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The following weather forecast for the 24 hours from 9 a.m. this day is supplied •b,y the Key. ,D.C.'Bates:—"Easterly moderate to strong winds;, glass little movement; weather probably 1 clearing: cyclone passed N.E. of New Zealand.'? At the Police Court; Pukekohe, oh April 15th, before,Mr, Nbrthcroft, S.MI, the. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (represented by Mr. G. E. Matthews) proceeded ', against.'; Ernest Brewster, of. Mercer, for übrking a horse with Spre.shoulders. The action was defended;, but his Worship considered the evidence'of cruelty^ fined the defendant«4os: and £& Ite: 3di '■

I A valuable acquisition to the city's' 'fire-fighting plant, was handedypver: to the..brigade last night. ' Inis is the iiew| Thorneyerof t' motor \ fire ; wagon,,' the' chassis of, which was imported, by. Dexter and Crozier, and the body built I by Messrs.. Cousins and Cousins, of this! city. The'new machine is a handsome arid, ibffective-lobkiag. piece of j 'work ..of" | a six-cylinder 45 to .50 horse T power motor engine, specially built by the , .Tliorneycroft Company to the order, of Messrs. i Dexter and Crozier.' The. specifications called for a wagon to carry a load of I 25cwt, and .to -travel 25.' miles an. hour j on the level and ten miles on a grade of. onej in .eight. :,y TMb at -.half.' past, six a trial was made through Free--man's Bay,,, up (College, Hill, along::, to j Herne Bay, and back to the station via! Ponsonby-road, and the/work achieved considerably, exceeded the. .requirements! of the/test. She carried a-load-of 14 men and 1150 ft of. hose, together with.the. nobles, hydrants,: and other, neces-i sary paraphernalia of,a.-fire-fighting, expedition, and a. speed of $0 miles:,an I h0ur..... was .easily put up on the level;] notwithstanding that the machine,.was new and the driver strange to it. When' this, fine new fire-fighting aid, which i reflects great ; credit on- local workmanship, is in full commission, the- old motor wagon will be sent over to the Ponsonby station; 1 '•'-'■"'■;. j At a meeting of electors held last night' at Nbrfchcote,' it was unanimously " de-1 cided to nominate the' following candidates for; the Council election:—-Messrs. I ■Geo. Carter, Geo. Eraser, A. E.yGreen-,,'Jas. Stewart, A. W. Tyer, B. Van Veen, and Albert Waterworth. A con-1 test js now assured,- as only two of tha above, Messrs. Greerislade and I Eraser,' are members of the present Council. ' - * ••' : . A fire broke out about half past six last evening in a two-storied house in Howcrstreet,. (owned and (Occupied by Mr. Miles, who was away from home at; the time. Some delay took place- in! sending, the-alarm owing to the excite-' ment which seized those who discovered the fire; consequently the flames had a pretty big hold when,the brigade arrived; Once on. the scene, however, the outbreak was soon quenched, but not before the,' building was pretty well gutted. The South British Office holds an insurance of £125 on the building and i £50 on : the furniture. A house next door, owned by Mr. Aggers, was scorched to the extent of about £30, which is covered, by a policy -in the Phoenix Offise. The City Brigade also received a call yesterday evening to the house occupied by Mrs. Jones as a private hospital in Ponsonby-road, but tlie, fire was confined to a basket of clothes, and was promptly extinguished. _~,.., As .an elderly man. named Thomas Wright was driving down Khyber Pass on his way home "to Mangere yesterday evening, tramcar No. 83, in charge' of Motorman Taylor, crashed into the rear of the vehicle, and knocked cart, horse, and driver over a fence.nt the roadside. Wright received a nasty shaking and a scalp wound. His injuries were attended by Dr. Williams, at the chemist shop of. Mr. Eookes, Newmarket, whither he was taken in the tram car, and subsequently he was able to go home. ; . ... "Death from natural causes" was the verdict returned at an inquest held yesterday oh a Grey Lynn infant .flamed Ray Bath Donovan, who..died,. on .Wednesday at the home of its parents in Sussex-street. The child was a month old, and had been ailing since birth. The Eden Cricket Club are striving hard to maintain their ground' at Kingsland, and with the object of raising funds towards,that purpose have secured the services of the Auckland - Garrison Band for Sunday afternoon next. As ; this is a . good opportunity for the residents of the surrounding districts to hear a really first-class musical programme, a good, attendance should,'- be' assured. A collection in aid of the Club's ground fund will be taken at the gates. The traffic oh the Rotorua line, which: has been exceptionally heavy during .'the i holidays, is still fairly large, and the -ipo'clock express this morning, which con-; sisted of eleven carriages, was comfort-! ably filled. The second express, leaving at: 10)35 o'clock, taking Thames,-'Waihi, Paeroa, and King Country passengers, •Was also weir patronised, chiefly With' holiday makers returning to their homes. The' second express will continue until' the 20th hist. '■'<•'• -: ' Dunedin Trades and Labour Council considered the question of the stoppage of' the Lawrence-Roxburgh railway works, and passed a resolution expressing the opinion that a breach of faith had been committed by the Ministry by stopping the work after the construction.; had been sanctioned by Parliament, and that the- promises made should be honourably carried out. It appears that the first industry ever pursued by white man in New -Zealand is to be launched into on a greater scale than ever has been done yet. has been carried on at Whangamumu, near Cape Brett, for many: years, but. ajj attempt is to be made now to extend operations' to the southern bounds of the Dominion, where "the -more valuable "right" ■ -whale has haunts., The whale fpuhdin off northern New Zealand is a humpbacked • kind. From 50 to SO miles off the south of New Zealand is said to. be a good-whaling .place,: and a convenient; depot could be .established at the Campbell Islands. A "right" whale yields about scwt of. whalebone (£9OO worth) and about .£75 worth of oil.;' '• At. the Bride of Waihi Lodge (Druids) , last evening four how members were | proposed and two initiated. - An invitation from the Oddfellows to play a euchre tournament after their next meeting was accepted: The .Syllabus Committee announced that the' winter's programme; after making entortaitimentSj j would commence -next 'meeting nightj when the Burns-Johnson fight pictures will be shown.' ; - , -• '.'. j The question of whether or not the 1 ■himd-writihg of the youths and the gii is : who will shortly bo taking their places in commercial circles' is efficient, will most likely be a subject for the consideration of 'educational' Dodies for some time to come. The • matter is .a very mv portant one, and once opened will not be passed oyer lightly. The .Auckland branch of the Educational Institute set the ball rolling this morning through a resolution establishing a committee to go into fche matter--and report to': the management committee. : • . At the. meeting of, the Auckland branch of the New Zealand Educational Institute-this-morning, the opinion was freely expressed that top much of the time/of. teachers is taken Up in the corripilatibrt of cadet returns. The teachers say that the officers' Of the Department; too frequently send hack the returns on account of such mistakes as errors in the alphabetical detailing; and that the formp sent to ; the' teachers are changed very often.. The -meeting,- decided: that a-committee,should be set vp 1 to go into the question and report to the > management committee, arid that the personnel of the committee should be,Me»sri.,]3uii. ,lop. Brown, and Darrow.

Between 600 and .700 men ate reported |to be engaged now on the Slratford-On-garue railway. About forty hew men , are taken on each .week,/and, observes I the " Taranaki Daily News,", "atjout 20 each week find, the. work has no further attraction for them." ':. NeW Zcalaiid lends itself admirably to closer ..settlement;' arid in this connection possesses distinct adyantagea over Victoria, thinks the Hon. H. McKenzie, the Victorian Minister .of Lands, vrlio. is' investigainhg'thewprkdf land settlement in 1 the Dominion. " Yon havej" he.ieriiairked to a, New -Zealand " Times " representative; "the water everyhere, and then, you I have the climate. In- our country we have the great disability that: before we can put people on closely-settled areas) even near towns, we have to make provision for water for them; and the'greatest source of expenditure is secoririg'a permanent water supply, hi some cases lin my Stae the- water has to be brought long distances. ' Itis only in a very small portion of: "Victoria that men teri acres of land rind keep a family, so that the village- settlement idea is not feasible to any extent with us." \ ,A- sensation has, been caused Vat the Bluff consequent upon the report that the head of a well-known Southland financial institution has been missing from, his usual haunts for a period of nine days, Beport has it that serious, financial shortages are the explanation of his disappearance. The amounts involved are. said to run into thousands of pounds. Diligent inquiries have failed to disclose his whereabouts... , '':'' ~. .',.'. Even the humble penny has its share in ' the" fashionable ailment of " tightness" affected by the lordly sovereign. Copper is reported to he comparatively scarce !in Wellington, and has the honour of being much sought after. On Wednesday a I tradesman - went to the-tramway payinoflice and bought out all the copper—! £5 worth, Other applications for pennies have been fairly numerous. at the office - from persons eager to .surrender gold and silver for, copper. Not long ago one of'the banks got in a eouple:of tons of coppery but much of it w as -promptly shipped to other centres, where the de-i marid for pennies has exceeded the. sup j ply; Though:; New Zealand.; is far from .being a penniless land (says the "Post"), j the- country could comfortably do with more pennies just now, so say the moneychangers. : I Speaking, to a " Post" reporter, Mr. I Muir, secretary of the Wellington Tailors' Union, said he -had-just returned! from. Dunedin and Christchurch, where I trade was very dull. At one large house in the latter city'only "eight weeks had been worked out of fourteen. "There were, recently in Wellington," he said, "over, forty immigrant "tailors. They: were: tumbling another in their | eagerness to get work. ,;Many of them cariie out as farm labourers; but that is by the way. . They have all gone over to | Australia,, where,, I believe, things are fairly bright just now." When the situation of is put before the newj arrivals, they utilise what little money they still have, and get away over to the other side." The splendours and terrors of Ngauruhoe in eruption have attracted numerous parties to its assaidt'-'duririg the past -and "most of- them, whether successful or not in attaining the summit-, have-.-come- away, thoroughly impressed -with the grandeur of the-burn-ing mountain, and with *he thorough ivorth while' of essayed to scale it. • Another Auckland party, which returned yesterday; reached the:' lip of the crater, but' found it well nigh im-: possible to see anything Save a whirl of dust and smoke arid isteam,--which rushed upward with a whistling, roaring noise. On the mountain they found a heavy deposit of' dust, but -no signs of stone or boulders having been thrown, out, and no lava.-All the country-around was coated with a grey dust. While the streams were also- greatly discoloured with it. So far as the' mountain's interior was concerned, the convulsions and ■roaring -that ; marked last week were: 'practically absent. After. Ngauruhoe. the ] party ascended Ruapehu, the grand view froui: which was" considered by one : of the. members as being superior to .the' celebrated view to be had bri the route ■from Lake Te • Anau to Milford Sound. A Press Association telegrarii states that Ngkuruhoe was very active yesterday,* and that columns" of dense smoke had been- passing over Taumarunui—a sight not witnessed : there for-years. ' Feebleness in old age is. greatly overcome by Steams' Wine of Cod Liver 1 | Extract. It gives new life .to old tissues, and helps an dinvigorates the whole system. ..'.* ' ,','.. "'' "".' '" ;'..":'' j Tlie winding-up sale of J. F. Roberts' stock of drapery and clothing; bought by the London Drapery and Clothing Co.,' ' will commence at 10 a-rii.- to-morrow, at' Karangahape-road, opposite Howe-street. -(Ad.)-' • ■.- -;.v.' Table: damask; table damask! .'As-! toundirig pieces for "table dariiask at. Grey and Ford's ..'(jitd.) sale of /Cullen's Winter consignment. Dairiasks, 6Jd; 7}d, llld, I?J4, Is 4Jd, Is 64d,.1s 114 a, and •better goods at low prices. You will want to come early for these goods.— lAd.) t ;, ~■■■■•>" ""': ;:;;.';, 20. per cent sale discount-off all goods in thelace department. .Upper shop open till nine .o'clock to-night;', and till sii p.m. on Saturday. The lower shop open to-morrow till nine Court, Ltd., Queen-street,—(Ad.) Velveteens, /velveteens! Stacks of velveteens at 6Jd; lljd, ■Is 2id, Is 3Jd, Is 4Jd, Is 6Jd. Is 9Jd, and 2s 6d yard. These are the ; best value .ever offered in the Dominion. Try Grey and Ford (Ltd.), the ''Old Beehive,". Newton, for velveteens.—(Ad.) r ' "'-.: '"' To-night the upper shop will, be opei till nine o'clock, and tp-morrow till six p.m. The lower ? shop open,to-morroW till nine p.m. as usual.—John' Court,'' Ltd.' Queen-st. —i(Ad,)'.-".. " - -- .. » Sale, Sale, Sale! Grey and Ford (Ltd)' are now holding a special sale of men's and boy's'clothing, blankets, riigs, velveteens, .flannelettes, 'ladies' and girls' coats and underclothing; all new goods, b .??"g Mr. Cullen's winter' consignment bought by Grey and Ford (Ltd.) for less than English cost.—(Ad) * To-morrow, when the clock strikes 9 Grey and Ford, Limited, will .'commence firing but the whole winter consignment of J. M. Gullen, importer (how retired) bought for less than English cost." Bargains in every department! Grey arid Ford, : Limited, next Buchanan's, Newton.—;( Ad:)....'' '■' ■""•"■• "-**,? ; ' M <?>»y .and: Ford's (Limited) Sale f f J-yM.-,Cuilen's -winter consignment to-morrow, boys' knicker trousers (all Buses), 2/6 pair; boys' serge knee trousers (all,sires), 1/6 pair; men's''celluloid collars (double, all sizes); Bdi; linen collars (double), Bd.;'military and polo 6d (all sizes). —(Ad.) '■ "/'*."•: - ,:■ 3id.! «lk,j j^p. j sdks.. 11,000 yds. to be sold at 3Sd o|d., and l/fil; (worth 1/- to l/ft yard)' These *re [ great iwrgajn* I : Bxey and Ford's 8»le of Oullen's winter ooaiimii inent.i-((Ad.)_ ,"/.•;. "jj''"-;; ; ?- ! ?):™r'*';

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Auckland Star, Auckland Star, Volume XL, Issue 90, 16 April 1909

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Auckland Star Auckland Star, Volume XL, Issue 90, 16 April 1909

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