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I (BY WHAIiEBONE.) RACING FIXTDEES. A-pril 10. 12, 14, IT — A.J.C. Xutnmn April 21, 24 — Wellington B.C. Autuma April 24, 28—Avondale. J.C.. Autumn' April 2S, 29 — Manawatu B.C. Autumn May 5, S — Hnwbe's Bay J.C. Autumn May 22, 24-— Tak'fflpuna: \KC. Winter- . F. Darls returned to Napier bjr the Mala .Trunk express last evening. Mr Geo. Morse, the A.R.C. handicapper returned South byL-the Main Tnink express last evening. . " J. Cameron, the well known trainer. Informs mc that he has purchased, the Casto;gelding Kiatere. Lord Roseuery, which, has,been, racing at the country meetings in. the Bay- 1 of Plenty districts, is now an. inmate of P. Conway's .stable at Ellerslle. ■ . : . The committee of the' Takapuna Jockey Club meet this evening, when it Is expected a decision will be given in the now celebrated Taurikl case. ' J. Buchanan leaves for the South to-mor-row to ride Mr T. H. Ijowry's<horees in their engagements at the Wellington Racing I Club's Autumn Meeting. Acceptances for the first day's racing of the.Avondale Jockey Club's Autumn Meeting close with the secretary, Mi , H. H. Hayr, on Friday next, the 16th Inst., at 9 p.m. F. Howard, who received a nasty shaking when Noteorini fell with him in the Maiden Hurdle Race at Ellerslle yesterday, got off Eblis, which ran secoad, in order to ride Noteorini. Such is the luck of the game. Mr T. H. Lowry's horses. Downfall, Merriwa. and Chanteuse. and the-mare Cantata, recently purchased by Mr £.owry, are to be shipped South to-morrow by the Rarawa from Onehunga, in charge of T. O'Brien. Turbine's showing In the Tourist Handicap at Ellerslie yesterday, in which , he dendheated with Rarata, was a big surprise to his conne?tlons, in fact I overheard his owner want to bet a modest half-crown that he would be last. C. JKicbolson lias notified the Auckland Racing Club that he does not intend to go on with the appeal lodged on his behalf against the life disqualification inflicted by the Avondale Jockey Club upon himself and the horse JJuclo. Three cup winners In Downfall (New Zealand cup). All Red (Auckland cup), and Sir Prize (late Kllmarnock) (Wanganui cup), contested the Autumn Handicap at Elleralle, but whereas the two former fought out a great finish, the latter was absolutely last. After Creusot won the Antnmn Steeplechase at Ellerslle on Monday several wouldbe purchasers were after the son of Torpedo, but his owner refused to put a price on him. Crensot's victory was his first over big country, and no one will begrudge H. Howe his success, as it Is a lone time since he hiirt basked in Fortune's smile. The hearing of the appeal to the New Jfeiiland Racing Conference w y the Avondale; Jockey Club against the Auckland Metropolitan Committee, In connection with the 1 disqualification of N. Cunningham, i s f xe( j for the 22nd Inst., at Wellington: It Is understood that judgment will also" , be given In the Royal Soult case. The sad Rlcearton on Mondaylast, which resulted In the death of. W. O'Connell. removes from the ranks of crosscountry horsemen one of its leading lights. "Willie," as the deceased rider was familiarly called, was of « genial disposition and very popular nmongst his associates. A first-Ola?? horseman, he wns very unlupky. and hnd numerous severe falls, anil. In conversation with the writer about twelve , months ago. after having had a nasty shaking at Dunedln.. stated'that be> was serlonsv' ly thinking of giving the game best, but> unfortunately did not do so. His brothers,' John ana Jerry, are also well known horseman, and, by a strange - coincidence, thY former's monnt, Waipu, 'ell at the Inst' fence In the Brighton Hurdle Race at EllersHβ on the earae day as Stronghold fell at the Inst - fence at Rlcearton. AUCKLAND RACING CLUB'S AUTUMN MEETING, The concluding day's racing In connection with the A.R.C. autumn meeting took place at Bllerslle yesterday. The weather was beautiful, and there was a large attendance, who were rewarded with probably the most interesting racing seen at Ellerslie for some time, and the handicapper (Mr. G. Morse) has' to-- be heartily congratulated on the success of his efforts. A.i on the previous days, no fault could be found with the management of the gathering, tho various officials, under the secretary (Mr. J. F. Hartland), getting through their respective duties in up-to-date style. THE TOTALISATORS. , „ Speculation was brisk' and;: during afternoon, the staff of Messrs. H. X Hayr and" Co. handled the sum of £15;324'10/, which Is an increase of £1552 : 10/ on the corresponding- day last year. This' amount; i added to that put through on the first two days, mokes a grand total of .£42,994, 10/, a decrease of £217 oxr last year's total. In addition, £1660 10/ was received in' •bookmakers' fees for the meeting. TBB STEWARDS. During the afternoon- the*stewards- had a number, of cases, of alleged tote betting before them, which were dealt with.- in the usual manner while after the Buckland Handicap they had McMillan, the rider of Santa Rosa, before them for interference with Tamainupo, but, after consideration, decided not - to disturb the judge's verdict. THE RACIXCf. The opening event, the Maiden Hurdle Race, was a chapter of accidents, Pleiades falling at the first fence, Melton. Hall at the second, and Noteorini (which was a warm favourite) at the third. These miahaps only left four in; the race, and Wellcast had no difficulty in winning easily at the finish from Eblis. The Gore Brown Handicap only brought out six contestants, but the finish was worth, going- a long way. to see.i the favourite (All's Well) eventually winning by a head from Tattoo and MichaelofE, which the judge was unable to separate. Tuku Tuku and Fleet Arrow were solidly supported for the Onslow Stakes, but neither succeeded in catching the judge's eye, He* Volt scoring by the narrow margin of a neTik from ■ Tuku Tuku, with Impulsive in third position. Another great race was witnessed In the Autumn Handicap, All Red securing a meritorious victory by a head: from Downfail, which ran a good race , and .was unlucky to be beaten. Ben Jonson showed himself up in attractive colours In. the St. Heller's Hurdle Race, which he won from end to end with the good weight of 11.0 in the saddle. The surprise of the gathering eventuated in the Buckland Handicap, i when Santa Rosa outed a warm favourite in Tamainupo and paid a substantial dividend. In the Tourist Handicap there was another , surprise, three outsiders fighting out a desperate finish, the judge- having to bracket Turbine and 'Barata, with, the third (Aimwell) a head away. The concluding- event fell' to- Spate, after a. good race l with WadhaJrUj with the favourite (Deloga-te) in third position-. ST. HOMER'S: HTTBDLE RACE (Handicap) of 200eovs. Two miles. C. Dawson's b b Ben Jonson. aged, by Ben Godfrey—Hourl, li:e (Perelval).. i W. B. Davidson's eh s Reservoir, aeed , , 0.12 (Jones) . ..."... 2 J. George's b ; g Parltutu, aged, 11.8 (Crew) ...;• ....;,,... 3 Also started: Cuiraene 10.0, Okalhau 9.8. : Reservoir was qoiefceet to the first fekce, but'-once over B<m Jonson went to "tie front, and passing "the sttwd : . had two l&ngtbe , oflvfintflge orcr Qkalhati, which had, Reservoir at his glrtlie, Than, els lehsthe away, oarae: Parltiitu, wlthCniroifiie lust, Groints iUensj- tne r baeic Ben jojipon stlU ftfld Ws ftiveatage, which he maintained -eroesing the tea .Stretqh, with BeeervoJir lying neeeaa, and J?eritut& tntri, An they op for the mm to the poet, aemjtnt w&t- loi a dfltnrnfaed ofcab lenge,. bet J ftilefl to pit* get tip, suSofJnc m&> wwr twr leßfßß' nwey, thtrd, awt tjmn mm* ■ eiaflure mm> t Ksi *#,' n<m

BtJCKfeAIO)"• ■'" of * !20650v3. Seven! furlongs. Geo. Roblneen's-olk c , Santa Rosa; 3yrs, : ■ Soult—yieus-'Rose, -7:4 (McMillan) '■ V 1 . .p.;, McLeod's b-; g,-. Tamalaupo, 4yrß, . '8.12, (Deeiey) .......".■.'...... .„ 2 W. Du'der's br g Devbnport, 6yre'; 7:IS (Buchaiian)- . : ..........^'..:......„ & Also' started:-Moriarty.-gf.7,'i tochbule- 8^5■ ilaheno 8.0, ; Inglls-7:12, Weuchape 7.10, Sir. .Aftegal. 7~:3, .Foremost T. 3, Sir Antrim. 7.1, Coroniandel: 6.c. . .*S.e start- was a straggling one, Wauchope being first ont, followed' by t>evonport;> Moriarty;. and LochbuJe; and: in this order they raced. through. the■-. cutUnc. Crossing the top. stretch Wauchopewas still acting as pilot;-his nearest attendants , being DevonportJ -Lochbuie; Tamainupo, and- Santa, Rosa. -lii; the the post whips: .were out. ail round, and a. great finish was witnessed; , Santa Rosa staying the longest and getting the judges-verdict by a head from Tamainupo, which- was a necfc In front. of Devonport., Mehenp was fourth; and'Wauchope fifth, the last pair being Sir Antrim and Sir Artegal.' Time, l^30: , '■■"' " " THE XOTni'TST;.iHANb3;CAE of,,1003OV8,; ive furlongs. G. Mills , ' ib-g Rarataj by Bton^Peacet 8.6 (MeJllllan) .-.-. • •W.'DaTiea' bi-'g Turbine, syrs, by (Buchanan) ..... *■ W. iHiandle.v.'sibr g- Almwell, 3yrs; 7.9HK. E. Brown) 3 Also started: , IHohtingataui' Hard Rock 8.3,. Positive- 7:11, 'lady.- 'France* ailstame 7.9, All'e Well- 7.13 <lncluding slb penalty); Don Quex 7.5; Silent 7.1, SLaurel Wreath 7.6 including Sib overweight, Matarere 6.12.-. /., : .- •-.." CVlistime, (Hard.ißock, and. Aimwell gave a lot of trouble at" the pogt, ..j, u t after a long delay OLr. O'Connor got them away in line, Hard IROOK, being- first: to , show out, but was- soon displaced by Turbine, which soongot a ibreak of five.lengths on the field, the most prominent'of-which , were Hard Rock, Hohungatahi, and Lady Frances. Turbine still had his advantage as they turned for ■home, w-here the field closed np. At. the distance,- Rarata , and' Aimwell shot out; and Honungata.h! and All's Well joining in, a great race home was witnessed, the judge's verdict ibeing a dead-heat between Turbine and Rarata. with Aim weir .a- head away; third, and All's Well and Hohungatahi close up, the last to finish being Laurel Wreath. Time, 1.4. iHohungatahl war favourite. THE' AtrCrcnAXD' WECTinR -H'A-XDiICAP, of 200SOVS; one mile; J. Clark's b Jn 'Spate, oyrs, by Monaco— 'Pbuawa, S.O'(Buchanan) .'. 1 J. George's brgMWaihuka , . syrs, 8.0 (Jenkins) „-. 2 J. Roulston's br g 'Delegate; 6yrs, 8.13 (Deeley) 3 Also started: Scotty 8.0. D-nrdonns S_7, DunTmrve 8.4. Gladsmnir 8.2. Explosive 8.0, First 'Mate 8.0, Azoff 8:0: .F'reevata 8.0. 'Dardanns was first , to move, followed-bv Wafhuka, and Gladsmuir, with Azoff and Explosive at the Tiead of the others. Crossing the tope stretch, .Darda.nus stllF had charge. Azoft* bf>lng t v nearest attendant, and then came Explosive end Waihuka. Dardanns was beaten at the home turn, Waihuka having charge at the distance; but failed to stall offar late .run by-Spates which' finLshed-fast. and won by three paTta' of a lengthy with Delegate, "whioli came from.a •long way iback, a neck" away, third.- Seotty was fourth, the last to finish 1 being iFreevata. Time; 1.43: Delegate-was favourite. THE WINNING 1 PAYMENTS: The following-, is a" list of the winning payments over the Auckland Racing Club's autumn meeting:— E." .T. Watt _ ;. £730 Donald McLeod • 685 St. J. Buckley ...; 500 J. H: .Walters. 500 Trustees' Mrs Cbombe 300 T. H. Lowry 385 : C. Dawson 300 J. H. Howe ">25~ F. Hall 200 Walter Davles 190 T. Wyllle 155. G. Koblnson 150 j; Clark 150 ■A.. Hanson 120 A. Morgan .- 100 J. McNicol 95 E: Hillary 95 "R. Barlow 05 Hon. .1. Carroll ~ gtv .7. Roulston 50 U. C. Wallace 30 j:Twph;iir ......;:-... 50 J. George .. -.: 50 ,G. .Mills-,...;.- i 50 Mrs A. nennara ~ 50 X. B. Williamson '. : 40 10. Morse 35W: S. Davidson ; 35 R. W. Duder , so' M; G. Nasmlth 20 Frank E. Ross 20 W. C. Ring;. 20 .J. H. JProsser 20 V. Tj-e 20 G. Dunnet- ..; tg J; Molloy - 15 H, gydney 15 W. G. Irwin in R. Millett ....'..'.'. 10 ! Connelly and Winder 10 E. E. Loomb 30 i££ craig ;; l 0 .1. Lynch \q Dawson and . Waller 5 Total .£5705, C.J.C. AUTUMN" MEETING. ■BOiNIIFORM -WIN®. THE GREAT EASTER. (By Telegraph.—Press Association.) ■ CHiRISTOHPROH,, Tuesday. The weather was dull for the conclusion of the- Canterbury Jockey Club's Autumn: Meeting; but the attendance was good considering it wae not a .general holiday- The racing was very interesting, and: .the , gather- ' ing was one of the most successful autumn meetings heW 'by the club. The totallsator in-vestments amounted' to-. £14,785, ah increase of '£2237 over the corresponding; day last y-ear. Bookmakers' fees-totalled £384 10/. All the jockeys wore black-, armbands as a mark of respect to the memory, of W. O'Connell, who died this- morning, as the result of injuries 'received- in -Hie Kildare Hurdles yesterday. The results* were:— GREAT ATJTTOIN HA«T>I<JAP of lOOOBove; . one mile and a^half;. W. G. and G.. U Stead'e: b- Boniform, 4yrs, iby Multiformr-nOtterden. 9.1 (M«Combe) ;... j a. A. Knight's- for f Tlkitere, 7.0, Include Jng 31'b penalty (Monk) 2 Sir George Clifford's -br c 'Husbandman, 3yrs, 8.13 <F. E. .Tones) „.. 8 •Also started: G-lencullooh, All Guns, W«l----tapu, OTeld Gun, Osiris, Consolation: ©len'culloch. Husbandman, and Osiris were first to" show out; and , tiiey; led naet Cutts', with All : Gune-and'Tlkltere-heading ■the others. At -the mile post Osiris-ran; past iHusbandm-an, and TJldtere and. Field Gun ■then Improved their ■positions.. Round the top turn; -Husbandman,. Oelnis, and. Tlkitere formed-the leading division; while Boniform was moving up. ,>At the. distance,-- Titltere had Husbandman beaten, but then Boniform made -his run, and won "by a length and a-half. Tikitere -was -a neck in front of Husbandman; who finished a length -and aihalf in, advance of (Field Gun. Time, 2.35 3-5. . iADD'I'SIGTON PLATE, of lOOsove; five furlongs. Str George Clifford's "oh t Sster Anne, 4yrs, by 8 9 (F. E. Jones) i IW. Hunter's -br h Ivanoff, syrs, 8.4 (L. Vftison) :. . 2 ■Sir George Clifford's b'«h a>e Witte, Syrs 8.4 (H. Paul) : 3 Also started: Lady LocKel,- Gold Treasure, iChlajinian, Merry Lass, Alexis Mythical. Sister Anne -was In front when, they reached: the; course- proper; and" won. comfortably by two lengths from,' Xvanoff, who was half-a-length • Jn front" of Oβ Witte E3 ±&. SBV'BNTIEENIH; . •CSMJLEiS&B' iSTAiEBS" of esoscrra. W«l*ht*br ege,- -w-tih penalties and allowances..' Seven furlongs: Sir George Clifford* ■<*&" f 3rrs; by Cl*nranald—ißlualre,. B.o''-: (F>' B. Jones) 1 Sir George' Cllffbrd'e a>r c Taskmaster, 2yrs, 6.10 OH. Paul) .................. 2 W. E.-Eldwe-H's b c nroveca-tlon- 2yrs; 7.11. (R. Hatch) ..;.....;... 3 Also! started: Nautiform; Xylopaene, and Z&mlla, ~1 ~ ■' ~ , -. «. . ... . ; FHjawcy and Xyleplione were quickest awnyy and af the eiid. of a furtong were loading , rProvwmtloiv a»fl .Nautlfopm', ißouadloj;;tlie tt»:tnrii-Prw9cn'tti»n BBtT Nautltww S ,OB . efl 2k *&?&***>> »«* VUteWey «»Jj»J»»4 back, -witto betide tsraed tof J»me, Prevo*»yea jr«» j» tvmtt, bnt item TkMkmt*m>r BOTB psjeea %im, PBteweT iriastoi » nem, S'rOTWfttwn w<l « 'Itrngfr-.' wwaf,

■;: 6r-800S»TB; • >'. 'Mi furlongs. -'. . ', . *';-. G. l>.,iGreenwol>d's-<b-f-a.!rmlet, 4yrs, by ! ■MensoWkoftHAirmilla; i(R. Hatch) 1 F: Nelligah's ch-m iPetrovnat aged; 7.6 (E.-Cotton) ........ i 2 J. Grlggte cli. m. Jlarita; .Syrs, 7.5 (Me-- j g - iAlso-staitedr Ahgelos.:K3ol4 Thread, Woodiiey,; .Serenade, Wilstiecraft, . Cerise and Blue, Montreal.' Cerise, and Blue made ithe early Tunning, •butln the straight-Armlet took-charge, and won, easily fry a length; and: -a-half. Ilarlta was four lengths away, .itKiid:' 'Lo's-Angelbe •was fourthl Time; iLISi. -.■'"• • • 'EI'XAiD 'BEANiDIOAP.-offSOOsdvs; one mile.' : AJ. b m lidj-; I>lsdain, 6yrs, by,- The Onleer—Oriflamme; 8.10- (R. . • King) ~....,;,.,.. i J. 'R. Hart's to ■g- Chief. iLochlel, 4yrs, 8.5" (R; Hatch) ........:^.;.......:..... 2 C. Machel'l's 'b g Valdi'mar, 3yrs, 7.10 (J. MeCluskey) ...................... c Also started: Bolliij, Dibchlct, Ellertoii, •Roscommon; . -■..'. . Valdi'mar led along: the Iback and Tound the top ,turn,. but was-then beaten. EnterIng tlie straight, iliady Disdain! came through;- and, without difficulty; -won- 'by three, lengths;- Chief LocMel Ijeating Valdlmar, by- .two. lengths for second place; ton-was;fourth. Time; , 1:413-5". ' AVONDALE JOGEEY GLUB; The following; handicaps hare been dei Glared .by Mr- R; • Wynyard in connection, with the Avondale: Jockey CluKs .Autumn' Meeting^,which opens oh the.24th Inst.: — Maiden Handicap, cix furlongs.—-Waiol tahl 9.0," Haeremal 8.9, Pukenui 8.3, Blue Garment Zinnia T. 10,' Castle Blaney 7.8; Leo Grand.7.B, Silent 7.51 Urania 7.3, Toi tika 7.3, Dainty. 7.2, Leo 7.0, Fuss.7.o, Don I Hannibal.7.o, .Apollinaris 8.12, Starling Oils; Censure 6.10, Lady Jane- 6.10, Toa Tere--6:10- . :V '■."!. Handicap Hurdle Race, two miles..—Parli tutu 11.7, Sol 10.6, Te Aral 10.2, Reservoir 10:2, Nestator -9.9, Noteorini 9.9, Goldsmith 9.5, Mozarf9.4; Waihekau 9".3, Okaihau 9.3,' Kapakapa 9.2, Waimotu: .9.0,•, Darkneee 9.0; Putaruru 9.0; Luminator 9.0, Good Faith 9.0: Oakley Handicap, five furlongs.—Grenadier 9.7, Devonport 9.2, Tarlna 8.2, Foremost T. 12, Miss Advance 7.10, Necktie 7.10, Mighty Atom 7.8, Mahlnga 715, Lady Frances: 72', Durability 7.0, Martyr: King Mistime 6.13, Positive 6.13, J Don-Quexx6.7. Juvenile Handicap; five furlongs.—Sea. Elf 8.12, Hyperion. 8.9, Tetrazzlnl 8.0, Tuku Tuku 7.10, Fleet Arrow 7.7 V Het Volt 7.7 i Iridlaii Chief- 7.5, Impulsive 7.0,-. ExeaUbur. 7.0,. Ann 6:10, Maykoff T 6.10, Etonian 6.10, : ' Railway Handicap, sis furlongs.—Tamai-; nupo 9.3, Devonport 8.1, lioclitrahle;B.l, Miss AVinnie 7.8. Tarlna 718, Golden Eagle 7.4; Foremost 7.2, Hohungatahi 7.2, Tul Cakbbau 7.0, Karata 7.0, Jena 6.13, Waihukai 6.12, Coromaudel 6.10, Zinnia S.IO. • Titlrangl-Handicap-; seven furlongs;-—Dele-: gate 9.0, Santa- Rosa 8.10, Auldearn 8.5, Da,rdanus 8;5, Tul Cakobau 8.2;. St. . Tui: 8.2/ Mendip 8.2, Explosive -7.i3,' Miss Advance 7.11, Raratd 7.9, E6camlllo 7.4,: MlchaelbnT 7.4,.Ep50m:-Lass- 7.0 r > Rimloek- &10, Freevatar Aimwell 6.7. Chevalier Handicap, four, furlongs.^—Clod-: pett 9.0, Blue Garment' 8.9, Biddys Curraa; 8.3,. Leo Grand-8.0;' Silent 7,12; XJrania7.B,i Miss., Stella 7.5, Don Qnei 7.3.\ Apollinaris' 7.2,. Norma 7.2, Seldom 6.13, StarUng; 6.12,' ■Fuss'6.l2, Maika; 6.10, Censure Komata: 6.10, Ben Battle 6.10:: . . ATondale Handicap,-, ene , mile; and; a-quar-ter.—TJranlam 9.0, Lachbuhie 8.11, Kgapuka' 8:5; Walmangn W Sedition-8:1; Advocate. 7.12, Inglis 7:8, Deronport 7~.6, Wauchope' 7.5, Sir Artegal 7.4, Dnnborre- 7.3, Anldearn 7.3, Tul Cakobau 7.2, First Gnn 7.0,. Necktie 7.0, Waihuka 710. Gladamnir, 6JJ;., Car- , mania 6.11, Azolte.B,- Epsom- Lass 6;8, vata 6.8 i Lycia;6:7: Acceptances close on Friday next at nine; p.m. FEILDING JOCKEY CLUB'S ; AUTUIIN- MEETING. -' -' SECOXB DAT.', , -'j (By Telegraph;— Press Aesbclatlon.) -:... Tuesday, j Beautiful ■ weather, prevailed\ for ther second day of, tne Finding- Jockey, autumn meeting; The track, was: in fine; order. Seven bookmakers were licensed: outside aud three- inside;- -The. totalisator returns, for the, two days amounted toi £22,104, against £31,534 ,£or the corresponding meetlngj.laet year. The results* were:—r'' . .. ■ ' ■ ■ . - . Orona Hack- Hurdle Race.—Whimper, 9.13, 1; Rangihaeta,' 10.13, 2; Specioea,, 10.13. 8. Also-, started: Moose, Prince; Hassan, Montague. -Speciosa led to thei flve-furlonc post, where WMmper took, charge and won. easily by two. lengths. Time.- '2.49 4-5. , Easter Handicap.—WaiEaku, 9.7,' 1;Golden Gate, 6.8; 2; FUngot.' 7.6, 31 Alsostarted: Tangimoana. Maliuta. Uhlando, Tangeroa, Pa I one. Walpaku, Mahuta, and Tangimoana led in that' order until near; the home turn, where' Golden Gate - cameup to second place. Waipaku won easily) by a. length and a-half.- Time, 2.9; .Rewa Hack Rice;— Dervish; 6:7, I; Ny- V land, 9.3; 2: Singer; 6.12£.3. Also ■ started:■- ---■ Nicotine, Hydraulic; ■ Waipunui; QuickMarch, Liquid Air. Nyland. led until,entering, the straight, where Dervish came with; a good , run and won by ; a length. Time,, 1.16 1-5., Maiden 'Scurry.-—Prevail 1, Wharekua 2, Waioura 3. Also started: Sylvan Song,, Captain Bell, Official; Belle Annie, ATrivore; Thetis, Pukerura;. Nepoxt; Retort;. Ran wera, Rosy Morn, Leolander, Konawal. Prevail- led all the way and won by two; lengths; Time, 1:10 4-5. Makino Welter.—Eclogue, 9.13f 1; Long-' n«r,.9.2, 2; Probability, 8;9, 3.' Also:started: Bonrrasque, Roosevelt, Belario, Mos-'cp-vv, Anemonei Entering tne straight: Eclogue and ; Lohgner came.- away, the; former winning by. half-aJength. -Time,, 1149. . v TTJIIE TALK. EROM THE SOUTH. (By Telegraph.—Special to- "Star.")-, •' CHRISTCHURCH, Tuesday. •- ■After winning the Addington Plate on the , second day of the C.J.C. meeting Sister Anne was purchased - by Mr. 3. B. Reid ,at £70. I understand-the daughter of Clanranald and Weathereye will tie put to the stud next season. When. Stronghold fell • in the hurdle race at Rlcearton on the Monday, It-was. at once apparent that'his rider, w; O'Connell. was serionsly huTt: He was removed with, all dispatch- to the- Christehurch ; Hospital, but the r doctors recognised- his- case' as , , hopeless from the flrst, and, he died at five- o'clock on Tuesday morning; without-having regained'consciousness: O'Connell the first flight: of steeplechase riders; and was deservedly popular wsth? all. who, knew; him. He was engaged, to be married, to- a daughter of' Ji Milne, \vho trains: Lord" Blmb" and other coming horses; ; - - - ' > Glenculloch. pulled up: very lame after competing in! the- Great Autnmn Handicap, and I doubt. If he will be seen under, silk again this season. ' -■ • Mj.G.D. GTeenwoodsets great store on the yearling colt he; ppssesses. by Multiform from. Otterden. The juvenile, which has just been broken In, bears a strong, resemblance to his: brother; Bonifonni j The weather-was: beautifully/fine for the Canterbury Jodcey Club's autumn meeting; while the convjpclng ground has never shown to greater .advantage, at this time of the year. The opposition of the North Island meetings, had a, prejudicial effect on the attendance,, which., was confined mainly to local sportsmen. There were few prominent visiting owners in ■ attendance, even Mr. Bid well faling to share in the success of his fine colt Prpvocatioa to. the Champagne Stakes. The racing was fairly Interesting, and' though Armlet ana Provocation, registered- easy wins-in the two big events, the merits, of their performances stood' out as amongst the best ever wit nessed at Rlcearton. $£1. -Piper's! starting was of his best, while all the other officials got through their duties-most efficiently; With,.£B42. collected in. bookmakers' fees and' ; an increase of' £2227- in tote receipts, the meeting should turn , oiif a' bljf financial success. Racing commenced.inanspldonely, for Just when Snip and Stronghold appeared ' to have the Issue of the Kildare Hurdles Handicap to themselves; the latter fell at the last obstacle, the. mishap also bringing Snip to grief -, thereby. _ allowing Southern Cross to score a,lucky tvin by ten lengths. Half-a-dozen high-class two-year-olds went out to contest the : Champagne 'Stakes; for which Provocation and. Nautiform ware In most demand. The Blrkechead colt looksfl it to run for akiiisdom, while Natitiferm ihowed 1 a good deal of Improvement siaci he raced in the spring, JDesplte the excel, lent credentials of. Provocation Jfautiferjij was far a time actual favourtte with tha bookmafcert, gercra' efethose who got ieeide lßforauitlOß M to tee TsWhfi»t horsVe motpeetu bflcktee him Wlf! thm wm w> Prorocntlon Jn tee tM», nr«4itwo?rt »«d fh«™»lwflt«», mhm tmnM wTaee, (M----torrtjnmm fcetk Moke* twj we », fret KrtokwM ir«f WJmWt *»w^ a*?* -'turn

hl& accustomed brilliancy, Pibvocatldn'sbon. opened up a big gap between himself and the ChokepQre: pair: Ihis .'Bβ held; to the finish, winning in 1.141-5; a re-cord-time for .-the race. Nautiform:was:<not .too. well' placed in. the early, stages, but even.Vwhen. he got clear he-couid not inaie the- least Impression' on Provocation, - the performance of which staMps./him ! aa'tlie best- two-year-old lof the season. r . Two well-fancied candidates in, Boliin and | •Mlse,Mischief fought 'out a desperate flriish in the Autntun Plate/ the judge being' unable i to separate them as they flashed' past , "'the post on terms; ; The Karamu- representative is; a neatly turned colt, and I, liked, game manner'in which' he fought every inch of the way' with tils'' more'- experienced opponent- ■'■■■• - '■■a , .- .:■',' !.';••■•>.. .Then'; came the xich Easter Handicap, for which-a decidedly moderate field ol"13 went ■to the post. The brilliancy of Flitaway's tfaek work 'was-responsMe for her position of; farourite.*: and really.-well: Cutta had .let looking. -The.much-boomed ILos -Angeloa; whicfi is credited' wltttliuvlng;' put' up," a: great gal-lop at Yaldhurst, ranked as-second-favourite, wJiiie there.wae.alsa.strong support forthcomlng- ifor ■ Consolation, Airmlet,andrTuimit. . Nothing -went better, in their preliminaries;: than .Armlet and;'fflitaway, and though the former was showing signs of a. damaged fetlock 1 ; her trainer .and owner, <were confident of her atility to run out β-stronjr seven -furlongs; nor was their confidence misplaced; for, after -Sea King ■had slowa the way into the straight, Armlet drew to the front; ->and was not af ter■wards troubled, finishing -much jbetter than in any of her former essays, the brilliant Menschikoffi filly, got to "the -end -of ■the seven furlongs in 1.26 S-S—an. ■ Australasian record! , libs - Angelos, (Passion,. and , ..Czar jKblohol,fought but ■a., great finish for;iecond place, the. first-named just. lasting long enough, to gain ith'e verdict by <a neck. 'Plitaway.."can a most.disappointing race. ' She was one of .the first to. begin, ;bnt. ■after going two furlongs, lost.her place, and' was amongst the last to finish. . ... : Perle fl>iOr, the..high-priced; sister -to Golden Slipper, gave Mr. .Greenwood, iis rbhird success of. the day, ty, putting" down seven .rather moderate two-yeajvolds. in the •Rueeley.- Plate.- Though somewhat on©mall side, ; E«rle r>'Or can .muster:up. a lot of pace, and she ibids fair. to. develop, intoja useful- ißialto, 'whlcbj acted «3,Tnnner-np, can, also be lexpected to- to ■proyeii-wath.Tacing; :. -, . . ■,■.-.■ i A. staunch favourite was made of iFederia for iflie Epsom .Welter, and he made a' ■runaway race. of This gelding Iras already justified the eoOsbvs Mr.' MacFarlane paid for,him at the South.Canterbury meet-. Ing, and' he Is bound to, catch' the judge's eye again' 'before long. ' .. . Two stable companions, in 'Field , <fun' and Oabchlck', ibo'th. owned by iSIr r X. Grigg,. fought oiit.a, splendid^.finish dn thY Sock-bu-rn 'Handicap, tdie former lust-getting hia head In front in the last few. strides. Tikitere ran a fair race in getting -thirdi ■placej ;Tjut Glenculloch; who: was-made a' staunch, favourite, gave: a most disappointing, display. The weather experienced for the; of .the- C.j.'C. meeting.-was hardly. es ; pleasant as *he opening , day, t arid ;.iti being "only a parflal iollday, ..theuattendance >was-only ; moderate. The course Was again: lit. splendid, order, arid , the conditions were! perfect for time -recording. Bonlform; which' looked ito havedonea solid:prepa,ratlon, was; made ■- -a-; slightly- better- ifaTourite thaa: Sir: Clifford's pair,JHus3)an<lman and Glenculloch, . for. the Great Autumn Handicap, these beingr the only ones supported .to any; extent: Glenculloch. did" not m"oye any too; well ; in, 'his' preliniiriary', and' weiit Mime in; tne.r-ace. Tor over six furlongs Husbandman, -Glencttlloeh, and" Osiris carried on; ■fch-e, :runnlng_ at a: solid- pave;, ibut" a ; little l lurtheTi the latter pair iwere". in. trouble,, while MtiComb" "already- appeared .to be! niggling.-.- at Bonlform; which'; -was: nearly' last:. iWh-en: well: inito the- homer-straight,. Tikitere' and , iField Gan -challenged , : Hue-; ibandman, and- at the distance- Bonlform; joined issue, -and-the result; was.-at once: placed I .beyond'doubt, Multiform's son draw-: tog awayx from a , well beaten field,- andwinninsp :by a length' and a-Jialfi Tikitere: •beat Hnetanffmah 1 f<Sr second place, by." a; neck? *he* next'to finish being j Firid 'TVlaitapit' ' . '■ '-' • . . . ■ There <was a lot of merit* in Bdntform's: snecess, , fbr thY mile and a-Tialf -was left; T>elilndJn 2.55 , &<o. and heliad : al] -Hie worst; of aie Tunning; for over: a mile: -Dveri more: attractive was Husbandman's' achievementi —indeed; it-was one of' the-finest ever acconxpUshed at 'Blccaitpn. On. preyidus form ttie Challenge. Stakes' looked the., Bes t, of good 'things for T ;Prpyocation, was-/backed" down-to a ivery, slibrt: pttce A 'With five furlongs gone,'.jh'e'i appeared to have the race, won, tat >wnen (Flltaway and Taskmaster came- kt Mm within the distanced they "both quickly v hid i **■<» measure. This, left Iflie' Issue" lie: Ohokebore pair, 'and In a good finish ihej ffllj? "won- iby; a : . neckv On : jreturntng toOie. scale e?certain portion- of ibe\ pnblw traJsed* *■ liqstile-. demonstration against thfe winner,. evidently ■en .her- -running -In-- the-- ißaster: 'Handicap.- .'Still, it only went to: 'Bear .o.ut: her work tracks-'before the; meeting, .which was of a particularly 'brill liant. Datnre; TjhereV never-Bas- been- any-i doubt as ~i&ber excellence, Ibut.lecent'form: goes to show that she Js' iriot'over ; rellaWer, Taskmaster, a>; two-year-old- 'brother to, discipline, whTflh..was making Jiis debut, puti up an attractive- nice, andi [Provocation, ■though- beaten on■ -Ws merits; was tiy djbi means disgraced; •-.■.. iAritflet'eh'owed that her B-aster.Handicap l TilctoryV'was. no fluke- by- the decisi.yie way. in.-which she accounted for the Templeton•Handioap. Taking cn-arge at: the; distance,, she gave-nothing;, els* a chance,-and - ier a-ohievement of cartyirig..9.S home- in lilo' of merit; .•••'• -;■-.;.- - Broadswprd'showed'.that in;ills own...class ■he can. hold his own by the- .manner in whici He accounted" for the Autumn 'Knreery 'Handicap. Though not likely, ever" to: stay.out a- journey, there getting;away from his .brilliancy. iHe was; followejl : home 'by; Ingoda, which got ibadly. placedvin the early stages. , ■; .... ~-■-. -• : «■;••..•

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THE RACING WORLD., Auckland Star, Volume XL, Issue 88, 14 April 1909

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THE RACING WORLD. Auckland Star, Volume XL, Issue 88, 14 April 1909

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