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tV.IXTKD TO rttv I- ci\V ard°St* N N't'Mt mU Fpn be good order.—3, King end 'chin a J St 1 " a 5, e i c " cryEtal 43-478, from IIS *r&Lr AT A Pboa £ and pricc §^^3gs^3 t 3g?& Oo| S_\VALKAB°tIT wanted.—Ring 63-953. xl 4 RT condit 'Q"- wSted—only"^?, cition E 'fl v ,vhlte ' must _ be _ in good con - - (.mon, fit child 14 years.—s. 5062, Star. 14 Ho^ C St E ,'Newton. " aU ' Si2e ' BCOd condiUon^ X?. r . andah ' a ppr °x. Bft :: 4ft 6in; must be food condition.—Phone 18-377. xl 4 i-OOKS, Life and Teachings of Masters of Far i: aot. —oU-567. 14 HOOKS, Magazines, Comics, hignest prices. We call.—Perry's, Phone 44-772. MS CALIfrONT, good, second-hand, wanted.—Phone 26-839. X l 4 CALIFONT, gas, suitable bath; guaranteed good crder. —Particulars, price, to S. 4914, Star. 14 CARPETS, used, good condition.—Dad's Shop, 464, Queen Street. 43-568. HS tAIifSXS (4), large, suitable showroom fioor; bright patterns preferred; any condition. —Phone 63-331 xl 4 CARPETS- (2), Axminster or Wilton, suitable fcho.vrccm; must be good condition; cash buyer.— 1 hone 62-578. x! 4 CASH All Trade Tools—Dust Bins, Mantles, —Vrede. 64. Victoria St. S • CHESTERFIELD SUITE and Carpet Square, good order; cash.—Write S. 5103, Star. 14 CIIEST OF DRAWERS, mahogany; reasonable. — 1- hone 24-372. 14 CHUCK, three-jaw, self-centring.—Phone 41-424. 14 CONTENTS of Flat or House.—Write Box 1856, Auckland. _14 CRANK HANDLE, Whippet, 1928-1930.—Dunsmuir, bl, Springfield Rd., Morningside. xl 4 CRYSTAL, China, Silverware, also Cutlery in reasonable condition.—Phone Mr. Russell, 49-047. 16 CRYSTAL, China, Silverware, Oddments. Best Prices. —Metro Mart, 245. Symonds St.. 42-508. HS4 "dUPBOAKD (kitchen), or small Dresser. —State price to Cheap, 4379, STAR. 14 CiCLES — Boys', Girls" any condition: Cash.— 17-194. Clarice's Cycles, Newmarket. - IUABIOXDSi Old Gold. Diamond Rings.—Skeates Uros., Jewellers, Queen St., Auckland. X i.'IAMONDS. Old Gold, ?tc., highest pneet pain.— A. E. lnnes and Son. Watchmaker and Jeweller, Queen St. iIIAMOND RING or Brooch —£20 to £50 paid. Write B.G. 0255. Stab. B4 DIAMOND .RING, old-fashioned setting preferred; will pay good price; urgent.—Phone CO-328. x! 4 DOLLS or Dull Parts: highest prices paid: "also Human Hair, over Sin length.—Auckland Doll Hospital, 460, Karangahape Road. i___ D4 ELECTRIC IRON, must be in good order; state price.—Write B.G. 0348. STAR. 14 ILECTRIC RANGETTE or Stove. —Particulars tu Phone 61-350. 14 EVENING FROCK, w. size; black preferred; reasonable price.—S. 4854, Star. 14 FILING CABINET, steel. 4-drawer; state price.— Box 1783 or Phone 25-935. xl 4 t jli COAT, Musouach, s.w.. goad condition.— Phone 63-792. x! 4 FURNITURE, Prams, Pushchairs. Vacuum Cleaners, etc.; immediate inspection: highest spot cash—' Phone 42-008 HS GOLF BALLS, new or used; new preferred; p nerous offers. —Write S. 4807. STAR. 14 OOLF BALLIj, must be new, preferably Dunlop 65 or Top Flight; state make and price.—B.G. 0363. Star. *16 JUICE EXTRACTOR, small; state price, etc. — Write S. 5219. Star. x! 4 KAURI or Kahikatea, 500 ft, clean; price.—Write Cssh, 0106, Star. xl 4 LAWNMOWCaS, any condition. — Steel, 435, Dominion Rd.. Princess Theatre Bldg. 63-453. L LlKEN—Highest cash price paid for your Handworked Cloths, Duchess Sets. Tray Covers, Bedspreads, etc. Also any unused Tablecloths in linen or silk.—Write or call Dromorne Linen Co., Ltd., N.Z. Insurance Bldg., Queen St., Auckland^. MECCANO SET, complete, with Elecrtic Motor.— Particulars to Meccano. P.O. Box 1726. Auckland. 16 MONEY BOX. penny, nigger boy; must be in good condition. —Phone 16-517. 14_ CLD BED ENDS, iron, suitable concrete reinforcing.—Phone 27-017. *17 PEARL NECKLACE, 3-string; also Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring.—Phone 42-610. xi_4 riE URN, small.—Phone 20-842. xl 4 PLUNKET PRAM, sponge tyres, detachable type; top price for good pram.—Phone 54-639 (Sunday). xl 4 PRAM, cane, modern, cradle sprung, folding handle, sponge tyres essential; state length, price. 3.G. 0409, Star. xl 4 77ING, 3 diamonds on the cross: where seen and l:iice.—'Write S. 4905, Star. 14 RUNLITE STOVE, also sprung Squabs, suitable caravan.—lso. Ponsonby Rd. Phone 27-236. 14 SCALES, platform type, suitable invalid; urgently.— Fhone 61-006. 14 SEWING MACHINE. Singer preferred: need not late model: urgent.—Phone 26-657. 14 SEWING MACHINE, Electric only considered, any make; good price offered. —M. 3860. Star. 14 SEWING MACHINE, Singer only, long or round shuttle. Drophead preferred.—Phone 43-652. 14 fcISWING MACHINES, any condition, very liberal prices.—Phone 78-45 C. D SEWING MACHINES, any number, any condition: cash.—Phone 40-295, Globe Machine Co. 1£ SEWING MACHINES, any cond.. all makes, top prices.—Andrew, 11, Greenfield Rd., Epsom. 63-499. N SHOTGUN, d.b., any condition, for parts.—A. Melrose, Rivervlew Rd., Otahuhu. 14 SIDEBOARD, preferably light oak.—Phone 24-897. Xl 4 SILVER FOX FUE, must be good condition. — Write price, particulars to Cash, 0297, Star. HS STAMPS, all kinds, will give best price.—Box 1516, C.P.O. 14 STAMPS. 1931, Air Mall, Mint, top prices given. S. 4962, STAR. 14 STAMPS, good, wanted, from £1 to £1000. write me before selling elsewhere.—Stamps. P O. Box 11, Takapuna. WS4 STOVE, Range, wanted.—Send price and particulars to R. 5045, Star. 14 STOVES, any condition; top prices: will collect. A. Broady and Co.. 36. Kingston St. Phone 40-782; :28 TALLBOY, golden oak or rimu preferred, good order.—Ring 54-581. ' xl 4 TRICYCLES, Child's, 4-6 years, good make, any reasonable condition.—S. 4667. Star. _14 TELESCOPE wanted, small and powerful: suitable deerstalking.—Webster, Box 104, Wairoa, H.B. 14 TJMBRELLA, lady's, preferably brown.—S. 4865. STAB. H VACUUM CLEANER, electric. Electrolux preferred, good order: will nay good price for good make: cash.—Phone 20-869 (morning or evening). N WATCHMAKER'S LATHE required urgently by returned soldier. —Reply particulars, etc., S. 5210. Star. . xl 4 WHITCOMBES Buy Second-hand Books. In good condition: best prices for recent Fiction. Classics. Travel Works. Biographies. Children's Books. WS WIRE MESH, '/ain or square, small quantity.—Write S. 5113, Star. 14 WBINGEB, good order;, good price paid.—Phone 64-236. or Write B.G. 0395, Stab. xl 4 WANTED TO SELL. ALUMINIUM PAINT, best quality. 9 gallons.—Write S. 5176, Star. 16 ANTIQUE DEALER, Christchurctt, wants contact with Antique Dealer or Private Collector in Auckland to sell or on commission.—Replies to Postbox 1057. Chrlstchurch. 14 ATTACHE CASES, Hat Boxes, suitcases. Golf Clubs.—Meltzer's, 61, Victoria St. W. N AUCKLAND FURNISHING CO. for Quality Furniture; Keenest Prices in Auckland, cash or terms. —Corner Karangahape Rd. and Queen St. (next McCabe's, Radios). Phone;4l-193. x! 6 BABY SET, 5 pieces, beautiful hand-knitted shawl to match, 54in x 54in, new; £7 7/ the lot. —12, Raymond St.. Pt. Chevalier. 14 BABY'S COT and Mattress, good order; £3.— Phone 24-602. 14 BABY'S SHAWL, hand-knitted, £5; also Dresses, Jackets, etc., all new.—l2s. Pt. Chevalier Rd. 14 BABY'S SHAWL, hand-knitted, 2-ply, P. and B.'s wool, beautiful lacey design, new; Christening Gown. wHite satin, lace trimmed, hand embroidered, new.—Write S. 4899. Star. 14 BAGS, plgssin, zippa, at £4 7/6 (retail £5 5/); limited quantity only.—llß. Queen's Arcade; ■ 14 BARBER'S SCISSORS (Wellman), Franz Swaty Hone. Vzin Full concave Razor, Turkey Stone; all as new: what offer? —Barber, 5013, STAR. 14 BASIN, English, with tap, slightly cracked, offers. 13. Jelllcoe Av.. Mt. Roskill. 14 BED, Single, panel, ends. Reinforced Wire Wove: £3.—Phone 43-292. ; I_4 BED, 3ft 6in, oak, and Wire; Rimu 5-drawer Tallboy, Piano Seaf. —Phone 36-039. ] xl 4 BED, Single, non-sag wire, panel ends, £4 10/; 25 Records. £2. —4. Green St., Ponsonby. 14 BED, %, wooden, Wire Wove Mattress; 2 Gas Fires. Gas Stoves (Main). —Phone 79-284. 14 BED, %, Wire Mattress, Kapok, Bed, Dressing Table, Pedestal, painted cream; £9 10/. —635, Mt. Albert Rd.. Royal Oak. xl 4 BEDROOM and Dining Room Suites, modern design, oak, new condition. —Phone .27-017. x! 4 BEDROOM STOOL, oak, cabriole legs, 3ft long, as new.—3B, Kelmarna Avenue, Heme Bay. 14 BEDROOM SUITE, Double, 3-piece, light, good condition.—Ring 78-332. I 4 BEDROOM SUITE 4-piece, modern, almost new, walnut finish; terms arranged—Phone 60-789. x! 4 BEDROOM SUITE, oak, comprising Double Bed, Dressing Table, Bedside Cabinet—Phone 50-134. 14 BEDROOM SUITE, Double, 3-pce., walnut veneer, with Wire Wove; almost new; £50.—42, Te Arawa St.. Orakei. Mission Bay. L 4 BICYCLE, good condition, £8. —73, Hepburn St., City. 11 BICYCLE, Lady's, little used, In perfect condition; £15.— S. 5071, STAR. H BICYCLE, gent's, new paint and tyres; any reasonable offer.—2B, Angle St., Onehunga. BICYCLE, lady's, as new; Electric Lamp.—B4, Brown St.. Ponsonby (after .Sunday). 14 BICYCLE, gent.'s, sports, new; 26in tyres; a snip, £10 10/.—92, Rosebank Rd... Avondale. 14 BICYCLE, Gent.'s, good condition; £6 15/. — Apply SI. Rotamahana. Ter. (week-end). 14' BICYCLE, gent's, ' Leader Sports model, perfect condition; £.10. —1. Redmond St., Ponsonby.. 14 BICYCLE, Gent's Raleigh Sports, perfect condition, 3-speed gear, Bosch lamp and dynamo.— Phone 64-788. x! 4 BICYCLE, man's. Monarch Special; good condition, new tyres and tubes; £9 or near offer.—Phone 26-433 (not Saturday night). 14 BICYCLE BARGAINS.—Best Vaitfes in Auckland. Goodman's Cycles. 267. Newton. HS EINOCXJLARS, Negretti and Zambra, offer: also Commode?. £11 Cash. Box, 15/; Lady's Umbrella, 25/. —Ring 64-701. * ' ' 1 14 BLANKETS, Feltex, Wire Mattresses, availabli to returned and home servicemen.—Abbey Furrii'ghers. 424. Mt. Eden Rd. Phone 61-774. BLINDS —All sizes kept In stock. We measure ant . fix.—Auckland Blind Co., 184, Symonds St. HS

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Page 10 Advertisements Column 1, Auckland Star, Volume LXXVI, Issue 165, 14 July 1945

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Page 10 Advertisements Column 1 Auckland Star, Volume LXXVI, Issue 165, 14 July 1945