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NEW ZEALAND ALLIANCE for the Abolition of the Liquor Traffic. ' CANDIDATES ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS ON LICENSING LEGISLATION In pursuance of its declared policy, the N.Z. Alliance has submitted the followiuffj questions to all candidates, and publishes herewith the replies:— If Elected— QUESTIONS SUBMITTED: Two Issue 1. Will you endeavour to secure the deletion of State Ballot Purchase and Control from the Ballot Paper and the Paper. submission of National Prohibition and National Continuance only, and stand for the right of the people to ' : decide National Prohibition by a simple majority? ' Triennial 2. AYill you oppose any extension of time between the Polls. Licensing Polls? *' Immediate 3. Will you oppose granting any extension of the period at Operation. present provided by law between the carrying of National Prohibition and its coming into operation? Non-redistri- 4. Will you oppose granting any redistribution or increases bution. of licenses contrary to the present law (Sec. 30, 1910)? Non-removal. 5. Will you oppose any provision for granting removal of licenses beyond the limits now permitted by law? No Increased C. WilT you oppose any increase in the facilities for the Facilities. manufacture, importation and sale of alcoholic liquors? Licensing 7. Will you oppose the appointment of Licensing Boards Committees. or other Authority being substituted for the election of ' Licensing Committees? King S. Will you endeavour to maintain the pact made with the Country Natives of the Rohe Potae prohibiting the sale of alcoholic Pact. liquor in the King Country? Prohibition 9. In the event of National Prohibition being carried, will you Enforcement. support the adoption and enforcement of such laws and , regulations as will secure the proper administration of Prohibition, having regard always to the provision of \T alcohol for medicinal, scientific, sacramental and industrial y purposes? The above written questions, in a different form, were submitted to all sitting members in the Auckland area in June last. The earlier form did not contain the last clause in Question 1. Question 9 read simply: "In the event of National Prohibition being carried at any Poll, will you use your utmost endeavours to secure the strict enforcement of the law 1" CANDIDATES' REPLIES: Auckland Area AUCKLAND CENTRAL. MANUKAU. TARRY, W. E.: "The only Constitution JORDAN, W. J., in June, answered— and Party to which I am pledged is the Question 1: " YES," or Preferential N.Z. Labour Party." v otln gQuestions 2 and 3:." YES." AUCKLAND EAST. Questions 4 and 4: "Would oppose BROWNE, OAKLEY: "All questions any increase of transferring licenses to answered from public platform." any district where a majority of the LEE, JOHN A.: "Have no intention of people have voted against Continusigning your enclosed list. I stand for ance." the right of the people to decide the Question 6: "Would stand for six main issues." o'clock closing." STEWART, J.: Answers all questions Question?: " Would oppose appoint- " YES." ment, and approve of Licensing ComATTnrT a-nit. wcct mittee or other authority." miMfTfTn c i WJS_>l. Question 8: "Will support a Poll OLDFIELD. S.: Answers all questions u.;„„+„i, t+i xr *• r • ±i —• " "V"P<5 » being taken of the Natives in the King cutapp m t «t i .• - i • Country as to whether they wish the SAVAGE, M. J.: Ido not -intend sign- Pact t * continue . If th ' declared in ing any pledge excepting to the Labour favQur of u _ continuanc £ the Pact r y* should continue; if they voted against - PARNELL. its continuance a referendum of all the PICKSON, J. S., answered in June: King Country residents, both Pakeha Question 1: "NO, on the.ground that • and Maori, should then be taken to a Pact was entered into between the ascertain whether licenses should be two interested Parties, who agreed to introduced into the King Country or the inclusion of State Contral on the not." ballot paper." - Question 9: "Every member must Question 2: "I will vote for an ex- carry "6ut the declared will of the tension of time only if the life of Par- people if Prohibition is carried." * liament is extended, such e2.tension to WAITEMATA • \ Respond with the life of Parlia- HARRIS, A., replies that "he has made ', n ' ~ „ j, vpo „ his attitude ou the Licensing question question 3: \Eb perfectly clear from the public plat- ; Quest.on 4: I will oppose granting form and again during the any increase of hcenses; I will not election campai tf e< howevei ? de . oppose granting redistribution of cline9 to ive ° , ed to the ' KZ< Licenses under certain conditions, m- AUiancej Seing oi' the Opinion that a eluding provision of Polls to betaken Member 0 f Parliament should be ' °i th t e IT.1 T .f ople resldl - n S ln tlle districts pledgod only t0 his constituent and anec ea. not to any outside organisation." Questions: NO; on similar cond.- LA MONT T.: Answefs all questions ' tions to the redistribution of licenses, » YES " I including Polls in the districts affected, "" ' OF ISLANDS I I approve of the extension of distance cvjvvktv-v „ 7 for removal of licenses within reason- •"• J•—■ able limits." Question 1: "NO." Question 0: " YES. except the provi- Questions 2 and 3: Debatable." sion for restaurants to be placed on the Questions 5, 6, '.and 8: _\o answer, same footing as halls, enabling liquor Question J: *ES. to be supplied at public functions." ** MARSDEN. Questions 7. 8. and 9: " YES." RICHARDS, A. S.— WAY, R. F.: "The Labour Party is a Question 1: "On this issue my Party Referendum Party, andi/issue is in stands for Preferential Voting on all people's hands." " matters." GREY LYNN. Questions 2to 9 (inclusive): Answers BARTRAM, F. N.: "Wilfsign no poli- "YES." _.._._,. tical platform save that of the N.Z. „ At# .„_ „ T K ~ IPARA - Labour Party." BARnARD, W. E.— MELVILLE, MISS E.: Answers all ques- .. 9 u T c T st * on \ : "Would apply Preferentions " YES " oting to Referendum." Question 2: "YES." ROSKILL. Question 3: "VS." POTTER, V. H.: Answered all questions COATES, Hon, J. G.: "As Prime Minissubmitted last June, "YES." ter I have laid down a3 a rule not to SKELTON, HALLi "My platform answer the many questionnaires which answers all your questions." bave reached nic from various organiQuestion 1: " I believe in the aboli- sations in the Dominion." tion of the third issue of State Pur- FRANKLIN, chase and State Control." McLENNAN, E. D.: "Am not making Question 2: " I believe in the law as promises to any organisation, except by at present standing being carried out platform statements, and will be guided rigidly." . . , only by dictates of my own conscience [ Question 3: "I believe, if Prohibition or judgment." is carried, the law of Prohibition being RE A, Joseph: "I am opposed to the carried out rigidly." principle of Prohibition on social, moral Question 4: "I believe in the aboli- and scriptural grounds. I hold no brief tion of Bellamy's." for brewers nor publicans, but refuse [TARNALL, J. W.: Answers all questions absolutely to pledge myself to any of " YES." your questions." I REPLIES NOT AVAILABLE FROM ANY OTHER CANDIDATES. South Auckland Area HAMILTON. WILLY, W. E. G.: Your letter and .YOUNG, J. A.: "My answ.ers to all list of questions was received by mc. of the nine questions are in the afßrma- "In reply I have to state that I have, 1 tive, but subject to the following pro- throughout my campaign, maintained a visos:—(l) That to answers 4 and 5 I perfectly neutral attitude on the would add, 'Save that I think the one Licensing question. AH the same, mile limit in the country (see Section however, I may state that I favour a 127, "Licensing Act, 190S") might be bare majority and two issues only on extended not to exceed five miles in the ballot paper, 'Beer or no beer' .." the country.' (2) That when legisla- ROSS, A. A.: "I have given the matter , tive proposals are to be definitely con- my most serious consideration, and I fiidered I am, consistent with policy, have come to the conclusion that I free to compromise in such manner as would not. be giving you a correct I 'think fit." statement as to my attitude by a MILNER, H. W.: "YES" to all ques- simple 'yes' or 'no' to your questions. . tions. With regard to the' three issues on the s LEE MARTIN, W.: Reply received but ballot paper lam of opinion that the questions not answered. voting should be on the preferential TATTPANCA system, under which the issue with the U • least support would be automatically t COULTER, R.: "YES" to all questions.' eliminated on the first count, and MACMILLAN, Chas. E.— there would then be a clear decision Question 1: "NO, as I contend the between the remaining two. With State Control vote is a Continuance regard to the other questions, lam in vote, and, therefore, a bare majority favour,with the law as it stands, but issue is already in existence." I hold v myself free to vote for any Question 2: "NO. I advocate a five alteration if clear and convincing reayears' Parliament and a licensing poll sons are brought forward in favour of contemporaneously." such a course. If Prohibition is carQuestion 3: "I WILL." ried it must be enforced, and I would Question 4: "I believe in redistribu- support any legislation or regulation tion, but no increase in licenses." required for that purpose." Question o: "If not in conflict with RHODES, T. W.: No reply, my answer to question 4, I WILL. WAITOMO Question 0: "Do not know what is ROLLESTON, J. C: No reply. meant by facilities.' BROADFOOT, W. J.: No reply. Question 7: "I WILL." WAT Y Tn Vi Question 8: "Most decidedly." „„„ c , WAIKATO. Question 9: "Most emphatically I S J? war *- . , - _ 0 will see that to the best of my ability *. S o '«ci 'ul' V = ES> " the will of the people is jri'ven and Question 2: Should be the same as carried into effect." ' Parliamentary elections." Question 0: No answer. ROTORUA. LYE, F.: No reply. SUMNER, John Wm.: "YES" to all LAWSON, F. C. S.: No reply. questions. . . ..„:,„ ' HOCKLY, F. F.: No reply. .-_. _ „ ** % L *?• . _ CLINKARD, C. H.: No reply LVE ' SamuSl G " G " IES T ° aU qUes ' COLBECK, F.: No reply. s_«i-°» a«« - -, « -.t ' l • ■. BOLLARD, Hon. R. F.: No reply. THAMES. PIGGOTT, J.— WHITESIDE, A. J.— Questions 1, 2, 3, 8, 9: "YES." "" Question 1: "I am NOT in favour of Questions 4, 5, 0. 7: No reply. State Control and think it should be DBXFIELD, R. D.: No reply. taken off ballot papers. A bare major- OHINEMURI. Uy, would allow the hotels to get back POLAND, H.: No reply. their licenses too easily." SAMUEL, A. M.: No reply Question 2, 3, 5, 0, 7,9: "YES." BAY OF PLENTY Questions 4, 8: No answer. WILLIAMS, K. S.: No reply. _. H| . Issued by the Standing Committee of the N.Z. Alliance, Wellington. __k

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