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The following weather forecast is supplied by the Rev. D. C. Bates for 24 hours from 9 a.m. this day: "Southerly moderate to strong winds" Rain, probable. Glass little, movement." A poll oi ratepayers will be tafcen m connection v.-ith the proposed Onehun£a drainage scheme on Wednesday in the foresters' Hall. The proposal 'is "That the sum of £42,500 be borrowed for the purpose of draining a certain portion of Onehunga as comprised in the special drainage area. The security proposed is a special rate of 2/ in the £ on the annual value of all property in the drainage area. The loan, if carried, is to ■Dβ repayable -in 41 yeaTs, and a sinking- fund of n per cent is t© he established foi ,-tEat gasjfOM.

In the ranges at the iiack of Huntly, tie «ettlei6 have for some time had considerable trouble ■with a wild bull, which has splayed havoc with fences, and acted the rogue generally. Several attempts were made 'by sportsmen to bag the bovine, but the luck to bring down the animal was reserved for Mr. W. J. Ralph, one of the Taupiri Coal Mine directors. Mr. Ralph lound his quarry in the Tamukahu=hills, and at a distance of 400 yards managed to bring the bull Sown witV a shot through the heart. The animal weighed 10 cwt., and its hide alone turned the scale at IOOIbs. Mr. Ralph has had the head stuffed and mounted, and it makes a fine trophy.

The .number <jf tenors and basses in the chorus of the Auckland Choral Society having been depleted of late through removals and other causes, the committee by advertisement invite applications for membership of the chorus from gentlemen possessing-good strong voices. The weekly rehearsals will be resumed to-morrow (Tuesday) evening, with Weber's "Mass in G," and Spohr's "Last Judgment."

A serious accident befel a middle aged married man named R. Snowden, ■while working in Hedley and Wright'3 bush at Waiotu, on Thursday. He was felling a anirae tree, to clear the way to the kauri bush, when a large unnoticed dead kauri limb, that was fixed in the tree, became dislodged and fell on Snowdem. The unfortunate man was removed to his hut, and Dr. Ross, of Hikurangi, was summoned. Small hopes are entertained of Snowden's recovery, his condition being too precarious to admit of his being moved to the hospital. The marvel is that he -was not killed outright.

The contains the amended boundaries of the Auckland acclimatisation district, which are as follows: All that area comprised in the counties of Rodney, Wattwnata, Eden, Manukau, Coromandel, Thames, Ohinemuri, TMako, Raglan, Waikato, Waipa, Ka'svhia, Awakino, Waitomo, and Ohura, and in that part of each of the counties of IMatainata and West Taupo lying north of a .right line extending sout"h-ivesterly from tne summit of Puwhenua Mountains, at ■the easternmost corner of Matamata County, to the summit of Rangitoto Mountain.

Our Rotorua correspondent writes:— "General Hogge, who arrived in Rotorua on l>iday, to whom. I went for an account of the various doings at Okere, states that'the Maoris behaved extremeiy well. They demanded, and in .every case received, the right to enter the different houses, but the whole proceedings were carried on with the utmost good humour. He himself vacated his house, and a Maori entered and sat down in his armchair, and then came out. They have molested no one, and are not demanding extravagant rents or tolls, simply abiding by their solicitors' advice, in both letter and spirit. What little trouble occurrred was caused by personal abuse to the Maoris by a driver of a vehicle. The Maoris charge 6d toll to visit the falls, and 6d (optional) if a guide is taken. The graver question of compensation is entirely in the hands of their advisers. The Maoris openly express their intention of not in any way interfering with the rights or comfort of anyone. Summing up. General Hogge stated that no \ whites under the same conditions would have behaved half as well. Nevertheless, there is a good deal of uneasiness o-n the part of many residents (especially owners of land), wJio urge that prompt action should be taken to protect their interests." • - I

Owing to the ever-increasing number ol subscribers to the telephone exchange, the present form of sheet-lists is to give way to the more ocnvenient telephone directory, to be issued in June by the Post and Telegraph Department, on similar lines to a book list published some three years ago, which met with much favour by the business men and public generally. In addition to the alphabetical portion being indexed in a manner to make rapid reference possible, numerical and classified portions will be added —a much-needed system, which was greatly appreciated in the experimental publication some time ago. The directors will be issued every six months, and.kept up-to-date by means of supplementary pages, specially adapted for fixing up the book; these will be issued by the Department as necessary. The official telephone lists in book form should prove a welcome innovation on the present sheet-list. Advantages in favour of the book system will be that the work is up-to-date to the time of publication, and the numbers of subscribers in numerical order will be included in a separate section of the directory.

Three Aucklanders (Mr. H. Dearsley and Masters Norman. and Harold Spencer) made an ascent of the active volcano Ngauruhoe last week, and had a rather interesting experience. The party took the unusual and toilsome route of walking the 25 or 30 miles-f rom the Waivnarino railway station to the hut at the foot of Ruapehu. This led them over the saddle, from which they got a splendid view of the volcano in eruption. Mr. Dearsley says that the estimates given by people are very much out, and that the height is not more than 2000 feet. High up the mountain, inetead of finding scoria and loose Btone, they encountered thick oily mud. The party reached the lip of the crater, which, they say, has changed a great deal. The sides have -fallen in in places and altered its formation. They could not see down the crater on account of the fumes and the smoke.

A case was brought under the notice of the Hon. Jae. Carroll, Minister for Aative Affairs, at Huntly on Saturday of the interest a paheka landholder in the district was taking in the Maoris! Xliis gentleman had been instrumental in securing the lease of an area of 460 acres of Crown land near the Waani Pa, for a family of ten natives. Most ol the family are young men with a krowle'dge of .ploughing, draining, clearing, and fencing,-and they are proceeding to show what the Maoris can do when in the unique position of being individual land-owners. The area has been leased on the 66 years' renewable lease system, anrt tne pakeha who has engineered the mutter for them has further demonstrated his faith in the possibility of making a good farmer of the Maori by paying out of his own pocket all the initial expenses and deposits. The Hon. Mr. Carroll was warmly eulogistic in his comments on the action of the European in question.

Both in Queensland and Victoria stamps are Usued bearing an imprint of the head of the late Queen. The Central Bureau has received a communication from the Queensland deputy, that a letter sent to London by a Queensland firm had been surcharged 4d. A regulation exists in the British Post-office imder which stamps bearing the head of the Sovereign become obsolete in the United Kingdom six years after the Sovereign's death. file PostmasterGeneral has cabled to the London postal authorities asking for information •why the action 'has been taken, seeing that the -stamps are good :jn the Commonwealth.

An inquest *ras held yesterdaT? -fore Mr T. Gresham, £iry oa the Wy of the Henry Lowrie Dobbs, who Messrs Fraser and Sons' foundry Saturday. Stanley Judson, \io V : working with the deceased a-t thi> of the. accident, stated that he Dobbs were erecting superheaters'; Shad been completed and they were W ing the shearlegs to tlie "third X they overbalanced and struck the e-nSf ' heater, which carried away and strto the deceased, crushing him against o of the boilers. Assistance "-war mediately forthcoming and • leased, but witness believed dead. The 'medical evidence': "of 'Murray was to the effect tlnrt Tvhta'i. saw deceased he was then,',dead. cause of death was internal i as could result from his crushed between two heavy The'jury returned v verdict of sbcidea. tal death, adding a rider that'.fli ; -tlifij': opinion, provision should be _ 'inai t whereby more room should be ensmej where works of a similar ■nature.toiiat ■ at which the fatality occurred; are W ing carried out. ,'.;.:. v

The Southland Trades and' 'iaWr Council at a meeting unanimously carried the following resolution:—"Tfiat thii Council strongly protest'against tUsTiiii. warrantable and undemocratic'actioii of the Prime Minister in remoYing''frorirtik House of Representatives and ;giviiig to a member of the Upper House.ithe;important portfolio of Minister for being decidedly of opinion that'iu an c v lightened and -democratic "-commuiity the control and tie Justice and Police Departments shonU be he\d toy a man vrho lias been eleetea.iw and is responsible to the electors -of ihj Dominion; and that copies of thjs-resoiu. tion be forwarded "to otlic-r- -tratles an! labour councils and who will be.asked to make similar protests,"

Mr. James Thorn has informed the " Lyttelton Times" that the conditiOM of work on the Wellington Tvlarves ate " absolutely deadly." After &3Q /o'.clod; in the morning, when hands are engaged, between 400 and 500 men sit aboutwait ing for a chance to work. As soon as - V shipping company agent comes along, there is a "beastly rush," and the nea flock round him in hundreds. . lea ot twelve might be engaged, and all thi others display deep disappointment." l!r. Thorn says that owing to the fact thii one company will not engage- men -em-; ployed by another company, out of flu 18S0 men who attend, only 1400-aie employed, and there are always 'practically 400 out of work. With proper organisa. tion the work could be done bjj about 1000 men. A typical case on the Welling. ton wharves, says Mr. Thorn, is" that of a man who has during the pastifchree weeks earned 25/, 27/, and 32/ a. week, respectively, mostly by night workl"lle pays 16/ a week rent, and has s. wife and three children. There are, it -is stated, hundreds of other men on the wjarvei in much the same ."position.

A third-class passenger from Auckland on the N.D.L. Company's steaaner Rpon named Waters, who joined the vesselat Sydney, died rather suddenly on Jan* ary 7, when two days out from JBremaiiue. Deceased, who was about 50 -years of age, and in a precarious state of health, was journeying to the south, of England to join his lather and son. .."..;

The Rev. D. C. Bates recently forward.' ed to the Government analyst a Epedmen of volcanic dust from Mount-Nga-' uruhoe collected at Waiouru on the 9th inst. The analysis shows, proportions-:—Silica, 54.65;'' ;:alumina, 17.46; iron oxides, 8.16; lime, foo.; ihagnesia, 2.75; potash, 1.67; sada, :2.4Lj titanium dioxide, 6.60; sulphuc ''trioJriijV' 1.27; sulphur (free), 0.93; iphosphoric anhydride, 0.31; carbonic anaydride, nil{. water, 0.95. Judging from 'the proportions of potash and .phosphoric present the dust should eventually■ •'prove beneficial to the soil, though "thejpresence of unoxidised sulphur may have ,thi opposite effect for a time.

Wellington bookmakers have decided to institute a Tattersall's Club in 'Wellington, and three of the leading -firms" ha ye guaranteed the rent .of the iiH floor of Mr. Robert Hannah's.ihie new building on Latnbton Quay for« -nuinlXSr of years, and this is to !be furnished-it once in the style of comfortaHe .club premises. One leading bookmaker, in reply to a question, said thai jio Setting would take place'at the clubj- at •■»«.. not formed for that purpose. "Aiieguki "settling" day would be decided-•■upon,; as in Sydney and Melbourne, iit,present the Legislature permitted pencifieM. to practise, but would not allow >thiem offices in which to "square up" with their-, clients, -which had to 'be done streets or elsewhere, The -club woiili provide a recognised place where sporty men could assemble to settle : : bete ma3f en races run within or beyond the Dpj minion. .'- r\: Speaking at the annual meeting "of'tie Dunedin Accountant Students' Society, the retiring president (Mr. Jam* B Brown) said, as one who had-had considerable experience in Dunedin, that the accountancy ranks were far from i™, and that there was ample opportunity for competent men. He considered in« field of accountancy in New -ZealaaMvai a most encouraging one, especially"! view of the developments of last -/session in relation to the instiution of*. Accountancy Society, -which would *»« control of the profession, and prerent incompetent persons engaging in responsible work. .•:.;; Mr. P J. Nerheny lias teen vowai*..for a seat on the City Council; ■&;&?■ Hon. E. Mitchelson, J. Trevethick, aifl J.--J. O'Brien. "How thin you are looking! near this statement made too oftenjunra take Steams' Wine of Cod Liver -Erfrac?; it's a wonderful flesh creator. BuildsTiE your blood, too. Try it.- ± ' What about your boy's suit? : _WSj not let us clothe Tiim? satisfied parents! Tunic .suits-wbb 6/11. Geo. Fowlds.—(Ad.) • .' Three bales of towels to be fM| this week at Grey and Fork's |fe| Cullen's winter consignment, l°» ' towels, 2 for 98, 2 for i/. */«*.s•;* j Grey and Ford's, .Limited.—(Aα.) Grey and sale of Cjuj; len's winter consignment of jacket-, "i" kets, and men's and boy's <»* * -big success-shop crowded with -.-eagw buyers—(Ad.) .„. Fill-sized coloured bed quiife Vf'. worth 17/6. Full-sized white q«Ks, worth 13/6; and blankets, rugs and nels at big reductions, at Grey sale of Cullens winter consignment.. (Ad.) ;_-..■ Bargains in every department at W i ( and Ford's, Limited, The Old Seetiv Newton. —(Ad.) '&&d Silks, silks, 33d., 3|d yard; Jap-.<*&-at 3Jd., 93d., and 12Jd. per.*"*;" • soiling at Grey and Ford's, Limited, W ij Old Beehive, Newton.—(AS.) -, •■.: -y. A suit for men with quality, - s M e q a l, "'■ price right. Our ' »ad-t<w«nr_ «w . • from 39/6 are the article. Geo., *<«?»■ -.(Ad.l ;

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Auckland Star, Auckland Star, Volume XL, Issue 92, 19 April 1909

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Auckland Star Auckland Star, Volume XL, Issue 92, 19 April 1909

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