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WANTED TO SELL j BLINDS, all sizes, guaranteed fadeless Holland; best prices.—Alexander's, opposite Town Hall. S4 BLINDS—Yes! We make Blinds. Sell and Cut Material to Size; make your own.—Send Venetian Renovations to "K" Blind Co.. S. & C. Building, Newmarket. S BOOKS (2000) suitable for Library.—Write B.G. 0371, Star. 16 BOOKS. — Hawkins' "Electrical Guide," 3 vols., fully illustrated, Questions and Answers, Motion Picture, etc.;_ £ 3.—Phone 42-117. 14 BOWLS, Dunlop, set, size 5 l-16in, new conB.G. 0403, Star. xl 7 BOXING BOOTS, size 6;" also Motor Cycle Helmet; both goad condition. —Phone 40-792. xl 4 BOYS' OVERCOATS (2), navy veiou:-. 35in and 41in. good condition. —Write S. 4893, STAR. 14 BHIDAL GOWN, s.w., cream brocaded taffeta; £G. 94, Lincoln St., Ponsonby. 14 CALIFONT, Silver Fern, with flue, perfect condition; what offers.—lß. Jellicoe Av.. Mt. Roskill. 14 CAMERA, 120, Eastman's; Girls' Coats and Hats (2), rust and green, 22in., smart, 32/6 each.— Phone 88-660. 14 CARPET, best quality Axminster, 33yds Body Carpet, £3 per yard, with Underfelt. —Rinp--71-522. 14 CARPET, Wilton. 9 x 12; Hall Runner, body and border Wilton, 5 x 8.6; Lino. Squares, 8x8; Morris Chair; £40 the lot. —12, Weston Ave., Mt. Albert. 14 CARPET RUNNER, 36in wide, length lift; good order. —Phone 64-911. 14 CARROT JUICE, _fresh_ daily.—Phone 48-044. 14 CAVITY Building Block Moulds, all sizes.—2. Eden Terrace. * 16 CIIESTF'I-FiELD SUITE, no borer, requires recovering.—Apply Masscy's Store, Castor Bay. 14 CIIE STEM FIELD SUITE, autumn tonings; Oak Sideboard, pre-war.—l4o, Jcrvois Rd., Ponsonby. _x 14 CHESTERFIELD SUITE, Genoa Velvet, condition good; reasonable.—Apply 14, Hillside Crescent, Mt. Eden. 14 CHESTERFIELD SUITE, autumn tonings, new, fully sprung; £40.—Lindsay, Shirley Road, Papatoctoc. xl 4 CHESTERFIELD SUITE, pre-war, green tapestry, loose cushions, good condition.—3B, Sainsbury Rd., Morningside, or 27, Lippiatt Rd., Otahuhu. xl 4 CHESTERFIELD SUITE, ~ rust, pre-war," fully sprung, £26; Oak 6-Piece Dining Suite, modern, £27; Wardrobe, like new, £6 15/; Walnut Bedroom Suite. £26; Leather Chairs, 15/ each; Oak Filing Cabinet, £4 5/; Douglas Office Chair, 35/. Rocm 61, E unswiek Bldg., 174, Queen St. xli I Uiixi i*'S DlCxc'lE. 18in wheels; condition as n?v:. 1 37, Tasman Ave.. 5.W.2. ;4 I i . k'ATTERNtiI LUI your own neiii nr. : • uoss Kynes Multiple Patterns; equals 72 pap- r « j litems. —Wliitcombe and Tcrnbs. RD4 i CIGARETTE CASE, solid silver, lovely; suit"lady or gentleman.—Phone 51-037. x! 4 I CLO'iHES DRIERS, Revolving, 160 ft wire; painted; £4 15/.—Phone 60-453. 21 11/UTHLs* LI.NLa revolving steej spindle, wirea. .jalnted. erected in concrete. £6 10/. —Godkln. 5. • ITsnlanade lid.. Mt. Eden Ph. 60-255. O CLOTHES LINES, revolving, steel pole ana spindle, erected in concrete, complete; £6 10/. —McPheat, , 24, Waterview Rd., Devonport. Phone 71-317. 14 I CLOTHES LINES, revolving, galvanised steel pole t and spindle, wired, painted, erected in concrete: . quality, appearance assured; £6 10/. —Ph. 54-933. ; i 4 , COAT, black, English cloth, new, woman's; no coupons.—Ring 19-688. 14 COAT, woman's, dark grey, camel hair; new, £7 10/. —Russell, Phone 32-680. 14 COAT, dark Musquash, S.W., excellent condition, medern, 40in; £45. —Ring 62-062. 14 COAT, Navy Wool Gabardine, 42in length, perfect condition; £4. —Phone 63-134. x! 4 COATS, boys', fit 4-6 years; also Shoes, good . order, cheap.—s4, Lambeth Rd., Dominion Rd. x! 4 COAT, Navy Blue Velour; also 4 White Nurse's Uniforms and Caps, w.. as new.—Phone 62-504. 14 COAT, rust, child's, 28in; Rust Felt Hat. Brown I Shoes, size 13. —Phone 36-039. xl 4 COAT. Harris tweed, blue and .raisin, tailored, > new, s.w., £7; Frock, silk, s.w., unusual colourings; Shoes, black, size* 5; Slip-ons, high heels; Suit, beige, tailored, w.'s. —Phone 42-117. 14 • COIN COLLECTION, including Jubilee Sovereign and Half Sovereign;j_£ 12.— S. 4964, Stah. 14 COLLAR, golden fox, handsome Continental, made ■ to wear over coat, costume.—Phone 51-037. x! 4. COMPLETE SETS Pelman and Auto-Psychology Books; also "Better Sight Without Glasses," by Harry Benjamin, brand new.—Write T. 4113, Star. ■ ; 14 CONEY COATS, brown, and Brown Hooded Coat, both box styles; s.w.; cheap.—Phone 63-792. 14 COPPER», 12-gallon; Small Kitchen Table, I Eniamel Sink, several large Windows, and 2 Doors.—s4. Waiatarua Rd., Meadowbank. x! 4 COSTUME, woollen, rose, s.w., 30/; Navy Shoes, size 6, 10/.—Phone 17-536. 14 COSTUME, black, 0.5., £6; Shoes, size 6, 25/; both new.—B7, Crummer Rd. xl 4 CUSTUME, ladies', nigger brown, pin stripe, O.S. man tailored, new—S. 5150. Star. 14 COSTUME, Woollen Dress, Evening Frock and Skirt, s.w., in excellent condition.—Write S. 4570, Star. 14 COT, dropside, panel ends, enamelled, unused.— 71, Prospect Tee.. Dominion Rd. 14' COT, rimu, dropside, wire wove, kapok mattress, £3 10/; Baby's Crib, 30/.—Phone 17-697. 14 COT, rimu, dropside; Wire and Kapok Mattress; perfect condition; £3. —2, Wharf Rd., Heme Bay. xl 4 COW COVERS, 240z, heavy brown jute, 12/ each n et, f.o.b.—J. Jones Limited. Auckland. S CROWN AND PINION, 1934 Austin 7, new.— Phone 27-694. 14 CYCLES, Ladies' Gents', special bargain prices.— Goodmans Cycles, 267, Karangahape Rd. H DAD'S snOP for All Used Furniture and Carpets. Write, Call or Phone 43-568, 464, Queen St. Take Town Hall tram to Myers Park. HS DAD'S SHOP—Tallboys from £4 19/6: Wardrobes from £6 17/6; All Wool Mattresses Irom £3 18/6; K. Chairs, 10/6; High Chairs, 31/; Glass-fronted K. Dressers, £6 10/; Chesterfield, Dining and Bedroom Suites, Gents' Robes, Bookshelves, Cots, Playpens and Carpets always on hand. 64 DESKS, modern, 4 right-hand drawers. 1 polished £9 15/. 1 sanded £8 15/.—Phone 31-067. 14 DIAMOND CLUSTER, seven perfect stones, set platinum, £65 or offer.—S. 5066. Star. 17 DIAMOND RING, 3 nice stones, claw setting.— 17, Poronui St., Mt. Eden. xl 4 DIAMOND RING, 2-stone, dainty, latest setting; £15 cash.—Write S. 5165. Star. 16 DIAMOND RING, 3 diamonds, scroll platinum setting, £35; Fur Coat, W., full length box, as new, £i 5; offers.—S. 5028, Star. 14 DIAMOND RlNGS—Exclusive styles, priced from £20; limited stocks of imported Crystal and China on' view.—Christie's. St. Kevin's Arcade. D DICTIONARY, Webster's New International, unabridged; £7 10/.—Ring 64-791. 14 DINING ROOM SUITE, leather-backed chairs, Jacobean style, £30 or offer; also English Rust Chesterfield Suite, modern, cost £75; £60 or offer; also Cane-backed Chair, £6. —Phone 16-195. - DINING SUITE, 6 pieces, walnut veneer, Extension Table, Leadlight Sideboard; terms.—Phone 60-789. xl 4 DINNER SUIT, as new, tailored, pre-war; fit tall, slim youth.—S. 4702, Star. 14 DINNER- SUITS. Gent's, as* new, splendid seleclion. —Meltzer's, 61? Victoria St. W. N DOLL'S HOUSE, large bungalow style, furn.; £5.— 42. Princes Ave., Mt. Roskill. 14 DOORS, Sashes, Windows. Grates, Ranges. Gates. Sam White and Sons. Market Place. N DOUBLE BED, dark, solid oak, Rustless Wire Wove, 101b Kapok Mattress, unused. —Write F. 4714, Star. xl 4 DRESSING TABLE, oak, oval mirror, 6 drawers; £6 15/.—Write B.G. 0384, STAR. 14 DRESSMAKING Made Easy! Teach yourself with Ross Hynes Home Dressmaker; complete course in dressmaking; only 15/. —Whitcombe and Tombs. I ♦ 3D4 DRESS SUIT, medium man, good order. —Phone 62-504. 14 r. DROPSIDE COT, with tea wagon wheels.—Phone g 20-769. 14 DROPSIDE COT. 30/; Sydney Stroller, £2; Low Chair, 10/; Rocking Horse, 10/; 2ft 6in Panel Bed Ends, £1; 5-gallon Keg, 10/; Singing Yorkshire Canary and Cage, 30/. —24, Camborne Rd., Sandringham. 14 DRUMS, 44-gallon, clean and good; 6/ at Depot. delivery extra. —Phone 42-545. x! 9 ELECTRIC FENCES (2), new; £5 each.—B.G. 0326. STAR. 14 ELECTRIC MIXER, good order. —381, Remuera Rd. x! 4 ELECTRIC STOVE, full size, Atlas; nearly new; offer wanted.—Phone 51-331. 14 Britannica, latest edition, as new—S. 4822, Star. 14 "ENGINEERING WORKSHOP PRACTICE," 1944, 3 vols., 900 illustrations. All operations, machine tools, jigs, templates, welding calculations, etc. Also "Sheetmetal Work" (3), "Motor Engineer" (5). Easy terms. —Book Specialties, Box 515, Auck. 14 ENVELOPES (500), good white, 9/ box. —Lockharts, Ponsonby Rd. HS EVENING DRESS, new, black, very latest, beautifuliy beaded, between S.W. and W.;-Price £3. — Phone 16-457. . 14 EXTENSION LADDERS, Barrows, Stepladders, Trestles.—Pelham. 156, Victoria St. W. 40-654. U FIRE EXTINGUISHERS. Foam. Soda. Acid; also Quart Pyrcnes.—Manning Co.. 188. Broadway. HS FIBROUS Plaster Ceilings and Walls. Quality unexcelled, large stocks.—Leman Bros., Ltd., 165, Balmoral Rd., Balmoral. Phone, 60-193. HS FIRESIDE SUITE, £14; Double Bed, dark oak, new wire, modern, £10. —437, Dominion Rd. 14 FIREWOOD, Tea-tree, dry, £1 14/ half-ton, £3 3/ ton; prompt delivery.—Phone- 80-532. 14 FIREWOOD, tea-tree blocks, dry, first class; Immediate delivery.-Phone 26-977. D 4 FIREWOOD, Dry Tea-tree Blocks, £3 3/ per ton, c.o.d. orders, ton or more.—Phone 42-777. D 4 FlßEWOOD—Splendid line Dry Pine Blocks; £2 5/ a ton, c.0.d.. while It 42-777. D 4 FIREWOOD—MiIIwood, 8 bags, £1; pine blocks, 7 bags, 25/.—Write P.O. Box 29, Henderson. x! 4 FIREWOOD—Tea-tree Blocks, mountain-grown, 12 bags £3 3/; prompt delivery.—Bedford, Phone 20-753. Xl 6 FIREWOOD — Millwood, long lengths for better value; 2 tons £2; tons £4; delivered.—Phone 26-671. ; *14 FIREWOOD, dry tea-tree, 12 bags (one ton) or more, 5/ bag, delivered; prompt delivery.—J. Duffy, Waitakere. 14 FIREWOOD —Order your dry Tea-tree Blocks from J. Duffy, Waitakere, £3 per ton, delivered; satisfaction . guaranteed. 14 . FIREWOOD, stove lengths, dry Pine, £2 8/; Wattle, £3; Tea-tree, £3 5/; in 12-bag lots; immediate delivery.—Cowlishaw and MacDougal, I Phone 36M, Kumeu. - TS4 FISH NETS, Flounder, Mullet, Sprat and Piper; : completely slung and ready for the water.— : w. S. Laurie and Co., 71, Customs St. West. 14 [. FLOOR RUG, 6x3, hand-made; offer. Lady's - Leather Jacket, S.W., zip pockets; £5. —Write t B.G. 0375, Star. — • FOOD«CONTAINERS, .tin steel, clean, 80 gals., - many uses; lid,' handles, strong.—Phone 63-245. 14 I FOOTBALL - BOOTS, size 8; 10/.—Phone 63-134. 1 ' " x! 4 e FOX FUR, light brown, perfeot condition; £2 4 15/.—Write S. 4808, Star. 14 ~ FRAMER, Stanley Marsh, complete, new con--5 dition; offers.—Write Stanley, 0400, Star. x! 4 FUR,, silver, fox, £*40; Fur Coat, w.. £23.—Phone 1, 79-294. . _■ x! 4 ~ FUR CAPE, Skunk Opossum; modern style; as new, le £12 .10/.—21. Millals St., Grey Lynn. 14 FUR CAPE, brown, smart, £3 15/; Boy's ■2 Clothing, fit 5 to 11 years.—Phone 62-354. 14 id FUR CAPE, genuine Skunk; modern style, satinlS lined; as new, £25.—Write S. 4946, Star. • 14

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Page 10 Advertisements Column 2, Auckland Star, Volume LXXVI, Issue 165, 14 July 1945

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Page 10 Advertisements Column 2 Auckland Star, Volume LXXVI, Issue 165, 14 July 1945

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