAlpine. 4-hole; located at Graceficld, Weli lington. [ Offers close with Board's Secretary, to whom : they should : be addressed in envelopes marked ■ "Offer for " at Noon on MONDAY, July . 30, 1945. Further particulars and conditions of ; sale obtainable from Board's Wellington Office ' and Office of Board's District Executive Officers, r Dilworth Building, Queen Street, Auckland. :21

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Page 10 Advertisements Column 4, Auckland Star, Volume LXXVI, Issue 165, 14 July 1945

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Page 10 Advertisements Column 4 Auckland Star, Volume LXXVI, Issue 165, 14 July 1945